asked Sep 29, 2005 at 6:53am
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Kyocera FS-1020D Fuser Error

I recently rearranged the shelf my Kyocera FS-1020D is sitting on, and unwittingly managed to block the vent next to the fan / PSU with a book. Oops.

The next time I did a print run of > 50 pages, it conked out and flashed its lights to indicate "fuser error - contact dealer".

I've since let it cool down, and have opened/closed all of the doors, briefly taken the fuser unit out etc, but none of that has helped.

I've just registered it on Kyocera's website for its warranty (I bought it less than a year ago) but any tips about how I might be able to prod it in the meantime while they process that will be much appreciated.
I did exactly the same. Kyocera UK fixed mine under warranty - nothing I did till they'd taken it away worked.
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