Nick London

asked Oct 4, 2005 at 1:55am
Unknown Printer

LaserJet 5500 Error


I have a customer with an error code coming up that i haven't heard of before.

The error is 51.2K "Print Error".

Any ideas???

It's a Laser/Scanner error, which you probably already knew, but what could that "K" stand for.

Think CMYK.

So it's the black laser scanner that's getting an error.

In the 4600 printers I can move the black scanner connector on the DC controller to another socket to verify that the scanner is failing.

Also with regard to the 4600 printers the wires going in to the scanner are harnesses with plugs on them, they can come loose inside the scanner, it's only happened to me once, it was a result of replacing the DC controller.

Here's some more information:

51.XY PRINTER ERROR For help press ? alternates with 51.XY PRINTER ERROR To continue turn off then on

A printer error has occurred.

X Description
1 beam detect error
2 laser error
Y Description
0 no color
K black
C cyan
M magenta
Y yellow

1. Press checkmark button to continue.

2. Turn the printer off and then back on.

3. Reseat the connectors between the laser/scanner (J74 - J77) and DC controller PCB (J1106 - J1109).

4. Replace the defective laser/scanner assembly. Calibrate the printer after replacing the laser/scanner. Use Calibrate now.

5. Replace the DC controller PCB. Calibrate the printer after replacing the DC controller. Use Calibrate now.

by Stephen on Oct 4, 2005 at 5:41am Add comment
Hi Stephen,

Yeah it looks like a problem with the scanner. I got hold of a copy of the manual in the end and found it a right pain to get to the scanner!!!

Thanks for your reply.
by Nick London on Oct 4, 2005 at 6:34am Add comment
Can you use a CLJ 4600 laser/scanner to replace the laser/scanner in a CLJ 5500?
by unknown on Apr 16, 2008 at 7:13am Add comment
No you need part# RG5-6390-000CN

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