asked Oct 5, 2005 at 2:22pm
Unknown Printer

Panafax UF-490 FAX Machine Error 21

The power went out and when the fax machine was turned back on I had two error codes...

1) Printer Error 21

2) Power Failure 887

I did some research and found out that the printer error is a Fuser Error. Some further digging led me to a website that said that the only way to fix it was enter the service mode and reset the error code. (Although I am not sure if that is true)

Essentially the Power failure 887 error is no big deal but to fix the fuser error is. Any advice or suggestions to solve this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks
power failure 887 is not an error-only tales you that was been an power failure and the faxes in memory was lost-you can olso print a list of them.

printer error 21 is a trouble in the fuser OR IN THE LASER UNIT !

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Only 5 years too late!
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Yes i too have the same problem is there any way to reset fuser
As the nearest service centre is 3 hours away...cheaper to buy new fax but just wanted to try anything else first
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