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Baffling problem with an HP LJ 2100


I've got a rather wierd problem with an HP LaserJet 2100 printer. When printing the printer will happily print between 30-40 sheets of paper (including in the form of 2 seperate documents with a pause in the middle), then the printer will suddenly finish the page it's on, spew a blank page out as well, then signal a "Continuable error". Attempting to continue doesn't work.

The LED sequence indicates that the error is a "Temporary Engine Error" whilst the status log code is 50013 which is apparently a "51.2 Error Press Select Key or Laser Malfunction". I've had the printer completely to bits and have re-seated all cables from the laser and scanner to the pcb without success. When the error occurs, the printer always manages to complete the previous page before stopping. The main fan in the printer appears to be working OK too.

Any advice at all people?

Thanks in advance!

If printer gets repeated errors with a blinking “Attention Light” or a “Service Error” (all three lights on solid) and a printed Self Test / Configuration page shows any 50013 codes in the error log, the torsion spring (RB2-2843-000CN) is weak. This can only happen on “China” made engines.

Note: The only potential failures are with China made engines. To identify a China engine look inside the EP door, remove the toner cartridge and find the “engine” serial number towards the front of the printer. If it begins with a “CN”, it is a China engine.


Replace the torsion spring with service part RB2-2843-000CN. All service parts are verified good.

Additional Information

The spring applies tension to the media sensor (Sensor Arm- RB2-6264-000CN) keeping the sensor present while there is no media at the sensor location. As the printer operates, a sheet of media pushes the sensor down until the sheet’s trailing edge clears it. The sensor then swings back by the spring tension to it’s original present position. It is common for the sensor upon returning to the present position to bounce back and forth a few times. The bouncing action is referred to as “chatter”. The chattering motion tends to generate false signals to the printer’s operation control sequence causing the sensor to believe a presence of media. The false signal (sensing media when not actually present) causes the printer to go into an error state, thus creating a 50013 error code.

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Dear Stephen,
So far so good!! I have replaced both the spring and the lever. I re-installed printer on site a week ago--!!Have phoned customer bad reports.
Many many thanks Stephen and other technicians.
NO THANKS HP !!##@@****~~!!!

GORDON - Gordon Barnett
Please look at the wear on the end of the sensor arm in question—very pointed and wears rapidly. As this wears down the swing decreases. Suspect this is the issue rather than the spring.
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51 errors are beam detect errors. Could be as simple as dirty optics inside the scanner assy. I've fixed quite a few 51 errors by just cleaning the mirrors, lenses inside.
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PLS SEE MY REPLY - Gordon Barnett
Thanks! The fact that it nearly /always/ occurs after the same 30-40 pages does lend some credit to that suggestion, a case that the printer keeps on spotting minor problems with each page until it decides that there's definately something not right.

I've pretty much ruled out overheating because even leaving the printer ages between runs causes the same problem, plus after a problem it's possible to power the printer down then straight back up and print another 30 odd pages before the problem re-occurs.

I'll give the mirrors and lenses a clean tomorrow and see what the result is.
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Hello World from Australia,
I too have the same problem.I can print between 30 and 244 pages before failures with error status code 50013. I also have checked all connectors and cables and cleaned the lenses,sensors and mirrors!!
I then purchased a NEW laser assy and fitted.BUT STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!!



Gordon Barnett
by Gordon Barnett on Jun 3, 2005 at 1:57am Add comment
Only other thing it could be is a controller board.
by moe on Jun 3, 2005 at 6:01am Add comment
May have to be that then. I also have cleaned and reseated all lenses and mirrors without success. I'll look into the board.
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You removed and reseated the lenses and mirrors?!?!?! Say it ain't so!?!?!? That could be the problem. Those things have to be PERFECTLY aligned in order for everything to work properly. I don't know if they can be removed and replaced and the unit ever work again. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully Moe or somebody will come back and say that I am an idiot. Have a nice day!!!
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Dear Bisawest,
Do not panic!! I have often CLEANED Laser assys---
especially those from mine sites. I never move or remove the lenses or mirrors except on one occasion when I had to re-glue a mirror!! Thanks for your concern. I am still reviewing the possibilties of what to do next.. maybe engine controller pcb next. I have already changed the Formatter pcb!!
Any help would be appreciated.

Gordon from Perth Western Australia
by Gordon Barnett on Jun 12, 2005 at 9:28pm Add comment
sorry for a late reply caused vacation. look at a service note called C4170A-02, it´s old but the solution is in there. LaserJet 2100 engines failures result in 50013 Error Code in Status Log; Replace Sensor Lever (RB2-2842-000CN) with service part (RB2-2842-000CN). regards // L
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Dear SWED,
I am very grateful for your response.Thanks.
However I am having problem trying to get Service Note C4170A-02!! Can you please send me a copy as I need to confirm Part needed? Thanks again.

Gordon - Gordon Barnett
Just posting to this to say replacing the sensor arm (under registration) # RB2-2842-000CN fixed a similar issue as described above. Was very relieved to find a solution to this after thinking the engine board might be bad.

Problem was it worked good on single jobs but anything 2 pages or more it would fail & you could hear the scanner cut off & wind down too early when paper didn't even clear the registration all the way. It often jammed too on 2nd sheet coming out of the exit, sheet was always completely blank too. The attention light & Go light would be on solid(secondary code changed to Ready light solid, middle light). Service book calls it a Temporary Engine Error (41.x).

After seeing this post I ordered the spring & sensor arm and only when I looked at the old arm & new arm I realized the paper over time wore the sensor arm down (close to 1/4" missing). Wore it like the old 3SI/4SI registration sensor arms. New arm works great now & saved some time from swapping parts like the service manual says to do.

Oh and this engine model isn't a CN either, its JH but still helped me out big time.
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The printer thinks there is no paper (and obviously therefore wont print) but its full....what can i do?? Have tried resetting, changing paper, cleaning etc...any ideas??!!
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Have you checked the paper sensor arm that sits next to the pickup roller? It is the black plastic "thingy" hanging down to the right of it. Perhaps it got knocked out of place.
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Also do you get the message or flashing back light when the printer is first turned on. If so put a sheet of paper on the manual feeder and see if it comes to ready. If the light still flashes, then that paper out is not the error. It still flashing, then open and close the toner door and see if the motor moves. If the motor does not move, then the error condition is the printer thinks there is a paper jam. You then need to check the sensor flags inside below the toner and at the back by the fuser where the paper exits the printer. Now if you do not get the error until the print job is sent first thing to do is disconnect from the computer, turn the printer off and then back on and then press the big button for a test print. If the printer prints, then the issue you are having is communication or driver and the printer cable is the probable cause. In fact if the message appears on the computer that the printer is out of paper, it is definitly and communication or driver issue since the computer has no way to know the printer is out of paper.
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I've just got a 2100 for a charity that my wife works for. It seems to work find but the config. page shows intermittent 50013 errors have occurred.

I'm going to check which engine is fitted but if it's a chinese engine, how easy is fitting the replacement spring? I'm fine with a screwdriver but I only have a user guide and now service manual.

by papadeltasierra on Jul 27, 2007 at 2:08am Add comment
50013 error code is paper jam problem and probably you'll need to replace a pick-up roller and sep pads on this machine.
Good Luck,
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I was going by the comments above in this thread referencing Service Note C4170A-02. Move importantly, if this were the problem, how easy to replace this spring?

FWIW, the printer has done approx. 40,000 pages so any suggestions on what else might be wearing about about now would be appreciated.

Paul DS
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I have a laser jet 2100 that keeps shooting out a blank page prior to each print job. I've tried checking the properities in both the document software and the printer software. I've also checked the paper tray. All looks well there. Can anyone help with this?
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While I've seen lots of printers that put out a blank page after print jobs, I don't recall ever seeing one do one before a print job. What happens if you hit the large button? It should print out a test page. Does a blank sheet print as well?
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Lur is right back in 2007 - the tip wears off from the abrasive paper on the sensor in the registration. Either replace the lever or mix a small amount of JB Weld and with the tip of a toothpick dab a small bead onto the tip to replace the worn tip plastic (make it smooth and dont make a mess)then let it sit 12 or more hours with the toner out and the lid open to cure. Should work good and it lasts longer than the plastic did. I've replaced the levers for a local customer that has 50 or more 2100's and on half a dozen applied the JBW - the JB Weld ones are still running smoothly but the ones with replaced levers are back 2 yrs later with the same problem since the new lever wore down like the original.

Too much JBW will make the balance bad on the lever, too little or not smooth will cause other problems. The JBW method involves care and time but no disassembly. The lever replacement is faster but involves getting parts and tearing the unit down. If you do replace the lever, clean the rollers of the feed assy behind tray 1 with rubber rejuv while you have it apart.
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Just brought something to mind tonight while I was working on a 2100 with the 50013 error - sometimes it can be the tip of the sensor but more and more on the 2100, 2200 and 2300 (they all use similar gearsets to drive the pickups) it will be the same problem we're all familiar with on LJ 4Si machines - sticky solenoids. The "chatter pad" or noise silencer is really crappy on these newer models and is nothing more than double stick tape with flocking on one side and the adhesive breaks down leaving brown goo that will either delay the release of the solenoid flap, or hold the flap and not let it release sometimes for a day. Solution is to tear into the machine by removal of covers then the EIO box then the formatter and then the gear set plate. You'll see a solenoid top for tray 1 and lower for tray 2. Press the flap and you'll see it stick and hold or stick and slowly release. Remove the screw and bring the solenoid up to a workable position, remove the spring with longnose pliers then lift the flat off. Clean the solenoid side of the flap with lighter fluid then the adhesive area of the solenoid body. It will leave the plastic of the tape but cover that with a small (about 1/2" long) strip of Scotch tape then put the flap back on, put the spring on, put the solenoid back and screw it down and reassemble after both solenoids have had the fix. Testing should show it's done. For those that want to do it the parts replacement route order and replace both solenoids, if you can find them. Once done it's advisable to use a Sharpie to mark "SOL FIX" and month and year on the EIO box so you know it's been done.

Is this in a service note? Not as far as I know - I came across this a year or so ago and more and more I see it especially with customers that have a lot of them which is why I mark them where I can see it easily - no sense in full teardown if you've already done the solenoids.

Back when I posted the JB Weld fix I had a lot going on and totally forgot about the sticky solenoids also causing weird problems.
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I am having issues with my 2100. I can print configuration pages from the printer all day long, but when I try to print a job or a test page from the computer, I get a message on the computer saying the Printer is out of paper. I have the HP LJ 2100 driver installed. I rebooted system no go. I turned printer on an off no go. I replaced the parallel cable, still the same message, "Printer is out of paper." I get no flashing lights on the printer all looks normal (steady green). I been working with HP printers for a long time and have never encountered a problem like this, usually get some sort of printer acknowlegement message, not with this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
by markw777 on Feb 12, 2010 at 11:52pm Add comment
There is another part to that message that nobody ever notices. It says "or no LPT 1". That's the real problem, not that it's out of paper which the computer could not know. What you need to do is delete and reinstall the driver.
by moe on Feb 13, 2010 at 9:56am Add comment
Hello Moe, and thanks for your response. I didn't see that message (no LPT 1) so I took your advice and deinstalled then reinstalled the driver on my desktop. Still getting the same behavior, "Printer is out of paper" message. I did take it one step further. I hooked a 6L up to the desktop just to make sure that it would work with the same parallel cable and the 6L worked fine. My wife has a laptop and also has a 2100 hooked to it via parallel port and that printer works fine. I hooked the non working 2100 up to her laptop with her cable and I still get the "Printer is out of paper" message. I don't see any reference to "no LPT 1". I know this is a strange problem and would appreciate any thoughts. I would really like to get this printer working. THANKS!!!
by markw777 on Feb 13, 2010 at 2:46pm Add comment
Try printing to it using the 6L driver. If that works, then it's a bad driver.
by moe on Feb 13, 2010 at 6:22pm Add comment
Hate to say it but it sounds like a formatter issue with the parallel port on the printer itself. Do a dos test to be sure. On the computer if using xp just go to start, run, cmd and hit enter. At the prompt type cd\\windows and hit enter. Now type dir >> lpt1 and hit enter. If the printer does not print or lights change on the display then I would think the port on the printer has gone bad since you can connect other printers to the same cable and computer port and they work. If that is the case there are 2 things you can do. First would be to replace the formatter and the other is to get a jetdirect network card and install and connect the printer to your network if you have one and see if the network port works.
by dmzcompute on Feb 13, 2010 at 9:06pm Add comment
I missed the part where he hooked it up to the wife's laptop that was also using another 2100. I'd never seen a parallel port go bad on a 2100 formatter, which is why I was sure it was a driver issue. I concur that it probably is the formatter. If you take the right side cover off, it's the board at the front. Real easy to replace. If you need one, I have some working used ones off of parts printers. Click on my name to email me for ordering info.
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moe and dmzcompute, Thanks again for all your help with this issue. I am going to take this printer to a friend who has a TV repair shop. My game plan is to take the board out that has the parallel connection on it, (guess this board is called the formatter board, it has 3 memory recepticles on it as well) and have my friend check it for week or broken solder joints and fix. If that doesn't work will swap the board with the working 2100 just to make sure that the board is the problem. BTW, I have not researched what type of memory this takes, do you have that information easily accessable, no problem if not. If you do how much do you sell memory for, if you have? Also, out of curiosity how much do you want for the board and shipping to 63043 (currently not working)? Thanks Again you guys are very helpful.
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I had the same problem and the fix was to rub off the foam of both solenoids SL501 and SL502 and put a piece of tape as replacement in between.

This is common knowledge but in my case that wasn't enough for the lower purple coloured one because it still was sticky. Additionally I had to hook in a stronger spring to get it working.

Thanks to Russ Blakeman for pointing in the right direction and get me started!

After seven years I think this thread can be closed and marked solved ;-)

Addendum: Use tape that is a little thicker e.g. thin leather
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