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Hp HP Photosmart 7760

help with hp photosmart 7760

Help? My printer was working fine and then it suddenly started telling me that one or more cartriges have failed and when I insert them individually neither one will work. It never told me I was low on ink, so I doubt they are just both suddenly out. Please help. I don't know if I should take it for repair or need to buy a new one. It is a only a little over a year old!
I am having the same problem. How did you solve yours???
by Anonymous on Aug 24, 2005 at 6:31pm Add comment
My cartridges are just 1 week old and I am having the same problem. Dis you discover a solution to your problem? Thanks for any help you can provide - Anonymous
Which cartridges does the PhotoSmart 7660 use? I can't remember what all the models look like from the numbers, but if I know the cartridge type that identifies the engine type.

Have you tried cleaning the electrical contacts in the carriage?
by Stephen on Aug 24, 2005 at 6:51pm Add comment
spool 32 error and print tray dill not found error. i dont' know whats going on but it was working. i'v tryed to use the cd to install it and it wont let me and when i tryed to add new printer it wont let me do that ithere, pleas can some one help, i don't know what to do.
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I cannot get my 7760 to respond to my computer. I cannot get anything printed from the computer, I can only use it 'stand alone'. My other 7760 didn't have this problem.

I have a HP 932c and have used them both for a year. I had to replace my 7760 recently with a new one( my fault), since I installed it, I have had a printing problem with it too.
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My problem: The tab for the upper feed, for pushing in the 4 x 6 photo paper, has broken off. Is repair possible? A replacement upper tray? I hate to give up on this excellent printer.
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Did you ever get a replacement part?
I have the same problem.... - unknown
HP does not sell the tray as a replacement part. There is a parts machine on Ebay right now. If Ebay is a viable option for you, contact the seller and verify that the tray is intact and not broken.
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I cannot get the 4x6 paper to feed, from anywhere! Any help would be more than appreciated. I looked in the manual and online and cannot find the answer. Thank you in advance!
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Remove the rear cleanout door and clean the feed rollers with water.

Download this manual.

Go to page 9 and following for instructions on loading the 4 x 6 paper tray.

Make sure the paper thickness in within specifications. Go to page 55 and check under Media specification, maximum.
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My Photosmart 7760 paper size select knob BROKE!!! ( a little piece of plastic to move the whole tray!!! now it is stuck and I have to disasasemble the tray to load 4X6 paper ( it won't slide back for 8X10! I emailed HP, they said I should buy a new one!!! ( seems silly for a $5.00 plastic part!!! ANY IDEAS HOW TO SOLVE THIS HP ( HARDLY PERFORMS) PROBLEM???!!!???
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The only spare parts available come from scrap printers. Your only recourse is to find one.
by Bert on Mar 17, 2008 at 9:42pm Add comment
Does anyone know how to get the service manual fot the HP 7760 Printer?
by rebbox on Apr 11, 2008 at 8:55pm Add comment
Does anyone know how to get the service manual fot the HP 7760 Printer? My 7760 will not complete an allignment. It feeds the paper into position and just as it is ready to start the allignment it ejects the paper and to the "load paper and press OK" message.
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There is no service manual.

Clean the rectangular spot sensor lens. The spot sensor is on the right side of the carriage and emits blue light during cartridge alignment.
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I have one that starts up then says 'printer calibration, load plain paper then press ok'. when you do that, it feeds the paper up under the print heads and stops, then after a moment the heads park and it re-displays the message, although the paper is clearly there. the paper sensor lever looks to be operating ok and the paper feeds in and stops about where i think would be the right spot to start a print test. it even feeds in a little bit more, slowly, after the initial feed and when the cartridges are positioned, almost like it's looking for the paper but can't find it.

i'm thinking the spot sensor Bert mentions above is supposed to be shining a light on the paper to verify it's there but no light ever comes from that. I don't have another one around to verify the light theory though. I've cleaned the lens, anyway I've rubbed a slightly damp soft cloth on it and not gotten much residue (there was a ton though on the optical ribbon, which I also cleaned).

Is it possible the light is burnt out or a circuit that should be illuminating it is dead/defective?

Any fixes? Ideas? Time for the print-a-pult?


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I suggest that you remove the spot sensor and clean the electrical contacts. Its thin black plastic cover snaps of and then the spot sensor slides out vertically. If you need photos email me by clicking on the crossed tools to the right of my name and ask for the Photosmart 7760 spot sensor removal photos.
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Hi Bert,

do you still have these pictures? I want to try to clean that sensor because mine printer is getting these error messages all the time: 'calibrate the printer, insert paper and click ok'

Thanx - unknown
Wow, very clever, I did not know you could do that. Took a couple tries, first with eraser and damp cloth which got some blinks but not quite the full deal, then alchohol and compressed air and now she's passin tests like trailer trash at a pregnancy clinic!

Thankee very much.

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I had a paperjam, I removed all the pieces of paper. Now I keep getting paper jam error. Any suggestions? Is there a paper jam sensor? If so where? I have extra ink cartriges and don't want to get a new printer if I don't have to.
Thanks in advance.
by shan on Dec 5, 2008 at 7:37pm Add comment
Check for other unseen pieces of paper.

Check the paper sensor. Remove the rear cleanout door. Looking from the rear the sensor is on the top left between the two large rubber rollers. It is a small lever like device and should move up and down freely.
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When I print with the photo ink cartridge I can't get the yellow to calibrate with the rest of the ink... if I print with the colour/black inks it's fine, but when I'm set to print for photos (photo/colour ink cartridges) the yellow is off by a bit. On the test page, the grid has no vertical line, only horizontal and they are not evenly spaced. Can I calibrate this some how or is this ink cartridge toast? It's 80 per cent full but not brand new (I've had it for a little while). I tried manually cleaning the cartridge but had no luck.
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If I print a test print from the Inkjet Toolbox, the color looks great. Any image I print from Photoshop, Preview, or lightroom comes out Kelly green. New cartridges, realignment, calibration, cleaning, nothing helps. I even reinstalled the driver. I'm running OSX on an Intel iMac less than a year old.
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I took the cover off my 7760 to remove a jam in the cartridge area. I don't know how to reconnect the 2 very small ribbon wires to the display. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.
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I am having the same problem would appreciate any solution, thanks. - joe1959
Does anyone know how to get the pictures saved from the printer to the computer...I hit the button but i get a error message on my computer failed to copy pics re install drivers etc etc , Hp diagnostics reports all my software and driver s are up to date and fine..but still cant saved Help me fix this problem please!
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I just got one of these printers from a friend. Never used, still factory sealed. I am getting repeated Paper Jam errors, when there is no jam. It even stopped mud-print and ejected the page it was printing to tell me there was a jam. I am at my wits end.
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OK, paper jam error fixed! Not for the faint of heart. take cover off, facing unit look at outer most left side, you will see 3 or 4 big roller gears. Just to the right you will see a blue roundish cam of some sort, its the only blue cam roller in there,,, if you push down on the paper tray and get in at that blue cam, you can spin it, and this is what sets the paper feeding into the unit. the blue cam does not set back to it correct position when you pull the paper out from the front of the machine. you have to reset this cam by hand, and you will know when it is at the proper position. the paper tray will go down, and the gears will be hard to spin until it clicks and they ease up again. I do not know how to post pictures but if you email me, i can send them to you. I have never seen video or saw any talk of this for the past 5 days of researching. Let me know how you make out. this printer is great, IF you can fix it yourself. Thanks for reading. My mom would be so proud of me.
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MIne is doing the same thing tonight!!

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