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Hp HP DesignJet 30

PCL error 41.03 and 41.05 ?

One printer an HP 4050N event log has numerus 41.03.00 PCL entrys.Another printer an HP 4000 (with an external print server)has a boatload of 41.05.00 PCL errors? These units are 30 miles apart.When not networked the 4050 works fine also tested the network card in another printer it seems fine.Thanks in advance.and also thank you DMZ for your reply last week regarding network compatability.
Have had this before (even have machine in workshop at the moment). It can be the laser, but it usually is the engine controller board. What I think happens is that the laser hesitates momentarily (controlled by this board), but it is not long enough for the laser error (51 or 52) to be registered. So as the laser has a hiccup, the machine also has a hiccup, so sees the paper as late and stops. Normally find a lot of 13.xx errors.
It can be very intermittent. Look at the event log, should see lots of 13.xx paper feed errors and quite a few 41.05 PCL or 41.05 PCLXL errors.

Hope this helps.

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This will have nothing to do with the laser/scanner or in my opinion with the ECU. My reasoning is simple, it works when not connected to the network. I am not so much interested in the error log, but what the customer tells me jamed or did not print correctly. Also what tray was being used, etc. 41.3 and 41.5 are 2 completly different issues. 41.3 is an unexpected page size and can be triggered by tray size swtiches being flakey and changing the size during printing or paper slipping while feeding and it takes to long for the paper to move thru and the sensor indicates a larger sheet feeding. 41.5 is a paper feed error and most times is caused by the separation roller slippping off the shaft and impeding the movement of the paper. I would really check on the drivers sending the print jobs to the network and maybe even change the drivers to lets say a plain HP III driver and see the errors still occur. It could also be something with you network and not the card in the printer.
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If memory serves me correctly (it was 10 months ago)-I believe I asked both customers to reinstal drivers and in one case have a very lazy IT department check the network.I guess that worked as I'm sure I didn't replace parts and I'm still getting calls from both customers.Thanks Harvey and DMZ.
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I am also getting a 41.05.00 PCLXL error. What is the fix for this?

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Where are you getting the error? In the error log or is it printing on the page. If in the error log, then you are having paper feed issues. If printing on the paper, then you are having software and/or network issues. - dmzcompute
I am getting the errors on the error log. When it prints, it prints a blank sheet of paper first and then prints the actual form/page....then it stops, hesitates and reboots, then prints again. thanks for your (immense) help!
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The 41.5 error is a paper feed error so it is possible you have a mechanical issue with the printer, but also it could be software. To narrow it down, set the manual feed paper size to letter and remove the paper tray and load paper on the manual feeder. Now do the same job that was giving you the error and see if it does it again or it prints ok. In other words I want you to do the same job from the manual tray and not the lower paper tray. Report the results so further advice can be given.
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Hi - eureka. When i print from the manual tray it prints fine!! The problem occurs only when printing from Tray 1 or Tray2.

What do you think could be the problem?

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Ok now we are getting somewhere. First off tray 1 is the manual tray and since I assume you have the T model you have 3 paper trays. Now does it actually happen from both bottom trays or just from one. If both trays are set for the same paper the printer will default to picking up from the bottom tray (tray 3) first and then when that is empty from tray 2. Lets do the same test, but this time a bit different. Put paper in tray 3 (lowest tray) and have no paper in tray 2 but have the tray inserted or the printer will not work. Now print the same document and see if you get the error. Do the same with tray 2. Put paper in tray 2 and you can remove tray 3 and see if you get the same error. Report back those results so I can give you further advice.
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Thank you very much for your help. It looks like the problem is isolated to Tray 2 only. You've made my day!!
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Ok you can now try one more thing to isolate it down further. In fact if this works you may be able to fix it yourself without any parts. Take the tray which is in tray 2 now and move it to tray 3 and move tray 3 to tray 2. Now do the test again and see if the problem follows the tray or stays at the same tray number. In other words when you swap the trays does it now give the error when you print from tray 3?
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The problem seems to follow the tray...........the problem does not seem to stay with the it seems that the tray has gone bad!! Thanks for your immense help!! [email protected]
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We had the same problem with a LJ 4000 (no model T - just 1 drawer and the manual tray) with the drawer. The manual tray was ok.

We used the drawer from another LJ 4000, but the problem stayed.

We then "pressed" all the contacts at the drawers, that are related to paper size determination and the respective counterparts in the printer and . . .

. . . now it works with both drawers. We assume that the "switches" in the printer somehow got stuck. - unknown
Just a quick note. I had the same problem. Removed and reinstalled drivers, removed Jetdirect card and did everything I could think of. Nothing worked.

I removed the paper tray 2 and noticed that the paper size block at the back [blue in mine] had slipped to the rear some and the paper was incorrectly being identified by the paper switch. Put it back where it belonged and no problems.
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Have a look at this article regarding the 41.5 error

In my case, the printer worked fine from tray 1, but jammed 1/2 in the fuser from tray 2 with the 41.5 error. It was the separation roller not clipping onto the torque clutch properly(as DMZCOMPUTE mentioned) that caused the fault.
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i had the same 41.5 error and it seems that they forgot to put back a roller
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The HP Laserjet 8150 printer I had this error on appeared to STOP printing anything when someone sent a document to it through the "(printer_name)-PCL" driver. If the printer was turned off and back on, the last document in its queue would print, but no others.

The error "41.03.00" either shows "?" or "PCL" in the Event Log on the printer, and several users stated they had never been able to print using the "(printer_name)-PCL" printer.

It seems the HP 8150 Laserjet printer lists under "Installed Personalities and Options" a firmware date (?) of:

While another printer in the office NOT exhibiting any sort of problem printing through the "(printer_name)-PCL" driver lists:

I am just adding this here for the benefit of anyone else that may encounter a similar problem. I am not going to troubleshoot this further or attempt to update the Personality option on the odler printer.
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I found a wad of kleenex wound around the registration roller.
You can see the pic at:
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im working on a hp 9000dn for a cust, and the event log shows 41.03.00 several times, in the middle of a farly large print job running from tray 4 (2000 sheet tray)the machine will stop and this error will show on the screen, if you press the check button it will start up and finish the job with no other problem. i have already checked the paper guides and custom switch, the paper settings on the screen, the paper port for that tray, the size switches int the back, all feed rlrs look ok and were cleaned, machine has been cleaned of dirt and paper dust, still having problem...... plz help!
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I had the same issue with errors 13.02.0 and 41.05. My HP LJ 4300dtn printer is connected to a Netgear ProSafe Plus switch. I went to HP website and downloaded the lasts drivers from this particular printer. I uninstalled the old printer and installed again using the new drivers. I accessed GUI using IE browse. I went to I/O settings and changed the speed from Auto to 10T FulI. Stopped the Printer Spooler service. Turned off printer and wait for 30 seconds, turned on back again and viola everything is working normal again.


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