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Brother Brother MFC 3220C

Brother Error 41 all models

I know there are many post about the dreaded error 41. I am wondering if anyone would know if when Brother replaced the machines still under warranty if the refurbished or new machines were suppose to have a new designed printer head. I myself first purchased my 3220C in Dec 2003.In July 28 2004 I was given a replacement due to error 41. Now a little over 6 months have passed and the replacement is doing the same thing. Now if Brother just sent out another machine without fixing the known problem (knowing it would re-occur)wouldn't we have some recourse hear other than taking it to a repair shop? This product in DEFECTIVE and they know this. Please if anyone has purchased a new print head and still has the old one could you check to see if there are any noticeable change in design. I myself have filed a complaint with www.bbb.com and hope all that have had this problem will follow suit. Brother needs to answer to this problem and recall all of these machines or replace with ones that have newly designed printer heads. Even if your machine is out of warranty they have extended the printer head replacement warranty from 9mo to 24 mo but what good is this if it is replaced with the same one. It will do the same thing. Please all do not let Brother get away with this. COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN
I am happy to say that my HP is great... If you have a brother,throw it out,Don't put another dime into it.... Brother not only sux,the print quality sux too... The time it take to copy a print is 3 times as long as my HP,another good reason to shitcan the Brother...

I'm not bashing Brother,Brother is :) :) :)

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I just joined so I hope I won't offend by asking you about a different model. I have been trying to find out what kind of a malfunction machine error 76 is for my older DCP 1200. I really like that machine and when it died I just hung on to it with hopes I might be able to have it repaired or repair it myself. Do you know anything about that error message?

Thanks in advance. Please excuse if not appropriate.
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I have a MFC 3820cn model and getting the same error code.Obviously the problem still is in the newer models as well.
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Yep got the dreaded error41 , so went onto Brother website and found this

What a BLOODY Cheek to make out they care about the environment when they produce printers with builtin obslecance! - philbot
Here is what I recieved from Brother as a response to my question whether the printheads are newly designed or not. SURE BROTHER

Brother Customer:

Brother is aware of the printhead issue and has developed a replacement
printhead to correct the issue. If the machine is still out of the one
year warranty, a printhead replacement (at a service center) may still
be done at Brother's expense. To determine whether your print head
failure is covered under the warranty extension, we will require the
following information. You will be notified, via email, regarding the
status of your unit.

Model Number
Serial Number
Machine Error on LCD (if any)
Date of Purchase
ZIP Code
Daytime Phone Number (if we need to contact you)

If your unit qualifies for the warranty extension, Brother will issue a
Work Order to an Authorized Service Center in your Zip Code. You will
be notified, via email, when this has been completed.


Facsimile E-mail Support
Brother International Corporation, USA
[email protected]

Original Message Follows:

Have the printer heads been redesigned or are you just replacing them
long enough to run out the warranty. If I have to take this to a repair
center I need to know this before I waste my time. You have already
replaced my first one with another piece of junk. REFURBISHED> It should
have been brand new and the printer head should have been redesigned. I
do not believe it was. What is so sad is that I always swore by Brother
products and this has been a total nightmare. Instead of repairing these
defective units please recall all of them. Make your customer come first
as you have in the past.
Another unsatisfied customer.
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obviously you know you have a defective product and yet you continue to sell it to the unknowing consumer. When I called the help line of course their pat answer was they would send me a refurbished machine. What about the down time?
I will never buy from brother again - unknown
My model # is MFC3820CN
SN B410129060E
Machine Error 41 on display
Zip Code 33624
Day Time Phone Cell 813.833.2285 Prefer contact in evening Eastern Time.
I can't find my purchase date

Please explain what is wrong with my printer and how you can fix it. I realy like the printer and have come to rely on it. I don't want to buy a new one. - Anonymous
Extended Warranty on the Print Head for Machine Error 41 (ME41) issue.

Models: Fax1800C, Fax1820C, Fax1920CN, MFC3100C, MFC3200C, MFC3220C, MFC3320CN, MFC3420C, MFC3820CN, MFC4420C, MFC4820C, MFC5100C, MFC5200C

At Brother International Corporation we are very proud of our reputation for reliability, value and customer satisfaction. We have found the ME41 issue occurring within 24 months after the purchase date to be higher than what is acceptable to us. Even though this issue is occurring after the warranty of the product has expired, we have decided to extend our warranty for the ME41 issue to 24 months from the date of purchase or 30 months from the serial number manufacturing date code if the customer cannot provide a proof of purchase. Please know that Brother is absolutely committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

We will provide a Work Order to you for the customers who contact Brother Customer Service. Please continue to provide the Work Order number on your Warranty Service Claim. However, if a customer contacts you directly or arrives at your location prior to you receiving a Work Order, proceed with the service and honor the extended warranty for the ME41 issue if the customer meets the criteria above. A Work Order number will not be required on your Warranty Service Claim for Machine Error 41 that falls within the extended warranty period.

Please advise the customers that Brother strongly recommends the use of Genuine Brother replacement ink cartridges. Use or attempted use of potentially incompatible ink and/or cartridges may cause damage to the machine and/or may result in unsatisfactory print quality. Our warranty coverage does not apply to any problem that is caused by the use of unauthorized third party ink and/or cartridges. To protect your investment and obtain premium performance from the Brother product, Brother strongly recommends our customers use genuine Brother supplies.

I am a Brother dealer and can help with this repair. Call 563-332-2503
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The problem I have with taking my unit anywhere is that this is a replacement machine from Brother and it is quite obvious that when they replaced it they had already had many complaints about the error 41 issue. I should not have to drive 1 block or even be out any shipping costs since this problem was known to Brother. It is my strong belief that they were hoping this problem would go away and customers would not pursue it after their 1 yr warranty ran out. Well they are very wrong. I will fight them on this one. I will not be out one more dime unless it is to purchase a new MFC from a company that will stand behind their products. It sure will not be another Brother. Good luck and hope you get alot of repair orders from Brother which I am sure you will. - Anonymous
Dear Brad
I can read that you deal with the problems of Error 41 in Brother machines.

I had not believed all this untill today, two days before having to hand in my work for the end of the course assessment, two assignments and two write ups... my printer, an MFC 4820C bought not that long ago keeps telling me Error 41!! Am so upset!! I just want to cry!

What can i do? i need it immediately! i am going to have to go and print elsewhere with all its consequences.

Where and how do I get this sorted? I have seen a building which says Brother here in Brighton UK but I am not sure if they will deal with this? Could you help me?
- Anonymous
I can understand your frustration and I'm sure that you are not the only one. You can say what you will about Brother but they do seem to be stepping up to the plate now in extending the warranty period on this issue because they do recognize that it is a problem. They could have hidden behind the original warranty but thay are not. It took some time to make clear just how big this problem was and they needed to retool and plan a course of action to rectify it. I believe that they have chosen a fair resolution. They have definitely put their money where their mouth is and believe me it is costing them plenty. They are not only replacing the print head but all new ink cartridges as well plus a labor reimbursement. After seeing how they have handled this issue. I would buy nothing but Brother in the future.

For what it's worth, I didn't post this to gain business. I am plenty busy already. I am a service depot for several makes of printers, fax machines, MFC's and shredders. I merely posted this information to let those that may have given up hope in fixing this error that Brother has realized the issue is unacceptable and are doing everything they can to rectify it.

Thanks, and good luck,
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I am happy that Brother has stepped up to the plate and did something about these models. I have a 9200 MFC which has a bad printhead and it went out after the warranty expired. I asked Brother to do something. I suggested even giving me the printhead to install as I have the technical skill to do so or selling it to me at cost because of the inconvenience and I wuld install. I had taken the MFC to an authorized service center and found that the repair would be about $170. It's more economical to purchase another machine. I too swore by Brother. I have several products still in service including an old MFC purchased in 1995. I am disappointed. I got a canned letter stating the warranty is up. Too bad. I bought the 3820CN knowing it would probably be junk in a couple of years because its cost equalled the repair cost for the 9200c. Its inexpensively built and quality is not as good as 9200c. I also got a $14.00 warranty. I expect it to fail. Not good for Brother. Great machine with bad printhead. :( - Anonymous

I am happy that Brother has stepped up to the plate and did something about these models. I have a 9200 MFC which has a bad printhead and it went out after the warranty expired. I asked Brother to do something. I suggested even giving me the printhead to install as I have the technical skill to do so or selling it to me at cost because of the inconvenience and I would install. I had taken the MFC to an authorized service center and found that the repair would be about $170. It's more economical to purchase another machine. I too swore by Brother. I have several products still in service including an old MFC purchased in 1995. I am disappointed. I got a canned letter stating the warranty is up. Too bad. I bought the 3820CN knowing it would probably be junk in a couple of years because its cost equalled the repair cost for the 9200c. Its inexpensively built and quality is not as good as 9200c. I also got a $14.00 warranty. I expect it to fail. Not good for Brother. Great machine with bad printhead. :( - Anonymous
I have just bought a new Brother 5 in 1 printer from Office Max. Can you change the printer head or do I wait for the thing to give me the error 41 message?

What maching seems to be better on ink in the under 100.00 range. I will accept an older model. Can you help?

Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

J. Bradley Keefer - Anonymous
Brother has extended the warranty period for "Machine Error 41" to 24 months of proof of purchase or 30 months of serial number. Please call our toll free customer service support line at 1-800 284-4329 M-F to verify if your machine is within the warranty period. They will assist you on locating the nearest Authorized Service Center to have your machine repaired at no cost. Brother has corrected the "Machine Error 41" error condition. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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I, too, have been plagued with the Brother Error 41. Complained and got a refurbished unit...less than 1 year and the error returned! This is the first I have heard about the extended warranty. Brother wants US to be loyal to them, how about a little loyalty coming the consumer's way? Those of us who have registered our machines should have known about this as soon a it was available. My loyalty is with HP! - Anonymous
I have been plagued by this error for about 3 weeks now on my MFC4820C. I have been calling Brother and never receiving a person on the line. I have emailed Brother, guaranteed a response in 1 business day, and received NOTHING! This product was 1 year old last week! I registered it online when it was purchased, so they have it on record. I ordered a new printhead like someone suggested, but the instructions are lacking and I'm afraid to bust something. Does someone have access to the service manuals? I need to drain the ink/etc!
I've also contacted Brother about the extended warranty, I'll see what they say.
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Abbas, Try calling 1-800-276-7746 or 1800-284-4329. Be persistant. They are either giving a replacement machine or having you take the unit for repair. They will either replace it or have you take it to a repair center at their cost. - cpiggyc
In your posting, it appeared you had received a printhead from some place. Where did you get one. I have not been able to locate one, and Brother wants me to take my printer to a service center. The nearest center is two hrs away. I can repair it myself, if I could just get a printhead. Any help would be appreciated. I just today found out about the extended warranty. Not from Brother naturally, but from this board. Thanks. - Anonymous
Where did you get a hold of the new printhead? And how much was it? - kdrose
all you need to do to take the cartridge out is undo the 2 spring latches on either side of the printhead and lift it out. changing the head takes 1 minute tops! so much for their labor costs. just another example of technology ripping us off and not keeping things simple! - Anonymous
I purchased my MFC through Staples and also read in the warranty policy they can reimburse you for up to the market value of the product or one with similar features with a cash card.

I think if Brother knows about this issue, should automatically reimbursed the customer with this card, and give us the freedom of choosing another model or even another brand since they got us into this problem!

I am waiting for my REFURBISHED MFC and I knew before I read your messages that something like this will happend. We still have 9 months of our warranty left, that really makes me angry!

I am very dissapointed of Brother!
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This has been a problem with Brother printheads going way back. They are well aware of it as I understand. I now have TWO very expensive paperweights (yeah, I know, should'a learned the first time). Please visit Tom Martino's "troubleshooter.com" and make a complaint there as I did. He knows how to get things done.
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Same problem fount it's way to my MFC-3820CN a week ago. I then did a search online to see if anyone posted resolutions. So here I am.

I rang the 1-800 number someone listed above (thank you) on Tuesday and received a replacement today. It is a refurb as I was told. I am not too fussy about this as long as it works. But there was a bigger problem. As I was trying to plug in the network cable I couldn't - it was a wrong model they sent. Speaking of disappointment and frustration.

So I called Brother again and this time only too me 3 minutes to get to someone unlike 20+ minutes on Tuesday. The guy at the other end was polite and very apologetic. I was promised to receive another replacement.

Stay tuned...
by Daryl on Apr 8, 2005 at 2:29pm Add comment
I am still waiting for my replacement....

I had to call them back and I was transfered to a Supervisor or something. Since I work from home, my fax has been down for more than two weeks and that is not acceptable. I was told that if I wanted a cash card from staples it will take 2 more weeks to get it, but I'd rather wait for that and be able to buy other model or brand, that being stock with a useless machine.

Stay tune too... =o)
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Yep. I just went out and purchased a HP7310. That's what I wanted to begin with but it was too much money at that time. This is the 2nd brother I've had go out on me and with the same problem: bad print head. The other one I purchased over 4 years ago so you can't tell me they don't know they have a design problem.
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Let me know if the HP performs to your expectations. Somehow, I think it will have some defect that will tarnish it in your eyes. - symguy201
I procured my MFC 4420 C through Overstock.com. And almost six months to the day of purchase, ERROR 41 showed up. Am I out of luck or will brother fix this?
by unknown on Apr 15, 2005 at 10:41pm Add comment
In RE: OP. You are not out of luck. Brother is replacing or repairing the machines with the Error 41. Call them at 1-800-276-7746 or1-800-284-4329. If they give you any problems let me know and I will direct you to another solution to deal with them.
by cpiggyc on Apr 16, 2005 at 8:13am Add comment
I have a brother MFC-5100C, so whenever I'm trying to print or do copies it started showing me message 41. what does that mean? whenever I turn the printer off and turn it back on it works for a couple minutes and then gives me error 41. what should I do? please reply if u know how I can fix it.

Thank You!

Olesya - unknown
Last Sunday my MFC 590 which I purchased in February 2004 finally succumbed to error 41 which it had been threatening to do for about a week.

Having read these pages, I was about to throw it in the bin but then on Monday I decided to ring Brother. What a surprise! After giving my serial number I was told that the fault was not my problem and that a new printhead was available.

The next day, an engineer called and fixed my machine FREE OF CHARGE. Good for Brother
by graham on Apr 23, 2005 at 4:40am Add comment

I'm not sure there are many of us who would be so quick to give Brother a pat on the back after they've slapped us in the face! This is obviously a problem that goes so far back that they should have had it rectified long before your printer was even manufactured. - Anonymous
I finally got the cash card from staples! I bought an HP2610 and so far so good.

I will definitely not buy a Brother EVER AGAIN!

Good luck to you all.
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My MFC 3220C is still in one year warranty. Few days ago, it showed error 41 and I called Brother customer center. They gave me a local store for free printing head replacement. I left my dead machine there and they call me back today.

They said: I don't need to pay the printing head but I have to pay the inks because I didn't use BROTHER ORIGINAL. If I didn't buy BROTHER ORIGINAL inks, then I have to pay the printing head. Does it make sense?

This machine drinks ink just like water. I'm still thinking the error 41 will happen again even I pay the ORIGINAL INKS?

If it is recall problem, they should fix my machine no matter what inks I use.

I have one old Epson printer (5yrs). No matter what inks I use, never has problem.

by supharve on May 5, 2005 at 2:41am Add comment

If you read the manual of any printer. If you don't use the recommended ink, you are out of warranty. And will not be covered. This goes for any products. I.e. Cars...

Just my two cents.
by Anonymous on May 8, 2005 at 11:16am Add comment
For USA customers Brother has extended the warranty period for "Machine Error 41" to 24 months of proof of purchase or 30 months of serial number. Please call our toll free customer service support line at 1-800 284-4329 M-F to verify if your machine is within the warranty period. They will assist you on locating the nearest Authorized Service Center. If your product is within the extended warranty period, Brother will cover the repair cost to have your Print Head replaced. Brother has corrected the "Machine Error 41" error condition. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Brother International USA
by Brother on May 9, 2005 at 2:20pm Add comment
What if we are Canadian residence will it still apply? I have just purchased this machine from overstock and after 1 week I am receiving the error 41 and found this forum and have been reading. I think I've made a huge mistake going from Lexmark to Brother.

Please let me know if Brother will step up for their Canadian consumers as well.


- S01itiare
dear brother,

Is your extended waranty for error 41 apply to MFC-210C which I purchased in Indonesia, 18months ago?
Where should I send it in?
I have sent it to brother indonesia (PT Ometraco) and they demanded me to pay for $79 for print head replacement (not sure if labor cost included or not).

Thanks for your info.

Rifin - Anonymous
Brother should recall all printers with this problem. WE the customers shouldn't go through the hassle of calling up to 6 different people on your "customer service" number, because of a problem Brother didn't fix on time to sell the product. PLUS, get refurbished equipment with no warranty? that is very dumb...
by Anonymous on May 10, 2005 at 8:27pm Add comment
OK...so I finally took 30 more minutes out of my life I'll never get back and argued with customer "service" at Brother. The end result? They ARE replacing the print head and picking up the tab for parts and labor. Anyone out there want to buy a MFC5100C with a newly replaced print head? I'm done...we only have so many heartbeats in life...I'm not wasting any more on Brother!
by unknown on May 11, 2005 at 8:10am Add comment
I'm sorry for being so dumb but if I use non-Brother ink carts and my MFC-3820CN goes "MACHINE ERROR 41," am I pretty much scrood? Parts, anyone?
by unknown on May 15, 2005 at 6:30pm Add comment
Is not using the orignal ink the problem, or just maketing by Brother to scare you into buying them.
by unknown on May 17, 2005 at 12:59pm Add comment
I bought a MFC3420C in December of 03. The error started in on feb 05. Out of warranty but will replace head if I would spend $50.00 in shipping charges.

I called the company and was lied to three times. They first said they would send box out so I could send the machine in. Then they said they had no boxes and that they would take my charge card number, charge me one dollar, send me a refurb, and when I sent my old one in they would credit back one dollar. After each time (which took about 2 weeks with no product), I called again and was told they would send me a refurb. Four days later, supervisor calls to tell me my unit is out of warranty and they cannot send me a refurb.

Don't buy Brother products

by keefy on May 18, 2005 at 2:05pm Add comment
This error 41 is happening to the latest generation of MFC's brother has put out as well. It is happening to machines that have only had original ink through the print head as well as non original product. In some cases it has happened to machines where there is only at that stage original product available for use in them. To my knowledge no printer company can refuse to honour your warranty simply because you have not used their product, they must prove that is what caused the problem. With so many machines failing when original ink only is used it is obviously a fault with the print head!!!! Not an ink problem. Telling people it is the non original product is a scare tactic. They sell the machines cheap and then make their money on the consumables.
Stick to your guns and demand that they fix the problem.
by LeamTeam on May 19, 2005 at 6:25pm Add comment
I just experienced a ME 41 problem on my mfc3320cn fax machine. In accordance with instructions I called cutomer service and was told that since the machine was within warranty I should bring it to the nearest repair center where they would replace the print head. Since I had not been using Brother ink cartridges I was told the print head would not be replaced unless they installed Brother ink cartridges at $58 a pop. I agreed because the repair center told me that any other ink would damage the print and that continuing to use them would void the warranty. Out of curiosity I checked the net to see if any else had this problem with their Brother fax. To my surprise I learned that I was far from the only one affected with what was, obviously, a defective print head design. Not only that but frequent failures were experienced by owners using Bother's ink exclusively. Which leads me to believe that the ink has nothing to do with it and that I was deliberately intimidated to force me to pay for Brother's ink. Talk about ripoffs. Like others who have described their experiences I have been thoroughly disillusiond with Brother and will take my business elsewhere. - Anonymous
I am having error 41 problems.
( I was told after already having problems that cos we used other inks it caused the damage)
and that seems bullocks.
so I will hassle brother for replacement as is outta warranty but not real old.
and inks went thru very very quickly so will not buy again.

can anyone recommend a good ok printer?
- Anonymous
I have the same error 41 with my mfc5200c. With this error, I can't use the MFC at all (no sending fax or scanning)!! (and I just spent $60 on ink) This group has helped me to see the error of Brother's way! Brother has turned out to be a black sheep, a very bad Brother! One piece of info; the S/N is located under the output paper tray on the mfc5200c. Brother will want it when you call for their "support". Their design on this and similar models, not only bring in ink income, but also print head income. After 2 years of ownership, it has become too costly to maintain. An investment in a new machine, with a more affordable maintenance regiment, is the proper and wise solution.

Today, I finally got Brother to issue a work order to a local shop and will be getting mine repair in a few days. After the repair, I'll sell it (I'll inform the potential buyer of the weaknesses of this product) or donate it. (Chalk it up to lessons learned! Sunk cost!).

Stay away from Brother products!!! This printer should have been recalled!!! The print head design and the self-cleaning (ink jettisoning) software/firmware design should have been tossed out. Also, the lockout on error 41 is a self-deprecating malfunction error code. It’s a poor (3rd world, idiotic, moronic, amateurish, and childish) design concept. (Yes, I’m an engineer in this field.)

Stay away from Brother products!!!

For the above reasons, everyone should be aware of Brother products!!!

Beware of Brother products!!!
Beware of Brother products!!!

Beware of Brother products!!!
Beware of Brother products!!!

by unknown on May 25, 2005 at 10:32am Add comment
Well, thanks so much for the information here. I was very informed when I called Brother this morning. I let them know that I knew they were replacing machines with this problem (I bought mine in June 04). So, according to them, a refurbished machine will be sent out overnight if they don't have a new one. However, they tell me the warranty will take up where this one leaves off and that they won't send a machine with problems. I told them that THIS one didn't have problems when I bought it...what about down the road? I guess I'll worry about that then since I'm getting another one now. I hope that's also been the cause of my declining print quality. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.
by Purple on May 26, 2005 at 8:21am Add comment
I manage a small computer company.

We sold brother products for around 2 years to mainly small businesses in our area. EVERY brother printer that we have sold has come back with problems, including an error 41 on an MFC that just came in today. We no longer will deal with brother and warn customers about brother products.

Printers are a ripoff, no matter what brand you choose, but in my experience HP Laser printers and Canon Inkjet's seem to offer the best value for the money.
by rob123 on May 26, 2005 at 8:30am Add comment
Hi all,

Thanks for all the info here. I would like to share my experience. I bought my Brother 1800C about 18 months ago. I thought I was out of luck since it was already over one year. After reading this email thread, I called 1-800-284-4329 and got someone ansered my call pretty quick. I gave him the SN and I was told that it was still covered. He produced a work order for me and told me to go to the local service shop to get it fixed. So my experience was not bad at all. Of course I have to deal with the out of service time and inconvience.

by unknown on May 27, 2005 at 4:10pm Add comment
My turn to get error 41. Unit is out of even extended warranty. I don't think I have had 3 color FAXes and maybe 2 dozen b/w faxes. It does a good job of making inferior b/w copies. The second CS person I spoke with asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I asked if I could leave my cell phone number with her and if i ever approached another Brother product in a store if she would give me a call and yell HEY JEFF PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND DONT BUY ANOTHER BROTHER PRODUCT. She was 20 and had a good laugh with me.

Said she gets about 10 calls a day on error 41. Not bad, guess that's only one pissed customer an hour. Anyone remember the photocopy (or was it FAX) machine episode in the field in the movie OFFICE SPACE? My turn. Mossberg 12 gauge at 5 feet.

I was amazed to find this web page and all the complaints.
by unknown on May 31, 2005 at 5:35pm Add comment
You found one of the shorter 41 error threads. There's another one with about 300 posts. In Brother's defense, they do make good labelers and good sewing machines. Big mistake they made was when they decided to stop relabeling Canon engines and make their own printers. Their first forays into printers were built around the reliable Canon toner cartridges.
by moe on May 31, 2005 at 6:25pm Add comment
Whats the other thread for me to see? - kdrose
BTW since my posting yesterday, I checked eBay for these, I saw in closed sales that one sold for 1 cent + about $15 shipping.

To quote Eric Idle from a Monty Python sketch "Say no more, say no more."
by unknown on Jun 1, 2005 at 12:37pm Add comment
I have the worst printer I could ever buy, I know that wasn't very smart from me, was it? I thought I was saving some little money.
I have to change the cartridges like every 2 months, even when I don't print anything, and the worse part is that even if just one cartridge is empty, it won't print at all!!!.
Anyway, now I have a "41 error, please call Brother", thank you very much, that's very informative.
by Anonymous on Jun 22, 2005 at 6:50am Add comment
For USA customers Brother has extended the warranty period for "Machine Error 41" to 24 months of proof of purchase or 30 months of serial number. Please call our toll free customer service support line at 1-800 284-4329 M-F to verify if your machine is within the warranty period. They will assist you on locating the nearest Authorized Service Center. If your product is within the extended warranty period, Brother will cover the repair cost to have your Print Head replaced. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Brother International USA
by Brother on Jul 12, 2005 at 1:46pm Add comment
Hello Brother,

I sent you an email about the Error 41 I received today...

I hope you can help me... I loved the machine till I got this error...

by unknown on Jul 12, 2005 at 2:48pm Add comment
I sold different brother mfc to clients
they all have that same problem

mfc 580 mfc 850 mfc 4820c mfc 590 mfc 3820 c mfc 3840 cn

each and everyone of them went error 41

they gave me 6 months extra waranty for that error ...

but it takes them 4 weeks to get new printheads and they charge new cartridges every time (even if still full)

this means just one thing

don't buy brother !!!
by unknown on Jul 15, 2005 at 12:43am Add comment
hi i'm informatic and i have several problems with brother machines. I've one error which i can't delete.
the error is 41 and the machine on the lcd explains: call the distribuitor. And I want to take off this error. thanks for all. - Anonymous
Well... No reply from brother on a problem that clearly should be recalled...

I weighed the options and concluded that my Brother MFC just wasn't worth throwing good money after bad...

I received No Reply from the Brother Rep that posted here... I guess he is just trying to save face with open empty arms... Should not of posted,that would of been better PR...

I used my money to buy a Hp All in one and I now see the Brother for the peice of junk that it is... The Brother had what I thought was good color and resolution until I made copies with my new Hp and compared them,,,Wow,what a difference...

Error 41 has to stop for Brother to even come close to winning over a wise consumer... Bad Bad Bad!!!

George N Kmit
[email protected]
by unknown on Jul 16, 2005 at 12:16pm Add comment

Read what I just posted. It depends how old your machine is but my bet is you'll be covered for a no charge repair.

Little Brother - WhistleBlower
Bravo on your post. I have a MFC3820CN with a 41 error I called this number 800 284 4329 and got a technician from India ( I think) and after giving him the serial number he directed me to a service center about 45 miles away and issued a work order number to have the machine fixed for free. I just got off the phone with him and dont know if there are any strings attached but I will take it in within a couple of days and report back. - Anonymous
Hey there all you poor people who are suffering the dreaded error 41!

I work for Brother customer service (although not for much longer!) and I want to help all you guys who are being screwed by Brother's cheapness in not developing a decent printhead in the first place. To be honest I think with all the warranty replacements and repairs it has cost them much more than the development costs! Anyway, here's the inside deal. I know "Big Brother" checks this forum and I don't care. You guys know you're in the wrong and you should be ashamed of the way you are treating your customers.

Ok. As I'm sure you're all aware error 41 is a problem that affects a LOT of Brother inkjet printers. It basically means the printhead is screwed and needs replacing. Despite what they say (and what they tell us to tell you guys!) it is a huge problem, and they know this. The good news is they have extended the warranty on it to 24 months by purchase date or to 30 months by your serial number. Additionally if you have had any warranty repair or exchanging for whatever issue you have another 6 months extension on the warranty coverage. My personal opinion is that this is not good enough. They know it is a problem and should cover anyone who has this problem, no matter the age of the machine. If your machine is out of warranty it's gonna cost you about $30 for the printhead and $80 for the repair... Brother should pay this but of course they don't. However, if you kick up a fuss and ask to speak to a supervisor. They will not cover your repair BUT they will send you out the equivalent in ink!!! Better than nothing but not good enough in my opinion. They screw up... they should fix it.

Some more advice to anyone who has one of these machines and hasn't had the error yet. Call in and pretend you do. They don't ask any questions... they'll set you up for a no charge repair straight away. Get yourself their new printhead put in. I actually think the new ones they've designed are a lot more reliable and you might as well cover yourself because I'd estimate about 50\% of the units suffer this problem.

A couple more things. This problem is still there in their newer units - it just comes up under a different name!! If you get "unable to print" on a 420CN, 210C, 5440CN, 620CN it's the same crap again!

And I love their little money spinner on the color ink cartridges. If any of them are empty, you can't print out in black... even if you never use color. This of course is for your own protection because "it can damage your printhead trying to print without all the cartridges in there"! Whatever!! To be fair they need to make their money somewhere and the machines come pretty cheap to buy but still. Who really actually has a need for a color fax machine?!

If any of you Brother execs are reading this, please take some advice. Look after your customers... especially when you know that the fault is yours. OK, it may cost you to fix their problem but believe me if you take care of your customers they are going to come back and use you in the future. I know you have pressure from shareholders to make short-term profits but if you keep a customer happy they will come back and HAPPILY spend a lot more money on your products in the future. Surely you can see the business sense in this?! You are nothing without your customers. They will switch to other brands out of principle. I am not proud to work for your company, mainly due to the way you have treated customers with this problem.

To all you consumers. I hope I have been of help and if you have any questions I'll do my best to try and answer them. If I could ask you guys one thing, I know Brother have p***ed you off but please don't take your anger out on us poor people on the phones. They pay us way too little and work us way too hard to be a sounding board for your frustrations. To be fair, the Brother machines aren't bad at all... but they really should take responsibility for their errors... well to be more precise their error 41s! Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, as long as they do their best to fix them!

Happy printing
by WhistleBlower on Jul 16, 2005 at 2:23pm Add comment
Thanks Little Brother but I have a receipt that dates 2/18/2003 and a serial# that dates my printer 10/02/2002...

The reason I did not receive the error 41 sooner is probably due to the fact that I rarely used it...

I appreciate you forthright honesty... I know you have to make a living ,but you need to leave this company,if only to sleep better to night...

by sLO on Jul 16, 2005 at 7:31pm Add comment
I got Machine error 41 a couple of days ago. I purchased my MFC5100C on 2/9/03, according to my registration sheet, so I‘m SOL. I can’t find my receipt but I believe I spent about $300, thinking that I was getting a top of the line machine. I’ve had problems with print quality from day one. I always used Brother Ink cartridges, but I found myself cleaning them on a regular basis, something several times in a row, attempting to improve the print. This machine is definitely not worthy of throwing more money at. Brother has lost yet another customer. Sad situation.
by unknown on Jul 16, 2005 at 10:08pm Add comment
Hi Linda,

I'm pretty sure you'd be covered if you're in Canada. I know they cover France and UK so I think same applies to you Mounties!!

Call customer service 1-866-685-3050 8am-8pm EST

by WhistleBlower on Jul 23, 2005 at 12:02pm Add comment
Hey whistleblower, I spoke with customer service today, told them how unhappy I was and how this machine was a piece of JUNK, but also explained that I was not angry at them, that I knew they had no control over it. I did get the number and name for the complaint office from them. - Anonymous
I have the MFC-3820-cn and this is the third time it has torn up with the error 41. The first 2 times they sent a replacement and said the problem was fixed, wouldn't happen again. This time I have to take it to one of their repair shops, which is not near me. Each time, have to do without printer and fax till replaced. If it happens again after this, it won't be covered under any warranty. I have e-mailed them and have a call into the coorporate office to Jim 1-908-704-1700 #3327(sorry,don't have last name) He did return my call, but I was out, waiting for him to return it again. I sugest that EVERYONE call him and complain. I am asking for either a different model or to be reinbursed so that I may buy another machine. Am also going to file with BBB if I don't get results from Jim. PLEASE, EVERYONE CALL, THIS MIGHT HELP.
by Anonymous on Jul 26, 2005 at 3:30pm Add comment
I bought a Brother 4820c a year ago July 21st. I go south for the
winter so the printer sits from Nov to April. I don't really
print all that much. The other day I got the dreaded error
41 and found this web site. I called Brother about it and
was told I'd have to ship the printer to a place 135 miles
away at my expense. I figure it would cost me $30 to ship it
both ways. I called the repair shop and they told me it would be a couple of days until they got the paper work from Brother
and that they would call me. It's been over a week now and I
haven't heard from them. After reading on this forum about
the way Brother is handling this, I ordered a replacement
printhead from inkcessories.com. I've already got the part
from them and fixed the printer. I don't know how long it
will last, but it cost me the same as I would have had in their
shipping charges and probably new ink cartridges. You can
rest assured this will be my last Brother product!!!
by unknown on Jul 26, 2005 at 3:39pm Add comment
Thanks for this thread! My MFC4420C hit me with a #41 today. Called in and got a cheerful response, directing me to nearby free repair. The music-on-hold, however, nearly did me in!
by unknown on Jul 27, 2005 at 8:59pm Add comment
We are a company based in Venezuela and our 1800C came up with this error last week.

After reading complain history regarding this error we wonder what we can do to get a strait efficient answer from brother since in our country they work through a representative.

We guess our situation is worst and can't imagine how many people outside the US & Canada might have this problem and are not able to get a solution for their problem !

Company's products, services and customers satisfaction policies are a reflect of their people ... We feel very sorry for all the people who work for brother worldwide !

What a poor little big company brother is !!!
by unknown on Jul 29, 2005 at 6:09am Add comment
Call 1-908-704-1700 ext 3327 Jim. If enough people call, we might get some results.
by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2005 at 5:34pm Add comment
By results, I mean a refund or replacement with a different model. Not to just continute to repair the unit until it goes out of warranty, then we are left with a useless machine.
by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2005 at 5:37pm Add comment
I had this error for a while since my warrenty expired i dont care. BUT i found that i could get past the error. All i did was unplug the machine send something to print and plug the machine back in and now it works fine whats up with that? Another thing that is stupid u cant use the scanner when you have machine error 41 print head what does that have to do with a scanner?

My printer is a mfc-3420c
by Anonymous on Aug 3, 2005 at 1:10pm Add comment

I hate brother printers, switch to HP!
by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2005 at 6:50pm Add comment
You are not the only one,i have bought a dpc117c bother....sorry brother,cant even load the damn thing,will not load drivers. regards;dave...united kingdom - Anonymous
I have some tips for all the Brother Users out there.

Always saying "(blank) out of Ink, Please replace" or a similar message?

Put Black electrical tape over top of the front of the cartidge, and press yes that you did replace it, your printer/MFC will work again.

Machine error 41? Unplug your machine and call brother. (hahah)

by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2005 at 6:53pm Add comment

Sounds to me like they planned for it to happen eh?
by unknown on Aug 4, 2005 at 6:58pm Add comment

Sounds to me like they planned for it to happen eh?
by unknown on Aug 4, 2005 at 7:01pm Add comment
I have some tips for all the Brother Users out there.

Always saying "(blank) out of Ink, Please replace" or a similar message?

Put Black electrical tape over top of the front of the cartidge, and press yes that you did replace it, your printer/MFC will work again.

Machine error 41? Unplug your machine and call brother. (hahah)

by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2005 at 7:04pm Add comment
The Black Tape fix works for me!! I still am getting the "41" error, but I bought a little time to go out and buy an HP!!! - Anonymous
I have put in three different yellow/red cartridges. I can see the ink and it still tells me it is out. Where exactly do you put the tape? Thanks for any help. - Anonymous
The garbageman just picked up my Brother MFC5100C... I could of bought a new print head for $29+$7 shipping and fixed the all in one to sell it,But that would of put me at the same low level as Brother... I could not sell it knowing that the buyer could go to print something and get the well known ERROR41...

I really felt happy when I saw the garbageman pick it up and throw it in his truck "closure"... I don't like the fact that we are paying hundreds of dollars to fill up our landfills with Brother garbage...

On a happy note I love my new HP... HP just outdid their projected sales for the year,I wonder why??? Brother could only wish to do something like that...

I made it my mission to inform as many people as I can about Brother... I hope everyone here makes it their mission too...

George N Kmit
by unknown on Aug 18, 2005 at 6:29am Add comment
Where did you find the new printhead for the 5100C for $29+7? My first 5100C gave out at 11 1/2 months and Brother sent me another referbished unit. It gave out at 13 months and when I went to the repair shop they said it was out of warranty and that it would cost $170 to fix it. I have taken the print head out and soaked and sprayed it and managed to get it working for a few times but then ERROR41 returned. It has been sitting in a store room since. Might be worth $30+ to replace the printhead and use the crappy unit at home where there is low volume printing at least until I can use up all the new ink I bought. I would appreciate the information. Bought a Lexmark 7170 for the office and so far it is working super. Too bad but I lost all confidence in Brother. - Anonymous
This is the 2nd Brother MFC I purchased. I hoped the problems of the 1st, a 7050C, were solved (high ink cost/ low availability, failure to feed/fuction, finally- zero drivers for XP!). The 4820C was not a low-end machine & had all the features I needed. I had shopped around and found that they were out of stock at many places beginning in 2004. The 4820C appeared to be a nice package. I hoped Big Bro. should have learned from their mistakes.

The speaker phone only works intermittently if at all and messages don't always erase, and now I see I was lucky in that mine has lasted this long before I got the infamous "ERROR 41" message.

I called Brother and the rep issued a repair order to a local authorized servicer and asked if the warranty would reset. They said no. So I expect this problem to return. I don't have time to do this yet again. I will have it repaired and get rid of it, then never again.
I am looking at HP or any other make for MY SOHO use from now on.

Adios Brother, 2nd time SHAME on me.
by Anonymous on Aug 22, 2005 at 5:36pm Add comment
I returned my 4820C to the authorized dealer (close by) per Brother instructions, after they called and said Brother had sent them a warranty authorization.
When I walked in I asked if I could trade-in the 4820C for something else. They said I should try my new print head out that it was a better print head and the problem should not return.
The printer was fixed in about 3 hours and new ink was installed.
He lectured me on aftermarket ink, that some was "no good".
I asked him if any was good aftermarket ink and he said use only Brother ink, or you 'don't know what you will get'. - Anonymous
I got mine for about that at inkcessories.com I fixed the error
41 but now I can't bet the ink to feed on my 4820c. Did this
Jim at Brother give any answer as to what they can do about all
these printers? I think I know the answer.
by Anonymous on Aug 22, 2005 at 5:59pm Add comment
Verdict: Brother honorable, Auth'd repair center crooks!!!
Don't let em charge you for error 41 no matter what.

I bought a brother MFC5240c in 2/04 and in 8 months it started complaining about the ink cortridges being empty which they were not. I admittedly dont use that printer much and had probably printer about 50 pages by then. I called brother and they said the ink was too dry and that I had to by new ink carts. I got some off the internet from a large seemingly respectable distributer and didn't think anything of it. I was off printing for 8 more months. I then got error 41 in august 05. "Immediately unplug the printer and call brother" the display says! as if there is a potential fire hazard or something. I called brother and, after establishing the vintage via serial number and purchase date, they sent a repair authorization on my out-of-warranty 3240c to their closest authd repair center. hmmmm! This was my first clue that this was a known issue.

However, when I took it to the authorized repair center,....Robert Earl DeBarth in Lansdale Pa... after the repair had been called in to them by brother under warranty on my 1 year 6 month old unit MFC3240c, the repair place made me sign a page and leave a credit card swipe authorizing them to charge me a $45 bench fee for the estimate of repairs "just incase brother didn't honor the repair cost" which they had already authorized. I felt that there should be no chance of that.

Two days afterward, I recieved an ivoice/estimate from them saying that because they found non brother ink in this printer, they charged my card the $45 bench fee and required another $80, to fix the printer, thats $125 to fix a $145 printer that I had printed about 100 pages from all tolled in 18 months. Basically they charged me $45 to lift the cover of my printer and pop a cartridge out, because lets face it, they know what error 41 is at this point. Crooks!!!! I argued with the guy because I knew that ink cartridges didn't cause the "print logic and communication" error that he wrote up on the invoice. I said "Im a tech/engineer for 27 years. Are you telling me that ink caused error 41"? "Well sir, uh you know you can't tell what unauthorized ink might uh, affact uh," [email protected]#$.

I called brother and told them this and they caller Robert Earl DeBarth back up and told him to fix the [email protected]#$$#\%^ printer. THANK YOU BROTHER. They told me it is not their intention to deny any Error 41 repair due to ink of any kind, however repairs DIRECTLY caused by unauthorized ink use would still not be covered. Fair enough. I explained the bench fee and my conversation with Earl DeBarth and she agreed that his policy and attempt to charge me for a warranty repair was unethical and not brother policy. She lead me top belaive that she was "making note of Earls practices for review". I have to see whether Earl fixes it or breaks it worse and if Error 41 comes to visit again in a year. film at 11.

Don't pay for ERROR 41 Brother will fix it!

by unknown on Aug 23, 2005 at 8:51am Add comment
1-800 284-4329 Brother quoted me that price...

by Anonymous on Aug 24, 2005 at 8:07pm Add comment
You got a better response than I got. I called them over a
month ago about getting my 4820c fixed. They gave me a place
to send it to. I called them and they told me they would
let me know when the print head was in. I've heard nothing
more from them.
by rfander on Aug 26, 2005 at 10:41am Add comment
My Brother MFC 3100C just started generating the Error 41 message this week. I called Brother and was amazed at how quickly they diagnosed the problem. The customer service representative told me that I needed a new printer head. She gave me the name of a local service center and told me the new printer head would cost $29.95 plus labor.

This is obviously a design problem with Brother printers. I feel that Brother should be fixing this problem free of charge.

Signed: Another dissatified Brother customer.


by unknown on Aug 28, 2005 at 7:23am Add comment
I , too have fallen victim to Brother. Unfortunately for me I purchased this printer when it was first manufactured so there were no bad reviews about it yet. I wish that I could have prevented others form wasting their time and money, but I was unaware that so many others had this problem until a few weeks ago. I am on my third machine as Brother and Staples have each exchanged it once. At this point, even if a Brother representative hand-delivered me another one I would not take it. This machine is a piece of junk and I wish I never bought it.
by Simone M. on Aug 28, 2005 at 1:22pm Add comment
Just wanted to add that I have had two Brother machines that ended up as Dumpster Food! Who has the time and energy to keep making trips to the service center? Brother should just send the part, and allow the savy user the choice of changing it themselves. I tip my hat to the countless folks here that stepped up to the plate and voiced an opinion.
by unknown on Aug 31, 2005 at 5:13am Add comment
What a mess! I am a recent victim of error 41. I have a 3820CN. I read the complaints and suggestions on this site and gave them a call today. At first I was told I had to bring it in to the service location. I explained that the nearest service was over 100 miles away and I couldn't just "bring it in!" Well the customer service person told me that it was the "customer's responsiblity to get it in." Are you kidding me??? A machine under warrenty and it is MY responsibility to get it in? Well, needless to say, I wasn't going for that so they went for the old stand by of sending me a replacement for a credit card swap! I hope this is all on the up and up.
by unknown on Aug 31, 2005 at 4:52pm Add comment
Yestarday 09/07/05, My Brother printer indicated me that the machine had an error 41. I did not know what this was and before calling customer services I decided to find out what this was. I have read all the complaints and I am now scare I will go through the same nightmare all of you have been through. I will call the customer services today. I hope they can give me some reasonable solution. If somebody has any recommendation please let me know. Thanks
by unknown on Sep 8, 2005 at 8:53am Add comment
I'm on my third bad MFC5100c. It really never got that much use each time. Have they actually replaced/redesigned these heads or not? I'd rather get a credit to buy a different unit.

Let's see what happens now.

by Anonymous on Sep 8, 2005 at 1:00pm Add comment
by unknown on Sep 9, 2005 at 3:26am Add comment
This is not happening with thier Laser Models
by Anonymous on Sep 12, 2005 at 9:25am Add comment
OH... Jesus Christ!!
I've just trashed a defectuous HP-5110 and bought recently a brother MFC-210c !!!
OH NO!!! Will I also have that crap error? I'm still on time to change it where I bought it.

What do you recomend me? I'm FED UP of trash printers!!
by Reboot on Sep 12, 2005 at 10:35am Add comment
Return it as soon as you can!!!

Geo... - sLO
I've written to the brother customer service here in Spain and they told me that the head problem could be due to unstability of the current voltage, and that it could be avoided pugging the printer to an UPS. But nevertheless if it fails, I just write them for it to be replaced.

I'll give a try, I'm fed up of these trash printers. Let's see how long it lasts. I hope it will last more than the 14-months HP officejet 5110.
by Reboot on Sep 16, 2005 at 9:21pm Add comment
To: Yasper

Take flying leap :)

by unknown on Sep 18, 2005 at 12:36pm Add comment
I am from Russia. My MFC-5100 is dead with error 41! I think Brother company must to close your factory and go to plant potatoes! I have printer OKIPAGE 4W+ build of 1998 - he work without problems! MFC work of 18 months - is alright?
by unknown on Sep 18, 2005 at 4:16pm Add comment
Brother is meal of gulag!
They should be sent to Kolymá. They'd probably do better job than designing printer heads.
by Reboot on Sep 21, 2005 at 8:57am Add comment
Anyone know how to replace the printhead of MFC-3220c. I've just got a new one from Brother's local service center.
I wanna get out of the Error 41 problem soon, so please help!
by unknown on Sep 21, 2005 at 11:33am Add comment
Help? Anyone who knows how to replace the print head on an MFC5100C can do us a great favor by passing along any hints. We can't afford to take it to a repair shop (they want $125)! Many thanks in advance for your time.



- jonnny3
I had an error 41, after owning the piece of crap MFC 3220C for nine months. They sent me a refrubished one. Ive had it for 12 months, no it wont print in yellow anymore. They told me o take it to a service center and Ill have to pay for it. After talking to a supervisor he told me they'd pick up the parts but Id have to pay for the labor (the most expensive part.) I asked if he could just send out another refurbished one to keep a happy cutomer who just bought a box full of ink. He said "No" again, because I was out of warranty. I asked if they knew that they had a problem why not try to keep someone happy ?? He had no response. Im gonna use up as much ink as I can, smash the printer up and send it to BROTHER, I could care less how much it costs me. Ill smash it into tiny pieces so it falls all over the floor.

by unknown on Sep 26, 2005 at 9:45am Add comment
My brother MFC 3820-CN has had problems with it saying to refill before when it was new ink, but I don't think I got error 41.
I am having problems with it printing horizontal lines through large images about every 1/4 inch. We tried cleaning, tried buying new ink, tried cleaning again, tried reinstalling drivers, cleaning the heads I believe, everything.. anyone have any advice?
by unknown on Sep 29, 2005 at 2:23pm Add comment
Probably bad print heads. They need to be replaced by a professional. Call Brother. - Anonymous

I think Brother Co. is doing a commendable job for the amount of troubles they're experiencing with these error 41 problems. In most companies, the overseas headquarters (usually in Japan)have engineers that design stuff and make the fixes for the problems. The USA company, such as Brother, HP, Canon etc is just a large US distributor of the products and just report back to the Engineering group overseas about the problems and demand fixes for them. They take all the phone calls and create the reports and do all kinds of billing etc. It is obvious that they are trying to resolve the problem and give extended warranties, free inks and other accomadations. I think the employees at Brother (and other companies having big problems)are just as frustrated with persistent problems such as error 41 and really want it resolved like us customers do. As long as they take action to accomodate the customer in some way within the extended warranty period, it doesn't make any sense to threaten law suits and calling the BBB. The BBB simply checks to see if the company is taking action to accomodate customers in some way and Brother is doing that. I checked their BBB record last week and they got a clean record. We should just be happy that our inexpensive machines (which is what us consumers in general really want) have lasted a year or two and have been warrantied for such a long time. If we bought more expensive machines, they would be made better; cheaper machines are always coming out due to competition and consumer demand and we all need to understand that cheaper machines will be made with cheaper parts. Buy a cheap car like a Hyundai or Kia (their cheap models) and it will most likely be in the shop a lot more often than a more expensive vehicle.
by TheFixItGuy on Oct 3, 2005 at 8:09am Add comment
Do you work for brother or what? I don't think they are doing enough, being I've worked in tech support before. Yes, it's a cheaper machine, but we work hard for our money and expect to get some sort of machine that will last a decent amount of time or at the least to get some kind of help with it when it doesn't.
by unknown on Oct 3, 2005 at 9:36am Add comment
If they don't make good printers it'd be better for them not to sell them !!!

If I buy a cheap car maybe I'm omiting some luxuries or extras, like the GPS, the AC or other things, but if I were to omit some security issue, libe ABS someone would tell me.
Brother didn't, nor HP when I bought an OfficeJet 5110. I thought I was omiting luxuries, not reliability in the head printer!! It's like buying a car with defective cylinders!!

So WTF!? Frustrated? Do you think I'm happy? And my brother hasn't even failed, but I'm waiting for my own-personalized error 41 to come.

I AM the ONE that's frustrated.

Think about that.
by Reboot on Oct 3, 2005 at 1:52pm Add comment
Can anyone tell me how to fix error 41? I just got that printer and now it's doing the error thing.
Help, I'm at a loss.
by Rosigrot on Oct 4, 2005 at 1:29pm Add comment
Geez, only 2 or 3 thousand people have had a 41 error on this forum including 100 on this thread alone and you post this? Is it that much trouble to read the thread or do a forum search? - moe
Has anyone had their Brother printer replaced? and not fixed?

Please share
by unknown on Oct 5, 2005 at 12:32am Add comment
Error 41 needs to have the print heads replaced. First time Brother told me to go to a repair shop and then called back to say I needed to exchange it by mail for a referb model. Second time, I had to bring it in. I asked if they would replace it, but the lady said that they don't do excanges for error 41 and it was weird that I sent it by mail the first time. So I brought it to a shop who replaced the print heads for free. (I kept the old print heads:)
by Anonymous on Oct 5, 2005 at 1:38pm Add comment
Reboot - I totally agree.
by unknown on Oct 5, 2005 at 2:00pm Add comment
I had a similiar problem. Error 41, replaced several (3 times), acted as if I messed up the machine. Now - I get to take it to a shop to have it fixed. The shop if nearly a hour away. 41 miles 1-way. Then I'll have to go back to pick it up. I will not ever buy another Brother machine. The service SUCKS!
by unknown on Oct 11, 2005 at 6:27am Add comment
Error 41-As with nf10-89, I too was informed to take my machine to a repair shop to have repairs made, my machine was replaced once with the same problem. The nearest repair shop that brother would cover the costs, as the machine is only 13 months old, is just over 100 miles from my house. With the driving time being a couple of hours and the price of fuel I can replace the machine cheaper! I understand that it is not possible to send a repair person to everyone's home. The first time this happened my printer was only 90 days old and because the machine was under 1 year limit, brother replaced it with a refub. model. The replacement machine is just over one year old and I have to take it to the shop to have the repairs covered. Shipping the machine to the repair shop would result in a one hour drive to the shipper one way and then no telling when I would ever see the machine again. I agree that these machines are reasonably priced but I would hope brother could build a machine that would last more than thirteen months of light-medium household use. I also have a second brother printer, different model, with the same problems, both machines died about five days apart. The second machine has also been replaced by brother, the replacement has lasted just over a year. I am not going to buy another printer from brother again. BTW, At our office we have a very cheap printer from a different company (HP) that is used very heavily (450 + times/week)and is nearing ten years old-it is getting hard to find ink cartridges and we have been using refurb. cartridges for several years with it and it will not die!! The boss says he will replace it with a new printer when the old one dies. The printer housing made of plastic was a offwhite-lt gray now it is yellow and it has always been in a climate controlled, non smoking office. This shows that when you want to replace an outdated, old and slow printer, the printer will not die. I guess we should have bought a brother at the office so we could replace it more often.:)
by unknown on Oct 11, 2005 at 6:33pm Add comment
i just brought a Brother MFC 3240. Does anyone know if Error 41 applies to that model too. I've heard that Brother machines drain ink like water, but i wasnt aware that it had this many problems. Should i return the machine?
by Anonymous on Oct 14, 2005 at 1:30pm Add comment
TAKE IT BACK!!!!! THEIR SUPPORT IS AWFUL......You can never fix error 41........it's a printhead problem...Take it back!

Never buy their products!

I really liked my machine but the error 41 continues....you can print 1 copy then error 41 ...unplug.....

The red color is not good either......It continually cleans the printer and uses up all the ink......At 2 am it will start cleaning itself and if your a light sleeper you will wake up & try to figure out what the heck is that noise.........its the printer cleaning it self.....

Kinda like a Cat!!!! always cleaning..

My suggestion...Take it back spend a few extra $ and get a hp 7210........Through research I've done its the only one compareable to it.......Costs more though/.....

Want anymore input from me let me know!

I will discourge anyone from buying BROTHER products!

A big company like this should be better....I think they should refund all the monies...............it's quite stressfull when you need it and then it won't work! - Anonymous
I too have the dreaded problem of error 41......I have model 3820CN a mulitfunction machine.....I really liked it but for the past 2 months have had error 41 unplug....I called Brother and had a 25 min wait....I got so fustrated I hung up...Had my son come and look at the problem.....He's a computer wiz! and he worked for 5 hours trying to correct the problem....We downloaded the update software.....several times.....it keep saying it couldn't update it....Finally we got it and we got one copy to print and again error 41......then, we thought we had it fixed.....again error 41.........I am purchaning a new printer but it will NOT be a Brother!

The quality of color of the machine I felt was always poor......Have you error printed something in RED?
It's kinda pinkish red not a real red....After much research I am purching a HP once again....Their quality of print is much clearer (although in the past I've had issues with the ink...) The ink for the Brother is much cheaper, but it is constantly cleaning and uses it all up within a few weeks!

I am very dissappointed with the Brother machine....It's a shame because I really liked all the features it had.

I also tried to write a comment to the Brother website and it said I was registered...I type it all in then it says I'm not registered! I try to register then it says I'm already registered!

I suppose they don't really want you to write them....Kinda like the error 41.......!!!!!

All in all I will NEVER buy a BROTHER product again! Their support is awful!

If they knew they had a problem, to me they should fix it instead of getting all these bad reviews!! Just my opinion.
by unknown on Oct 16, 2005 at 7:50am Add comment
Yes, you are not able to fix it on your own. It needs a part to be replaced.
by Anonymous on Oct 16, 2005 at 8:23am Add comment
Yes it has happened to me here in U.K. MFC3820CN. ERROR 41. My machine is only 7 months old. I await to see the response of the dealer where I purchased the machine and Brother U.K. I am sure they will rectify the problem - at least I hope they will. They generally have a good name in the U.K. I will let you know the outcome.
by unknown on Oct 16, 2005 at 2:50pm Add comment
Ireland calling, Ireland calling, as Lord Haw Haw 'ud say!
I too have the dreaded lurgy in me DCP-4020C - error 41. It first went belly-up about 4 months ago (7 months after purchase) and as I had no time to do anything about then I just plugged it out and replaced with an old Epson I had as a spare. Plugged it back in again about a month ago and it was flyin' it until last week. My 1 yr. warrenty is up Nov. 4th so tomorrow I phone Brother Ireland, armed with loads of information from this forum. I regretted buying my machine shortly after buying it. The print quality is poor, it drinks ink and goes off half-cocked doing a cleaning jobbie every couple of days! (Could be a night cleaner too for all I know) Watch this space and see how the Irish do things! Or will I just be ferried from Billy to Jack via international call centres? 'Twill be interesting, yet somehow I have a feelin' I'll be off to me local to buy another - and it won't be a bruver!
by moytura on Oct 16, 2005 at 7:00pm Add comment
Well, I phoned Brother Service in Dublin and got talking to a foreign national who was the 'boss'. Seems our beloved machines are made in China - say no more! Best deal I could get was to bring my machine into the store where I bought it, they would ship it to Dublin to have the printer head replaced in 20 minutes, then ship it back to the store, where I could collect it again. T'wud be gone minimum five days without a replacement and comes back to me with 3 months warranty! So I wanted to know what happened the extended 12 months warranty. No joy! All I'd get was 3 months, that was de rules! If it went again in 4 months - tough. I told 'em I wasn't happy with that deal seein's as how they were selling faulty products in the retail stores, knowing there was a problem. I told 'em I'd handed over €350 ($420+), plus all the expensive ink I'd replaced and lost thinking that might be the problem in the first place, and all in good faith expecting more than 7 months out of my hard earned dosh! I got absolutely no sat. from him at all and he hung up on me when I told him their machine was s...te! So I phoned my friendly retail supplier where I do all my office supplies shopping, he spoke with the salesman and we wait to see what he can come up with. I reckon it's the retail stores that should take up the cudgel on behalf of their customers. Seems my machine was the third with the same problem in recent times and they don't do a great business in printers. Doesn't say much for Brother products. But then they were probably put together in a sweat shop for just a few dollars.
by moytura on Oct 17, 2005 at 3:01am Add comment
Great result, great little shop salesman and great little Brother salesman. I feel like I took on the big multinational in a battle and won. My suppliers took on 'my case' for me and did a great job. Individuals can't win against the big guys, it needs the ones who bulk buy their products to put the screws on for a decent outcome for their customers and that I got. I'm a real happy camper tonight and the proud owner of a brand new upgraded version of my previous DCP 4020C and all for just €25 (about $32) to be collected tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully this one will last longer than 7 months!
by moytura on Oct 17, 2005 at 5:14pm Add comment
I have a MFC-3820CN and it is out of warranty, I guess I was a lucky one LoL. Its been working for a long time, most the time recently I can just pull the plug and plug it back in and every thing is fine. I am not going to wait the time to send the unit out or take it to the store but if they would send me the part I will install it. Does anyone no if this is possible. I am a certified A+ computer technician; I think I can figure it out. Instructions would help but I probably won’t read them perhaps look at some of the pretty pictures. I am not going to bother with brother for support; I do that all day at work and don’t want to spend more time than I have to getting passed around in customer support loops. Worst case at least I will get a chance to beat the SH*T out of their equipment like in the movie Office Space.
by unknown on Oct 18, 2005 at 6:28pm Add comment
I too purchased a Brother 3820cn mainly for the network scanning capabilities in November 2003; Error 41 appeared within a couple of months. Brother replaced. After printing a total of about 200 sheets cyan no longer prints, I wasted 3 new cartridges thinking it was a cartridge problem! I contacted Brother, "We are sorry for the inconvenience"!! They should fix their problems!!
What a waste of good money!!!
by fixit2 on Oct 20, 2005 at 1:24pm Add comment
i have this error on my printer (error 41) i have done my possible best to reslove it but i still have the same error.can anyone tell me what's causing the that error 41
by fredtwum on Oct 21, 2005 at 1:52am Add comment
Same problem here after having the printer replaced three times in the past 2 years. Today I got the same problem again with the last replacement.

Brother sucks.
No more products from Brother.
The decent thing would be to totally replace the machine with a newer stable model, or refund a certain \% of the orginal cost so that you can get another printer from a different company.
by unknown on Oct 22, 2005 at 2:41pm Add comment
I am a computer reseller. My 3820cn is 22 months old and just began giving me the error. After reading the above posts I am glad that there is a recall / replacement.

1st - hooray to this thread. Good Information, I'm calling Brother.
2nd - seeing all the disgruntled customers, let me enlighten you, right now in my repair shop we are seeing:

a run on epsons - bad printheads

I have an HP officejet3300 A_I_O that needs a plastic gear (50cents) for the top-end scanner. The ONLY part is a WHOLE NEW SCANNER ASSY! $184.00

How about those low end HPs with that 90-day warranty. Now that's backing a product!!

I paid $250.00 for this printer and if I can get it fixed for $30 shipping I'm doing it! I'll let you know how I make out

by unknown on Oct 23, 2005 at 6:34pm Add comment
I've got a couple of those 3300s in the shop with bad scanners. I can get them for you for a lot less than $184.
Have you never heard the saying "you get what you pay for". Back when they built the HPII and sold it for $1500, it was built to last. Lots of them are still going after 15 years. If you buy a printer that costs the same as the toner/ink cartridges, it's disposable. Doesn't need more than a 90 day warranty. I recently bought some Color LaserJet 2600Ns for $250 each. Replacement toners for it cost over $300. Cheaper to buy the whole printer each time the toner runs out.
by moe on Oct 23, 2005 at 7:03pm Add comment
I kind of miss the old laserjets. We always considered the repair. It is a shame now that if a customer walks in the door with and inkjet we generally send it right back out.

I guess that my intent in this thread was to let the general public know that they all break. The repairs won't be fair. If they think Brother is the only one who is screwing them they're wrong.

Thanks for the tip on the scanner though. The garage that brought this one in didn't want to spend more than a hundred dollars. Even on ebay they generally cost over $200.00. The guy had the throw-it mentality before he brought it in.

by unknown on Oct 23, 2005 at 10:00pm Add comment
I agree with Moe, but can't agree at all. If it was like that, there should be a disclaimer as big as the whole package which said: "CAUTION! This piece of crap will last you about 6~12 months."

The same thing with those HP OfficeJet and that crappy 0'5€ gear that, obviously, you can't buy anywhere.

I can't believe that 90 days warranty thing. In Europe (now) you have to assure 2 years warranty if you want to sell anything.
by Reboot on Oct 24, 2005 at 3:09am Add comment
Just happened to find this site today because I was searching for Brother printheads. I have model MFC3100c that just started to get Error 41. Ours lasted a little longer than others-just over 3 years. Was told by an authorized technician for Brother that we could install the printhead ourselves, but most people still have to bring them in for service because there are codes you have to put in so the printer can identify that the printhead was replaced. He also said all ink cartridges have to get replaced. He said we were probably better off buying a new printer which is what I plan on doing.
by unknown on Oct 24, 2005 at 5:56pm Add comment
After 23months from the date of purchased of MFC-3100C brother product, error 41 comes out. We were very disappointed with this Brother product... Please do some corrective measures to correct this error... otherwise we will demand in accordance with the law for a Unit replacement to satisfied our investment. Please contact us at (632) 817 0022 or mobile number 0917 512 1270. Our company address is at Unit 805 Cityland10 Tower2, HV dela Costa Makati City, Phils. c/o EFB Geostrukt Inc.

We will highly appreciate if Brother Management Phils can give us a favorable response immediately.

by unknown on Oct 25, 2005 at 12:44am Add comment
After having my 3820CN for not even 2 years I am seeing the ME 41. At first it only came on after I printed more than 10 pages, now it won't go off, even after being unplugged for a couple of days....
Does anyone know the codes that the printer needs to recognize the printheads were replaced?
by unknown on Oct 25, 2005 at 5:32am Add comment

Their support is awful.

- Anonymous
I received the 5100c in December of 2002. Around 19 or 20 months later the printhead quit working. I called Brother and they indicated that I needed to take the machine to an authorized repair shop. I did and paid a $52 dollar diagnostic fee to find out the printerhead was broken. It will cost $160 to purchase a new one. I declined and called Brother back. I was told that since my machine was over 18 months old there that they were not obligated to fix the problem.

Fast forward another year, I still have the hunk of junk and now find that Brother has extended the time they will replace the printhead to as much as 30 month. I am now past 30 month but the problem was reported to Brother and inspected by one of their autorized repair shops when the machine was less than 24 months old. My question, to those who may know, is can I still get a new printhead since I reported the problem before within the first 24 months?
by AbeStreet on Oct 25, 2005 at 11:34pm Add comment
Don't count on it!

Their Support really stinks!(the wait time is 25 min then you get disconnected!)

Don't Buy BROTHER again!!!!!

It's a shame, they have a really nice machine!

Don't buy BROTHER !!!!!!
- Anonymous
I have a Brother MFC-3820cn printer which I bought last fall. I think that for the money it has great features, except for the well-known ink consumption problem, its ongoing costs, its effect on disabling most all functions when ink is low (at least it still receives FAXes), and most recently the Error 41.

When researching the ink guzzling situation back in spring of this year (2005) I came across this forum and, thanks to this forum, I was somewhat prepared for when it happened the other day. The Brother support person was polite, asked for my unit's serial number, then promptly set up a free nozzle replacement work order at a nearby office supply repair shop. Hat's off to them (in my case, at this time) for properly dealing with an obviously disgruntled owner.

I'll also acknowledge that, for the money I paid I shouldn't expect to receive a heavy duty construction "business class" machine, although the function and features are terrific for any office at the price.

However, I'll have to agree that the need to feed this thought-it-was-going-to-be-thrifty machine every couple of weeks (for one cartridge or another) with just a wee bit of printing is outrageous. The Lexmark X7150 I bought for my dad 2 years ago is only on its second set of cartridge/printhead (very occasional 1/week use he says), and that's because he let it sit for a couple of months unplugged at one point.

I thanked the Brother support person for his/their responsivness, then asked if this new/redesigned printhead (so he said) wouldn't similarly "drown" in all the excess ink, and, oh, by the way, just where the heck is it all going? I'm expecting it to overflow onto my desktop and ruin my furniture at some point.

Surely it must be drying out and turning into an ever-deepening pool of jellied goo somewhere in there, and wouldn't that possibly cause problems for the new printhead, and is there some way to dump/empty/clean/dissolve it out, etc.? Also, would the repair shop make some sort of change to the cleaning cycle so as to reduce what I would think is this rapidly worsening environment inside my printer?

At this point he stated that all the Brother printers do that (the clean/purge cycle), but he seemed either evasive or simply didn't know how to address my repeated questioning about where all the ink is going and how to clean it out so as to help ward off another even-quicker-clogging printhead nozzle situation.

I pointed out that surely Brother must be losing money on all the repairs due to all of the above on their relatively low cost printers, even if they sell a lot of ink. He then politely yet rapidly scooted me off the phone to deal with another customer -- we weren't making any progress anyway.

Maybe the numbers of we owners in this forum are just a "blip" of the total buying public that try to deal with this problem, and the rest simply cut their losses and move on (leaving Brother profitable). I dunno.

Anyway, tonight I Googled "brother mfc-3820cn firmware" and came up with this page with firmware updates on it:


...which I arrived at from this Windows 2000 support page for my MFC-3820cn "MFC Firmware Update Tool":


Understand that I am running Windows ME, and my MFC machine's firmware is version "D", but I can't see what difference my Windows version makes for a MFC version "G" 31-May-2005 firmware update that is supposed to do the following:

* Corrects product freezing with "Printing" display on LCD.
* Improves image alignment when using copy function.
* Purge timing change from 11 PM to 11 AM.
* Changes to purge cycle to enhance ink efficiency.

It sounds vaguely promising. I haven't done it yet, and my question at this point is: has anyone else tried this? Or do I possibly need a Windows 2000 system to execute the firmware update? Or can I use the BRAdmin Professional utility (that remotely reports printer status) which has a firmware uploading feature?

If this firmware update works out OK, possibly it might help a lot of people a little bit, if only with the nighttime cleaning cycle noise problem.

Again, I think it's a great unit for the features at most any price. And I've had previous Brother thermal FAX units and laser printers lasting for years and they worked fine. OK, the quality of the scanning/printing is not tops, but at this price? c'mon!... Now if we can only get the ink and maintenance cost down!

Any comments? -- Thanks!

p.s. Oh, I recall seeing somewhere in these forums a complaint about a Brother laser printer being crap with a gray streak. Barring mechanical handling issues, if you've tried cleaning the corona wire, maybe swapped out the photosensitive imaging drum (despite "low mileage") and tried a spare/backup toner cartridge on hand, and yet still have such a problem, I found it to be... "stale/outdated toner"!

Yep, I had purchased an extra toner cartridge to keep handy, but apparently it ages even sealed in the wrapper. When purchasing another one, buy from a store with high turnover, and check the stock on the shelf to get the latest-dated one. It made a tremendous difference!
by harpomarx on Oct 26, 2005 at 5:09pm Add comment
WELL, I updated the firmware and it didn't make any diference...it still didn't work.....i even did it 3 times
Don't let them fool ya saying you need windows 2000 I have xp and the firmware is even a toughie to run...now how do you plug it in and push 5 at the same time....come on..............they are a joke

cut your losses........get rid of it

Don't buy brother!!!!Bad news!!!!! - Anonymous
Whoops! I'm sorry I didn't catch this when reviewing my prior post. The "Windows 2000" link in my previous post of a few minutes ago should have read as follows:


Hopefully this will post correctly (apparently it was too long an unbroken string). Just "cut-'n-paste" the two lines of the link back together into one long string for it to work again.
by harpomarx on Oct 26, 2005 at 5:15pm Add comment
I reached someone in less than 2 minutes and was setup to drop it off to a nearby repair facility within 10 minutes total they were very aplogetic for good reason. I do think they have a flawed product but that is becoming all too familiar in this world the HP equivalent to this which I have some experience with doesn't seem to perform much better. I still dislike all AIO machines but atleast brother is going to fix it I mean I can't really complain on that being I don't have a reciept and this thing is 2yrs old.
by Anonymous on Nov 1, 2005 at 12:32pm Add comment
Does anyone have information/instructions on how to remove & replace an MFC-7300c printhead?

I get the 'out of Black ink' message even when all cartridges are full, and major streaks when I can get it to print.

unlike the 3xxx and 5xxx series mfc's the 7300c printhead is $100+, and this is already a refurb due to same problem over 3 years ago.

by unknown on Nov 1, 2005 at 9:23pm Add comment
I loathe Brother customers. I'd rather not see an error 41 ever again - or a Brother customer for that matter. I be you took the advice of some snot-nosed punk earning $5 an hour at a department store who told you that the Brother machine really would suit your needs – it probably was not the right machine for you in the first place. If you don’t need color – but a laser – they really are great

As an Australian repairer for Brother, we get many error 41's and there's no doubt Brother have to fix them, yet we see so many of these machine (over 90\%) with non-genuine inks and the client will never admit that the non-genuine ink may have caused the fault. I have dozens of after market ink cartridges and every brand has a unique color! They all claim to be 100\% compatible, yet the ink is visually very different (god know how they differ chemically). EG Yellow - some yellows are very dark, some are pale and watery while others are orange or even almost red! I also found some refills will cause the machine to "clean" the printhead more frequently or dribble into the purge unit or fill up the waste ink tray under the machine (not saving $$$ when it's just wasted). If you use non-genuine ink and you stuff up your machine - ITS PROBABLY YOUR FAULT.

As for Error 41, Brother has come to the party and will fix it for 2 years - even when you use non-genuine ink (and may be the cause). How long do you expect one of the cheapest brands on the market to last when you don't use the proper supplies???

As for us "Warranty Repairers", are we supposed to put the non-genuine ink that possibly may have damaged the printhead back into the new printhead and damage that one too??? I get no satisfaction out of dealing with the cheap and nasty scrooges that whinge when they do the wrong thing, and only want to blame others for their tightfistedness. One point Brother make about non-genuine ink is this - would you use olive oil in you car engine? - just because it is "oil", doesn't mean it has the some chemical properties or will perform the same - even engine oils have different grades and prices - you get what you pay for! Now don't even get me started on color matching or light fastness, that's another forum.

Many clients have admitted that they used genuine for a year or so, then changed to non-genuine ink and it was immediately after doing so that Error 41 occurred. People change to non-genuine for 2 main reasons:

1 The ink is expensive
2 The machine is out of warranty

I say this: check out what the genuine is supposed to be worth (RRP)- some dodgy refillers (but not all) charge more than retail for genuine ink to increase the margin between their refills and genuine ones.

Finally, this is what I say to all people: regardless of who you are or what brand of printer you own - you get what you pay for. (if it cost less, it's probably not as good by an equivalent amount...) WHY NOT ASK THESE SO-CALLED INK DISCOUNTERS TO DO YOU A BETTER DEAL ON GENUINE INKS - THAT WAY WE ALL WIN.

by Anonymous on Nov 7, 2005 at 10:34pm Add comment
Re: How long do you expect one of the cheapest brands on the market to last when you don't use the proper supplies???

How about when you use GENUINE BROTHER INK and you still get error 41?? I have had my MFC 3220C 1)Replaced with a refurbished one 2)Refurbished machine replaced with a NEWLY DESIGNED printhead. (LMAO) and lo and behold ERROR 41 and I alweays used Genuine Brother Ink. but gee wouldn't you know it the extended warranty has run out now a Brother is no longer Liable?? So it is not the ink, it is a DEFECT. And I would expect my CHEAP machine to give me more than 186 copies. - Anonymous
Australian repairer:
UP YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous on Nov 8, 2005 at 3:53pm Add comment
That Aussie is a complete corporate monkey!!!!

If someone sells you something knowing it doesn't work, that is fraud and last I checked fraud is ILLEGAL!!!!

It doesn't matter what it cost. If you are going to make a printer, the printer better work.

by Anonymous on Nov 8, 2005 at 7:46pm Add comment
I just called Brother said they would fix my error. Will the repairer ask to replace with genuine Brother Ink? I bet they will charge an arm and leg for it. I pulled out the ink cartridges when I thought it was something wrong with the ink.
by Anonymous on Nov 9, 2005 at 9:02pm Add comment
"aussie repairer" says:

As I said - I loathe Brother customers, and I havn't changed my opinion...


NB: Not all non-genuine ink will damage your machine but some do; I have had some "better quality" ink refillers admit they have bad batches and they come good with covering the printhead repair costs (bravo to those guys - I praise them for their honestly) - I'm not saying that all non-genuine will damage your machine, but how do YOU know which one is safe to use? as I said - go find the best price on the genuine ink and you are safe. My stance on using refills for ANY brand is this - if the ink costs are a high \% of the machine price, you could use non-genuine but if the machine dies, buy a different one, don't blame the manufacturer, but when non-genuine ink is just a few $ less, you probably won't save money in the long run and it's therefore not worth the risk. What you are experiencing is called "risk management" - weigh up the benefits versus the risks and you have your answer...

2: I DON'T SELL BROTHER INKJET MACHINES, SO NO FRAUD ON MY PART THANKS VERY MUCH... I'm no corporate monkey and for the record, we don't even sell Brother inkjet machines because I too think "in my opinion" they are cheap junk and are all too susceptible to the refilled inks! As I said, you get what you pay for!!! As a repairer, I am obliged to repair all of the machines that people like you buy eslewhere; eg from big department stores and so-called "discount" stores that offer absolutely no after-sales service!!! Yes, I bet you don't ever support the local, independant retailers (who might charge a fraction more) in the first place and simply buy equipment from the cheapest place around, but when there is a problem you just blame the manufacturer/repairer for your problems and you come running to people like me for help; I am the one that gets to hear all of your problems, so remember, we are the ones that are helping you - so "UP YOURS" RIGHT BACK AT YOU + SOME EXTRA!!! How can the "fraudulent" deparment store who sold the machine know what is wrong with machines when they don't give any after sales service??? they just say "you have to call Brother for assistance, we cannot help you"; I can't see the loyalty in that. So ask yourself this: Where are you going to buy your next machine from? NB. Although the manufacturer has a liability to repair "manufacturing faults", your contract of sale was with the original place of purchase - so they are the one responsible for helping you get it repaired...

3: As for me getting people to PAY for ink when the printhead is required - if you already have genuine ink in the machine - no problem, I'll fix it without any issues, you don't need to supply us with ANY ink (unless it's empty), but why should the manufacturer (or me) replace your non-genuine ink that isn't even their product? If you buy a shirt from company X, Company Y doesn't have to replace it - or how about this - I'f you put diesel in a petrol car and the manufaturer was fixing the damaged engine UNDER WARRANTY, should they also have to give you a free tank of freash petrol as well??? YOU ARE AN UNREASONABLE IDIOT IF YOU THINK SO - BUT THEN AGAIN, BROTHER ARE NOT AS TIGHT AS YOU BECAUSE THEY WILL FIX DAMAGE THAT MAY HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY OTHER COMPANIES BAD INKS... When I replace the printhead and where you have non-genuine inks in the machine, I ASK YOU TO SUPPLY me with ink from somewhere else so you don't have to buy it from me AT ALL so as to prevent the tighfisted owners like you from thinking that I am just trying to make a dollar (heavens forbid!).

These last points:

- Any new ink in the machine will be used by you afterwards for printing, only a small amount is used to prime the pritnhead so why worry??? - I am not going to pay for ink that you will subsequently use!!!

- Because you have a "problem", you probably won't have a "nice" experience when you visit a repairer like me, so you probably won't ever go back there unless it's for another repair, so why should the REPAIRER be left out of pocket when helping you? (NB. I am NOT talking about the manufactuer - they have an obligation to fix any faults at their expense)

- People always come in and INSIST we should give them a loan machine "because their business can't run without the machine" - why should we do that? As I said, we did not sell you a $100 inkjet machine for your "vital business purposes", so we won't give you a loan machine - but if you had bought a machine from us, we will give you a loan machine while the repair is taking place - now that's called service - but you're buying on price right? sorry I forgot you are a cheap...

-"Who cares anyway"; Please realise I'm letting out the years of displeasure and frustrations of having to deal with the "cheap-end of town" and I probably can't ever change your ways... but if just one normal person genuinly looking for help learns just one good thing from this topic, perhaps I am doing some good...
by Anonymous on Nov 10, 2005 at 5:43pm Add comment
by Anonymous on Nov 11, 2005 at 2:51pm Add comment
I have MFC 4820C and got 41. I was able to find replacement printhead in eBay. Does someone have instructions how to change it, like service manual or so. Printhead was suppose to come with 7 page installation manual but did not. Does someone have this documentation ? Would like to try to do this right and loosen right screws...
by unknown on Nov 14, 2005 at 11:35am Add comment
Same crap happening hear in newzealand re error 41.
Got a mfc3420c.
Will brither give warranty hear as well
by hidavek on Nov 28, 2005 at 12:23am Add comment
Have had printer fixed by a service agent hear in auckland newzealand.
great response from them ,fixed while i waited.
done by Smart Office Solutions,
Give them a call.
by hidavek on Nov 28, 2005 at 10:52pm Add comment
The solution is : Don't buy any ink-jet printer from now on, just buy the laser. The laser printer is expensive up front, but you may not need change the cartridge from more than 3 years if you are home-use. But you have to replace the ink every half year, since it would dry out by itself. So it costs same money if you want to keep it for more than 3 years.
by Anonymous on Dec 3, 2005 at 7:50pm Add comment
Brother is replacing the printheads (error 41) for free on all models that had the faulty design of printheads (mostly in 02 and 03) even if the warranty is expired. Find a local service center
by wayneL44 on Dec 10, 2005 at 9:41am Add comment
Brother is not replacing all Error 41 printheads!! My warranty just expired on my 3820CN!!! 2 years and 2 two days. I just got off the phone with them. They checked my serial numbers and said take it to a service center....my cost to repair!! I laughed at the guy. Told him no thanks...I'm headed to the HP store!!! Out to the trash this ink lovin' devil goes!!! - Anonymous
OK, overall, I've not had any problems with this printer, especially since the little amount of physical stuff I print out probably leads to drying or dried ink somewhere on the cardridge. But I made sure to buy Brother inks so that "technology" from Brother inks and Brother printers wouldn't clash. I'm getting sidetracked though.

My repair issue is as follows, and it really bugged me. The service center themselves did *EVERYTHING* they could, and the Brother's call center/reps dropped the ball, and this is where my gripe is. Get this:

I call on a Friday afternoon to the local service center (2-3 miles away) and explain the issue, the lady knew exactly what was going on as soon as I gave her my model number. She said, call this number, be prepared to give the machine's serial number which is located under the paper output tray, and say you're getting an Error 41. I wrote down all the instructions, expecting a BIG hassle when dealing with the call center. The rep answered the phone immediately (no hold time at all) and started her normal customer service script to the customer on the phone (me). I interrupted her and told her that the service center told me to call this number, say that I'm getting an Error 41, and the print quality sucks on my printer, even after cleaning the print cartridges. The rep understood my issue, got the ticket written up, said she would fax it as soon as we're done on the phone here. This was on Friday.

The local service center isn't open on the weekends (of course). So I plan to make it by on Monday (today). I bring it to the service center early in the morning, tell them there should be a work order on this item, and they can't find it. My initial idea is that the service center, not Brother call center dropped the ball. I waited a few hours for a phone call from the service center and I got nothing. I decided to call the Brother call center. I didn't have to wait again, because if I had, then I would have definately ripped the customer service a new hole. The second rep I talked to at Brother, said that the ticket was created, but never opened! So, I'd have to wait 24 hours before anything would happen! This isn't customer service, folks! Where's the "service" in Customer Service when stuff like this happens?

Nonetheless, the second agent took care of everything, opened the ticket, faxed the order, and said everything is fine. She offered to have me speak to a supervisor, but what would the supervisor do? Probably say the same thing the rep was VERY apologetic about. I wasn't going to go through that again. I called the local service center, they had just got the fax, and I received my machine a few hours later.

My point for this is this: Customer Service is NOT just words on a peice of paper. It's NOT shoving the customer another (in the future) defective unit. It's NOT putting people on hold indefinately for no reason. It's NOT saying things (in terms of the physical service centers) that the customer cannot help. Customer Service is one thing, and one thing only. To provide the top quality service that customers (hence the name, Customer Service) DESERVE because we are giving our hard earned money to you!

I've seen 2-3 posts (so far) in this thread from Brother International themselves about this subject. Big Brother International, if I could express ONE concept to you, it is that customers will be LOYAL and spend thousands of dollars on your product if you take care of the customers, not do something quickly to shut them up until they need to talk to you again. More importanly, it is giving customers EVERYTHING and even MORE than what they want now, so that any problem they have, will seem LITTLE in comparison to what you are doing for them now. They will thank you, and pay money to you because of what and how you have treated them overall. This is how I see a profiting business, not by measure of monetary goods, but what people are saying about your product.
by unknown on Dec 13, 2005 at 1:24am Add comment
I have been having this problem for a long time and i never bothered to get it corrected.. i had a second printer which I was using all these days and when that ran out of ink, I was forced to start looking at the brother error 41.. I bumped into this site on a google search for error 41 and as people had suggested called brother and told them that I'm having this error.. The only thing I had to tell (LIE) them was that I used 'genuine brother ink'.. I had purchsed this in november 2003 and hence its 25 months since I got this one.. I called brother customer service and told about the error.. They asked me if I can provide them the serial number which was available under the paper feed tray at the front.. They acknowledged it that it was a print head problem and scheduled a work order with a local service center free of charge.. The service center people called me and I dropped of the printer.. Got it fixed the next day itself and picked it up.. They put a roller at the back, a new print head (which doesnt give the error 41 anymore) and also new ink for the printer... All in all, I was very satisfied with the service and I guess I should have done this a lot earlier..
by unknown on Dec 28, 2005 at 8:26am Add comment
Good for you Gopal!!! I had second thoughts and called my local office supply. They agreed that mine was too old. They never even asked about the ink thing. He sold me the redesigned printhead without ink cartridges for $29.99(as someone else had posted). I put it in about one minute(as another reader also posted). You know, the darn machine has never worked better. No fuss, no muss. I did this because I have about $100 worth of ink here and did not want to be out on that too. I will run all my ink out and start shopping for a different printer. I can't say I would buy another Brother much less recommend one after all this trouble. I have under 200 copies run on this thing. It should have held up way better than this.
by unknown on Dec 31, 2005 at 9:36pm Add comment
good for you
by unknown on Jan 5, 2006 at 2:30am Add comment
stop boasting
by Anonymous on Jan 5, 2006 at 2:53am Add comment
This is my third Brother printer and all of them work 1 year and then they say ERROR 41 and a crash it. I try to talk with Brother industry but nothin. DON'T BUY BROTHER PRINTERS
by Anonymous on Jan 8, 2006 at 4:21am Add comment
All you ppl need to stop complaining. Brother knows about this issue and are trying to fix it (which may take years). Until you stop hearing about Error 41s, don't buy a brother 'inkjet'...Simple. All those who are unfortunetly getting Error 41s, you just have to put up with the 'free' replacements...
by Anonymous on Jan 12, 2006 at 6:59pm Add comment
I have an MFC4820C that I purchased around December 2004. I got my first error 41 about 6 months later. I do a good bit of printing and was having more and more problems with the printhead not cleaning properly before the error 41. After calling Brother tech support and having them check my warranty they gave me an authorization to take it to the nearest service center to get the printhead replaced. I did this and it took about 4 business days for them to change out the printhead for the supposedly new improved type. After using the printer for another six months and continuing to have printhead problems with it not cleaning properly with both the black ink and the color cartridges, I got the error 41 again. Once again I had the printhead replaced at the service center. I was told I had an 18 month warranty from the date of the first printhead fix. I asked why the replacement failed around the same time as the first one if it was supposedly an improved one. No good answer. I am now starting to see printhead cleaning problems again showing up. It is obvious that Brother hasn't fixed the problem. This new printhead seems to be worse than the original one. No answer from Brother tech support as why this is still happening. I also have the same problem many of you have experienced in that the cartridges don't last long after you print a bit. I went to the cheaper cartridges because I wasn't getting a lot of use time on the Brother cartridges. I have a guarantee on these cartridges that they will work as good as the Brother ones and they seem to do this, but I still don't get a lot of print time from them. I believe the reason is that they simply don't hold as much ink as other inkjet cartridges like Epson, HP, Lexmark and such. I won't be buying a Brother printer again and will probably just buy a new printer when I get my next error 41 which will probably be coming up within the next 3-4 months if that long. Buyer BEWARE!!
by unknown on Jan 29, 2006 at 12:46am Add comment
Just to throw my two cents in....our Brother 3320CN got the dreaded error 41 a couple of days ago. Thanks to these postings I know about the extended warranty. We have had it around 14 months. FYI - we have always used Brother ink, so you get the error no matter what. They are paying to fix it. But it is still an inconvenience. My boss wants me to investigate HP's, which is what I use at home.
by unknown on Mar 16, 2006 at 10:44am Add comment
After investing an unacceptable quantity of my life researching this problem, dealing with this problem, calling and "Waiting" on hold at Brother, and given the name of a "Repair" man 1.5 hours away.....now I can't get the repair place to answer the phone or return my calls.
We have created a technology monster. Have we educated ourselves beyond our Intelligence????
I wont buy antother BROTHER Product.........There are lots of competitors out there!
Adios Brutha...
And, by the way. I havent used "Third Party" Ink and that was the reason the "Phone Lady" gave for the malfunction.
by unknown on Mar 20, 2006 at 4:26am Add comment
Well I am with you! I have had my machine replaced and it came up with the error 41. So I called and complained and Brother had me take it in to have a NEWLY DESIGNED print head put in at their expense. Well BROTHER your newly designed print head is garbage too!!! I Now have ERROR 41 again and I do not use this machine alot nor do I use any ink other than Brother ink.. So now what do you have to say. www.BBB.com time again. - Anonymous
Brother you will no longer get my business. The newly designed print head is no better. You should have just stepped up when this problem first occurred and recalled all of these machines. The NEWLY DESIGNED print head is doing the same thing. I am done with you!! 3 strikes and you are out!
by cpiggyc on Mar 25, 2006 at 6:17pm Add comment
Ok heres the lowdown on error 41.
Brother know about it and they dont care.
They will not do anything to resolve this problem except give a piffling extended warranty. When I discovered this I was disgusted.
They know how the problem is caused, and refuse to do anything about it. Its to do with the print head. Its a flawed technology which is destined to break. It happens when the print head gets a microscopic crack in it. And it will ALWAYS happen no matter how many times they replace it. DO NOT BUY BROTHER PRODUCTS. They may try and fob you off by saying that its because you do not use genuine Brother inks, which is bullsh*t.
3rd party inks do not contribute to this problem in any way what so ever. They are liars, crooks and should be prosecuted over this in my opinion.
Also there is a host of problems with other printers they will not fix either.
Anyone have a HL2040?
Does it have jamming problems?
Well they wont fix that either, its a known problem and well frankly they dont care. I have heard how they react to these problems and they just laugh. My opinion is to use HP printers and never look back. HP rule they always will, Brother are gay to the f**king day.
by unknown on Apr 18, 2006 at 7:39am Add comment
Are you listening Brother? The silence is defeaning; the dodging, obvious.
by unknown on Apr 19, 2006 at 9:05am Add comment
i have a mfc 3320cn and got the error 41 message a few days ago after my ink ran out. i thought it was because of the ink and bought new ink for $40 and replaced the ink with original brother ink. the problem persists. now i look online and regret that i wasted $40 on the ink. if i had known before, i would have thrown out brother and bought HP.
by Anonymous on Apr 25, 2006 at 10:14pm Add comment
Multi FUNCTION ? What a joke. About 13 months ago, I wanted a space saving machine for all my needs. The 3820CN seemed like a decent choice on paper. This is purely for my home – it doesn’t get used a lot (honestly)
I’ve never been satisfied with it. From day one, it went downhill.
1/ I can't connect it to my phone line alongside my Broad band (as I do with other machines). Brother know about this, but prefer not to tell you before purchase !
2/ I can't use the integrated line 'loop through' (as I do on other machines) cos this is just for the US market (???) Brother know about this but prefer not to tell you before purchase !
3/ The constant self cleaning runs away with the ink (I thought Lexmark was bad enough,,,,,, but at least their machines last a decent period of time,, albeit expensive ink (or is it ???)
4/ The actual printing is not good. I’ve tried genuine Brother inks, & also non brand stuff. It has never printed colours true to screen/copy,,,, nor has it ever printed colour without lines/bands.
5/ When ONE feature of the machine fails IT ALL FAILS !!!! Why would the scanner need the attendance of ink ?
6/ I can’t use the Fax side of it without losing B.Band
7/ The scanner seems o.k when it works.
8/ Now I have the dreaded Error 41.
I am not looking forward to contacting Brother whenever they are open.
This is the 3rd Brother item that I am not satisfied with,,,,, I won't be buying Brother stuff again, & will gladly explain my reasons to any prospective purchaser in more detail – please ask !
I don’t mind replacing the printhead myself if that’s all there is to it – but will Brother supply any ‘codes’ needed to do so ?
Can anyone recommend another all-in-one please ?
Good Luck everyone.


by TranswesT on May 7, 2006 at 5:55am Add comment
I have had my MFC3100c since 2002 and have never had any problem with it. Today it gave me an Error 41 message. This alone is not all that annoying, but the fact that my MFC210c that I've only had since Sept 2005 and it just stopped working. I sent it back and they sent me a refurbished one that won't acknowledge the ink cartridges. So now I have no printer. How much fun is this?
by unknown on May 7, 2006 at 3:44pm Add comment
I work for brother and the reason your catridges are not recognized in the mach is because you have replaced the old ones in the mach put the news in the mach and it will be fine. - Anonymous
What a surprise ! I had a call from Brother today (Mon 8th) after my e-mail of yesterday. They say that an engineer will be round within 2 days to put on a NEW re-designed Print Head. I thanked him & suggested that he look forward to my further call in a few months with the same problem. He said that the new heads are a complete new design & will fix the problem !

Watch this space - will update a,s,a,p.


Whatever happens,,, I will look for an alternative machine.
If I can't get a decent all-in-one,,,, I would consider a Minolta 2400 colour laser & separate scanner/copier,,, & do away with the fax side all together (I can't even plug the damn thing into the phone line anyway,,, so it useless !!)

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
by TranswesT on May 8, 2006 at 8:21am Add comment
As promised -> Update on my dealings with Brother.

I sent Brother an e-mail on Sunday 7th May re Error 41 on my 3820CN. The next day I got a call from them saying that a 3rd party engineer would be with me within 2 days max. Today (Wednesday 10th) at 10-00 a.m I got a call from the engineer who was on his way to me. It’s now 11-00 a.m. - Job done.
I can’t knock the service.
The engineer did say that since Nov 2005 he has been to a couple of addresses on ‘more than one occasion’ to replace the replacements, & that the new printheads are exactly the same as the originals,,,, & that they send the old p.heads back to Brother for refurbishment !!!
My machine is a 14 month old home unit. I have only printed 198 items, but replaced all cartridges 3/4 times. The last lot were non originals – the engineer didn’t say anything about this.
I havn’t been pleased with this machine from the get go,,,, but have put up with it.
The Service this time was great – but I have lost faith in the products.
Cheers all
by TranswesT on May 10, 2006 at 3:09am Add comment
I bought a MFC7050C about 2.5 yrs ago. Sadly, I got it off a guy for 40 bux and I spent $72 for cartridges in 2004 and am just now getting around to using the machine. Well, the first time I tried it,it seems the printer head just locks in place along the track and the thing just makes alot of clickity noise and the cartridges dislodge from their holders. I am assuming none of this problem will be fixed by Brother since the machine is about a 1999 model and I am not the original owner.

I guess I just learned a $40-$112 lesson about Brother.

Now I will borrow a Lexmark printer from my sister which can use my pair of Lexmark Cartridges so that the $72 I spent on them won't be wasted. Then I will pick up another Fax etc machine at my local auction next Friday for dirt cheap.

Also to all the HP promoters, I had a similar problem with my HP 694. It too made awful noises, failed to feed paper right and other things. I guess it's pot luck for printer reliablilty.
by chilipeppermaniac on May 13, 2006 at 3:59pm Add comment
This is the second "error 41" for my MFC 5100c. I paid out of pocket for the first printhead repair. I just sent Brother my gripe and will go to the Better Business Bureau if I am not treated with compensation.
by unknown on May 20, 2006 at 8:07pm Add comment
I have the dreade error 41 on my MFC5100C, as I bought the machine whilst in New Zealand, and I now live in the Uk, Brother do not want to know.

The print head part number is LK 0935001, and I can purchase this from a local company.

I know how to remove and install the head, but can someone advise me of the new head setup procedure.


by Pajero on May 21, 2006 at 3:52pm Add comment
I Have a brother DCP11c and i love it. It prints things perfectly every time and when ever i have a technical problem (always my fault) the happy customer service people are always there to help and are very polite and helpful
by Anonymous on May 31, 2006 at 12:21am Add comment
my previous mfc ran out of warranty last year and I could not get a warranty replacement, now still within warranty the new 3320 has developed error 41, it is going straight into the bin (my fault for buying brother again) and being replaced with any other make I find on the shelf.
by unknown on Jun 6, 2006 at 5:59am Add comment
Well I experienced the infamous "error 41" this past weekend. After reading the postings on this site I was furious that Brother would sell a product knowing full well it was defective and just as furious Staples would as well. I was determined that I was going to a new printer one way or another. Brother was a joke, no point in going into it - just a joke.
I found Staples info on their investors site and contacted the president. I now have a new MFC, I did have to settle for a Brother but that's OK because there was no out of pocket expense for me. If any of you purchsed your product through Staples, here's the info. Presidentt: [email protected] for starters. That e-mail is what got the ball rolling. I was then contacted by Scott, the number is 508-253-2648. I have other numbers for Staples on my cell, e-mail if you need. I hope they get snowed. They did right by me, but only after I fought like a dog. They also tried to tell me they knew nothing of this problem. I suggested they go to this site. Hopefully they will drop Brother.
by unknown on Jun 6, 2006 at 7:01pm Add comment
Well what a suprise. I thought I was the only one with this problem ? I have an MFC 3220C which I installed January 2004. It has had three heads replaced due to Error 41 under warranty but no guarantees that they will last. Brother in Sydney Australia could not say if they were redesigned or the same unit. I now only use the MFC as a photo copy machine which by the way is crap. I have since purchased a Canon pixma 2000 and refil with generic ink Guess what? no more trouble. Today I was helping an old lady friend connect here system to broadband and lo and behold she has an MFC 3220c with error 41. Will it ever end with Brother products?
I will now assist this friend to try and get a satisfactury outcome from Brother.
by unknown on Jun 8, 2006 at 5:01am Add comment
Well following on from my contact with Brother. My MFC was used 6 times as a photocopy machine after it was fixed by Brother. Guess what"Error 41"
It is now in the wheely bin for destruction.
Sorry Brother another customer gone. - Anonymous
Following my request to Brother Australia. I recieved the following responce to one of my questions re newer heads."The print head should be a newer version than the one originally used, however if you are outside of the extended period, I would suggest looking at new machines instead of repairing the unit, as the costs would be extremely similar and a new unit would come with new warranty also"
Brother Product Support (Australia)[rl]
So thats it! My printer is destined for the land fill.

by unknown on Jun 10, 2006 at 1:50pm Add comment
If the machine is outside the 12month warranty and inside the extended warrany which is 12months then Brother should fix it. If the machine is outside the extended warranty then dump it.
Best of luck.
by Anonymous on Jun 24, 2006 at 3:00am Add comment
I got the dreaded "Error 41" message and called Brother as instructed by the printer and user manual. They only referred mr to a service site and told me that i would get a discount. Figuring this would probably cost as much as a new machine, (I mentioned this to the service person on the phone)I said that I would probably just purchase a new one to which he agreed!! Imagine my surprise (after i went out and bought a new machine) when I came upon this site and read some of these complaints. How dare Brother insult our intelligence with inferior products.
by unknown on Jun 25, 2006 at 10:15pm Add comment
I found my MFC-5100C on the side of the road. Thought to myself cool a multifunction!! Took it home & powered it up. Saw error 41 please contact phone support.. geez any error msg that says call phone support must be very very bad! I found the information on this error from the threads here, & first thing tmr Im gunna be leaving it on the side of the road for someone else to pick up. Oh well could have been worse, I could of actually purchased one..
by unknown on Jun 29, 2006 at 7:33am Add comment
Does any one know whether this problem is fixed by Brother in England?
by Anonymous on Jun 29, 2006 at 11:16pm Add comment
Brother printer is garbage.
Never buy it and don't suggest others to buy it.

The reasons are

1- one of the cartridges is near to empty , you can not use further.
you have to buy new ink cartridge and then do further prining.

2- error 41 is printer head common error. all users have same problem after few months of use. no solution. just put your money in replace.

by Anonymous on Jul 1, 2006 at 1:38pm Add comment
by unknown on Jul 7, 2006 at 3:21pm Add comment
by unknown on Jul 7, 2006 at 3:25pm Add comment
2nd failure. No More.
Switching from Brother to something else/
by Anonymous on Jul 14, 2006 at 10:28am Add comment

The Brother Co. claims to have 3-year warranty but the printer head is covered for 1 year in Hong Kong only!

My Brother printer (MFC) 3820 broke down and showed error 41 on LCD. I called the Brother customer's service (Hong Kong) and the staff told me that it cost me $600 something even within 3-year warranty since it's over 1 year.

I checked the Google "error 41" and knew everything. The printer head problems of Brother's printers are commonly found around the world!

I called Brother's (Hong Kong) again and told him what I found out. He promised to give me 20\% discount but still had to cost me $400 something.

I finally threw the white elephant away and bought a new printer in which the printer head goes with the ink cartridge. (Only 2 brand names printers so far have such design: HP and Lexmark)

Good luck to those who are using Brother's printers.

by unknown on Jul 24, 2006 at 8:54pm Add comment
Your printer head is clogged.
You can't fix it yourself due to Error 41 wich means that the printer head must be renewed.

DO NOT try to run the cleaning program though it will only cost you a lot of ink which is blown into the waistinkbag without getting the prob resolved!!

The construction of the printer head is real sh**!
(see the internet for "error 41 brother mfc" if you like. It's a big issue all over the world!!!!!!)

Brother has only ONE print engine system within several models (and the same print head) So, that's why you'll find the different model numbers (e. g. 3220, 3820 580 590) when searching for this issue.

Take these steps:
Call Brother. When you're asked having used non original brother ink tanks, deny in case you have run your printer with cheaper tanks! (That's OK, since people using only brother original ink have the same problem with that. It's NOT a problem with thirdparty ink! It's the malconstruction of the printers head!!!)

State that you have of cause used only original brother ink tanks!
(This is a matter of warranty. They are still looking for issues not to repair your printer within the warranty for free. They know the problem of malconstruction very well!)

They will give you an adress of the next service center.

Put original brother ink tanks into the printer bevor you go there!

Good luck!

by Anonymous on Jul 29, 2006 at 4:39pm Add comment
I have a Brother MFC 3100c - Over 3 yrs old.

Always used Brother Ink.

WIll I have to come out of pocket for this still, or is it something like a recall where Brother is paying for a new head?

I'm sure I am screwed. I am banking on the fact that the printer is going to end up in the garbage can or on the side of the road, where "mooo"(6-29-06) found his.
by unknown on Aug 3, 2006 at 3:14pm Add comment
I had the same problem. Brother replaced the machine under warranty and the refurbished machine did the same thing again. When I called Brother, they offered to fix the machine free of charge, however the nearest service center is 150 miles away. I opted not to send the unit off for repair in hopes of finding someone or something that I could do to get it fixed locally. So far, no good. It is very aggravating (the error code 41) since the machine was operating perfectly until the message appeared. (TWICE)! I have a feeling that MOST of the Brother MFC Owners have seen this error at least once. I think it's time for a recall or maybe we should boycott Brother until they decide to do the right thing.
by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2006 at 7:13am Add comment
Sheesh!! 5,000 posts dealing with the error and several hundred on this thread alone and you can't be bothered to read any of them. Keep waiting by the phone for a call that isn't coming.
by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2006 at 8:37pm Add comment
Hey there,
The serial number you have written there is wrong. I've found an answer where to find and how to decode the sn in another thread dealing with the error 41 code. It says:

"You will find the machine serial number under the paper tray at the front (the one that catches the paper) on the machine on the left hand side! The number is 15 digits long and will begin with U6 or U5. The key thing you are looking for is in the number in the middle surrounded by letters e.g. U56581D2H456752. For the example i just wrote there the machine was manufactured in April 2002. D= April, 2 = 2002."

Try to get the right sn for your mfc. Check date and count up 30 month. Within that time your are covered by warranty.

Anyway call brother and ask for the next service center. The printhead has to be replaced. Under warranty is for free! May be your a lucky and get a free one ;-)
by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2006 at 1:14am Add comment
After 3,5 year my case of "Error 41" started with my MFC-590. The Dutch Headquarters has an offer if your printer is from January 2003 or later (which mine was). The print head is replaced for free. You only pay for the replaced ink cartridges. Seems a fair deal to me, so I took the offer. After two working days the machine was ready and I am using it again since a couple of weeks.
ByTheWay: they did not ask whether I used original Brother ink.
by unknown on Aug 21, 2006 at 6:35am Add comment
I have been using a Brother printers over 4 or 5 years. I have never had a problem with any Error code or print head. I use the printer for shipping labels and no problems as of yet. I guess it could have just been a lot of print heads or printers that have had problems.
by Anonymous on Aug 26, 2006 at 12:27pm Add comment
Can anyone who knows explain exactly where to put the tape on the ink cartriges so your fax will continue to work when the color ink is low?

Someone earlier said that this bought them some extra time.

My model is mfc 3820cn

by Anonymous on Aug 29, 2006 at 3:10pm Add comment
see here on the 2nd Page of the pdf how to handle the cart:

by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2006 at 1:50am Add comment
if you remove the cartrigde and look at it from the bit you hald onto, there is a slope edge thats the part you need to put the black tape, after you put the cartridge back in tell the machine you've put a new cartridge in.

if you only use it as a fax there are 2 alternatives
1 don't take the tape off the bottom of the colour cartridges
2 fill all 3 slots with one colour, yellow is the best

hope it helps
by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2006 at 1:03pm Add comment
I have a MFC 3420c. Same issue as all the rest. Brother will not help because I was 4 months past date of serial number. I wonder how long my printer could have sat in their warehouse or in the stores warehouse before I purchased it? Needless to say, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( a very simple task) and I am seeing in Brother's future a possible class action suit.
by unknown on Aug 31, 2006 at 8:20am Add comment
My out of warranty machine is now going to be fixed free of charge as should all of the machines with this issue. Brother admits this is factory defect (mechanical error). I called Brother, and asked to speak with a supervisor. I told them that my machine is out of warranty and referred to the user manual clause that states:

"Except as otherwise provided herein, Brother warrants that the machine and the accompanying consumables and accessory items will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, when used under normal conditions."

A minute or so later, the supervisor had set up my work order and told me where to take the printer for repair at Brother's expense. - Anonymous

by Anonymous on Aug 31, 2006 at 6:48pm Add comment
so chap,

what's your concrete problem?

me and all the good people here can't give you an advise when you don't explain exactly what makes you so angry about the printer!
So, please let us know!
by Anonymous on Sep 1, 2006 at 12:45pm Add comment
This has certainly been dragging on a long while. I'd be glad to join a class action lawsuit against Brother. Looks like Brother knew about the Error 41 problem before I bought my MFC 3220C fifteen months ago in June 2005. Leaving the malfunctioning units in stores was\\is dishonest. I don't see much point in repairing it. I just won't give Brother another penny. I was already disappointed that the "genuine" ink cartridges reported themselves to be empty when there was still considerable ink in them. The caution against compatible inks appears to be a smokescreen in the case of Error 41, since printers using ONLY genuine inks still produce the error.

Now for the silver lining, small though it is: You can still scan and fax. Just put paper in the document feeder above the keypad (not the paper feeder at the back) and the Error 41 message will disappear. Press the Scan button and Scan functions normally. To me, the 25 sheet continuous scanning for OCR is worth keeping the machine because I scan old book pages for the text. It appears that the FAX will work in the same manner, but I don't use the FAX.
by seamon35 on Sep 7, 2006 at 1:16am Add comment
I have a MFC-4420. bought in 03.Error 41--- Print head has been replaced once in 7/05 under their warranty. Guess what?????Out again and Brother will not cover this replacement because I am 1 month over the extended warranty. I will replace my Brother and never buy another one!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous on Sep 7, 2006 at 12:42pm Add comment
En gros, d'après ce que j'ai compris, tous ceux qui ont une imprimante Brother DCP 4020C se retrouve avec l'erreur ME41!
Cette imprimante est une calamité, un très gros problème de conception... c'est une honte pour un fabricant de bureautique de vendre des machines aussi pourries!!!
Vu la politique de fidélisation (et de remerciement) que Brother utilise, pas étonnant qu'on ne veuille plus faire confiance en ces produits. (la date de garantie est dépassée...).
Une belle arnaque et une société incompétente, jamais je ne rachèterai une daube pareille...

by unknown on Sep 7, 2006 at 11:41pm Add comment
I have had a Brother Machine MFC 3100c for over 3 years. I am getting the Error 41 Message. I know it will probaly be better to buy a new machine.

by Anonymous on Sep 12, 2006 at 10:19am Add comment
I think I've made a terrible mistake. I retired a MFC-3100C and HL-1240 and replaced with an HL-5170N and two MFC-3820CN's. I thought I made a good move to purchas 38 assorted Brother printers for my employer. Now that my child is returning to school, I have to research the Machine Error 41 on the MFC 3820.

Oh my, I sure didn't have to search very long to find this thread on Brother Machine Error 41. I've probably made a mistake that I will regret, over and over again, for years.
by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2006 at 8:09am Add comment
There goes the other one. Now I got TWO MFC3820CN with error 41.
by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2006 at 7:29pm Add comment
ladies and gentlemen,

by now everyone should have realised that this problem is not a single isolated issue. go thru the date in the postings and you'll all notice how long this problem existed.

yes, we've seen posts that says brother 'services' are good.
and we've also seen posts that says brother services aren't good. it all depends on your local bother manager, if he's good, then you receive good service, if he's lazy, you don't receive service. what does that mean? the top management at brothers isn't doing anything!

yes, we've also seen posts that says brother is doing everything they can to fix the problem. it's been more than 2 yrs. what have they done to fix this techincal problem?

just think, give them 2 yrs and they can't fix it, yet every few months they roll out 'newer' models that inherits the same old problem.

looking at the bigger picture, if they had 2 yrs and didn't managed to solve it, they won't be able to solve it anytime soon. the real problem isn't with the printers, the real problem is with their top management. they never bother to control their service centres. if they did, would anyone in this forum EVER get any bad service?

those who got good services are lucky, cuz you probably called a centre managed by a responsible person.

myself called brother service centre ONCE. malaysia. i was asked to buy from authorised dealer, who quoted me 350 local currency, which is about US$100.00. that 'authorised dealer', didn't even know which ink is meant for which printer earlier when i purchased geninue ink. so, imagine for yourself what could be the standard of management throughout the brother organisation.

just like many of the above posts, my brother 3420C uses ink like drinking water. day 1 when i bought it, i was delighted to see that it was doing auto-cleaning! 'wow, this machine is cleaver'.

then it was clean every other day, before i even printed anything decent, one of the colour was 'empty'. when i see that it had at least 50\% left.

altogether, i've changed close to 10 sets of inks. and my simple maths tell me, i have not even printed 100 sheets of colour. i didn't even attempt to print pictures. i only used the colour for texts, for better presentation, and some line charts. given my thrifty nature, i didn't use it to print barcharts which use more ink. i bought 2500 pieces of A4, more than 2000 still remains, in total, i've used less than 500 sheets of paper. and i've used almost 10 sets of ink. not difficult to work out how many pages printed per set of ink.

when error 41 occures, i researched, and found this site. reading so many posts with the same problem, my blood was boiling.

anyway, i don't know if i should recommend HP.
but i didn't bother to call brother anymore. i'll like to stay healthy, without brother giving me hypertension(high blood pressure) by causing me anger.

i bought HP laserjet 3055.
yes, i've moved to laser, got very disappointed with brother's low-end machines that actually costs more.
i thought, if i did not ever buy those lousy inks, my new HP laserjet could have been free. i won't waste more money with brother, i won't spend another minute dealing with anything brother. it's a waste of my time.

don't use brother anymore.
the side effects of using brother:
1. anger, resulting in higher blood pressure.
2. fustration, result in lose of concentration. lower productivity. poorer work quality.
3. for those already with high blood pressure, the resulting anger might cause stroke.

so far, i'm enjoying my HP just like i did for many years before i bought my anger creating machine. and don't just believe me, do your own research and you will know what choice to make.
by hkm on Sep 17, 2006 at 3:00am Add comment
My Brother MFC-3820CN had the printhead replaced once already. Now I got the Error 41 message again less than a year later. This printer uses a lot of ink, and also won't print at all if only one of the colors is out. (even if you only want to print in black, and a color is out.) I never had any such problems with my old basic Hewlett Packard printer... I guess you get what you pay for. The Brother printer was a bargain to buy, but the cost of ownership is high. I'll probably buy an HP again and not Brother...
by unknown on Sep 19, 2006 at 11:10pm Add comment
My experience with my 3820 CN and support was very good. Because of the SN they are replacing my head for free. I have had it for about 1 1/2 years. I just have to drive about an hour to take it to the service center. The rep told me that the part has been re-designed and is not just another "bad" part replacement. I am supposed to get an authorization within 24 hours. Does anyone know if the new part has been re-designed for sure? It sounds like I will have the same problem again. Also, if you buy a new printhead from somewhere else will it be a new designed one or the same old faulty design?

Thanks all,
by unknown on Sep 21, 2006 at 6:43pm Add comment
To folow up... Brother took care of me great. It took 5 days to get the work order (they didnt get the right serial nuumber which delayed my work order) They took care of me with no charge to me. I had to go an hour from my house But, I do think that Brother has "tried" to do the right thing with this situation. I didn't have my reciept and the printer was 27 months old by the serial number. They still fixed it for free! I don't know of any other printer company would do what Brother has done for me. BTW, All you have to do on the 3820CN and similar models is remove the 2 clips at the back of the print head, put in the new one, add "new" cartridges and do about 3 cleanings and it is done. You do not need to enter any reset codes. After reading this board I thought for sure it would be a hassle for me but I was pleasently surprised. Thank you Brother for taking care of me. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A COMPANY THAT FIXES A OVER 2 YEAR OLD PRINTER FOR FREE? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Brother has changed my mind on how I thought of them before. I will buy Brother again. - unknown
Hi Olesya,

please read the hole thread!

The Prob and the solution is explained here more than a THOUSAND times!

(Try searching : error 41)
by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2006 at 10:51am Add comment
I got the error 41 on my MFC5100C ,I ordered a printhead and new ink cartridges and it still won't print out anything. Can someone please help me get this thing working. I have put $60.00 in it and still can't use it.
by unknown on Sep 30, 2006 at 11:56am Add comment
I agree with seamon35... We should file a class action law suit! i purchased my MFC 3420C in January of this year and got the 41 about 20 mins ago. I called Brother and they asked me about the ink thing (thank you for insulting my intelligence by tryiong to blame my problem on the ink) I cut to the chase and asked for a full refund (hey a girl has to try) and she put me on hold and came back with the repair center info, and totally ignored my query. So i asked again and was denied (surprise, surprise).

Well, 'round these parts, i am known for my customer service satisfaction (from free pizza to all inclusive hotel stays.. and not by scamming, just demanding proper service). So, undaunted i called Fry's elecrtonics where i purchased the POS, and told the "Person in Charge" and he said if i have purchased the extended warrenty through Fry's they would in fact take it backa nd give me store credit. But alas i did not. I gave him this link and hopefully he will look at it (although i doubt it) So i am called the Fry's corporate headquaters and see what i get there.

Like Nike says.... JUST DO IT! I think we all need to get together and file a lawsuit, call a media trouble-shooter, or better yet... stage a "customer recall" like those old Discount tire commercials (where the old lady throws the tire through the window) and take/ship all of our POS' to the corporate headquaters for arrival on the same day! I am sure it would get some press. We may not get a refund or our money back, but the satisfaction and publicity may be just enough to stop the big-wigs laughter and do something about their product.

What do you think?
by unknown on Oct 4, 2006 at 11:16am Add comment
Three days ago I recieved the Error 41 message on my Brother 3820cn and contacted Brother; was told I could take it to a repair shop 50miles away. After researching the numerous posts regarding this and re-contacting Brother, I am convinced there should be a class action suit filed. As I explained rather vehemently to the second customer service rep, Brother knew this and intentionally set out to fraud consumers with known defective products and failed to notify consumers that they discovered a defective part.
Most large corporations participate in a recall effort to provide their customers with the opportunity to replace the defective part even when many times the part is not defective. Honda, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Compaq all have parcipitated a program aimed at correcting a known defect.
My question: Is there a class action suit being prepared to you knowledge against Brother?
I am contacting my Attorney General and asking that he proceeds to look at this heinous deception on the part of Brother.
Thanks for providing me with any information that you may know which I am able to include.
- Anonymous
Geez. F-ing company.

A "new" print head is gonna cost $50 and require 2 days to order from the local repair shop. What a jyp.
by Amiduffer on Oct 4, 2006 at 12:13pm Add comment
Just had another go with Brother on the Error 41 problem. They continue to deny it is common problem, only an isolated incident. I checked my serial number against them and they say it has been 50 months since date of mfg. Since it will cost a lot to take to service center, labor plus parts, it is not worth it to fix. Thought I would buy a printhead for it, but Brother wants $49.99 for it before shipping. That I think is insult added to injury--they even want to make more of a profit on this problem. If I cannot get a cheaper printhead elsewhere, I will chuck the printer. It is not being used now anyway, since I bought an HP. I had HP's in the past, just made the big mistake in buying this Brother--STAY AWAY FROM BROTHER PRODUCTS--they don't care about the customer. I will never buy a Brother product again--they may be cheap to acquire but cost an arm and a leg to use, and when there is a problem, you are up the creek. And they are not even honest to admitting the problem. CLASS ACTION SUIT IS REQUIRED
by patsaison on Oct 4, 2006 at 2:50pm Add comment
We had our 3420C for a little less than a year when we got the infamous error code 41. With a little luck, we found an authorized representative (a little over 300 miles) and we took it in. After three weeks, I retrieved the printer and drug it home. It worked three months and now it is making some really horrible grinding noises. The noise seems to be coming from the "belt" under the glass for copying or scanning. With the problems we've had with it, I am going to make a contribution to the local dump on trash day. Good luck if you have one of these "quality" printers. I'm buying a HP tomorrow, which I should have done in the first place. I will not recommend a Brother printer to anyone and frankly, am extremely disappointed with the product and PC Magazine (which highly endorsed it). NOTE TO BROTHERS: How much did you have to pay PC Magazine for their endorsement?
by unknown on Oct 5, 2006 at 7:35pm Add comment
I have seen the noise problem on a similar model. The ribbon cable connected to the scanner assembly got a little to close to the glass and makes a low squeegy sound as it scans. it was a six screw fix... good luck - unknown
I got same problem

Anyone can help me. I bought it 06/2004..two years ago

So, Do I have any chance to ask Brother Fix it for me, Or get replacement by pay for shipping cost.

Let me know please

[email protected]
by unknown on Oct 14, 2006 at 1:22pm Add comment
my mfc3420c is diplaying machine error 41 on the lcd
i have unpluged and plunged the power cable but error is still not cleared. what do i do next. writting from ghana
by nana on Oct 18, 2006 at 3:28am Add comment
Give them a call and see what they say - Anonymous
contact brother support! No way to fix it yourself!

Search forum for "error 41" for more info. There are many, many answers to that question!
by Anonymous on Oct 18, 2006 at 6:44am Add comment
I called both numbers and was told they would not fix it because my machine is out of the warranty period. They just fixed it in Feb when I was within the warranty period but Obviosly with the same junky printhead, as the error message 41 is back again.

I spoke to 4 people, all state no warranty, no fix.
by Anonymous on Nov 10, 2006 at 10:56am Add comment
code 41...again. had first unit replaced after a few months. used this refurb they sent for about 2 years (i think its a record!!!) just got off the phone with them and they of course asked about the ink! ya, i use brother brand. then they said that it was out of warranty. no kidding, but i didnt break it. the problem is the inferior print head which is their problem. i told him i didnt care about a warranty, this was about standing behind your product, especially since it's a known issue and has been for many years.
he talked to his supervisor and of course, no warranty, no fix!

i agree, Class action.

they wont listen to one of us, but i bet they would listen to all of us!

any lawyers in this forum?

by Anonymous on Nov 20, 2006 at 11:22am Add comment
My MFC3420C is going to the dump on the first ride that I can get it on to there. I've owned it for 2 1/2 years. It has just error 41'd for the fourth time! Yes Brother has repaired it each time until now. It's to the point that it's costing too much time. Better off making a new investment.
by Anonymous on Nov 21, 2006 at 7:39pm Add comment
LOL, read this and see how much they care about the environment. If you think they're really recycling, you bloody well have to rethink after reading it.
When you get done gasping in horror, read this article about where the toner cartridges collected in the save the U.K. and save the USA wind up.
by moe on Dec 9, 2006 at 1:12pm Add comment
I have several MFC3820 CN's with ERROR 41. If Brother reads this, I hope that Brother makes good and upgrades our 6 MFC3820CN's. We use these for life saving missions and WE ARE NOT HAPPY.

America Search And Rescue
[email protected]
Laurence Kaplan
by Anonymous on Jan 3, 2007 at 11:46am Add comment
You can fix the ERROR 41. Go to www.bopparts.com and look up part# LK0935001. They sell it for $39.99 and it is very simple to install.
by Anonymous on Jan 19, 2007 at 7:45pm Add comment
all of you are cry babies.
"They should recall"
"complain to bbb"
"oh no...a mass produced item went boom"
get over it.
Brother made a mistake. All companies do.
They are working their heads off to get you new machines and fix the ones they cant replace. And at no cost to you.
suck it up.
Stop being big babies. Welcome to the real world.
And if you dont think that HP or any other company has the same problems then you are all a bunch of fools.
by unknown on Sep 18, 2005 at 7:09am Add comment
Oh yeah ...adn as for the time honored custom
of calling companies liars:
Keep in mind that if a rep on the phone makes a mistake then suddenly the company is a liar.
Also ...never complain that the wait time is too long on the phone....
It is not as if they are standing on their heads goofing off..
There is a problem and there are millions of people who need help not ust with this problem but with dumb problems like why is my fax not working and then they find out the fax inst plugged in...
SO give them a break and be nice...It is the reps jobs to try and help not to be yelled at and called liars.
by unknown on Sep 18, 2005 at 7:13am Add comment
sounds like ysapir is a "brother" of "brother." Therefore we will take the comments with a BIG grain of salt!!! We agree that most people and companies make mistakes. What separates the losers from the winners is the winners FIX their mistakes....they don't just put bandaides on them and CALL them fixed or lie about what the actual problem is!!! I think I am with most people here in saying that we don't blame the phone reps...they just do as told. We blame the company for telling its customers lies and for not fixing a WELL KNOW PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! - Anonymous