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PLEASE READ! HP 960c Printing Error

Hi, I have a HP deskjet 960c. Earlier today it just stopped printing, and the "No Ink" light is flashing. I replaced the black ink cartridge with a new one, but the light is still on. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the printer as well as restarting my computer.

Nothing is working. I can't find a solution online, and phone technical support is outrageously expensive.

I'm just trying to print a black and white document that I need by tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.
To append what Craig said, clean the cartridige and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. It is also possible for new cartridges to be defective. Test the cartridges in a known working printer.
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Cheers mate the alcohol swob worked magic - Anonymous
You replaced the black ink cartridge.... but what about the colour? You must have a colour cartridge in order for the printer to work.

The correct cartridges for this printer are...

Black Ink Cartridge 51645A
Color Ink Cartridge C6578AN

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Thank you for your quick responses, Craig and Bert.

We have been using the printer for some time now with an operating black cartridge and an empty color cartridge (since we don't use color when we print).

Is the printer supposed to not function without a filled color cartridge?

Once again, thanks.
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They will work with an empty cartridge if you only wish to use it for black... thats not to say though that your cartridge hasnt become faulty.
When you have tried a new colour cartridge in this printer.. or tested the cartridges in a known good printer.. and you still have this prob..let us know and we'll think more ;)
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I replaced the color cartridge with another, and the printer is fully functional now. I can't believe what a simple step it was, and I'm thankful that it was only a cartridge problem.

Bert, Craig: Thank you so much for helping me.
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No problem.... I could not express to you enough how important a site like this is! I have found out so much information on this site. In a matter of a week.. the number of problems I have seen up here.. the number of people that have very skilled troubleshooting abilities I have interacted with... has given me months worth off knowledge if I was to pick up these tricks and knowledge of "what goes wrong with what" with hands on work exp. I was put in charge of supporting a very large amount of printers in various models .. with little experience in printer repair... google searches helped me learn some.. but after I stumbled on this site, I have been able to find archived solutions or some info that has led me to be able to diagnose and sovlve all encountered problems!
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Test pages print fine, cartridges are full, USB and power cords are fine. PROBLEM: Once a print job enters the queu, a dialog box pops up reporting "unable to open printer connection." I've cleaned the connections with alcohol, rebooted printer and computer. A second 960c works fine, so I know it's this particular printer (i.e., not the drivers, cartridges, or cords). I'm running 10.3.9. Really appreciate any/all help/suggestions.
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The yellow light comes on even when the printer is turned off. The printer also prints out a sheet when it is turned off. Thanks for suggestions.Marva
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How do I open up a 960c? Mine has some sort of unreachable jam and I need to get in there and clear it.
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