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Hp HP LaserJet 4200

HP 4200 service error code: 49.4c02

I have searched the 'net, but it seems a lost cause to find some existing information on this specific error.

I have an HP 4200 (Q2428A) with 3 trays and stapler. I am receiving this error: 49.4c02. I do have the service manual (which doesn't help) and HP will not give any support since "the printer is out of warranty."

Anyone have any assistance, guidance, or otherwise?
First to the poster with the 2420, you need to find a 2420 thread or start your own, mixing models in a thread leads to confusion.

4200 49 Error Troubleshooting

Power off the printer before removing the JetDirect, Hard Drive, formatter or memory modules.

Disconnect parallel and/or network cables. (power can be on)

Attempt to duplicate error using only built in test prints.

After determining if you can get errors with the built in tests continue troubleshooting.

Hopefully you will find the problem without having to go through all the steps.

If the printer has a network interface, then power off the printer, remove JetDirect, power on and test machine.

If the printer has a hard drive installed, then power off the printer, remove the hard drive, power on and test machine.

If the printer has more than one memory module installed, then power off the printer, remove the extra memory modules , power on and test machine.

If the printer had more than one memory module installed, then power off the printer, remove the memory module you left in it at the last step, install one or more of the modules you removed, power on and test machine. (if you don't have enough memory the results might be odd)

If the printer will go to a ready state, then attempt to load a firmware upgrade, do this even if the firmware version is current, you might have corrupted firmware.

If the printer will not go ready, and you have already done the steps before this, then perform a cold reset. (if a cold reset is done with a JetDirect installed it will reset all the TCP/IP settings, etc.)

1. Turn the printer power off.

2. For HP Laserjet 4200/4300 Series printers: Hold down SELECT, and then turn the printer power on.

3. Continue holding down until all 3 control-panel lights flash once and then stay on. This could take up to 10 seconds.

4. After the message SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW until COLD RESET is highlighted.

5. Press Checkmark, The printer then performs a cold reset and finishes its power-on sequence.

If there is another 4200 available power off swap memory modules with it, unless you've already proved the memory is working.

If there is another 4200 available power off the machine and swap the formatter cage with it, the formatter is the board that the EIO slots are on, also the parallel port is part of this board. (the formatter cage is held in by two screws, it slides straight back after the screws are removed.

If a cold reset does not help you can try an NVRAM initialization, it is not likely to help, but at this point you are getting desparate.

NVRAM init

1. Turn the printer off.

2. Remove all installed accessories (for example, a stapler/stacker).

3. For HP Laserjet 4200/4300 Series printers: Hold down SELECT, and then turn the printer power on.

4. Continue holding down SELECT until all 3 control panel lights flash once and then remain on. This could take up to 10 seconds.

5. Press UP ARROW.

6. Press the PAUSE/RESUME button. The display should show SKIP DISK LOAD.

7 Press until NVRAM INIT is highlighted.

8 Press Checkmark The printer initializes NVRAM and then continues its power-on sequence.
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I have only seen this problem when printing a certain pdf document. The printer prints emails, Word, Excel and other pdf docs just fine after powering the printer off and back on.
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The manual is avaliable on this site.


Have a look here.
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Try searching the forum using that error code. The error is the same for all the HP models. There are some suggested fixes in the posts.
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Sorry, I wasn't very thorough I guess.

I cannot apply the firmware update because I cannot connect to the printer. There is absolutely no connection. I attempted to reset the JetDirect but had no luck (but I do not have any prior experience in that department, so I just followed the instructions). The only other thing I can assume is the formatter board, which I haven't seen mentioned on this forum.
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You can try to narrow the problem down a bit.

1. Remove the Netcard and see if the printer comes ready. If so, it's a duff Netcard.

2. Swap out the ROM and RAM with those from a known good 4200.

3. Swap out the Formatter.

Sorry, I didn't pick up the fact you have a Service Manual already.

My gut says, duff Netcard.

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If it's got a 615N in it which it probably does, then I would also blame the card. HP is replacing those free under an extended warranty. 1-800-474-6836 At the prompt say "Jet Direct 615N."
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I have a problem with my lj2420 which is geving 49.4c02 service error can you pls give me the firmwar and the alternate solution for this problem.


Elvis John
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hi friend,

i also having same problem so can u give me the same same sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Anonymous
One possible fix: Error comes with a Postscript job sent to a non-Postscript printer. Kill the job in the queue, reset the printer, delete the postscript printer driver on the user machine.
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hai friend,
i got offen a msg from printer "procesing job" with out sending a job. some time it giving junk printouts.i couldnt send prints that time.
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49 Eror is general for a Firmware issue, If the printer turns on and gets to ready and displays the message when you print it probably has to do with a corrupt file.
If not download the latest firmware from HP and go from there.

Also isolate the problem by removing any extra memory you may have or nic cards.
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HP says that users cannot update the firmware. does anyone know where we can find it and do it our selfs?
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You can generally find the firmware on the HP site. It may take some searching though.
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Firmware Upgrade


Select which model printer you have. Select cross operating system. Select the 3rd download if you are running Windows on your computer.
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Hi there, I had this issue as well and all I had to do was delete all documents out of the print queue and restart the printer.
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I have different-different code displayed like same.so plz give us its solutions.................
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Have an hp 4550. Had same problem. Just take off printer, unplug cable from the hard drive, as well as the connection to the printer, and plug all back in. Restart. This worked for me.
Hope it helps.
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I powered off the printer then cleared the print buffer after powering it back on then I reprinted the document using the PCL driver instead of the PostScript (PS) driver which worked. I usually install both printer drivers and make the PS the default and only use the PCL printer when a document doesn't print properly or causes an error with the PS driver.
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I had this error when one of my users was printing a corrupted .pdf file.
Clear the queue.
Turn the printer off for a few seconds.
Power on and try to print a different file.

That's what worked for me.
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Thank you so much! That seem to do the trick
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I have a user with this error code intermittently when printing a series of large documents. Reseting the queue allows them to print again but they loose the print job. The firmware WAS updated to 08.015.0 but still does not help. Any suggestions?
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I cleared the queue and the printer worked again after restarting same. No more 49.4c02 error.
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Yes, we cleared the queue and it worked for a while but it comes back when printing larger 8+ page documents.
We also had this problem on a LJ4350 but another Jet Direct card seems to have fixed the problem.
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We face this problem a lot. Our users are on Macbooks running Leopard. It appears that certain fonts cause the error in our case crippling the printers to where the only thing you can do is powercycle the printer. The error comes from Word, Powerpoint, Adobe PDFs, and Apple Mail to name a few, any app that happens to have "fancy" fonts. The printers do not have HDs and have the latest versions of firmware for the printer and NIC according to WebJetAdmin. If that document is still in the que, it will try to print again giving us the error yet again so we have to clear the que before/during the power off/on. The error happens on our 4200s, 4250s, and CP4005s. Knowing the issue has not solved it for us, other than to tell people to reformat their documents and be rid of the bad fonts. - unknown
We had this problem and deleted a suspect print job and all was well.
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We continue to have this problem with several HP LJ4000 series printers throughout our network. We have updated firmware as well as replaced formatters and Jet Direct cards. We have also checked the documents being sent for "fancy" fonts which were NOT in use.... Nothing seems to help. IF ANYONE has a guess I'm sure we will all appreciate the help.
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Sometimes the document sent by one user with conflict with the printer driver and block the network printer que until it is deleted. I have seen this happen a couple of times.

Most of the time I have seen 49 errors fixed by replacing the JD 615 card with a JD 620.

Rob S
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We figured out that anything printed with the the "Papyrus Font" from a clean install of leopard could create this error. We had users get that error when they try to print off emails where that font was in the signature, also word docs where that font was used. Once they changed the font, the documents printed fine. When I printed the Mac Fontbook, the whole thing printed fine, that font included.

I also went into the WebJet Admin and turned on the "continue after error" option on my main printers in hopes the jobs would just bounce and not hold things up.

Not sure if there are other fonts that cause the problem. We just used remote desktop to delete that font off everyone's laptops and this error pops up less now.
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This is a Fix that has worked for us, so far:

To "deleted a suspect print job" is not really a fix as the next corrupt job will cause the error again. I don't think anyone knows exactly what is wrong with the job either. I noticed the problem when we upgraded past Adobe Reader 7 (versions 8 and 9).

Last year we fixed this problem on HP color 46x0 and 4700 printers by replacing the 615n card (which has had a lot of problems, but that is another thread) with a 620 card.

I have over two hundred 4100 series through 4300 printers in use at my company. A couple of months ago we had 4 of these 49 errors fixed by having the system board replaced under warranty. We noticed that the replacement board had and older firmware installed. I have been very good at keeping up with updating firmware, so all my HP printers have the latest image.

Scott41 mentioned: ". .latest versions of firmware for the printer . ." This is what we found to be the problem. All of my 4250 printers have firmware 20080319 08.015.0 installed. When users reported the 49 errors on 4 printers a couple of weeks ago I installed the 2007 firmware image on them. In two weeks, none of these printers have had the problem. If you remote into the printer and look at the Event Log, you can see how often this error occurs. I was seeing it happen about every 50-100 pages. I have over 4,000 pages now without a problem on the printers the older image was installed on. I just did 2 more last night and plan on doing this to all over the next month.

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If I understand this correctly you are saying that by backing up to the OLDER firmware version you are correcting the 49 error that was supposed tobe fixed by the newest version ???

We had no luck with replacing/installing the 620n Jet Direct card. We have also placed some of our printers on 100/full vice auto negotiate which appears to have worked on the 4000 series but we are now getting the same problem on an HP P3005x!

Thanks for the info.
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Yes, you are correct on using the older firmware version. I have over 10 printers now that have not had a problem with the older firmware. I sent these comments to my HP rep regarding our issues and he replied this morning: " I checked with HP Support and there escalations with other customers on this issue. The workaround is to use the older firmware until an update is available." Even though they appear to know about the issue, I don't see this information on their web site. They expect to have a Beta version available soon, but I will stick with the older version until they certify the new one.

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To David

you said that you re-installed the older firlware version, but where did you get that driver. i looked everywhere and all i see is the new one (may 2008).
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Let me know what printer you have and I can provide a link to older drivers. I can post them out on FileFactory to download. - unknown
Hello all;
Our most recent "fix" for this error was actually related to the firmware of the 620n Jet Direct card vice the printer. So far, with the 08.15.0 Foramtter firmware and the latest Jet Direct firmware we have not had a 49.xxxx error. It has been a couple thousand pages. BUT, I certainly would not put any guarantees on it.
Good luck everyone.
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I have HP4100 4200 and 4250 that I am having problems with. But can not find the old firmware for them also how do you install it.

Thank you for your help
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The Papyrus font is also a problem for our HP 4700. After 18 months, no other
font causes this problem. It will print on inkjet with no problem, but I never found
a solution for the laser printers.
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From Adobe Sure Fix

When you print a PDF to an HP 4250 or 4350 printer, you get a 49.4C02 error code at the printer.

The error appears with the particular LJ4250 and a variety of printer drivers:
Mofo standard LJ4350 PS driver - version Results in 49.4C02 error.
HP latest LJ4350 PS driver - version 61.074.561.43 Results in 49.4C02 error.
HP latest Universal Print Driver PS - version Results in 49.4C02 error.
Mofo standard LJ4350 PCL6 driver - version 60.051.502.032 Results in document printing normally.
HP latest LJ4350 PCL6 driver - version 61.074.561.43 Results in document printing normally.
With a PCL6 driver, even an older one, the document prints fine.

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hp laser jet 4300 printer color print 45page Data pending problem
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I didn't know the 4300 could print in color. Learn something new everyday. - moe

One other thing to look at is the application sending the files. I was seeing the same error on an HP Color LaserJet 5550 this week. It was a four-color proof of a PDF we'd created in house.

The file printed fine to our HP 9000 monochrome, but wouldn't print to the color printer.

Turns out the problem was Acrobat 6. The file was generated in Distiller 7 and compatibility was set to PDF 1.4, but printing the file to the color printer using Acrobat Pro 6 generated a 49.4c02 error.

Switching to Acrobat 7, the file printed just fine to the color printer.
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Had the same problem. It was indeed a corrupt job being send to the printer. Strange thing was that after cleaning the queue, this perticular job came back over and over again. I had to clean it several times before it was gone for real.
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If the problem kept showing up in the print queue it was probably being resent from the PC that originally tried to send the job. On the client side, you sometimes have to stop the print services in order to delete it. - unknown
I had this code had trouble fixing read all the input you all said to do the only thing that worked was changing the ram thanks all
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We have 25 computers printing to this machine in our high school library. Will clear all print queues. More ram for the printer?
We are dead in the water.
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I'am still troubleshooting this issue but start by deleting everything in the print queue and rebooting the printer.Open word and print a test page. I have noticed that only certain jobs that are sent to the printer result in this error.Still working on it.
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I'am still troubleshooting this issue but start by deleting everything in the print queue and rebooting the printer.Open word and print a test page. I have noticed that only certain jobs that are sent to the printer result in this error.Still working on it.
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I have HP4100 4200 and 4250 that I am having problems with. But can not find the old firmware for them also how do you install it.

Thank you for your help
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