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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 785

epson 785 epx printer

I was printing like crazy and all of a sudden i get a a error messege --Err Sr Can anyone tell me what that means. my printer is not very old about a year.
To anyone else who may ever try this:

I now have a 785EPX dismembered all over my table. I tried to take it apart according to the exploded diagram and now know a few shortcuts.
Your do not have to disassmeble the printer to get to parts #731/732/743 they are in a black plastic housing that is snapped to the bottom of the printer.

Part #592 was is a little harder to get to, you need to remove the cover and part # 587 (wich is a screw) in part #591, (dummy me dropped the screw into the bowels of the printer and had to go alot further in to get it back) you need to also release a wire retaining clip toward the top back right of part # 591 and a plastic latch on the right side, there a couple of plastic tabs on the bottom left but you should be able to wiggle them lose. The whole part slides out to the right once the tabs let go, there are two pads inside, part #562 and a smaller one that I can not locate on the diagram.

I will try to get some pictures, if anyone is interested, when I put it back together.

Thank you for the link the the diagram, I would have been lost without it.
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"Err Sr" means service error, the printer is complaining that the internal waste ink conter has overflowed.

You need to reset the counter as explained here:

This procedure will reset the error and your printer will be able to print again, however you should also clean the waste ink pad you can find at printer bottom. To reach pads you have to disassemble your printer, an exploded diagram of it is available at:

Pads to clean are parts #731/732/743 listed at page #1 and part #592 listed at page #4
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785EPX hard reset procedure, reset 785EPX, ink pads full on 785EPX.


Above posts helped me a great deal in fixing ERR SR problem, full ink pads and all....

I took out the Front compartment, very easy, thank you! and used a baking roller on the pads between a WHOLE LOT of newspapers to clean parts 731/732/742.

HINT: If you can put the print head to the "change Ink" position, you can see the "592" pad with a flashlight down in the lower right. Mine was pristine white, so I didn't take the printer apart. You could probably reach it as well with a pair of hemostats or the like if yours was dirty....

PROBLEM: SCC Serve 4.30 would say it had successfully reset the ink pad ("Protection Counter") counter, but would not clear the error state, so I could not print anyway.

BUT: I found this on the website. (PROPS)

EPSON Stylus Photo 785, 895

Pressing and holding Maintenance and Roll Paper buttons, press POWER button, You will see blinking Error led.
Release all buttons.
In 2-3 seconds time until led is blinking press and hold for 10-12 seconds Roll Paper button, until all leds will blink.

I took it to mean "Release all buttons in 2-3 secs when the Error LED blinks, THEN press and hold roll paper button for at least 12 seconds"

AND...IT...WORKED! I did get an "ERR FE" right after completing above reset, BUT after cycling the power, my good old 8 year old 785 EPX was minto pinto ready to go!

I am a happy camper now, and I don't have to throw out the $100 of ink I bought at (check out their prices, I like the quality) OR lay out more cash for a printer I didn't have to replace! Y_E_S!

I will now dance The Dance of The Man Who Fixed The Printer,

I hope you will too..............

CE Behr
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I have the Sr error code and blinking red light.
Any suggestions?
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Ha Ha Ha.........You just brought my Epson back to life!!!!!! It's alive !!!!!!!!!!!
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