asked Sep 27, 2005 at 5:17am
Hp HP DesignJet 30

HP LaserJet 5000N ~ error 52.0....What is this??

Had to clean printer due to extremely dirty shop/office settings.
1.) Shut off power.
2.) Took out toner cartridge.
3.) Took off the top cover via removing the 4 screws.
4.) Cleaned surface using a office duster air canister & paper towel
5.) Opened up rear & air blasted that.
6.) Lots of dust bunnies & dirt everywhere.
7.) Placed all parts back in reverse order.
8.) Turned on the power.
9.) Went to create cleaning page said it was processing job thus and this ERROR appeared.

I shut the printer down for 30 mins. and rebooted. Still error appeared.

Any shortcuts to fix this? I dunno what I done.....
Error 52 is Laser scanner error, it is very likely that you have blown dust into the Laser unit, opening it and giving it a good (careful) clean should solve this problem.
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I took off the foam cover that "covers" the laser connection and I found that it was not fully seated.

Rebooted machine and everything works except I receive three black dots in running horizontal on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper...

Is this dust on the laser beam module?

I don't think I wanna mess with this..?? - skwhrle
Black dots aren't caused by the laser unit.
It could be dirt on in the fuser or a damaged drum (in the cartridge).
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Any dust or dirt in the laser would result in a white line. If you have black dots, most likely it's coming from the toner cartridge.
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First do a half cycle test with paper in tray 1, thats the fold down tray on the front of the printer.

Run a test page by pushing the right side of the menu button, then push the right side of the item button twice to get to the configuration page, then push select to print it.

When the trailing edge of the test sheet of paper is about 2 inches away from entering the printer open the cover, (this will stop the printer halfway through the print cycle). Remove the toner cartridge, you can now see an unfused image on the paper, if it looks good here then the problem is probably the fuser, if it looks bad here it's almost certain to be caused by the toner cartridge.

Let us know the results.
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