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Hp HP OfficeJet 5510

HP OfficeJet 5510 error message

My Hp OfficeJet 5510 gives me the following error message Error:0xf0af8004,What can i do to fix the problem

Try doing a reset. Press and hold the # and 3 buttons while plugging in the power. If that combination doesn't work, use # and 6.
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thx just used it and it worked great # plus 6 - Anonymous
i've try it just now.but it doesn't work.i also use the # and 9 for full reset.also didn't work.do you have any idea..
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Hi, It seems that I'm not alone with this pb. My Officejet 5510 is out with the samme error message "0xf0af8004" and all leds are lightning. I've read all news and I didn't finf any answer.

Is there anyone that solve this pb ? Thanks in advance
by Amine on Nov 22, 2005 at 4:59pm Add comment
The product displays an 0x ... error code when printing (for example Error: 0xf0af8004). These error codes indicate that the product has an internal condition.
Use the instructions below to resolve the issue by restarting the product.

Disconnect the Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable from the back of the product, but leave the product turned on.
Open the cover of the product and remove the print cartridges.
Close the cover and wait for the Insert Ink Cartridges message to display.
Disconnect the power cord from the back of the product and wait for one minute.
Reconnect the power cord. If the product does not automatically turn on, press the Power button.
Open the cover and reinsert the print cartridges.
Close the cover. If prompted, print a calibration page.
Reconnect the USB cable, and try to print a print job from the computer.

If these steps did not resolve the issue, contact HP technical support for assistance.
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I was able to fix this by reinstalling the driver on the computer while the malfunctioning 5510 was attached to USB. At some point during the reinstallation, everything was fixed.

The printer has many problems that require unplugging and replugging in. I would not recommend it if I could find a multifunction with ADF that worked better.
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HP Officejet 5510....2 years old.....low usage....still has original ink cartridges....shows Error:0xf0af8004....talked to HP online support twice...no help...they tried to sell me an overpriced refurbished unit....NO THANKS!!!!...NO MORE $$$$ FOR HP...EVER!!!!
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I had same Problem with ErrorNr. 0xf0af8001. I have an Installation with a W-Lan Printserver. First of them i tried kk_gns instructions with no results. After i resetted the Printserver (while Printer turned out) and followed the Instructions once again, the Error Message eliminated.

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well, i don't know if this will help. i just had a customer bring one of these in to me after if displayed the 0xf0af8004 w/blinking lights following a massive thunderstorm. i have only been able to get the machine to power up once (with the error). in my experience when hp starts the sales/exchange spiel there is only one solution...replace it. i would guess that the message is related to the power supply and given the cost of the machine it would not be worth messing with. just my 2 cents. be good y'all.
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Well I have 3 of the same problem in warranty period and all end up with replacement. 1 year + its broken again with the same ol error.
My advice avoid HP at all cost. Their concept of business is to make poor quality products then try to sell you another poor quality product as trade-in program or charge you so high a price for the repair you could get a new unit.
Both my HP notebook and 5510 is not working now. Big brand names don't stand for quality, it just means they are sucking the blood out off consumers!!
Consider yourself warned.
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I have the same error code , have tried everything nothing works have talked to HP Support no HELP !! just wanted to swap for rebuilt printer at the cost of a new one .
by rhfink1 on Dec 10, 2006 at 1:44pm Add comment
I cleared the error code by following the HP sequence of steps for removing power, remove/reinstall cartridges, etc., but after doing that I uninstalled the HP scanner from the XP Device Manager and rebooted twice. Haven't had that 0x... error code since doing those steps. I noticed that my black ink cartridge was reporting low ink on the printer menu but never got a popup message about that on my PC. Before trashing the printer, try removing/reinstalling all the printer/scanner software, following the HP sequence of steps and then removing from Device Manager and letting Windows re-find the HP by rebooting twice.

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I dade that # and 6 press key and then 5 to master reset, and then let my office HP unpluged from power cord and usb, by several hours (one day). HP has an timeout system to make hardware fail so, if u have luky it reset from that time it is unpluged. then, u must uninstall all drivers from SO amd delete all directories and evem all registry keys from HP. Next day u reset your clok pc to year 1999 or 2000 and next reinstall all software again and plug the officejet again. It will start work fine.
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My Office jet 5510 prints one line, then sleeps for 15 seconds then prints another line, then 15 seconds sleeping, etc... 5 minutes for one page. What can I do, reinstalling, #3, #9 don't help
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Just before I beat the living Heck out of it I gave it one last try! I cleaned the contacts on the cartriges and the carrier then repeatedly put them in and out while flicking the cartrige door switch and it came back to life and works fine (for the moment!!)
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Changed my mind worked for 5 hours and now back to error message. On its way down to the skip!!! Good luck to everyone else I think this is the final answer though!
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A wise choice with any HP printer - we've all been stolen from enough from their cartridge business anyway. I've since had Brother printers - GREAT! They WORK, their cartridges are HUGE, and can easily be REFILLED!
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Thanks ppl! I now know not to wast my time with this error! no dams or ocean here, so i will make a door stop of it. thanks ;-)
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hp officeje5510 all-in-one printer error message ERROR:0*d05d010c - Anonymous
Hi - my printer will stop in the middle of a sheet and it says the carriage is stalled. I open the door and close it and keep my hand on it (to fake it out) and it works again but I can't do this every time. Any suggestions?
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Wont print or copy And shows it is out of paper Ival
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My Hp Office Jet 5510 gives me the following error message:OxFOaf8004, What can I do to fix the problem
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Try a reset. Press and hold the # and 3 buttons while plugging in the power.

If the reset doesn't help see the 2/21/06 11:46 PM post. There are also other suggestions that follow.
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I have HP 5510 Printer . inbegining time its lcd screen apeear message error 0xf0af8004 .

plz infom me what solution i apply for this error

I m allready ele engineer plz send any techanical solution for above problem

thanks N.K. Soni
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See my last post.

Go this web page.
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My officejet 5510 suddenly will not send or receive long distance faxes- did get new computer with vista system a while ago- don't know whether its related. It can send and receive faxes in same zip code. Suggestions?
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Please tell me the error message of 0xf0af8004 in my officejet 5510. Thanking you,
Deepak Gupta
941637451 Palwal Distt. Palwal (Haryana)
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Please tell me the error message of 0xf0af8004 in my officejet 5510. Thanking you,
Deepak Gupta
941637451 Palwal Distt. Palwal (Haryana)
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I just had the same error message Error:0xf0af8004
The best way to solve this is:
1. Unplug your printer from all cords attached.

2. Remove all paper, ink cartirges and documents-forgotten-on-the-scanner.

3. kicked your printer and shout.

4. Take a big hammer and re-decorate your printer with it.

5. get a new one.
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Your recommendation worked!! I am a happy camper! Use a BIG hammer for the most enjoyment - it made me smile - Anonymous
my printer is an hp officejet l7650 and it keeps getting an error message saying 0005fbb6.

Any Help???
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got the same printer 5510 anyone who managed solve the problem?
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****SORRY ALL*****

Ive been in IT for 10 Years.
Generally I can sort most printer problems

But i have been at it for 3.5 hours now and just smashed it on the floor......

.... Guys dont waste your time... if the # 3 / # 6 /# 9 does not work... throw it away and get a new one (preferably a canon)

I Even cleanded every part individually.... still no joy!!!!!!

I hate printers!!!!!! LOL!!!

Good luck anyways!
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j ai essaye toute les possibilites mais mon imprimant hp 5510 marque toujours error 8004
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Hi, I have an HP officejet J5780 and a windows 7 operating system. When I try to scan a document in color or gray into a pdf format, the scanner blocks and I get the error code 8,[(4,0,-2147023170)]. Can anyone help me ? I already tried to restart the application, the copmuter and reinstalled the software. Nothings seems to work.\\r\\n
Kind regards,
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After reading all the threads and nothing worked I discovered that the uderside of carriage access has a peg about 4 inches from the left side and a couple inches from the front of the printer. This enters hole in the lower part of the printer where it is supposed to push on something. That something appears to be pivoted or hinged at the bottom. I found it laid back, pointing to the rear of the printer. With a narrow screwdriver I was able to flip it erect where it stayed by itself. That fixed my problem. The printer went through its 5-minute check routine and then started printing.
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