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asked Jul 21, 2005 at 8:42am
Hp HP Color LaserJet 5500

HP Laserjet 5500 49.4C02 Error code????


We have a customer with this error code showing up on their printer. I understand that this can be caused by faulty cables or corrupt data being sent to it.

Is there anything else I should look out for?


To continue turn off then on

No error message will be in event log.

A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort operation. This type of error can be caused by invalid print commands, corrupt data, or invalid operations. In some cases, electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission to the printer. Other causes include poor quality parallel cables, poor connections, or homegrown applications. On rare
occasions, the formatter is at fault, which is usually indicated by a 79 Service Error.

1. Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job from the printer memory.
2. Turn the printer off and then back on.
3. Try printing a job from a different software application. If the job prints, go back to
the first application and try printing a different file. If the message appears only with a certain software application or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance.
4. If the message persists with different software applications and print jobs, disconnect all cables to the printer that connect it to the network or PC.
5. Turn the printer off.
6. Remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer. (Do not remove the firmware DIMM in slot J1.)
7. Remove all EIO devices from the printer.
8. Turn the printer on.
9. If the error no longer exists, install each DIMM and EIO device one at a time, making sure to turn the printer off and back on as you install each
10. Replace a DIMM or EIO device if you determine that it causes the error.
11. Remember to reconnect all cables that connect the printer to the network or computer.
12. If the error persists, replace the firmware DIMM.
13. Replace the formatter and calibrate the printer. See Calibrate now.
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HP Laser User,

we have been having problems (such as only the first page could be printed) with the PS drivers since Adobe Reader Version 8 was rolled out in our environment.

We changed the drivers to PCL6 whenever these problems occurred.
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Nice job, it workd as you said. thank you
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49 errors are generally communication errors or file related issues and can usually be resolved by following the steps below:


Turn the printer off, and then turn it on again.

If the 49 error returns turn the power off, unplug the power cable, disconnect all network cables, and remove the HP Jetdirect card (or any third-party devices), if installed.

Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging the printer back in directly to a wall outlet. Do not plug the printer into a power strip or a surge protector.

Turn the printer on. If the 49 error returns, turn the power off, and then unplug the printer.

Remove the formatter board.

Check that the parallel I/O board is firmly installed on the formatter board.

Check for any non-HP memory DIMMs. If any extra memory is installed, remove it.

Reconnect the power cord, and turn the power on.

If the 49 error returns, perform a cold reset.

Turn the printer on.

Watch the control panel.

When the memory starts counting, press and hold the green (Select) button.

Continue holding the green (Select) button until the Ready, Data, and Attention lights flash once, and then stay on steady.

Release the (Select) button when the Ready, Data, and Attention light are on steady. The control panel will display SELECT LANGUAGE.

Press (Down Arrow) button once. The control panel will display COLD RESET.

Press (Select). The printer will perform a cold reset and then continue its power-on sequence.

If the 49 error returns, contact an HP-authorized service or support provider.
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If the error code continues to come back, it requires a firmware upgrade.
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Oh this was a GREAT help to me, now I just have to see if I can fix the error I received about the formatter board being bad...

Thanks again.
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49 errors in Color LaserJet 5500 printers are often caused by the JetDirect 615N card failing.

For information on getting a replacement for a bad 615N click on my name and email me, an even better way is to click on the crossed tools and you can see an email link in my profile, that link has a readable address that you can send to using your mail program.

Please make sure you give me a good email address to respond to, a few times now people have emailed me and the return address did not work.
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we had this same error
had the printer main board replaced, then had the memory replaced.

I switched from a PS driver to the PCL5e driver.
Poof! Magically, problem is GONE!
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It's helpfull and it work

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It can also be a bad network card (NIC)
If that doesn't fix it try updating the firmware
Hope that helps...
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HP Laserjet 3800n 49.4C02 Error code????
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no luck
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same error I have
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For PS driver printer.

1. Open printer Properties.
2. Go to "Device Settings" tab.
3. Disable the option "Postscript Passthrough" under the "Installable Options".
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Thank-you for directing me to the PS pass through option; that solved a lingering problem of random crashes when printing PS docs via the HP PS drivers. I owe you pints. Lots of pints. As many pints as this bug has caused me to consume.

Thank-you HP and Adobe for your devotion to this long-lasting, broad reaching bug and delivering a solution.
< /sarcasm> - unknown
We get this error from time to time on our HP Laser Jet 4250tn. So far, it's always been due to printing very particular files. My Windows XP driver doesn't have a "Postscript Passthrough" config, but I can generally get past the problem by printing with the PCL driver.

Note: If several people print to your printer directly, the crash may be being caused by someone other than you who has a problem file stuck in their print queue. After rebooting the printer, with my Windows print queue paused, I noticed that the printer would show activity on the front panel about 2 minutes after rebooting, and then would crash with 49.4C02. We found another user who was printing complex jobs from his Linux machine via a local print queue. The problem went away when he drained his print queue.
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for anyone with 49.4C errors on a HP LJ4250:
I downloaded the newest firmware from
and since the we have had no more problems. This was on 3 of 30 printers on our network. So as soon as the next printer has this, or pcl error messages, or in fact any other communication error, then the first thing that we'll do is a firmware update.

The link above provides you with the fw-update file and a description of how to apply it, either over the network with the browser or locally over LPT1.

For LJ5500 : try downloading the firmware
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On the 5500 the JetDirect Card often causes the problem.

Check and see if it's a 615N.

Sometimes upgrading the JetDirect firmware helps.
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It is a known issue that the 615n cause problems. You can get them replaced for 3 to 5 years after purchase, depending where you live, check with your HP support centre.
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My customer has a HP 555- Laserjet. But when he printes a PDF file the colour green is printing more yellower than green. Also all other colours are printing ok and the config page shows every thing ok also I have calibreated this more than twice.

Please help

Thanks and Regards
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Turn off the printer and check if there is a job queue lying. If yes, check it and see any bad file printed, delete that job and then turn on the printer and it should be all set to go!!!

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This is a Fix that has worked for us, so far:

To "deleted a suspect print job" is not really a fix as the next corrupt job will cause the error again. I don't think anyone knows exactly what is wrong with the job either. I noticed the problem when we upgraded past Adobe Reader 7 (versions 8 and 9).

Last year we fixed this problem on HP color 46x0 and 4700 printers by replacing the 615n card (which has had a lot of problems, but that is another thread) with a 620 card.

I have over two hundred 4100 series through 4300 printers in use at my company. A couple of months ago we had 4 of these 49 errors fixed by having the system board replaced under warranty. We noticed that the replacement board had and older firmware installed. I have been very good at keeping up with updating firmware, so all my HP printers have the latest image.

Scott41 mentioned: ". .latest versions of firmware for the printer . ." This is what we found to be the problem. All of my 4250 printers have firmware 20080319 08.015.0 installed. When users reported the 49 errors on 4 printers a couple of weeks ago I installed the 2007 firmware image on them. In two weeks, none of these printers have had the problem. If you remote into the printer and look at the Event Log, you can see how often this error occurs. I was seeing it happen about every 50-100 pages. I have over 4,000 pages now without a problem on the printers the older image was installed on. I just did 2 more last night and plan on doing this to all over the next month.
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I've got a laserjet 4250dtn, just got the same message
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hi cyberjacob,

first try upgrading the firmware, available here

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Try a cold boot...has worked for me before...
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After following all this troubleshooting suggestions, I fixed this error by un-checking a box in the printing options. When printing a PDF, un-check the box next to "Choose paper source by PDF page size".
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Hi One of my customers has the same problem with the printer.
remotely i cant help her. One of the onsite techs go out and help.

Can somone helpme on what steps i can suggest her.

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I would suggest you read the thread and use the solutions that seem to have worked for other people. - moe
PC load letter? WTF does that mean????
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We also got the 49.4C02 service error on our HP Color LaserJet 5550 printer. I turned off the printer and unplugged the power cable and the network cable for about a minute or two. Connected all cables and turned the printer on and it worked perfectly well.
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Hi my teacher has the same problam
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Printer error “49” can be resolved in the following ways:

* By removing Dual Inline Memory Modules and Enhanced Input/Output cards
* Resolving issues with printer’s drivers
* Resolving issues with formatter board

By removing Dual Inline Memory Modules and Enhanced Input/Output cards
Printer error “49” can be resolved by removing all DIMMs and EIOs, if you have them. Dual Inline Memory Modules and Enhanced Input/output cards may cause problems if they are not compatible with your printer. Afterwards, restart your printer. If Printer error “49” does not occur when these are out, put them in again, one piece at a time, and replace whichever causes the error.

Resolving issues with printer’s drivers
If Printer error “49” still shows up, the problem may have something to do with the drivers of the printer. Drivers are programs that provide a set of instructions to the printer to follow. When corrupted or changed, several errors aside from ‘Printer error” 49” may occur. In this case, open the Control panel and click on the icon for Printers and Other Hardware. Another window will pop-out. Choose the icon for Printers and Faxes, then open the file menu and check on the server properties. There will be a tab for drivers. Clicking on this will show the settings of the drivers. The correct settings can be found either online, or inside the manual your printer arrived with. If it differs in anyway, change the settings

Resolving issues with formatter board
If all of the above fail, it may be that your printer’s formatter board is malfunctioning. Formatter board is a large chip found inside the printer. It processes information and then directs it to the proper component. If the board breaks, then corrupted data is generated which in turn can cause Printer error “49”.
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I was getting same error and found that it only occured during duplex printing, took the fuser out and found abunch of toner fused on out feed (also infeed for duplexer) cleaned toner off and preintes a few pages to clean the littel pieces that fell into the fuser, now the duplex works fine, suspect that page was hanging up when it tries to draw it back in. All is good now
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Printer error 49.4c02 may occur due to corrupted print queue. Just clear the queue and restart the printer and the error may be fixed. This would seem to work for most cases. If none of them are corrupted, check to see if any of them are in an uncommon size. Larger printings tend to result in this error as well. Check if it’s the cause by clearing the queue then printing normal-sized documents instead. The error may also be caused due to complicated fonts as they are harder to read, especially if they’re in color or written in a pdf format. If this is the cause of the error you can either stop printing such documents and update the drivers or firmware. The drivers may contain bugs which cause the printers to act this way, so updating them will solve the problem. get more help to fix printer error 49.4c02............

Hope this helps you.
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This issue can be solved this the rom update..
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I have an HP 5500 and the printing is very weak and banded. it was not used for most of a year before i started using it again. i replaced the black printhead, all the 6 regular ink cartridges are over 75\% full. i would love to not have to replace all the printheads, and cleaners. i have calibrated a couple of times and the two pink colors are the weakest. do you think i can get away with just replacing those printheads? or any other suggestions would be appreciated
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Try printing the pdf document "as image". was able to fix my error and recreate at will with this check box on or off.
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I have an HP 5500 and the printing is very weak and banded. it was not used for most of a year before i started using it again. i replaced the black printhead, all the 6 regular ink cartridges are over 75\% full. i would love to not have to replace all the printheads, and cleaners. i have calibrated a couple of times and the two pink colors are the weakest. do you think i can get away with just replacing those printheads? or any other suggestions would be appreciated

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