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Brother Brother MFC 890

Brother MFC 890 Error 41

Have had this error it about the last week and used to unplug and then plug back in and it would do the next print job and error again.

But now it will not print magenta and yellow is poor. I think I may be right in think it is a problem with the print head. But how do you remove the print head? or is there somrthing else wrong?

i have a mfc-3220C. i was pressing the #2 key repeatedly getting annoyed, and then it said Machine Error 41, bla bla bla... seemed like i caused it by pressing too many keys to fast or something. Same thing... unplug, print once, then error... but now it errors as soon as i plug it in. i think i just pressed to many buttons... any way to reset it? on hold with brother now... this oughta be good.
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Machine error 41 is a temperature reading failure of the printhead. This is caused by a manufacturing fault in the ink although it still happens when using refilled/recycled ink. The only cure is to replace the printhead unit. This is a very fiddly job on the 890 and is best left to an engineer as the new heads property code needs to be entered into the software in the machine. Button pushing does have no bearing AT ALL on error 41. New head and new inks will cure. I can assure you of that.The Brother part number is LK0799001. Good luck - Anonymous
HOW TO FIX : 25 NOV 2004


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How bout I tried this...did it 3 times then the printer gave me another 41 error and refused to do anything.


-TG - unknown
Thanks for the advise, sounds good but when I try it on my 890 it goes into Maintenance mode, does the clean cycle then finishes, but does not display 'Cleaning' while doing this so no chance of entering code 09 as per your procedure. Any thoughts? - Anonymous
i bought my brother mfc 890 when they first came out in the uk.
only using brother replacement cartridges untill last week when i filled up with a universal refill kit, error 41 came up today.
it took almost 5 mins to find this site along with the answer to my problem.thanks,cheers i would get you a beer GAWAIN BURGHARD - Anonymous
I have a MFC-3420C and a couple of days ago I replaced the yellow cartridge, and went through the print quality process a number of times as the print was fairly well garbled not just the alignment and quality section but the top part also. It was also evident when I tried to print the user setting and help lists. It was trying to print the boxes not just once on the page as per normal, but was replicating them in smaller print across three columns with the result being illegible.
I tried your suggested maintenance 'Factory settings mode' and it worked like a dream. Are there any other codes that you are aware of? Is there a way of uprgading the bios/eprom via software?
Once again, many thanks.
Zinger - Anonymous
will this procedure work for a 3420c? I use my printer infrequently and wonder if the automatic cleaning should be suppressed?

thanks for any help you can render.

Mark the tinman <:)< - tinman97080
In response to the FIX for Brother Error 41, I followed the directions in holding down the menu/set key while plugging the machine back in. I did get "Maintenence" on the LCD but when I entered code 84 as directed, it gave me "Printer ERROR!" and flashed it and then Error 41 came up again. Did anyone get this to work? - Anonymous
Go to www.bopparts.com - look under part# LK0935001. They sell the part for $39.99 with instructions. It only takes like a minute to change and no tools are needed.
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Although the part is sorta cheap, I will have to advise against it. OR you can buy the part to fix the printer then SELL IT!!! This problem will happen again and again. Just ask me. I've been through it. Right now I have the my MFC3820cn only for faxing (can't receive any since it doesn't work.)

Sad to see this thread still alive and kicking.
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Write my name in the "Error 41" book of shame. I called Brother and was told that they would send out a "refurbished" machine. I asked for a refund and they said NO. I asked for a new machine and they said NO. I asked for an extension on the warranty on the refurbished machine and they said NO.

NO! NO! NO! Well, I say NO! to Brother for any future business or recommendations.

I sent back the old machine in the same box, with a pre-paid FedEx shipping label. My machine was 9 months old. I will see how long this rebuild lasts, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I am not going to pay ANYTHING to have it repaired.

Like others, I was not satisfied with the print quality. I think I will bring back my EPSON color stylus (8100?) to use an an alternate/selectable printer.

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I'm with you the same EXACT thing happend to me. If I did not inow better I would have thought I wrote your letter. Add me to the class action suite.

Cheryl - Anonymous
if this is the replacement head how do i repair my machine step by step?
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You WILL need a new printhead as the insides of your old one will have rusted. This is the cause of error 41. no amount of button pushing will fix it. Set the machine to the change ink position. This will move the carriage into almost the centre.Power the m/c down by removing the mains plug. Next remove all the inks and at each side of the head is a long brown metal clip. Push the clip away from you from the bottom. It will spring off. Do the same on the other side.Now lift out the old head. Fit the new on by reversing this proceedure. Power on and you will get to the date and time.To enter service mode press Menu,*,2864.The lcd will show "Maintenance".On the new head is a white sticky label.Observe the numbers and letters above the bar code.Press 68 then 2580.The screen will show a different set of nmbrs and letters. Input the sticky labels digits on top of what u have on the lcd.For a letter hold down the # key followed by a number.When these are done the lcd will show Input Accepted.Now press 99 to exit maintenance. All you need to do now is run the head cleaning cycle twice and thats it. Good luck. - Anonymous
Just sent some info to lawyersandsettlements.com after getting off the phone with Brother service dept. I was stung with the error today and was angry over the fact that I have to bring my MFC 3820cn 62 Miles away for free repair which could take up to two weeks to get back. I'm hopeful a class action lawsuit may get us somewhere, like a gift check for a Canon or Epson replacement.

Never again will I even consider purchasing a Brother product— EVER!

Twice this has happened with two MFC-3820 machines!
Considering calling the Attorney General Office and submitting a letter to BBB and Staples since that is where I purchased the defective machines. Very dissatisfied!
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Yep! Me too! Crap!
But there is always a way! I just lost my job on Dec. 1st, and , yes, having a fax/printer/ copier is pretty important in a job search.
I have had mine for about 3 years, but have only used new Brother ink replacement cartridges. At aboutclose to 40.00 for black I think?

So, today, I unplugged my machine umpteen times, and of course, the dreaded ERROR 41 over and over again!
So, I called cust. support, and after a long time of push this number for this and yadda, yadda,....... I finally clicked on customer support for after warranty.
Ah, Adams Electronics in Huntington beach, ca. The same company that replaced my laser in my mini system for close to 150.00$, in which the system only cost me 250.00.
Hmmmmmm, doesn't that make my crappy mini system 400.00 plus the 50.00 extended warranty?
Yes, I am going off the subject, but, the bottom line is, today's electronic products are pure crap. How else can these company's compete in such a broad market filled with so many manufacturers?
So, I am a woman, no job, and was determined to find a soulution.
By the way, Adams Electronics quoated me 90 something dollars for the replacement part for my brother MFC 5100C.
So, I unplugged, then held down my ink button, plugged back in, then pushed the up key above menu /set, and chose clean.
It took about 6 cleanings, as my Cyan was turquoise, it isn't perfect, but at least I can use this piece 'o crap.
But thank you to all on this website, as I would have probably gone out and bought a new one with the money I don't have.
And I will be calling Brother Again tomorrow, and pressing hard about this \%*^\%*& Error 41!
Thanks to all of you that took the time to have a voice.
Unemployed, I sure don't need to spend another couple of hundred dollrs!
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I have a MFC-5100C and it has the problam too.

I think it looks the same but beside the print heads there are two metal copis which you push forwad and then out sideways.

Sure, taking out the head and soaking it for a bit then print another page, take it out, soak, print, ...

I don't think that's really a permanent solution to it.
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Error 41 is the print head

Is tricky to replace in the 890 - there are ribbon cables attaching the head to the carraige assembly.

by Paul on Oct 7, 2004 at 3:21pm Add comment
Ours just went the same way at least we know not to bother trying to get it fixed - Thanks guys

Mike Churchill
by Anonymous on Oct 13, 2004 at 2:18am Add comment
The 41 error requires the replacement of the print head assembly, a reletively simple repair and now it looks as though the part might be available at a fraction of what it had been previously listed for. Many of these machines can be repaired outside of the warranty period without spending more than what it would cost for a replacement unit.

Please feel free to contact me directly for help in getting your unit repaired.
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Hi Brad, Same Error, Different Machine -- Do you think the repair would be the same for my MFC-5100C? Would you still have any advice or assistance? Thanks! Randy W. - Anonymous
My Brother MFC 5200 had the same error. I took it to the ONLY place on the island that can get a printer head.
Why can't we order one and replace it ourselves. I was then told that the printer head would be a little over $100.00, but no charge to install it. They had my machine for weeks.
Do you know an easier way or where we can purchase just the printer head, for when this happens again?
JR - Anonymous
HELP. This machine is about a year old. I don't have the money to replace it. Can you offer any suggestions. Error 41 appreared, and I am wondering if I should invest any money to have it repaired or just get a new one. I am so disappointed with this company in general. This machine has been a heachache from the beginning.

Thank you Alex Higgins - Anonymous
How about the MFC 5100c any suggestions on reparing error 41 on this? - kdrose
Please explain what I need to do for this same error. - Anonymous
I too have an error code 41 and I soaked the printer head in alcohol overnight, however error 41 still remains. This should have fixed the problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Where can I purchase a new printer head?

Thanks, John - Anonymous
My original machine had a error 41 and they sent me a refurbished unit. I subsequently rec'd another error 41 and brought it to a recommended Brother service Ctr. They repaired it, however, cautioned me for using non-Brother cartridges. We're retired & can't afford to buy the genuine Brother cartridges. Can you recommend a method I can fix or replace the print head?
Thank You - Anonymous
Hi can you tell me more. I was at a thrift store and seen the 7 in 1 machine for sale for $20 (as is NO EXCHANGE). I plug it in messed around with it awhile. first thing that pops up was all the colors were near empty. Then recieved error 41 message I called brother and they told me the print assembly story. so is it easy , cheap ,to fix? Is it worth $20. - Anonymous
great stuff brad, have error 41 too developed on 30-nov-2005, printer 6 months old, be delighted if you can help or supply parts to fix , thanks, please advise costs and any proposed delivery arragements, Stressed and under pressure, in ireland, Ronan - Anonymous
Had Bro MFC 5100C for a number of years ...

figured print head is shot.

Your response appreciated.


Chris - Anonymous
where are you located and how do i get my printer repaired?


- Anonymous
I have the mfc 3100 and i'm getting the error 41 how can i get a head for it cheap does anyone know? - Anonymous
Hullo Brad,
What do you suggest?
Our MFC 890 is now showing error 41.
The engineer who looked at the machine did not open it but simply said ditch it. It is too expensive to repair!
Is this correct?
Our machine will be 3 years old in September of this year.
I lookfoward to your reply,
Thanks so much,
Elaine. - Anonymous
I have received error 41 and am interested in repairing this myself or asking my husband. What part do we need? Where do we get it etc?

Thanks so much - Anonymous
Where can I get the print head for my MFC-3420C cheap. Thanks for the help. - Anonymous
Same problem with printer head....Where do I get a replacement printer head?...It is 2 years old so not likely covered by warranty.

jj - Anonymous
I have an mfc3420c with this problem. If you are using generic inks this will happen. The cure is to remove the printhead and put alcohol in some spare cartridges and run the cleaning cycle several times. Or soak the printhead in a shallow pool of alcohol for several hours. The printhead will come out by pressing down and on the spring clips each side of the head.I would like to know where to get a spare printhead so I can just swap it out and clean it later. Thank you. Richard - Anonymous
Dear Brad

We too have the same complaint. Please can you confirm how to get hold of the part and who may be able to repair?

Many thanks
K Smith - Anonymous
Brad, can U tell us how to fix this error 41. - Anonymous
Same problem as all the rest. Do you have a solution as it has now packed up working at all? - Anonymous
Where do I get this part (print head assy) at a reasonable cost ? Is it worth fixing it or it will go bad again ?
- Anonymous
My printer MFC-5100C (so called 5-in-1) started giving me Error 41. Is there anything I can do to fix it or do I have to throw it away eventhough it is about 1 yr old printer. Your help is greatly appreciated.
by Sam on Oct 28, 2004 at 7:00pm Add comment
Unplugged my MFC-3220C (working perfectly) to move it into my new home office. Plugged it back in, am greeted with Error 41. I'm disheartened to find this page ... but will be calling Brother at 9am when they open since it's still under warranty.

Brad, just sent you an email to inquire about repair.
by Bob on Oct 29, 2004 at 4:27am Add comment
i recently bought mfc3420c....5 months ago.

sure enough...machine error 41

up yours brother!!!

and apparently this new model has already been replaced on the product line so i cant get a replacement....how convinient.

no i have to send the thing to a repair centre
and i'm without a machine for at least 3 days.

i guess i should close my company down
cause brother can't make a decent product.

and dont get me started on the ink
i had to replace the cyan.....and i havent
even printed or copied anthing in colour
how nice for brother cartridge sales.
Next they will be selling the cartridges without
any ink in them.

by unknown on Nov 5, 2004 at 12:36pm Add comment
I bought a brand new Brother MFC-3420C less than 8 months ago. First I was having problems with ink blotching and bands on my pages. I cleaned the machine like it tells me too and went back and did the print and color check. Did it many times! Still looks like crap.

Then about a month later, I changed out all the ink cartridges to brand new. Now the only colors I can get out of it is magenta and black. The cyan won't even come out. Everything comes out red and black. You can't even run the black by itself if you have a color that has run out of ink. So all I have is the black ink running now.

This machine acted up in less than 5 months. Not a cheap machine either. I got this machine because I thought it would be able to handle a work load. A light one at that. I tried looking up a contact number and there is not one. I have to dig up my paper work from the machine I guess and get it from there.

What can I do? Any suggestions on fixing it or do I need to spend money to send it to a repair person. I have no Brother Maintenance places even 200 miles away. Can anyone give me any advice? - Anonymous
I am so upset with the brother product. My first 5100C was not feeding paper from upper tray feeder so I had to fax a page at a time. Pain
I was under warranty and they send another one. I just tried using it and now it gives me Machine error 41. It is not under warranty any more and Brother does not want to deal with it. Brother products and their customer service are no good at all.
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I wish I would have read this site before buying my Brother - MC 3820 CN all in one. We too now have the error 41 and I called Brother and basically I got told... it happens and they tried to sell me a new machine. We have had this machine for less than a year! Up until now all of our printers have been from Brother.... Not anymore. HP here we come!
by unknown on Nov 6, 2004 at 12:15pm Add comment
Unreal. Same 41 problems as everyone, incredibly rude service, I am stunned. How can you make a product that you know will only last for 1 year or less. Someone post the name of Brother stock. Investers should know what a dog they are connected to.

by Norm on Nov 8, 2004 at 8:44am Add comment
I can not get my magenta in my mfc3100c to print at all. I have taken out the printer head and cleaned and also replaced the cartridge. If anyone can help me I would totally appreciate it. Thank you
by unknown on Nov 8, 2004 at 8:59am Add comment
Brother Printer MFC-3220C Price 169.00

11 months later printer head replacement?Price 100.00

Refurbished HP Inkjet 25.00.....Priceless

I will never buy another Brother product and will tell others the same. How in the world can these people stay in business ripping people off like this. We threw it in the trash where it belongs.
by unknown on Nov 17, 2004 at 6:54pm Add comment
This printer piece of junk,

This machine guzzles the Ink, Brother probably desinged it that way, stupid thing cleans the ink every night by it self, what a west.

and now the error 41 I would like take a sledge hammer and just you know what.
my new rules:
no longer by any Brother product. do not spend more than $ 50 in inkjet printers. they all die sooner or latter.

now I will call this garbage company and get a refurb.
by unknown on Nov 20, 2004 at 5:48am Add comment
bought mfc3220c. same prob here with stupid error 41..just replaced ink few hours ago. when i pluged it again.. error 41... bla bla...never buy brother ever..... - unknown
Bought a brother 3420c last March 2004, and while doing a business project my printer printed a bad page and then error 41. Got it to work 2 more times by unplugging, but now it's telling me to call brother. As I have read all your frustrations, I wonder if Brother is a publically traded company. If so, pls. post the ticker symbol and we should all short it. As for my case, I will try to be political with them on Monday and ask them to repair it. But this is the last time I will buy brother product.
by Don on Nov 20, 2004 at 12:53pm Add comment
Refilled the black cartridge and placed it into the machine, Received ERROR 41.

Is there anything I can do on my own to fix it or should I throw the machine away?

by unknown on Nov 21, 2004 at 11:52am Add comment
Sadly I had an engineer out for a different reason (scanner failed tho thankfully under Gtee), he happened to mention that Error 41 is usually a fatal head error. Unplugging / re-connecting works a few times for a couple of pages and then nothing.

Apparently the error is when the printer does not recognise its own print head! He has tried re-assigning it the proper part number but it never works. It sounds from what he is saying that the head actually has some way of "reporting its ID" to the unit. Why it would need to do this beggars belief.

Main cause of error 41 is (apprently) from using dodgy OEM ink. Not sure if this is true or not but he had no reason to lie to me - and is going to change my head in advance of the problem anyway - nice guy.

by unknown on Nov 21, 2004 at 2:40pm Add comment
I talked to the supervisor and made them to fix my unit even the it was not under warranty.
I think Brother should recall all their printers and fixed them for error 41.
by unknown on Nov 22, 2004 at 9:15am Add comment
It just happened to my wife - said the book she was copying onthe 5100c hit a button and then the thing failed.
How can a menu button cause a hardware fault?
by unknown on Nov 22, 2004 at 5:37pm Add comment
I purchased a Brother mfc5100 about 2 years ago. After 13 months, I received error 41. (perfect timing). I brought the printer in for repair, costing me about 1/2 the cost of the printer. I wrote it off as an isolated incident. This summer, I purchased a Brother printer/fax. Though I didn't get an error 41, pages came out blank after changing the black cartridge. Turns out the print head needed replacing, which I had fixed under warranty. This morning, the mfc5100 gave the fatal error 41. Didn't even get a year out of the repair! Brother's quality control and customer service is atrocious! Obviously, you know my opinion on future Brother printer purchases and recommendations.
by unknown on Nov 26, 2004 at 5:59am Add comment
Have the same error, but even when working it was a junk. Meanwhile, I would just like to use it as a sheetfed scanner, no printer. Probably bad ink got me in trouble. How do you remove the printhead?
by unknown on Nov 27, 2004 at 11:03am Add comment
Dear Gawain

Would your advice work on MFC-3420C? I read all the postings and it is very frustrating. I cleaned the printer head but the machine is not responsive. I hear this is a very common problem with all brother printer models.
by unknown on Nov 27, 2004 at 9:38pm Add comment
Add me to the list. I spent 350 for a Brother MFC5200. Had an error 41 about seven months after buying it, so they sent me a refurbished machine. Well, nine months later on the replacement machine and another error 41. They estimate 159 to repair. I told them they sold junk and bought an Epson. Is there any way to stop these guys from cheating like this?
by unknown on Dec 2, 2004 at 12:22pm Add comment
My MFC-3820CN (8 mths old) just done an Error 41. Brother UK have been very good and an engineer is out next week but its clear this is a BIG problem and the man on the help desk all but admitted it. Looks like I'll get another 6-8 mths out of it then its to the scrap heap.
by unknown on Dec 3, 2004 at 6:38am Add comment
Hi all !
I'm french user.
My brother mfc-890 (11 months old) just done this error...
I'll phone Brother'support tomorow in the morning.
Good luck everybody !
by unknown on Dec 7, 2004 at 8:29am Add comment
Wish I had thought to look at this before I bought my MFC890 and after using it for a while and being pleased with it, I then recommended it to someone else. I now have error 41 - and like others was told by Brother this was a known problem which would cost nearly £200 to sort but "had I seen the new models" they are kdding aren't they. Never again. Am now looking for replacement. any ideas
by unknown on Dec 7, 2004 at 11:45am Add comment
Add me to the list of disgusted customers - I have not been happy with the print quality of this machine and now this! I hardly used the machine and it is less than 1 year old.
by Noreen on Dec 8, 2004 at 8:42am Add comment
Brothers knows they have a code 41 problem and is willing to repair them but you have to get tough with them. In your Brothers printer book is Brothers telephone number. Call them and if they say your printer is out of warranty agree with them. This will shut them up long enough for you to tell them all the problems you have had and what are you going to do about this lemon or do I have to start a class action suit to get something done. They will fix it. They did mine also after 4 code 41's.
by unknown on Dec 8, 2004 at 10:22pm Add comment
Brothers knows they have a code 41 problem and is willing to repair them but you have to get tough with them. In your Brothers printer book is Brothers telephone number. Call them and if they say your printer is out of warranty agree with them. This will shut them up long enough for you to tell them all the problems you have had and what are you going to do about this lemon or do I have to start a class action suit to get something done. They will fix it. They did mine also after 4 code 41's.
by unknown on Dec 8, 2004 at 10:23pm Add comment
"The MFC 5100 C is not immune, either"

I supposes I am lucky, as I got over a year and a half out of my Oh Brother 5100 before getting Error 41. Biggest gripe was the clunky software--I had intended to use the machine not only for copying and faxes, but for small scale check plots using AutoCAD. But the software got tangled up and would lock up AC--so ended up with a fantastic little Lexmark z43 for desktop. FAAR superior -- in terms of software compatibility and quality of output.

Of course, when I selected this machine, I could have paid twice as much for an HP, so I consider myself half to blame.

Life is too short, and fax communication is too important to waste more time squabbling with the Bro, so I ordered the HP, and racked it up to ANOTHER learning experience.

(Gawain's remedy does not seem to work in this case.)

Alan Abrams
by unknown on Dec 13, 2004 at 4:40pm Add comment
hello !
my brother works pefectly now.
I've phoned to brother's technical center, and a technician came.
He changed the print heads, and all is rights !
Nothing to pay
Bye !
by unknown on Dec 16, 2004 at 4:24am Add comment
Is your brother under warranty when you called them about the problem? - Anonymous
add another one to the P.O.S brother pile.
these things eat ink, they tell you they are empty. empty to me means nothing left.
code 41 means send brother more money!!
i purchased this thing about a year ago, thinking that brother was a good alternative to Hp, not!

can this be fixed outside the brother repair facility?
if so where do you get the parts?

by Ed on Dec 18, 2004 at 3:25pm Add comment
What kind of crap is this? Is the MFC 3220c or any other Brother for that matter, all pieces of S___T!? Ridiculous, Ridiculous, Ridiculous. I have too many print jobs with too many people waiting for those print jobs to not have a damn printer. Thanks alot Brother. I sure won't be saying "Another satisfied customer" this week. I'm up s__t creek without a paddle!
by unknown on Jan 9, 2005 at 10:24pm Add comment
I put in a new printhead which cleared up the error 41, so I now have use of my fax and scanner again. But, the thing only prints in Black. I have cleaned the new head - the micro jets are working just fine. It's almost as if the 3 ink cartridges are not allowing ink into the head. All four ink cartridges are new. Can anyone help???

by Anonymous on Jan 20, 2005 at 2:07pm Add comment
I bought mine almost virgin (used) in NEW condition, still in box, perfect. There was only one fax number programmed in - appeared some old guy bought it just to fax to his bank or something.

I've only had it since about June. I pulled and cleaned the head from instructions on the archived thread. Replaced the head. Worked great for 2 pages then back to Error 41. Seems I can print 2 pages at a time after unplugging awhile.

So I tried Gawain's instructions to clear the error. It cleaned itself, went back to Maintenance Mode, I keyed in the 09, it said it was Busy and started cleaning itself again...for a long, long, long time. Then went back to Error 41. (Sigh)

Apparently that does not work either.

Anyone else want to take a shot how to clear the error?
by LandShark99 on Jan 21, 2005 at 9:38am Add comment
By the way, someone at a local Brother Authorized Service Dealer here gave me a tip that you can access the service manuals online and CLEARING ERROR 41 IS IN THE SERVICE MANUAL. After spending hours searching for them all I found was a LIST on a Brother site and resellers.

Anyone have any ideas how to find, access the service manuals?
by LandShark99 on Jan 21, 2005 at 9:43am Add comment
Hi, A came across a 3220c with error 41,
It seamed to have leaked ink and clogged up someting. I ended up fixing it by taking the paper feeder of the back (4 screws) and using Spray nine with a paper towel. Hope this will help. cyas
by unknown on Feb 25, 2005 at 10:50am Add comment

I'll be sure to let you know if your procedure works for me with my 3220C.
- Anonymous
I also tried Gawain's instructions on a MFC 3820cn that died right after the warranty - Goes right back to Error 41. Whilst in maintanace mode, after punchining in 84, it doest start cleaning instead yells "PRINTER ERROR!" over the LCD, then back to "MACHINE ERROR 41... CALL BROTHER". I am amazed how many models this error affects. Basically all the multifuncion machines will get this sooner or later! Even the models that came out in 2003 and 2004 are now plagued with this error, as according to Amazon.com user reviews. Absolute crap. Ultimate way to piss off customers. I wish something terrible would happen to this terrible company, but unfortunately nothing will. In this business the more you swindle the more you gain. Look at Lexmark, they are the ultimate example of how a terrible printer company can be very successful by flooding the market with millions of absolutely useless printers. Folks go for the price of the junk first, but then have to toss the crap out a couple months later and learn to buy something more decent. Hopefully they will not go out and buy Brother like I did, since they follow the same tactics at a slightly higher price range. But clearly the point is to have your printer fail as soon as possible after the warranty expires.
by Marek on Mar 8, 2005 at 1:08pm Add comment
It is a shame that you are having a problem with your MFC890 and the error 41. The problem is caused by the ink which brother do not manufacture. It is damaging the heads by rusting the contacts within the head. So the only cure is to replace the head.If your m/c is less than 12 months old then Brother will send an engineer to your door and fix it free of charge. If its just outside warranty then probably the same will apply. That to me is excellent service. many of the other manufacturers would charge u for the work. when working these are excellent machines.
All manufacturers have problems with their kit because unlike in the old days machines are not really tested long enough b4 they enter the market place.Try the rest and see, you would be then happy to stay with Brother. - Anonymous
As has been mentioned on this forum, I too will probably never by another Brother product. I have been able to fix the Error 41 on my printer however. This appears to be planned obsolecense on the part of Brother. I ordered a new Print Head from inkcessories.com . Although I messed them up a little on the shipping, today I received a new print head with instructions and in less than 30 minutes I have a printer again.

The process was much easier than I expected. On my 3820, there were no screws, just two springs. I yanked out the old and put ni the new. The only downside is that you have to start wtih new print cartridges ... but if you are using this product line you are used to wasting ink anyway. So I have my printer back (probably for only another year before the next Error 41) for less than a new one.

Good luck.
by unknown on Mar 10, 2005 at 6:01pm Add comment
s*** error 41 machine said call brother, called my brother, came with steel tube, smashed printer in pieces so it fits in scrap…
by Anonymous on Mar 21, 2005 at 9:45am Add comment
I bought mine refurbed from Fry's Electronics. The useless POS only lasted just past the refurb warranty. WOW, what a coincidence. I tried to call brother and they too tried to sell me another product?!! I will never buy Brother S***! again. I build computers everyday and will let everyone know about Brother products. (Error)41 is how many times im going to take this POS out in the desert and shoot it!
by unknown on Mar 23, 2005 at 1:15am Add comment
If u r in the UK then ring Brother. They will probably send an engineer with a new printhead and fix it under warranty. If not then a brother dealer could do the job. it takes 20 minutes to change the printhead and change the software setting for the new heads property code to be entered. I personally think brother are doing a very good job with their customers. If it was a samsung fax then the bill would be unthinkable!!!
by Anonymous on Mar 31, 2005 at 11:00pm Add comment
Mine is less than 6 months old and I'm getting the Error 41. I've just contacted a local TV station who's not afraid to take on fraud like this. This is the 2nd Brother MFC that I've had do this to me. I'm on my way out to buy an HP.
by Sharon on Apr 3, 2005 at 7:13pm Add comment
i had the same problem i took it to a place
in balto. they solved my 41 err unit know works
for the last 11 mos. - Anonymous
Notify me if there is a class action. I have the same problem. Poor quality print and the printer is only a year old.
by unknown on Apr 5, 2005 at 9:03am Add comment
Notify me if there is a class action. I have the same problem. Poor quality print and the printer is only a year old.
by unknown on Apr 5, 2005 at 9:14am Add comment
I put a new cartridge in and after the cleaning session the error 41 came up. At a total loss as to what to do ..Can anyone help?

by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2005 at 10:09am Add comment
It's the Brother "kiss of death". I suggest bending over with a big jar of vaseline. - Anonymous
We had the same problem with our 5200C... got Machine Error 41, called Brother, they sent out refurbished unit. One month later, same Machine Error 41. This time, Brother refused to repair it under warranty. What crappy service.

Today, we got a postcard in the mail, informing us that they've extended the warranty on refurbished units from 90 days to 24 months (!). Obviously, they recognize there is a big problem. Called Brother up and this time they were nice and accomodating. We're getting it fixed at a local repair shop under warranty.

Models covered by revised warranty (according to this postcard):
FAX1800C, FAX1820C, FAX1920CN, MFC3100C, MFC3200C, MFC3220C, MFC3320CN, MFC3420C, MFC3820CN, MFC4420C, MFC4820C, MFC5100C, MFC5200C

Call them up and mention that you heard about the "recall" and they'll fix it free.
by Anonymous on Apr 20, 2005 at 2:11pm Add comment
Get rid of it and get an HP. I did the same thing you did even though I know better. Mine lasted about 5 weeks.
by Anonymous on Apr 20, 2005 at 7:10pm Add comment
Happend when the machine was 2 months old (Error 41). They sent brand new machine out (forget that I was down for 1 week). Now, 9 months later, same thing. They now say I am out of warrenty and I go to a local shop. I am the only one in the house that prints with it, and if anything it is under used (once a month I do a big paper). Yet every night I hear it clean itself and waste ink.

PIECE OF CRAP. I have asked my brother, a lawyer, about a class action for Brother to take all the shit back. I will let you know.
by unknown on May 4, 2005 at 8:58pm Add comment
bought a 5100c....used it for a year, then

ERROR 41.....

thought it was an isolated incident.
had 50 ink carts left, SOOOOOOO
I bought another....
to be exact, a 3820CN....
and threw the 5100C away....

got 3 months out of it before
the dreaded 41!

here's my record....
3 HP's - never broke, just decided to upgrade everytime
averaged about 2-3yrs out of each.
2 Canon's - never broke - gave 1 to parents, still have the other
1 Epson - no probs....rather new though

2 Brothers.... POS!!!! - WILL NEVER NEVER BUY AGAIN!
by unknown on May 14, 2005 at 11:23pm Add comment
I bought an MFC-3820CN and am very very very disappointed with it. Frankly it is unusable - it eats ink and even though I usually try to print in b&w it doesn't allow me to print b&w if the colour cartridges are out. Very very very hacked off about this. Anyone want to buy it?
by NigelHart on May 17, 2005 at 12:05pm Add comment
It is JUNK.

41 error will drive you MAD !
by Anonymous on May 17, 2005 at 2:29pm Add comment
We think Brother products are the best !

Call us and we will help you.

Brother CSD
by unknown on May 17, 2005 at 2:31pm Add comment
My MFC3100c has the error41 and when I called brother with the
serial number they said even with the 30 month warranty it was
out of service date. I know the printer is about 24 months.
This printer has been marginal at best and now this printer head issue just tells me to go back to HP's and forget the stress.
I would be willing to try one more time though if you got any ideas.
Thank you,
Rick vaughn - Anonymous
I have a Brother MFC 5100c that I have had for almost 3 years and just yesterday the error 41 came up. I tried unplugging machine and plugging back to no avail. I called Brother and they said that it was Error 41 is a printhead problem and that it will need to be replaced, however I am out of the warranty so they offered me the print head for $29.99 plus labor. I say whatever is there any way to fix it yourself and order the part and is it even worth it to fix. Right now I have it listed on e-bay to sell but if anyone has any suggestions I will keep it as I doubt I will get much money from the sale of this 300.00 MFC!
by unknown on May 19, 2005 at 4:50pm Add comment
Just spoke to brother re: machine error 41, my MFC 5100c is just outside the warranty period so they havbe offerred to send me the replacement part (free of charge) but highly recommend that I bring machine in to authorized service center, however, I refuse to put another dime in this machine so would like to install myself - does anyone know how to do this? We know how to remove the print head and put back in but is that all ther is to it or do we need to do anything else? Hopefully someone has done this before and can HELP ASAP. Thanks.
by kdrose on May 24, 2005 at 9:33am Add comment
I'm just a kid and I just bought the Brother MFC and I have jsut encountered the Error 41 and I need to know the phone number of the Brother MFC company. I am confused and I need some assistance. Please help, thank you.
by unknown on May 26, 2005 at 6:15pm Add comment
The number to reach brother customer service is 1-800-284-4329. I thought the infamous machine error 41 had been fixed on the newer machines but apparently I was mistaken as yours is a newer machine since you just got it. Anyway, brother will probobly either send you a new one or fix it free of charge since I am sure yours is still under warranty if you just bought it. You'll have to keep me posted about what you find out and good luck to you. Be persistent and firm and demand they take take care of the problem - it took me 5 phone calls to finally get the replacement part to be covered under warranty since mine was out of the new warranty period by a few months.
by kdrose on May 27, 2005 at 6:03am Add comment
thx for helping me kdrose, but my parent bought insurance for the printer, so repairmen will fix, im only 12 yrs old. But thx again for the help, I'll call the company as my last decision.
by Jeffrey on May 27, 2005 at 5:11pm Add comment
by unknown on May 28, 2005 at 12:47am Add comment
No one seems to have been able to figure out the reason we are all getting the error 41 is because the dang thing keeps cleaning itself and flooding the print head or wiping it causing it to fail.

Brother avoids telling us this so we won't file a lawsuit. Why they don't have a firmware update I do not know. It could stop the cleaning sessions and save the printheads and us and them a bunch of aggrivation.

They would rather fill our heads with the nonsense of refilled cartridges using inferior inks. To which I say, BULL. I have not used one drop of a refill. I have bought factory ink carts and replaced them religously. So let brother stick that in the pipe and smoke it.
by unknown on Jun 2, 2005 at 3:28pm Add comment
Well let me know what you do as I would definitley be interested in a class action suit. I just recieved my replacemnet part that Brother has sent to me for free after several phone calls, but they recommend that I bring to a service center (at my cost) to have it put in - there is no WAY that I will do that as the machine is defective and they shouldve been recalled. Lets hope my husband can get it in properly and that we will be fine for the time being.
by kdrose on Jun 12, 2005 at 9:22pm Add comment
I would contact Brother directly and ask them to replace it even if it is out of warranty as that is what I did. Be persistent and frim and tell them that that is what you want and it is not your fault that they didn't recall the products that had a known error by them. If they don't want to help you then ask to speak to a supervisor. After about 5 calls I finally got in touch with a supervisor and he offerred to send the part to me free of charge (but did not recommend that we install it ourselves) and I told him that there was no way I would take to a repair shop and have to pay for this so I would take my chances. Well we receieved the new print head yesterday and my husband installed it and now our printer works perfect. Good luck to you.
by kdrose on Jun 15, 2005 at 12:34pm Add comment
I've got an error 33 when i force ink cleaning (code 84)
Do you know this code ?
by unknown on Jun 15, 2005 at 1:57pm Add comment
No I don't sorry. I would call brother and find out from them if you are able.
by kdrose on Jun 15, 2005 at 8:55pm Add comment
i write to inform the whole world that the broter products is really a messup of the technological initiatives of this generation. i woke up yesterday to print a viatl document and all i can benefit from a 9months old mfc 3220c printer model is no thing but ERROR 41!? this is Incredible. Please, NOTE ALL, THAT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD!!! ALL THAT HAVE THE SHAPE OF A PRINTER ARE NOT PRINTERS!!!

I will however appreciate if someone from anywhere will be able to rescue me from ERROR 41.
by unknown on Jun 16, 2005 at 3:53am Add comment

How do I clear a Machine Error 41 from the display? (ME41)

MFC3220C PS 2241 Machine Error 41 indicates a mechanical malfunction ofthe FAX/MFC. Unplug the unit from the power source and then plug it backin.

If the error message continues to be displayed on the LCD, please callBrother Customer Service at 1-800-284-4329 for assistance. The Customer Service center is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 7:00PM, excluding holidays.

Called the 1-800 number today. They created a work order for a local printer repair company. They said to wait 24 hours for the work order to be created. Then drop the mfc-3220c of for a free of charge repair.

There was no hassle about warranty or purchase date. The lady that answered the phone was extremely polite and apologetic.
by Anonymous on Jun 21, 2005 at 8:13am Add comment
I call for 3220c today. They are going to create a work order and fax to local printer repair company. ask me me wait for local repair shop call me, Then drop the mfc-3220c of for a free of charge repair.

There was no hassle about warranty or purchase date.

thank you for you information. - Anonymous
In case nobody has got the hint about brother machines... i have the MFC 3820CN -- POS.. in terms of print quality and the way it REFUSES to print even in black and white if one of the colour inks is out. Now just a few days after warrenty ran out i get error 41 !!!

by unknown on Jul 2, 2005 at 5:29am Add comment
everyone should e-mail brother with this, and only this, and mabey it will shake them up, but everyone will need to do it to make a difference. "error 41, have you ever heard of class action". ad me to the list of never buying a brother product again. p tyrebiter
by Anonymous on Jul 7, 2005 at 5:45pm Add comment

[I think error 41 is so numbered as the reverse of the number of months at which Brother designed it to kick in -- spooky, huh? Seriously, I sent this to everyone on my email list]

Just a little private consumer advocacy.

I bought a Brother printer 14 months ago, and it's died, just 2 months out of warranty.

I might accept that as bad luck, except that my search for a solution to my problem revealed several websites with myriad complaints about the same problem; not bad luck but a basic flaw or planned obsolescence that Brother seems content to accept.

Rebates and low pricing may make the things look tempting, and I'm inclined to believe in the inherent reliability of electronics. But, in Brother's case, I say -- "Stay away"!

by Anonymous on Jul 9, 2005 at 6:57am Add comment
I have the dreaded ME41 right now after 11 months of usage. But my biggest problem is locating the serial number.

Where's the serial number on MFC 3820CN? I cannot find it for the life of me. I was told my Brother that it should be under the paper tray starting with "U60xxxxxx" but the only sticker I can find shows "SN. K21160465P." It seems like they refuse to talk to me until I find the serial number, but the "U60xxxxxxx" simply does not exist on my machine!!!! Please help... - Anonymous
For USA customers Brother has extended the warranty period for "Machine Error 41" to 24 months of proof of purchase or 30 months of serial number. Please call our toll free customer service support line at 1-800 284-4329 M-F to verify if your machine is within the warranty period. They will assist you on locating the nearest Authorized Service Center. If your product is within the extended warranty period, Brother will cover the repair cost to have your Print Head replaced. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Brother International USA
by Brother on Jul 12, 2005 at 1:51pm Add comment
Hello Brother,

I sent you an email about the Error 41 I received today...

I hope you can help me... I loved the machine till I got this error...

George - sLO
Hey, here's a little mention from a small business owner with a new born son, a stack of bills i cant pay and a printer that wont print advertising for me to keep diapers on my kids ass. Warranty my teeth, you need to fix every single one of these defective pieces of crap and eat it like i have to. Thanks for holding me up and adding that little extra pain to the holiday season... bad enough i'm broke with a wife and kid... now some big greedy company makes a pile of junk and i'm supposed to fork out money i ain't got to fix an engineered malfunction? kiss off and get a clue as to what good business is... honesty and follow thru... i hope the ceo eats this one good... capitalistic prick.yours truly michaelc baron rockford, il 61104
(815) 558-6841 cell.... call me id love to hear from ya! - Anonymous
my Brother MFC3420C is only 24 months old and it no longer works (machine error 41) Brother authorised Dealer stated i was lucky to get more than 18 months before print head needs replacement. cost to repair machine is $300aud (almost the cost of a new one)
What do i do now ? pay to get it repaired or throw it in the bin

NOT HAPPY AT ALL - Anonymous
People how many of you out there have stuck with the original inks and got this problem?
I used the compatibles, purchased in error and not intentional, but it does seem there are too many complaints for it to be down to the ink. If it's an inherrent fault then i don't see why we cannot sue them.
Please let me know asap. Call me if you want to join me in an action against them, my number is 07968 891857
by unknown on Jul 26, 2005 at 2:41pm Add comment
I have used only Brother inks and have replaced the head twice.
Not happy! - Anonymous
People how many of you out there have stuck with the original inks and got this problem?
I used the compatibles, purchased in error and not intentional, but it does seem there are too many complaints for it to be down to the ink. If it's an inherrent fault then i don't see why we cannot sue them.
Please let me know asap. Call me if you want to join me in an action against them, my number is 07968 891857
by unknown on Jul 26, 2005 at 2:43pm Add comment
I have stuck with the original ink and still have this problem. I suggest you call the customer service people with Brothers for a replacement unit. They claim they are sending an air bill to have my ERROR 41 RIDDEN MACHINE shipped back.

Brothers will ask you to allow them to put a $1.00 hold on your credit card. Why would you pay $1.00 or another penny for that matter on a product replacment when BROTHERS knows they have an issue?

I will post once I've returned my unit and have a working replacment. To the others who did the research THANK YOU !!! This post was extremly useful down to the LAW that governs this matter! - brother_scam
I have stayed with the original inks and have the same problem
mg - Anonymous
I know this isn’t the forum for a long drown out story and say right now SORRY. I’ll try and keep this as short as possible…
I to got the error 41 unplug machine and call Brothers message.
So I decided to check the net to see what information I can find on error 41 and found this place. After reading a couple of messages I got on the phone, dialed Brothers customer service sat there on hold for 25 minutes reading message after message from unsatisfied people bad mouthing Brothers, then my battery in my cordless phone went dead…”damn damn damn” . After plugging in a hard wired phone redialed Brothers I started reading this discussion group again. I felt by the time someone picked up at Brothers I was ready, full of ammunition for the (by now) Dreaded error 41 and ready for a fight.
Well the story went somewhat like this. The person on the other end introduced himself as Brad, he asked what my printer failure was after replying “The Dreaded Error code 41”, he then asked for my serial numbers and instructed me on where to find them…after giving him this information. Brad then gave me a repair shops name and phone number advising me that a warranty repair order will be generated… the following day at 5:45 pm, I was at the designated repair shop (less then 1 mile down the rode),dropping off the machine. They advised me 3 days and I’ll hear from them.
The hole time thinking 3 days of not printing???

Hang on I’m coming to THE HOLE POINT OF THIS “SHORT NOTE”!!!

The very next day 4:00 pm less then 24 hours after dropping off the machine my phone rings the person on the other end tells me this is Adams electronics, your printer is ready, repaired under warranty no charge. I go to pick it up and am told that they replaced the print head and all new ink cartridges. I walked out without paying a dime. Being an ex field printer technician I felt that was excellent service from both Brothers and from Adams Electronics. I’m sorry to hear that some people are not having the same luck as myself with Brothers but feel that if you are under there warranty that they do there best to repair the machine and satisfy there customer..
OK It was a pain in the *.* to sit on the phone, bring the printer in and pick it up but come on people I can’t see it very cost effective for ANY manufacture to SEND out a field tech for a problem that may develop over the life span of a Man made item. covered under warranty. Under the terms YOU agreed to when you bought the product. It sounds like the people that are complaining are out of warranty but got at least 30+ months of good use. My question is what are you expecting for the life of a bubble jet printer?. My MFC-3420c cost less then a $100.00 new. If I get 30 + months I figure that I got my moneys worth… I’ll probably throw it out and buy another $100.00 machine and hope it lasts a couple of year.

NOW you heard my side.
I’m done babbling now. Its 11:20 pm…I need to go to bed.
Good luck everybody in there adventures with Brothers..
I had good luck, maybe you will too.
Dave Borel
[email protected]
by dave_borel on Jul 28, 2005 at 10:12pm Add comment
Dave, stories like yours make me happy. I like to think that the reason for the mfgs. giving out extended warranties and replacing out of warranty printers is this forum. Never underestimate the power of people in a large group. I think when you used the phrase "the dreaded 41 error", he knew that you were a follower of this forum. Since this is the largest forum of it's kind, I'm sure that all the mfgs. monitor it. A few of their reps. have even posted to the forum. I know Brother has posted here informing the readers that they had extended the warranties. I hope your repaired printer lasts you longer than the original.
by moe on Jul 29, 2005 at 10:02am Add comment
Excellent response from Brother they asked me to return my MFC-580 and they would repair it. I informed them i had been using compatables and they said 'no problem'. Only problem is they insist i have to send it to Manchester, no local repairers it seems:s
Anyway i'll let you know what happens. All the best, fellow strugglers
by unknown on Jul 30, 2005 at 1:08am Add comment
error 41... Ok I called Brother... and they came out to me and replaced the printer head. The guy told me that brother will fix your printer becasue it is a common error and design fault. They will even fix it out of warrenty. So just call them up and demand that they come to you.

However this is it for me, this is my first and last EVER brother machine.
by unknown on Aug 2, 2005 at 12:55pm Add comment
I'm with Dave on this one...

I bought my 3420c new in March of 2004... Machine error 41 in November of 2004. When I called them I was asked to send it to them (at their cost), a week later I received a rebuilt and was back up and running. Last week I got the dreaded ME41 again. I called them on Friday, expecting a fight since I had received the used one almost a year ago. The guy gave me a number and address of a local repair shop, asked me to give them 24 hours to get a work order in place then take it in at no charge to me. I wasn't able to get it in till yesterday afternoon at 3pm.

I got a phone call this morning at 10am telling me that it was ready to be picked up. Granted, it's a pain in the behind to have to get it to and from the repair shop, but as a student who is perpetually broke with no free time, I have no problem doing it when faced with the alternative of having to buy a NEW printer that I cannot afford. Especially, considering the fact that it IS out of warranty and when it comes right down to it, MY responsibility. If I can get as long out of this one as I have the last 2, I will considered it a $115 WELL spent...

Thank you, Brother!

(I only used Brother ink in the first one, but the second one I don't think I ever used Brother ink, so I honestly don't think it matters. Of course Brother wants you to use theirs! duh)

Good luck all... Just be nice and be patient, you may be pleasantly surprised. :)
by Coyotl on Aug 3, 2005 at 11:33pm Add comment
Well thanks to this forum, this thread and the abundant other "dreaded Machine Error 41" threads I have some hope that a happy resolution to my concern is on the horizon.

I saw ME41 for the first time today. It cleared after removing and restoring power to the printer.

My question then of those Brother representatives is:

Should I wait for the error to reoccur before seeking repair or is sooner better? I have about 6 months warranty remaining.

by Anne O-Nimus on Aug 4, 2005 at 12:22am Add comment
Looks like I am answering my own question - this "Machine Error 41" reappears within a few hours. Perhaps coincidence or perhaps related ... does anyone know if this print head design flaw might also explain why my printer claims that the cartridge is empty when in fact there is still (plenty of) ink in it?

by Anne O-Nimus on Aug 4, 2005 at 9:12am Add comment
I just the error message 41 last night, after replacing the ink catridges with ink cartridges from Staples. Funny, I also bought my Brother 322 from Staples in May 2005.

This bothers me because I used to have a NEC Silentwriter laserjet that lasted for over 10 yrs (my old dot matrix also lasted as long) - no probs, so I've always thought that printers should be considered as reliable for the long run.

Inkjets, however, are quit the contrary. I've had 3 so far - all HPs - they were so cheap that they were 'thrown in' as free when I bought my desktops for my home office. Consistenly, they all worked fine for a yr or so before going belly-up.

Now that I think about it - arent these Brother printers just Inkjets in pretty casing?

Plan to call Brother today - will keep you posted.

by unknown on Aug 5, 2005 at 3:54am Add comment
BOTH of our printers/fax machines got the dreaded ERROR 41 within three months of each other. Brother did tell me they would fix the 1800C free of charge but the nearest authorized repair shop is 60 miles away. I have not bothered to call Brother on the latest one. It's been 3 months and I have not had the TIME to take out of my life to do this. I mean 2 1/2 hours first trip and another to pick up. I don't have time for a manicure much less a special road trip for my Brother.

When the 1800C died, I had to dropped everything, ask people to cover the office, and RACED to Staples to get a new machine (got a nice laser). The 1800C went through ink cartridges like water. Only printed in black but the three color cartridges wanted to be replaced about every three months! What's with that?

The 5100 hasn't printed color very well for a long while now, despite constant cleaning.

Thanks for all the input, my husband is looking at Consumer Reports as I type, unless I hear any really good argument for saving these machines, we are throwing them out (don't think it would be nice to pass this problem on to the goodwill).

I bought an very inexpensive, on sale HP1210, two years ago, actually bought another one as back up, so I wasn't making another pressured race to Staples.

Any advise on a color laser fax/printer scanner?

Thanks Y'all.
by unknown on Aug 7, 2005 at 9:02am Add comment
I bought a Brother MFC-3220C at a Future Shop in Vancouver on April 15 last year. This printer just printed out less than 150 papers and I used 3 black cartridges and 2X3 color-cartridges. I'm a man with good temper. Enn, that's ok, after all, it can work! But, I now become mad because of the Error 41.

Besides, this printer has other character or function
(1) It can wake you up anytime if you forget to unplug it.
(2) The documents printed by it are hard to be dry. A drop of water can make many words totally vanish. So, I often have to put the papers on the top of the heated displayer to enhance the drying-process of Brother.
(3) I strongly suggest you not to use its fax function,or you will be off your head.

Originally, I plan to throw it to the WM disposal, but I feel that we should do something to fight Brother.

My question is : What can we do now?
by unknown on Aug 8, 2005 at 2:20am Add comment
Wife purchased mfc3820cn little over one year ago from office depot hoping to get a "photo" printer.. She gave up after seeing the results a few times and since then the printer has seen little use, mostly black and no more than 100 pages. Last week the machine claimed to be out of black and out of yellow. It refuses to do anything, won't even scan or fax. Wife went to office depot and purchased ALL new cartridges for $12.99+tax each! $50 mistake. After installing the new cartridges machine still claims no black and no yellow. Called Brother today and phone rep walked through the replacement steps, to no avail; he suggested we take machine in "for service" to service center 100 miles away. Already invested $50 in cartridges last week; after reading this website, decided no sense in throwing more good money after bad, especially since the color printing has always been less then adequate. Fortunately, the "Brother" experience had introduced us to the 15cent color photo (19cent one-hour and 12cent by mail) offered by Walmart. Simply Email to Walmart at night and pick up excellent prints the next day. No hassle and all the colors are there. DO THE MATH: Walmart gives you over 350 prints for the cost of one Brother ink replacement set AND the Brother ink still won't work adequately or NOT AT ALL!! The Brother printer goes in the trash where it belongs.
by unknown on Aug 9, 2005 at 12:45pm Add comment
I've been dealing with the Error 41 on my Model 3420C for quite some time now by unplugging the machine and plugging it back in. I finally decided to "call Brother" as the LCD panel suggested. The wait time on the call would have been at least 15 minutes - due to the high number of calls. I then decided to attempt website email through the solutions center. I received an automatic receipt email telling me it could take up to three days to receive a response. Figuring any company that's that backed up with business must have some problems. Sure enough a search of the error message brought me to this page. It sounds like I should just throw the machine out my third-floor window! If Brother can't support us, we shouldn't support Brother any longer!
by unknown on Aug 9, 2005 at 1:24pm Add comment
I bought the MFC 3420C in March 2004. 8 months after I bought it, I had the Error 41. No warning, it completely stopped working. I looked it up in my trusty manuel and it said to call Brother. I did, asked what it was and I was told that they did not know what that error was, but they since I just bought the machine, they would be sending me a replacement, a REFURBISHED once and I needed to send my brand new one back in the box the used one was coming in.

Excuse me? But I didn't pay $179 for a USED one! But i am sure you have all gone through the BS with them.

So I send my newly brokern MFC3420C(C for CRAP) back and I am puttering along an WHAMO! 8 months into this second one, the print head starts to act up, the ink is becoming lightter and lighter but there is still ink in the do-hickeys.

I emailed Brother, and explained, in detail the problem. First responce, was: "So, you are having a quality issue?" *bang head on the desk really hard* I copied my original email and said yes, re-read please. Second reply: "did you run teh cleaning cycle at least 5 times?" *bangs head even harder on desk* Yes, you dorkmonster this was explained in the original and the second email, I ran the cycle over 100 times and even allowed it to run the cycle itself. I was then told to call the 800#.

Before I could do that, I had to fax a document. After the fax was complete, I looked down at the display and it said ERROR 41!!

This time, Brother told me I had to drive the machine to an authorized service center!

I told the tech today when I dropped it off if its not under warrenty to chuck it and I'll buy a Lexmark.
by asouthern_girl on Aug 12, 2005 at 4:57pm Add comment
asouthern_girl buy a HP... Lexmarks bit too

Geo - Anonymous
Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! Lexmark ain't much better, plus good luck finding anything other than overpriced OEM ink.
Go with Canon, HP or Epson (and do a little research!). - unknown
I got a MFC-3820CN free after rebate at the beginning of 2005 (so I'm in a better financial situation than other folks who paid cold, hard cash for Brother future landfill, and I sympathize - I wouldn't have bought it otherwise).

Without printing hardly any color, the machine told me about a month in that the cyan was empty. It wasn't. So I replaced it (with a generic ink... I'm not going to pay Brother's prices for this ink guzzler). Went fine for 6 months, then the magenta started messing up... just sending streaks across the page. Then, nothing. I put the magenta cart in the yellow slot... worked fine. So, it's the print head.

I was not getting the Error 41 code, but that was probably in the wings. I actually learned about the Error 41 deal from the authorized Brother repair center... they say they've repaired scores of Brother machines with the same problem.

I had a Brother laser years ago that developed a gray sheen across the page about a year after buying it, and that reportedly continues with their current product. They haven't fixed THAT problem in 10 years, so why should they fix this?

Brother is garbage.
by unknown on Aug 13, 2005 at 6:02am Add comment
I have had a Canon, HP and an Epson and those 3 suck too. At least when my HP crapped the bed, they actually honored their warrenty and replaced their machine with a brand NEW one and not some P-O-S refurbished one. I turned in that particular HP printer 3 times under warrenty and each time I did get a new one. I also had a Lexmark before. That one lasted alot longer than the 3 mentioned above and the Brother combined.

Who actually buys the manufactuers ink? I always buy generic and jave never had problems (with any make).

Face it, each printer and manufactuer will have its own horror story. But I have to admit, Brother's Error 41 is beginning to be the most infamous.
by asouthern_girl on Aug 14, 2005 at 5:45pm Add comment
Dear Sir,
we have printer MFC 5100 we bought it from Dubai,
it just work for 1 month and the problem start
with ERROR 41
by Anonymous on Aug 20, 2005 at 5:02am Add comment
Full marks to Brother, they collected my 2 year old machine, fixed it and returned it to me with a new printhead. yes i had to insist they collect it but the end result is excellent service.
by unknown on Aug 20, 2005 at 7:10am Add comment
Please help

I have a brother 3820cn and my red ink just wont work. All others are fine when I do the print test. Can I take the print head out and clean it. Ihave heard that blowing some canned air through it could unclog it.
How do I remove it.

I am trying to print pictures of my nephew for his first birthday and need it by Wednesday so Please help me soon
by unknown on Aug 28, 2005 at 7:01am Add comment
Got error 41 a while back. Called brother...took it to the service center (not too far from home) and the printer was fixed. No prob.

GUESS WHAT! Well, I don't get the error message but it sure as hell won't print magenta or yellow. Cyan looks horrid. Black is printing but barely. I had to put the print settings to "SUper ink sucking saturated - yet pretty" to get it to look decent.

This is definately going to be my last Brother purchase ever and I will make it my lifes goal to steer people away from these piles of crap!

Never again Brother! Never again!

BUT! I am going to www.inkcessories.com to buy a replacement head for $40! I'll let you know how long that lasts. Thanks whoever mentioned it before.
by pulldownyourpants on Aug 30, 2005 at 9:51pm Add comment
I thought it was me being an idiot but now I know it's a BIG Brother fault. I'm going to contact then asap...yes the guarantee has just run out! I will NEVER recommend a Brother machine again, it will be a HP, anyone know of a deskjet 600 going cheap? Mine has been in use since 1992 and is fantastic for all mono printing, not like my brother that does Ink cartridges to the page not the other way round.
Wish me luck. In a cold dull S E England. - Anonymous
error 41 for this piece of crap. add me to the list if a lawsuit will be filed.
never buy a brother again.
by unknown on Sep 8, 2005 at 6:15pm Add comment
Make sure you put in working Brother carts if you're taking it in to an authorized repair center for warranty repair.

Even though it is technically illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and general principles of the Federal Trade Commission Act --- a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of ink (or any other article) unless the manufacturer provides the item free of charge under the terms of the warranty --- you may be denied a repair, as I was. I then replaced the generic carts with OEM ink, and took it into a different repair center, and it was repaired with no problem. However, they did ask "are you using Brother ink?" Why, of course I am! ;-)

Buy.com is the cheapest place to buy OEM Brother ink.
by unknown on Sep 9, 2005 at 3:47pm Add comment
Voided Warranty?

Let it be known: "The act of using a generic ink jet cartridge & ink tanks or refilling an ink jet cartridge & ink tank does not void your warranty."

Use of third party inks will not void your warranty.
Consumers are often erroneously told by printer dealers, sales or service personnel that use of competitive brands of ink during the warranty period will void the warranty of the printer. This claim which is always verbal and never in writing from the dealer, sales or service personnel is strictly for the benefit of the company to whom they are working for.

Your warranty can not be denied solely because you use third party products. Additionally, any damage claim by a service representative must be backed with proof that the damage was caused by the third party product and not solely on his/her opinion.

Legally Speaking.
Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and general principles of the Federal Trade Commission Act, a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of ink (or any other article) unless the manufacturer provides the item free of charge under the terms of the warranty.

If you are told that only the original equipment ink will not void the warranty, you should request that the original equipment ink be supplied free of charge. If you are charged for the manufacturer's brand of ink, this may be a violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act or other applicable law.

Being forced by a manufacturer to use OEM brand supplies may also be a violation of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts which prohibit "tying" sales.

What to do
If you are faced with a situation where you are being told that the use of any particular ink replacement item has damaged the printer and therefore your warranty will be voided we recommend the following:

1. Ask the service representative if they wish to retract their statement.
2. Tell them that if they are denying your warranty because they claim that the third party item in question did indeed damage the printer that you want that stated in writing, on company letterhead with the service manager's signature. You want the specifics of how the third party item damaged the printer and what they considered to be the proof behind the implication.
3. State the warranty as you understand it and have them do the same. In other words, if they claim that the "warranty is voided" have them present to you a copy of the warranty that they used to base this on. Simply put they must have read the information somewhere before telling you this.
4. If you are willing to stand up for your rights then you may also want to mention to them that you believe that you are being treated unfairly and are acting on behalf of the manufacture and not on an individual case basis.
5. Document everything and then file a complaint with the Office of Industry Advocacy.

Remember this.
When you purchase a printer, your warranty acts as a contract between you and the manufacture of the printer. The manufacture and service representatives who are authorized by the manufacture to perform warranty service are bound by this contract. It is a legal, binding agreement in writing by the manufacture. In no way have you forced them into this warranty. This printer warranty was provided with the printer's purchase and was probably a determining factor in your purchase. To allow the manufacture to back out of their part of the contract is wrong. Stand up for your right as a consumer and do not let elegant wording deter you from what is rightfully yours.

Source: http://www.alotofthings.com/inkjetinformation/VoidedWarranty.htm

by unknown on Sep 9, 2005 at 3:57pm Add comment
Just when you think you have the printer problem solved it moves on to a new problem... Brother is junk... Save your time and sanity and throw it out...

I can lead a horse to water,,,But................

by Anonymous on Sep 11, 2005 at 8:12pm Add comment
Stop stressing, email Brother tell them you want the printhead replaced and insist they pick it up. Problem solved.
keep getting are peeing me off
Does anyone know how to unsubscribe cos the mails i keep getting are peeing me off?
by Anonymous on Sep 11, 2005 at 9:49pm Add comment
Let me reiterate... Brother is Garbage!!! You will find it out when you throw it out and buy another brand...

by unknown on Sep 11, 2005 at 10:20pm Add comment
There is a link in your email to "Unsubscribe" to the thread... That should stop rubbing your nose in it...

by unknown on Sep 11, 2005 at 10:26pm Add comment
I bought an MFC3820CN. Initially, I was pleased with the printer.
But soon the nightmare began.
The printer is in my bedroom and it would turn itself on at all hours of the night and early morning in order to run a head cleaning cycle (ink wasting cycle). The printer was waking me up at 2am!!
So, I decided to unplug the printer at night. Guess what? If the printer is not allowed to runs its nightly ink wasting cycle, the head clogs up! I tried unclogging it with compressed air but it didn't work. Reluctantly, I bought new ink cartridges even though the old ones were still half full.
A month later, the head clogged again. I called Brother customer support and the idiot rep told me that I need to print more! Excuse me???
This was not the only problem. The sheet feeder kept mis-feeding. I cleaned off the roller and that seemed to solve the problem for a week.
This printer made me depressed.
I bought the printer at Staples and I was beyond their return policy. But I was so desperate to get rid of this printer that I did the following: I googled and found the name of the President of Staples. Then I figured out their email format and emailed the president. That afternoon, I got a call from the secretary to the president. She informed me that the manager of the local Staples would be waiting for me and my crap printer and that I would receive a full refund.
I used the the refund to buy an Epson that was $40 cheaper. I have been happier than a pig in s*** with this new printer! Everything about it is superior to the Brother. Better quality, faster and better software interface.
by Tao_Darwin on Sep 20, 2005 at 10:23am Add comment
as a service center for brother, i have replaced many print heads. that seems to be the only sure fix. the ink was one of
the other issues, but can't be sure. some customers have reinstalled knock off ink and have had the problem reoccure
before the ink cartridges were empty...????good luck.
by Anonymous on Sep 23, 2005 at 9:00am Add comment
Brother MFC 4820C error 41
print quality crap.
availability ink cartridges (in Holland)up to sh.t
it's like finding chicken teeth.
Head cleaning function works like smoke alarm in the night.
do yourself a favour, don't buy Brother
by unknown on Oct 2, 2005 at 10:05am Add comment
I had been using my brother mfc-3420c for 14 months when Error 41 appeared. I called the Customer Service number (800)284-4329 9am-8:45pm EST. Spoke with Tony who gave me 3 repair shops in the area. I went with Bob Brooks in Auburn Hills MI. They fixed it in 3 days, I am a very Happy customer. I will buy brother again.
by unknown on Oct 6, 2005 at 3:09pm Add comment
I bought my mfc3820cn almost 12 months ago. I print, on average, a black text page each day and maybe one color page a week. I does go through ink, but the ink isn't too expensive. Bought some cheapo stuff off the internet the first time I need to replace them. They worked fine. I found some clearance ink-refill kits at Wal*Mart and used those the next time the ink went dry. I think the refill kit ink is what killed it. After a few weeks with that ink I got the Error 41, call Brother. (Since my brother doesn't know squat about printers, I thought I'd call the company...)

The rep on the phone asked me what was wrong? What kind of ink I used? When I bought the machine? etc... I was straight with my answers. No lies. He told me to take it to a printer fix-it place about 10 miles from my house. 3 days later it was fixed at no charge to me.

I think that was a fair deal.

I like the printer (I like the network feature). The quality is good for what I want and after all the rebates and such I think it was a good printer for the money.

I'll probably stick to Brother ink or good quality stuff from the internet suppliers from now on. If the Error 41 doesn't come back I'll be a happy camper.

Satisfied in Southern Ohio
by Anonymous on Oct 7, 2005 at 2:42pm Add comment
A friend gave me his old MFC3420c. it worked great for a few weeks then came up with error code 41. I went online to the brother site to find the nearest service center. When I called them I was asked if the unit had been registered. I explained I wasn't sure and was told if it was registered the repair was free to anyone with error code 41. If the unit isn't registered I would need to pay for the new print head. I find it odd that Brother didn't do mass mailings to customers that had registered with them to notify them of the error possibility and that they would cover the cost of repairs. Sure it is a pain to be without a machine but in truth the repair (reputable shop) doesn't take that long. I dropped mine off and it was done when I returned in "2" hours.

Glad I explored my options before I stated whining !!!!!!!
by unknown on Oct 10, 2005 at 7:29pm Add comment
Two heads later and we're whiners? Please explain to me how we don't have a right to complain about a bad product. - Anonymous
Well, my 3420c got the same error message. Before, the machine sends a message I need to replace the ink and when I open it up there's still ink on the cartridge. After a while, error 41 is on the menu screen and advising me to call Brother. With all that you guys have experienced and all these postings on this web, hopefully Brother will finally figure it out that their business may be in bad shape if they don't take care of this problem. I will call them up and see what happens.
by unknown on Oct 10, 2005 at 9:10pm Add comment
Hello, everyone. I am a printer engineer in an European country. I fix Error 41, 2 or 3 times a day. Error 41 is an electrical problem within the printhead. The only way to fix it is to replace the printhead. In my country Brother have extended the warranty on the printhead only, not the rest of the machine. If you get Error 41, you have to get the printhead replaced, but just because the machine is out the warranty doesn't mean you will necessarily have to pay. Brother will ask you if you are using their inks but this problem happens with their ink too. Error 41 happens in all models of Brother printers, but it rarely happens twice, once the printhead has been replaced it is extremely rare (but not unheard of) for error 41 to happen again.
Hope this helps.
by Anonymous on Oct 13, 2005 at 6:11am Add comment
Error 41 is not the only problem with brother printers. have a mfc1750 that I have replaced the head on at least three or four times at about $149 a pop then bought my mfc 3820 about a year ago. Now I have the 41 error. Here I sit with 2 unuseable printers. Called brother of my latest problem and they issued a work order to a local repair shop. Brother print head problems are not new, they have been going on for years.Have a Lexmark on the upstairs computer and no problems. No more brother products for me after this.
by Anonymous on Oct 15, 2005 at 11:07am Add comment
I have been trying to fix my printer. I plug and unplug and it still do not work. It say call brother. Our instructions book is misplaced can you help us. Thanks Miss Gray
by Anonymous on Oct 18, 2005 at 6:10am Add comment
Call Brother customer support 800-276-7746 to get warranty repair. They extended the warranty on units with machine error 41. Good luck. - Anonymous
Its me again...I'm the one that wrote "MY SHORT NOTE" on 7-28 above...this note will be short...Just to give you guys an update..I'v been following this forum since I wrote the above message...well the other night I got the dredded error 41 message again..I decided that I'm not going to contact Brothers again.and jump through there hoops..I'm tired of putting a bandade on THERE problem...I'm going to junk this crap out and get a HP...They have lost a customer for life...I intend on advising others to stay away from this companys products...I have lost all faith in Brothers...I'M VERY DISSAPPOINTED in Brothers...I have a feeling Brothers moniters this forum...They have my phone number and address...if they realy give a damn they can contact me...but I don't expect them to..they got my money (once) never again...live and learn...I guess you guys will never hear from me again...I won't own a Brothers any longer...Good luck everybody..I'm tired of the garbage Brothers sold me.IT TRUE YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR..BROTHERS MAKE CHEAP CHEAP CRAP.Cost me less then $100.00..I am now using my okidata microline 390 that I'v had for years as my back up untill I can get a QUAILTY multi fuction machine.Take care everybody...
Dave Borel
[email protected]
by dave_borel on Oct 19, 2005 at 11:20pm Add comment
yes I did that 2.5 months ago..they fixed it.never printed right since then...what am I going to do call Brothers every 2 months...I put it on top of the trash bin, put the owners book inside..(should have put $2.00 in the book to pay somone to take it)..now its somone elses problem...I bought a HP 5610 it works great...bet I wont have ANY problems for at least a year. By the way paid $135.00 for it at Sams Club...
by dave_borel on Oct 24, 2005 at 6:24pm Add comment
How did your husband replace the printer head I need to replace mine as I also refuse to pay a repair shop although I seem to be luckier than most as my machine is now 2 years old.
by Anonymous on Oct 30, 2005 at 9:59pm Add comment
we had the error 41 and purchased a new head from brother @£58.00 + vat.
inputted the head code into the maintenance menu, but the alignment isnt good, tried the usual test print and trying to match anything with 0 but still its crap and fuzzy. brother wants to redirect us to a brother trained engineer...
could this be a faulty head.
quality of the inks perfect just the alignment.
have we missed anything in the maintenance menu.
by unknown on Nov 1, 2005 at 8:51am Add comment
heres a free service manual for any machine
by unknown on Nov 1, 2005 at 11:43am Add comment
totally fixed using the manual and with sod all help from brother.
I like the printer but hate the way brother will not deal with a simple issue like alignment, instead push through a service engineer, in total it took 5 mins to enter maintenance menu and enter 65 and realign properly.
by unknown on Nov 2, 2005 at 2:02am Add comment
Has anyone got the test chart needed to align the print head after replacement in a MFC 590?


by jonbonse on Nov 10, 2005 at 1:49am Add comment
Just a quick note to keep all of you with Brothers (JUNK)up to date. The replacment HP Officejet 5610 All in one printer that I bought to replace my Brothers JUNK was so easy to set up and it functions perfectly that I went out and bought another one..Thats atleast two sales Brothers lost and several others I have advised not to buy Brothers. I do computer contract work for a couple of companys and advise people every chance I get to not buy Brothers.

Good luck everybody with your Brothers Junk.
I am a happy camper with my HP's.
Dave Borel
by dave_borel on Nov 10, 2005 at 8:25am Add comment
look at this site
and select your manual
by unknown on Nov 10, 2005 at 8:49am Add comment
Hi, thanks but I already have the manual.

In the manual it says you need a specific test chart but I cant find it in the manual. . .

jonbonse - jonbonse
MFC 3820cn not listed. Anyway......
by pulldownyourpants on Nov 10, 2005 at 3:52pm Add comment
Is that Mr McNamara?
by hpwizard on Nov 10, 2005 at 4:05pm Add comment
chapter 7.5.13 says enter 65 into maintenance mode and this will give the test chart you require, and then alter the head to suit.
this isnt the same as the cleanning testchart as this is only for aligning.

7.5.13 Alignment of Vertical Print Lines
� Function
This function allows you to align vertical lines printed in the forward and backward direction of
the carriage.
NOTE: Before this alignment job, be sure to correct the positioning error of the print head. (Refer
to CHAPTER 6, Section 6.3 "ADJUSTMENT.")
� Operating Procedure
(1) Press the 6 and 5 keys in this order in the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
The equipment prints out a set of vertical alignment check patterns which consist of No. 1 to
No. 9 lines for each of the 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 450 dpi.
If the vertical alignment is ON, No. 5 line (each in the 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 450 dpi
printouts) shows vertically aligned lines as given on the next page.
The LCD shows the "600DPI NO.(1-9)."
(2) Check the printed vertical alignment check patterns for the 600 dpi and find which number
line shows full alignment. If the line is other than No. 5, enter that line number by using the
numerical keys.
The LCD shows the "1200DPI NO.(1-9)."
(3) For the 1200 dpi, perform the same operation as in step (2).
The LCD shows the "450DPI NO.(1-9)."
(4) For the 450 dpi, perform the same operation as in step (2).
The equipment automatically returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
NOTE: If No. 1 line or No. 9 line is fully aligned so that you press the 1 or 9 key in the above
procedure, then go back to step (1) to confirm that No. 5 line becomes aligned.
by unknown on Nov 11, 2005 at 6:34am Add comment
to block the stupid ink cartridge sensor from reading ther fill u can also paint the semi clear side of the cartridge with a black permanent marker.

Anybody out who knows the maintanance mode codes???????
by unknown on Nov 25, 2005 at 8:29pm Add comment
oufikydc - tried your suggestion with my half empty yellow and now it says the black and the cyan are empty as well. LOL!!! Now I can't print at all. :( I think it's time to go out and buy a new printer. Anyone interested in a used MFC3820CN? I paid almost $200 for it but will take $100 OBO. LOL!!! Ahhhhhh....shoot me!
by pulldownyourpants on Nov 26, 2005 at 11:23am Add comment
Well, the best solution that I did with my Brother printer 3420C is throwing it in the trash where it belongs. It is garbage and doesn't need to be in my house. No worries now, Brother lost another customer. I think I will get either an HP, Epson or Lexmark as long as it is not Brother I will be fine. Now I am happy. Happy Holidays all.
by unknown on Nov 27, 2005 at 2:06am Add comment
I had the same problem, bought a new head and still had it only it was my red.Ssssooooo I tossed it and bought a HP color LaserJet 2550n. Love it. I will never buy or even mention the name brother (except for my sibling). Good luck with purchasing another.
Happy Holidays - Anonymous
Still not trusting my Brother MFC - 3220C

Although, after reading the threads in this very informative forum here, I decided to attempt a call to brother.

Called Brother last week, after a wait on the phone that borderlined unreasonable, I actually was connected to a reasonable person.

I am not one to send in registration cards, maybe I will be better about it from now on.

Anyway, Brother Rep. Quizzed me on when I purchased? ("I didn't remember, just it was hot out so, 1 or 2 summers ago"). Receipt is history also.

BrotherLady on phone, jotted down some serial numbers etc.

Gave me the Address of an authorized repair shop, I was figuring big repair bill - TRASH TIME!....THEN she informed me that brother will send the auth. shop a work order. FREE FIX!

Finally found the time to make the "trip" to the shop. The "Fix" took about 45 minutes, new print head.

Working fine now, although, I would not recommend Brother for a trusty, main printer.

The Authorized repair shop was run by 3 pretty cool guys, (possibly retired?), they did suggest (for what it is worth) that using Brother inks might help, as there is a cleaner in the carts (Hype? anyone know?). Also, a few consecutive days of non-use seems to clog the printer up.

Anyway, it is think worth a call to Brother, but soon, evidentally the "recall" on Error 41's will expire.
by SheilaM on Dec 6, 2005 at 6:47pm Add comment
This is piece of shit. Their cartridges cost 60 dollars. you get a printer for that price. who in the world.. started this company. Anyway.. if there is a lawsuit, guys please let me know.

Don't recommend this product... Brother underestimates the power of information age. I request each of you to just pass this message in Yahoo messenger or to your contacts using email... Perhaps we should remind Brother:
by unknown on Dec 19, 2005 at 5:07pm Add comment
Go to this blog and post your comments there.
by unknown on Dec 19, 2005 at 6:40pm Add comment
I called Brother customer support 1-800-284-4357

They will take your zip code and send a work order to a Brother Authorized repair shop close to you.

I was sent to THE FAX DOCTOR in Dublin California. It seems they do various computer, printer, etc. repairs, and feels like a very honest and knowledgable group.

I am only familiar with my Brother MFC-3220C, and if I had to pay to have it repaired, like others, I would have trashed it.
by Anonymous on Dec 19, 2005 at 8:14pm Add comment
Got the Machine Error 41 error with my MFC3420C. Tried the Maintenance 84 trick, but then then got a PRINTER ERROR! This would sometimes be followed by Machine Error 50. The stupid thing is that I can't use the scanner or send a fax, which is not affected by the printer not working. This is a very badly designed machine. I also had the printer head replaced twice before under warranty when it wasn't printing properly. I was thinking of selling it on eBay, but I would not want to burden anyone with such a bad machine. It is going into the trash and I'm getting a new HP multi-function. Needless to say, I will never buy any further Brother machines or recommend them to anyone.
by unknown on Dec 22, 2005 at 2:52pm Add comment
I am appalled at the manufacturer for selling defective machines and having knowledge of it. It is one thing to sell to a consumer with warning that this is a problem but, to sell with the knowledge of is just ludicrous. Many of us depend on these machines to assist us with our daily lives and our way of living. I had no idea that these machines had so many problems until I came to this site to inquire about the problem that my machine is experiencing (machine error 41). I plan to write to the better business bureau and think that all should do the same. The more complaints the better! I tried going to the website [email protected] numerous times and could not get the page to come up. Brother you should be ashamed for selling products with defective parts. Honor your customers with free maintenance to fix this problem.
by unknown on Dec 22, 2005 at 3:21pm Add comment
I totally agree with this letter I feel that we have all been ripped off and they should at least take responsibility for what they make and sell to people I too plan on getting a hold of the better bus. bureau - Anonymous
And another one. This is a big list. Can anyone give a good idea on a printer for my next one
by Eleazar on Dec 25, 2005 at 10:37pm Add comment
Brother IS honoring their customers and fixing for free....just browse the threads in here and find the phone numbers and how to approach them. Also, I see a lot of good replacement printer advice. Got a new printer head replaced for free with one call to Brother, no receipt, and positive I never mailed in my registration card.

I had my Brother fixed but there are other "issues" that cause me concerns and some dumb design additions, the self clean, and I can't print in black when a color cartridge is empty. I got the printer almost free at Staples so it is I am sure not as stressful for me as some.

I have a 5+ year old HP Printer/Fax etc. that has been totally trouble free with available carts at a good price still (knock wood).

Another note on Staples, the purchase of the "funky" Brother all started with another printer problem I had with another "funky" printer...I thought that I just needed new Carts. for it, wasn't the problem, returned to Staples to check out printers, lamented about my junk printer and the $$ I wasted on ink Carts. well...STAPLES TAKES BACK OPEN CARTS IF YOU HAVE THE RECEIPT ETC. (and haven't had them for a month or so).

by Anonymous on Dec 26, 2005 at 10:30am Add comment
yup i got it too.
i will speak to a litigation attorney i know and see what's up.
by joeyz on Jan 6, 2006 at 9:33pm Add comment
Direct link to a site with cheap functional printheads. SOmeone else mentioned it in this thread somewhere and I went and bought one and it worked ok. A couple streaks but I was happy for a moment. Then I ran out of ink and everything went to hell again. Oh well. I bought a new $50 Canon PI1600 and am using my 3820cn for scanning only. $200 scanner......geeez.
by Anonymous on Jan 11, 2006 at 7:07pm Add comment
50 for a head? and i don't even know how long is going to be before error 41 apears again?
I'm done with brother.
by Eleazar on Jan 12, 2006 at 12:14pm Add comment
I also have the dreaded error 41 problem on a Brother MFC-5200C. I purchased this unit in November of 2003. I just contacted Brother and learned that in my case the unit is out of warranty and Brother wouldn't make any type of accommodation. I find this ridiculous because if you have a known part problem (print head)that is effecting so many different models and units, there should be some type of resolution, like a recall. I wouldn’t be surprised if this problem is a hazard, because they do advise to power down the unit, when it has error 41.

Next, I inquired about purchasing a new head. Some here have mentioned that the head will cost around $29.00. Well I was advised by the Brother parts department rep. that there has been a cost adjustment and was quoted a price of $129.99. I also was quoted the price of $170.00 (parts and labor) by the local Brother authorized service center to repair my printer. This printer cost me $232.95 two years ago. That’s right this piece of garbage failed after two years of limited use.

Needless to say, I will never purchase another Brother product. Thanks for letting me vent. I'm off to shop for another printer, anything but a Brother.

by unknown on Jan 19, 2006 at 10:07am Add comment
I have a Brother MFC-3420c, less than two years old. I am also getting Machine Error 41 (Unplug machine, then call Brother) Also, printer has problem feeding sheets. I have to help each page or it will get a paper jam. After reading all theses threads, I am going to get something else and not even bother calling Brother.
by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2006 at 7:58pm Add comment
Well....Got my Brother Error 41 "fix" for free from Brother.

Now printing like #\%$&*#\%!!!

Paper will not feed....

Oh Brother....Lost my business and the business from my business.

by Anonymous on Jan 22, 2006 at 8:43pm Add comment
I bought my brother mfc-5100c about a year ago error 41 hit me and I unplugged it and guess what I plugged it back in and no more printing error 41 it says call brother well I guess I wont even waste my breath what a waste of money
by unknown on Jan 23, 2006 at 5:08pm Add comment
Brother extended the warranty period to 2 years for some of their all-in-ones because of this print head problem. When I called, all they asked for was a receipt, which I faxed over (using the broken MFC 5100c with the Error 41 message -- outgoing faxes still seemed to work). Within a few days, my all-in-one was fixed by a local repair shop for free. They even gave me four new ink cartridges in the printer! It is worth it to call Brother and ask for their help if you experience a problem. The results can be quite satisfying.
by unknown on Jan 24, 2006 at 4:49pm Add comment
Give it a couple of months....Error 41 came back 2 months after there repair...I put the machine out at the trash and let sombody take it....and bought two HP's..I was going to put $2.00 in it and pay the person that took it but my wife talked me out of doing that..I no longer own and will never buy another Brothers piece of *.* and I advise people that I hear are in the market for a printer NOT to buy Brothers. How much has Brothers lost.they now there is a problem but still sell junk..
Unless Brothers sends me a check for the cost of the printer I will continue to bad mouth them....(Like that will happen) - Anonymous
I have had the same problem with mine. Error code 41.Brother says its a mechanical error code but wont go any further. Its out of warranty so think I'll just take it apart and try myself. If it doesn't work, I chuck it, and never ever buy brother again, probably won't anyway. Also if just one ink cartridge goes empty you can't do anything, even task that don't need ink, like faxing or scanning. Don't know how they stay in business.
by unknown on Jan 26, 2006 at 1:42pm Add comment
Did they also extend the warranty for print heads to 24 months in the UK?? Please let me know if you had any experience with Brother's customer services in UK or where to get print head and how to fit it. I paid £240 for this piece of **** and had nothink but problems with it. Now ME 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected]
by Damian on Jan 28, 2006 at 8:24am Add comment
Quote"Did they also extend the warranty for print heads to 24 months in the UK?? Please let me know if you had any experience with Brother's customer services in UK or where to get print head and how to fit it. I paid £240 for this piece of **** and had nothink but problems with it. Now ME 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected]"

Brothers customer services are a joke in the uk.
Brothers spares line will gladly sell you the replacement head, but they dont include any instructions as to fit it.
They refer you to a brother trained engineer, whom will charge you mega ££££££ for a 20 minute task.

by unknown on Jan 28, 2006 at 9:32am Add comment
to take out the head, put it into change cartidge mode. caridge in the centre and then unclip the head. replace the head push firmly, take out plastic protective moulding, and change the head id then

enter 65 into maintenance mode and this will give the test chart you require, and then alter the head to suit.
this isnt the same as the cleanning testchart as this is only for aligning.

7.5.13 Alignment of Vertical Print Lines
� Function
This function allows you to align vertical lines printed in the forward and backward direction of
the carriage.
NOTE: Before this alignment job, be sure to correct the positioning error of the print head. (Refer
to CHAPTER 6, Section 6.3 "ADJUSTMENT.")
� Operating Procedure
(1) Press the 6 and 5 keys in this order in the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
The equipment prints out a set of vertical alignment check patterns which consist of No. 1 to
No. 9 lines for each of the 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 450 dpi.
If the vertical alignment is ON, No. 5 line (each in the 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 450 dpi
printouts) shows vertically aligned lines as given on the next page.
The LCD shows the "600DPI NO.(1-9)."
(2) Check the printed vertical alignment check patterns for the 600 dpi and find which number
line shows full alignment. If the line is other than No. 5, enter that line number by using the
numerical keys.
The LCD shows the "1200DPI NO.(1-9)."
(3) For the 1200 dpi, perform the same operation as in step (2).
The LCD shows the "450DPI NO.(1-9)."
(4) For the 450 dpi, perform the same operation as in step (2).
The equipment automatically returns to the initial stage of the maintenance mode.
NOTE: If No. 1 line or No. 9 line is fully aligned so that you press the 1 or 9 key in the above
procedure, then go back to step (1) to confirm that No. 5 line becomes aligned.
by unknown on Jan 28, 2006 at 9:35am Add comment
Guess what!

I've called them and before I could ask the question they took my details. Then I've asked straight away about extended warranty for print heads because of famous "machine error 41" and he said that it's true and they extend it to 30 months (!) but not from purchase date but from date of production. When I gave him my Brothers MFC-4820C serial no. (he said that they will replace the head free of charge and someone will call me in next 48 "working" hours to give me further instruction.
The best thing is that I bought it exactly two years ago and without this website I would probably threw it away and it cost me £240!!
So thumbs up and thanks for information.

The other thing is that if they knew about foulty print heads they shoul recall them and change it and not wait till customers will call them.

I'm sorry for my poor English (I'm Polish). I promise to improve it;)
Damian Szymura

UK Brother's Customer Servive no.: 0870 830 4000 option 4
by Damian on Jan 30, 2006 at 9:11am Add comment
Just a replacement head, search on google for brothers web site for your contry.
by unknown on Feb 5, 2006 at 3:26am Add comment
Dont know if this will be of help to you poor souls out there who have been having probs with Brother MFC's.
I have just downloaded a 22 page parts manual for the MFC 4820c which has exploded diagrams of the machine. I found this on their web site,"Brother.co.uk"

It doesn't explain how to fix problems,but at least you can see how the damn things come apart etc,we are going to try cleaning the printhead in a sonic tank followed by a quick blast with the airline and then a set of replacement carts.Will let you know if we have any luck.
by Tricky on Feb 7, 2006 at 12:03pm Add comment
Hi Anonymous,
Dont know about "error 41" on the MFC 890,but this seems to be a common error code with Brother,(and a few other printer manufacturer's). We are only a small company in the UK that service & repair laser printers,but we are looking into this problem as it seems that some MFC makers are using this to increase the market of higher priced disposible MFC equipment.As for your 890,unless you have access to a printer repair workshop with facilities like sonic tank etc,I would suggest that you trash the bloody thing and consider a Cannon.Have heard some good reports in the trade about them,but dont quote me on that ok!.
Still not had time to strip down and investigate the workings of the 4820c that we have got here.Will post any interesting findings and results when I get time.
by Anonymous on Feb 9, 2006 at 2:55pm Add comment
I just got this error message on my MFC-3820CN. It was only 11 months old. They had to change the print heads for free.

The next time I get this message the MFC will be dumped. No more brother products for me.
by unknown on Feb 11, 2006 at 3:38pm Add comment
Hi, I left negative feedback on brother website over 2 yr old machine and error 41. Also threatened to go to TV program "A Current Affair". Have had contact from Brother since and they want to speak to us! Maybe we should all threaten to expose their rip off scheme!
by unknown on Feb 11, 2006 at 6:31pm Add comment
Hmmm? Current Affair....Let me and I am sure others know of a contact etc. lets flood the media!

I am feeling so "Burned". Dam thing wasn't expensive but, wasn't cheap.

Yeah, everything is now "Disposable", but LESS THAN A YEAR with minimal use?

Possibly a new Thread where we oould Organize this? OK Moderators?

by Anonymous on Feb 12, 2006 at 4:18pm Add comment
The red color is not printing. I have run the "head cleaning" procedure ten times and also have replaced the red ink cartridge two times (both were still full).
Does anyone have any advice as to why this is happening?
Any suggestions on how to fix it?
by tjr57 on Feb 12, 2006 at 9:01pm Add comment
Dump the Brothers crap and buy a HP. No matter what you do. it will break again. I left mine in the dumpster with the instruction book.
by dave_borel on Feb 12, 2006 at 9:13pm Add comment
Dave....Thanks for the advice but for now all the other colors and black are working fine. Although without the red, there is no use for the "color" prints.
by tjr57 on Feb 12, 2006 at 9:17pm Add comment
Its just a matter of time.
Good luck "BRO"
by dave_borel on Feb 12, 2006 at 9:24pm Add comment
Frist read the above threads. Call Brother, see if you can get a FREE FIX.

Otherwise I wouldnt dump another dime into this junk.......
by SheilaM on Feb 14, 2006 at 9:28pm Add comment

Up your BROTHER, pissed off to the bottom of my pits

Got my error 41 after 5 month of usage...
brother said call STAPLES! And GUESS WHAT ... STAPLES said No No No , it manufacture warrantee, so deal with BROTHER



by unknown on Feb 14, 2006 at 9:37pm Add comment
I love my HP
by dave_borel on Feb 14, 2006 at 9:46pm Add comment
Got a mfc 950 out of a dumpster the other day with error 41. Called Brother, they gave me the number of a dealer. Rang them, £41 +£5 delivery.
New print head arrived next morning. Fitted in 5 mins, works fine.
However, it is 3yrs old and ok for backup, but nothing like the quality, reliability and low ink use of my officejet7130, which will probably be obsolete before it breaks!
by iansf on Feb 15, 2006 at 10:13am Add comment
HI, not sure where to get print head but we have out of warranty 3420C - threatened to go to TV " A Current Affair" to expose their error 41 scam and GUESS WHAT!! - THEY WILL FIX OUR MACHINE FOR FREE NOW!! Maybe you should try the same threat. I put the threat on their brother customer feedback site. Good luck.
by Anonymous on Feb 15, 2006 at 6:08pm Add comment
For those willing to waste money on their brotherjunk

by pulldownyourpants on Feb 15, 2006 at 7:58pm Add comment
Hi anonymous,
In reading your printhead replace instructions you comment that the old one rusted.(4/1/05). It seems to me the printheads plug up from generic ink. I draw the generic ink out of their cartridge and put it in the original brother cart so it gets filtered properly. By putting black tape on the matrix and manually checking ink level, my mfc3820cn has been working. It is a replacement machine from brother. It shows the letter "G" when pressing star & pound at the same time. Brother says the latter machines do not clean as often, thus saving ink.
Helpful? SRS
by srstech on Feb 16, 2006 at 12:33pm Add comment
I find it quite incredible that Brother continue to sell these machines in the knowledge that so many people have experienced this error 41 problem.

Clearly there is either a design fault with the print heads and they will not admit it, or they have purposely built in a chip that will stop the machine working after a certain period of time, or number of copies printed, much like Epson appear to have done with many of their printers.

The good thing about Epson is that there is free software available on the net that will re-set their printers but I have not found anything like that for the Brother machines.

It is about time someone, or a group of people, took legal action against Brother to force them to own up to what they have done to the MFC's during manufacture.

My MFC3820CN broke down tonight, with Error 41 and Brother blamed it on the use of non Brother ink cartridges, which we all know from the postings on this site is utter rubbish.

I now have the choice of paying for a new print head, or trashing the machine and having to waste about £100 worth of spare ink cartridges.

I certainly will not be rushing out to buy Brother products again!
by unknown on Feb 17, 2006 at 3:11pm Add comment
Strange how we dont seem to get any Brother (or ex-Brother) engineers on this thread. Are they frightend that if they disclose any information on this subject that Brother might take legal action to shut them up?.

The plot thickens!.. - Anonymous
It is very true that there appears to be this cloak of secrecy surrounding the whole nasty business. There must be someone out there who knows the truth about this Error 41 scam. It is high time the practice was outlawed and manufacturers were made to compensate their unfortunate customers, who pay good money in good faith, just to get shafted!

It would appear that Brother are not the only company to try to manipulate their products to ensure that customers have to pay up for repairs, or replacements.

I hear now that HP are going to make their machines in such a way that they will be regionalised, to stop people buying cheap recycled or un-branded cartridges from the far east.

It's a cleaver marketing ploy. Here in the UK you can buy printers almost for the same price as one replacement branded ink cartridge. The idea being to tempt people to buy the very low cost machine and then be forced to pay later by way of massively over priced consumables.

It's big brother in every sense of the word and the consumers end up loosing out every time. If they would sell the replacement cartridges at the much lower prices we know they can, then people would buy them and not feel drawn to buy un-branded.
by unknown on Feb 17, 2006 at 4:57pm Add comment
Maybe a good helping of bad publicity here in the UK might get a comment out of Brother and draw a lot more attention to this con.

I'm sure that if a newspaper like "News of the World" has nothing better to report, they might jump at the chance to do a bit of research and slagging off a big business like Brother who is stitching up customers worldwide.

As for other makes,I had an HP670 inkjet for years,using all makes of non HP cartridges and it kept going until the motor packed up,really got value from that printer,but I dont know what their new models are like.

I spoke to a printer engineer who has had some dealings with Brother MFC's, and his advice was that even if you fit a new print head and Brother cartridges there is a high chance that you will get the Error 41 back sooner or later. He also suggested what to do with our MFC. Wait for a truck to go by and throw the bloody thing under its wheels!!. - Anonymous
Brother MFC 3420c
I really liked the machine when it worked but being the ink guzzler
it is was a problem. I started re-filling but the blue head quit working. Can the heads be cleaned? Is it worth replacing the head assy?
I would really appreciate any advice.
by unknown on Feb 18, 2006 at 8:44am Add comment
We tried cleaning the head of a MFC 4820c with a mild cleaning solution in a sonic tank, and got an error 44 !!..

- Anonymous
My guess is that this has little to do with clogged up print heads and more to do with making money. I would bet that if you buy a new print head, it will, upon installation, reset the machine automatically and then it would be interesting to see if the old print head, being re-fitted, would give an error 41 message. If one could completely kill the memory of the MFC, it may re-set the processor but I was not able to find any battery back up but I would think that there must be a lithium cell somewhere and if you could power down and remove that, maybe it would go back to factory default settings. I could be completely wrong of course but it's just a hunch.
by unknown on Feb 18, 2006 at 11:43am Add comment
Further to my posting of 2/18/06, I managed to get hold of someone at the UK Brother support centre and was quite suprised and shocked at the immediate offer of a free replacement head.
I was not asked if I was using genuine Brother cartridges and an engineer was sent to my home in south London within a few hours of my call. This was very different from the attitude I received from my call to corporate headquarters in the USA, who read me the riot act about not using Brother cartridges being the reason for my problem and did not offer a free replacement head.
When the engineer came he fitted the new print head and then did say that he felt it unwise to continue using non-Brother cartridges. In fact he left it to me to decide if I was going to use the non-genuine cartridges or go out and buy Brother.
He said it will work with either and will probably go wrong again in error 41 with either, but just quicker if i do not use Brother cartridges.Also they may not change the head FOC next time if I am not using Brother cartridges.
As I have a stock of non-Brother cartridges, I have decided to use them up and then switch to Brother, so by the time I get error 41 again, hopefully I will have Brother cartridges installed and will get a new head FOC.
It's printing fine now but could go wrong again at any time I am informed!
by unknown on Feb 20, 2006 at 6:26am Add comment

The only cure is to replace the printhead unit. This is a very fiddly job on the 890 and is best left to an engineer as the new heads property code needs to be entered into the software in the machine.

I have to replace a printhead on an MFC-5200. Does it have the same requirement? How does one "enter a property code?" For that matter, where does one find a property code? I'm competent to physically remove and replace the printhead, but if I'm also going to have to know the "secret handshake" to save approximately $140 on this repair, then I need someone to tell me what it is.
by unknown on Feb 27, 2006 at 10:22am Add comment
I am getting a error message that reads 1200. Whats does that mean?
by unknown on Mar 1, 2006 at 11:56am Add comment
before i have in my printer error 41 but the print head is chenged, but now the problem is that, i acn not print magenta and yellow but the two colours are changed and yellow is ok but the magenta continue with the same problem, ¿what acn i do?
by Anonymous on Mar 3, 2006 at 4:05am Add comment
Looks like I get to join this list, too. I've had to deal with the "error 41" by unplugging and re-plugging the machine. That has worked for several months, and along with some occasional software conflicts when trying to print while online, unplugging and restarting the computer has seemed to be the process. Today, the "error 41" won't go away at all. I stumbled onto this list, and I guess I get to start making the same trek as everyone else. Thanks for the list, at least I know I'm not alone, and I know what to do. I feel blessed.... my machine lasted almost 16 months before stopping completely. BTW, I have used ONLY Brother ink, haven't even used a whole ream of paper yet, and am only on the fourth set of ink cartridges. Wow, hardly used and it's already on the blink. I'm impressed........... NOT!!!!!

Let's all sing now......

Weeeeeeeeeee're off to sue the Brother, the [email protected]#$!#$ Brother of Oz
by hogfiddles on Mar 19, 2006 at 7:40am Add comment
Turn off machine, after that, turn on, press and keep Stop/Exit Button about 3 minute may be clear Error 41 on Brother MFC 4420C
by Anonymous on Mar 21, 2006 at 7:38pm Add comment
0 2000
1 2001
2 2002


EXAMPLE .....D3A0132533
3 2003



by Anonymous on Mar 22, 2006 at 7:09pm Add comment
My mfc 3820cn is out of warranty but I called brother anyway and they have extended my warranty for this particular error 41. So call them and they will give you the closest repair place and a work order no. I bought my machine end of 2003. I don't know how long is the extended warranty for this error 41 issue but I'm glad they'll fix it.
by Anonymous on Mar 24, 2006 at 1:54pm Add comment
What a peice of CRAP......Brother should be held liable for producuing such a shity printer that has more errors than a crashed hard drive. I have had the print head replaced less that 5 months ago and now the Brother Sevice Center dont want to know about it. I made an attempt to get warranty on the new print head. What a joke Brother is, never again will i purchase a Brother product and i will pass the word around and will print this thread off and pass it on to my local retailer and the Brother Sercice Center....Bloody Wankers.....
by Robbie on Mar 25, 2006 at 6:05pm Add comment
What an excersize in futility. The error started when the unit was eighteen months old. After trying to get brother on the phone four seperate times (hanging up after being on hold more then ten minutes each time), two seperate e-mails without a response, I tried a "certified" Brother repair center, who informed me that I should call Brother to get it fixed. We're all in the wrong profession. We should make POS machines, sell them, and then ignore our customers when something goes wrong. I've thrown out all three Brother machines in my two offices and replaced them with HP. They are at least working.
by WCF on Mar 31, 2006 at 2:03pm Add comment
Has anyone contacted Fair Go about this???
by Anonymous on Apr 3, 2006 at 9:15pm Add comment
you know...cause nevermind the fact that mfc 890 uses the old thermal paper and is probably compatible with win95 and 3.1...not exactly the same problems as with an inkjet
by unknown on Apr 15, 2006 at 3:10pm Add comment
I've got two MFC 590 machines and they have failed with the Error 41 indication.

They are out of warantee but can i buy the heads and replace them myself.

Any help will be appreciated

by leslie.blunt on Apr 16, 2006 at 11:48am Add comment
I have had this machine for a little over 2 years...had it serviced once about a year ago. It's been working fine since and I was just printing like I normally do, all the sudden it stopped printing then it tells me to unplug, then call Brother, error 41.

I called the place where I had it serviced (sticker on machine), unfortunately, they no longer service Brother products. Gee, I wonder why. I called Brother at 800 284 4329. I was told (sounds like call was answered by an outsourced call center). I was asked if I left it unplugged for atleast 30 seconds, which I did. She told me it was the print head. I gave her the serial number, was told no longer under warranty. Gave me contact info to closest authorized service center. I called the service center, was told $39.99 for labor and around $30 for print head and it takes about a WEEK to fix.....I checked out mysimon.com. Brand new it would cost around $159.99, a refurb one w/ 90 day warranty is $99.99 and comes with new inks. Don't know what I'm going to do at this point...I need the machine and to wait a week, I don't know...just frustrated. Hope this info help others.
by Anonymous on Apr 19, 2006 at 12:51pm Add comment
I did almost the same thing today. I didn't bother calling the center where I had mine serviced, I just assumed it would be just as cheap to get a new one.

I know one company I'll never buy from again!
by Anonymous on May 5, 2006 at 1:05pm Add comment
I have the same problem with MFC3420C.

It is only 6 months old hardly used. When in need failed.

I had the same problem with the ink that every one else is having.

The machine is way below standard.

I will never buy brother products neve in my life - Jack
by unknown on May 18, 2006 at 6:41am Add comment
Another UK user with error 41. Mine has had light use with only Brother inks and until now has performed well in all its functions. It is over two years old and I have not had much joy from Brother. However as this is clearly a design fault I will be taking this up firmly with them to get a replacement head at least for for a few more months.
by unknown on May 20, 2006 at 4:25am Add comment
Yep, sure enough, the head is bad. It sounds like you have tried all of the alternative solutions and are down to replacing the head.

We are Brother Authorized and have the part w/instructions @ $ 34.99 plus shipping & handling.

Go to store locator w/zip code 43130 and you will find us.
Heimberger Office Machines

If interested drop us a note.

Good Luck,
Rex - Anonymous
i experienced error 41 recently just like everyone here did.
i experienced the fustration and anger just like everyone here did.

then i think i did something slightly different.
after reading this forum, i proceed to take out the print head.

seeing that the print head is so 'dirty' with the ink, i rinse the head with alcohol.(not the beer you drink)
i didn't use water, just thought that water will create even more problems.

after a few rinse, i put back the printhead.
about the rinse, i rinsed only the exterior of the printhead, the part where the tiny nozzles are.

before, the printer simply refuse to do anything except showing error 41.
now, at least it can do it's self cleaning cycle without any problems...and is willing to print when i needed it.
by hkm on May 24, 2006 at 3:38am Add comment
It will still Scan and Fax.

After cleaning the printer head with rubbing alcohol, my MFC-3420c will let me scan and fax. The new message "Pls Open Cover" is always displayed, but I don't care. To scan, push the Scan button then the down arrow. To Copy, push the Copy button then the down arrow. Ignore any lame messages like "Pls Open Cover", "Error 41" or "Call Brother", just like spam, ignore it and keep moving on with your life.

As for printing, the print jobs stay in the print queue and never print, so I show up 30 minutes early to work before any of my co-workers and use my work's laser printer, to print all my documents. Yes, its steeling, but its nothing compared to the steeling that executives get away with.
- Anonymous
How do you take the print head out? - Anonymous
Cleaning the print head is temporary as well, the next time you get Error 41, you will probably need to replace the printhead. This is not something you can do on your own. Only a Brother ASC can order parts and do the work. If your machine is still under warranty this maintenance is free. Otherwise, your part is 49.99, that price is retail set by Brother, do not let anyone charge you more for the part. Brother ASCs are also reimbursed 60.00 for the labor by Brother. Don't let them charge you more than that either. It is a simple 5-10 minute job.
Good Luck to you.
Brother ASC-California
by Anonymous on May 24, 2006 at 12:03pm Add comment
i have thsat error message and im extremely upset!
by Anonymous on May 24, 2006 at 5:56pm Add comment
In 2003 I bought a 5200c. It worked for 5 months before error 41. I called Brother and they said they could not help me because I did not have the sales receipt. Apparantly the serial number showed that the printer had sat in Fry's on the shelf beyond the warranty period. So they offered absolutly no help. I visited this forum in 2003 and saw that I was not alone, but found no real help. I packed up the printer and put it in storage while I was away for a year. Yesterday, over 2 years later, I pulled the thing out of storage and tried to get it working. I did some maintenance and actually got it going, but only printing magenta. I replaced all the cartridges but no good (I have a bunch of carts that I bought because I live on an island in the Carribean). I came back to this sight to see if anything new had developed. I got excited scrolling down the post 'cause it looked like Brother might have come around and is now offering help. Then as I read into year 2006 I saw that any fix is just temporary and just a waste of my time.

So Brother, I'm off to the dumpster with this thing. There is nothing more valuable to me than my time and you can't have one more second of it.

Good luck.

My Canon is working hard and fine.
My HP scanner is 6 years old and is working hard and fine.

No more all-in-one machines of any type for me.

If anyone is interested it's in the dumpster behind my shop in Frederiksted, St. Croix by Pier 69. But beware--they passed a law last year outlawing dumpster diving.
by islandfire on May 27, 2006 at 9:12am Add comment
In 2003 I bought a 5200c. It worked for 5 months before error 41. I called Brother and they said they could not help me because I did not have the sales receipt. Apparantly the serial number showed that the printer had sat in Fry's on the shelf beyond the warranty period. So they offered absolutly no help. I visited this forum in 2003 and saw that I was not alone, but found no real help. I packed up the printer and put it in storage while I was away for a year. Yesterday, over 2 years later, I pulled the thing out of storage and tried to get it working. I did some maintenance and actually got it going, but only printing magenta. I replaced all the cartridges but no good (I have a bunch of carts that I bought because I live on an island in the Carribean). I came back to this sight to see if anything new had developed. I got excited scrolling down the post 'cause it looked like Brother might have come around and is now offering help. Then as I read into year 2006 I saw that any fix is just temporary and just a waste of my time.

So Brother, I'm off to the dumpster with this thing. There is nothing more valuable to me than my time and you can't have one more second of it.

Good luck.

My Canon is working hard and fine.
My HP scanner is 6 years old and is working hard and fine.

No more all-in-one machines of any type for me.

If anyone is interested it's in the dumpster behind my shop in Frederiksted, St. Croix by Pier 69. But beware--they passed a law last year outlawing dumpster diving.
by islandfire on May 27, 2006 at 9:16am Add comment
I've a Brother MFC 890. After two years and some month I get Error 41, and so it doesn't work.
I called Brother support in Italy (I'm italian) and first they told me that without sales receipt (I don't have it) they can't help me. I insisted and gave them serial number; they told me it's out of warranty, and warranty is only two years, not three years extension here. Yes, Brother Italy is very good...
They told me I have to bring it to a repair center and pay. They refused to directly sell me a new print-head.

I called the repair center and the repair will cost about 150 euro (over 150 USD!). Have I to pay 150 euro and then after one year or less getting another Error 41 ??

So... I've bought a new all-in-one, a Lexmark one of course. And another for my friend, an HP one.

It's a recognized defect, in more than one model, Brother should repair it even out of warranty...
I'll never buy Brother anymore, and so my friends.

PS: I tried to clean with alcool the print-head, leaving it dipped in alcool 24 hours, then dried, then reinstalled with cartridges. No changes, still getting Error 41. I tried with Maintenance Mode, codes 09 and 84, but nothing to do...
by Sam77 on May 30, 2006 at 3:01pm Add comment
Machine error 41 in the Netherlands!!!
It is a world wide scandal, time to take action!
Could be the title of an interesting Science Ficton novel though ...
by unknown on May 31, 2006 at 9:40am Add comment
by unknown on Jun 23, 2006 at 5:45am Add comment
I have the same problem if you know what can i do please tell me!
by unknown on Jul 5, 2006 at 1:49pm Add comment
All users of these printers can Fix their own pretty easy.
My mfc-3420c gave me the ERROR 41 - death code.

I ordered the print head from INKCESSORIES.COM
with shipping it was $ 63.81
Instuctions how to install were correct and
I even re-used the same ink !

I had it printing in 15 minutes...
The local repair center qouted $ 200.00

I'm on my 3rd print head in 2 years.

I still like the machine.

But when the roller alignment starts to go bad causing
paper/feeding jams...thats when I give it the heave....

I hope this helps....

As I got all my help from reading posts on this site !

by brother3420 on Jul 17, 2006 at 4:34pm Add comment
got error 41 in my MFC3420, called brother customer services, and I am getting a brand new better model (620CN) printer for free. a credit to Brother!
by Anonymous on Aug 1, 2006 at 7:20am Add comment
Well here I am, back again :(

I bought my MFC890, it had a dodgy scanner section - so that was replaced a few months down the line.

Then it had error 41 - and although just out of warrantee, they replace the print head and all was fine.

Now, about a year down the later - and probably 200 pages printed later if that, printer error 41 is back ince again.

I was told by the engineer that fixed it last time, that the new heads had a better quality thermistor - which apprently was the causeof the problem before.

Whatever the reason, it is dead again though

I have a fab HP colour laser now, but it was useful to have the 890 around for printing and sending colour faxes.

Did anything ever come of a class-action law suit? Guarantee periods are not a defence, something still has to be "fit for the purpose" and failure on this scale is surely not compatible with that ideal.

A pity, apart from the dreadful reliability, I quite liked the 890, reasonably priced and most of it works well - just grotesquely prone to fatal errors - on an ongoing basis.

Ah well, I have sent a message off to Brother - will be interesting to see if they are going to fix it - albeit a "temporary fix" for another 6 months > 1 year - or if they are going to screw me over.

by guymark on Aug 3, 2006 at 5:44pm Add comment
I just got this Error 41 message as well. When I turn on the printer it does it right away. I tryed to print some thing and it prints blank paper. When I tryed to check the ink it doesn't slide over to let me see it. Can anyone help me with this particular model as I don't know what to do next...Jenn
by unknown on Aug 11, 2006 at 2:41pm Add comment
type in brother mfc 32230c print head in the google search. It will direct you to ebay.com You need to change the print head on your machine. remove the ink cartridges and printhead held in place by two spring supports. good luck
- Anonymous
An error 41 is caused by a bad print head. You can call brother at (1-800-284-help) and they will direct you to an authorized repair center. You can also replace the print head yourself if you type in brother MFC 3220c print head in Google search. It will come up with the web sites that sell Brother print heads. The print heads are relatively easy to replace since they are only held in place by 2 spring supports. Also, when you change the print head use only Brother genuine ink. If you decide to go generic then it will cause the error 41 code to appear sooner. I hope this information helps.

Brother technician - Anonymous
when the ink cartridges won't slide out to let you have a look, use the manual method.

on most printers, you'll likely see the timing belt behind the printhead. get hold of that damn timing belt and pull, one direction or the other, the damn thing will move. - hkm
I just got the error too. Mine lasted about 2 1/2 years though. This printer sucks though - complete ink killer, and you have to replace all colors even to print black. I will definitly not be buying another Brother product ever again. I'm not even going to try to fix it. I'm giving it a funeral the old way, the Office Space way.

by unknown on Aug 12, 2006 at 2:56pm Add comment
type in mfc 890 print head in google search. It may lead you to ebay.com Good luck
by Anonymous on Aug 18, 2006 at 5:02pm Add comment
Well, I didn't read all of this very long discussion, but quite enough to conclude I've been pretty thoroughly had. I'm going to make a low-effort attempt to contact Brother just to give them a chance to see what they have to say in their defense, but I've already spent way too much time fighting with this poorly designed and troublesome device.

I did have the machine for quite a while, but I never did print that much with it. Fortunately, my primary goal was scanning, and I did do quite a bit of scanning on it. Nevertheless, I don't really feel like I got my money's worth out of it. Adding insult to injury, I only recently purchased more ink. Brother's insulting profit added to my injurious loss.

One of my first printers about 25 years ago was a Brother daisy wheel device. It was satisfactory, but considering my experiences with this expensive Brother MFC 5100C, I really can't imagine ever buying another Brother product. To satisfy me now, Brother would have to have a time machine to go back and avert all of my previous problems with this machine. I'm certainly not going to throw any more good money after the bad.
by shanen on Aug 19, 2006 at 3:28pm Add comment
machine error 41?

in my whole life, i've never need to bother with printer issues.
now i thought it could be because i had been using HP and cannon.

the only times i stop using those printers were because i bought newer models. from 1988, until this day, no printers have given me problems, EXCEPT Brother MFC3420C.

those who wish to extend the life of your pathetic brother machine, use achocol to rub that printhead. don't let brother cheat your money just because they can't design a good machine.


we buy a lousy machine, it stops working, and we are supposed to pay again, and again, and again, not to mention all those fustrations that can lead to high blood pressure.

take care of your health, use another brand.

btw, the next time the error 41 appears, i have a hammer ready.
i'm ready to buy another brand.
by hkm on Aug 20, 2006 at 1:51am Add comment
I just read this entire posting and made copies of ideas that might work. I've owned my machine (a Brother MFC 3000C) for over 2 years. It has never worked correctly--lousy printing quality and if it sits without being used for more than 3-4 days, the ink has to be cleaned. I've never once had it print a good picture. My main use has been for faxes and other business.
I will try the ideas for cleaning but I guess I'm headed toward an HP. Let me know if a class action suit is started.
by Anonymous on Aug 22, 2006 at 1:53pm Add comment
i've just realised why i've never suffered any printhead problem with HP.

if anyone noticed, the 'printheads' are part of their ink cartridges. once your ink is empty, you changed a new cartridge, and with it, a new printhead.

in it's attempt to 're-use' printheads for more than one cartidge life, Brother has laid the foundation for error 41. if a layman like me can come up with this logic, why can't the engineers in Brother?

i'm just a layman, an average printer user without advanced knowhow.
please tell me if i'm wrong.
by hkm on Aug 22, 2006 at 10:48pm Add comment
your almost right, except all the manufactures including h.p have a range of machines that have seperate printheads and ink. the difference is the other manufacures class the printhead as a consumable and if it goes wroong you have to buy a new one. take h.p for example one of their machines costs around £140 and if you want to replace a printhead, rembering that there are 4 of them cost about £90 each, canon printheads are around £60.

these are just as unreliable as the brother ones and in canons case they are worse, just look at the number of print quailty threads on the forum, but it does not seem to have hit home with anyone yet, just because they expect you to pay for a new one. So you can look at it the other way you won't have to pay for ine from brother for at least 3 years.

if it was me and i needed an inkjet i'd just buy the cheapest thin going and expext to change it 13 months later, butif you don't want to have these problems buy a laser machine!!!!!!
by Anonymous on Aug 23, 2006 at 2:38pm Add comment
We got this error on a brother MFC 3220c yesterday, and again today.

Phoned Brother's UK helpdesk, spoke to a guy for about 3 minutes, and now have a brand spanking new upgraded 5840cn winging it's way to me.

We bought ours April 04, so not sure if it was still under warranty, but the guy on the phones never even asked how long we have had it.

by unknown on Aug 24, 2006 at 7:06am Add comment
they don't ask, thats the point, they just repair them under warranty
by Anonymous on Aug 24, 2006 at 3:54pm Add comment
I am having the same error 41 and I live in Baltimore. Where did you take your printer to be fixed?
by Anonymous on Aug 30, 2006 at 6:02pm Add comment
My out of warranty machine is now going to be fixed free of charge as should all of the machines with this issue. Brother admits this is factory defect (mechanical error). I called Brother, and asked to speak with a supervisor. I told them that my machine is out of warranty and referred to the user manual clause that states:

"Except as otherwise provided herein, Brother warrants that the machine and the accompanying consumables and accessory items will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, when used under normal conditions."

A minute or so later, the supervisor had set up my work order and told me where to take the printer for repair at Brother's expense.
by unknown on Aug 31, 2006 at 10:21am Add comment
I also had the dreaded Error 41 and called Brother, the first person I talked to told me that it would cost me $49.99 for the part plus labor.

After reading the post from (Re: Brother MFC 890 Error 41 by knuckleball (8/31/06 10:21 AM). I called them back and asked to speak to a supervisor when they asked why I told them that I was not very happy, they asked why and I told them and insisted on speaking to a supervisor. A few minutes the same guy came on and insisted he could help me if I told him what the problem was. I did and now my out of warranty machine is now going to be fixed FREE OF CHARGE!!! Thank you

By the way, if you go to the following brother site, it states:
TITLE: How do I clear a Machine Error 41, ME41 from the display?

DESCRIPTION: Machine Error 41 indicates a mechanical malfunction of the FAX/DCP/MFC. Unplug the unit from the power source and then plug it back in again.
If the error message continues to be displayed on the LCD, please call Brother Customer Service

by tnast152 on Aug 31, 2006 at 5:30pm Add comment
I forgot to mention that if you mention that this error is a mechanical malfunction they should be responsible for this problem.

Good luck!
by tnast152 on Aug 31, 2006 at 5:32pm Add comment
Hi I came across this thread investigating buying a replacement all-in-one for my Canon. Look at the Canon ink tank full thread and you will see that Canon also has a design problem which results in the printer being ready to dump after a couple of years. Canon print heads are user replaceable and need replacing after not much use but at least the cartridges are cheapish...the ink tank full problem is something that I am sure that Canon also knows about and does not want to fix...
In future I'm going to ignore the first product reviews and look at sites like this ... obviously these manufacturers are making products that deliberately won't last more than a couple of years at the best...
I think I'm going to replace with an HP officejet - (not a Brother!) unless anyone screams nooooooo - the threads here don't look too bad -not great but not too bad...
by lusi83 on Oct 6, 2006 at 2:07am Add comment
We bought the MFC 3220-C 2-1/2 years ago for business but used it ONLY for faxes, and a backup printer (which we never needed it for). In 2+ years, it has only been used for sending faxes at less than 150 pages I would think (thanks to the age of email). For 6 months I've been getting Error 41 but was successful at unplugging and waiting 30 seconds, until last week. I tried it several times, letting the machine rest unplugged overnight even, but still receive Error 41. I read all the strings of problems you've all had and felt lost. The machine is off warranty but I called Brother anyway. I waited on hold for 20 minutes before speaking with someone. He apologized for all the problems but repeated over and over again that it was off warranty and he couldn't do anything about it. I stayed calm and explained that the problem was more than just my one machine. I'd read the strings of complaints online. I worked for IBM for 8 years and we ALWAYS stood behind our machines and services. We always made right with our customers because that's most important. Any company can have a problem with hardware, software or service, but it's how you handle the problem. I mentioned that they will have a class action suit on their hands if they don't make right with all the people that they've been cheating by putting out poor machinery and then not standing behind their product. I asked 2 times to speak with a manager and was told he'd tell me the same thing. I pushed it harder and was put on hold, expecting to be disconnected. The same rep came back on and offered a "one time fix since the machine was out of warranty". They gave me a place nearby to take the machine to be fixed and Brother would pay for it. I've tried to reach this repair shop but no one answers. After 12 rings, a short message with only a guy's name which I cannot understand comes on and then a beep. Not very professional sounding, but I'll try. Brother's offer is good only if I contact this repair shop by tomorrow morning. I'm not holding my breath that this is on the up and up.
by unknown on Oct 16, 2006 at 7:36am Add comment
Error 41 appeared after I used refilled cartridges - not sure if it can detect or the refills cause a problem. Reading the string of comments has me throwing this POS out and into HP's hands.
by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2006 at 8:45am Add comment
No problems. My old trusty brother MFC 890 came up with the error 41 last night 17:11:2006. After seeing this site I rang Brother. They were very good to deal with and very helpful polite and as you would expect professional. Sending a replacement out ASAP. And wait for it they are sending me the brother MFC 5840CN. No argument. No nonsense very simple and straight forward company. And this is my fourth brother product from this company in 6 years. 1 fax cannot remember the model number; it just sits there year after year doing its job. 1, MFC 580. 1, MFC 590. 1, MFC 890 all have come up with the error 41 but was sorted by Brother with no problems in any way. And I have never been left frustrated with this company. Now has I understand for the Brothers MFC range doing that annoying cleaning process is to prevent the head from clogging with dried up ink through lack of use. I have not yet come across an inkjet printer that does not do some kind of self clean, if one did come across one I would not buy it because it is likely to suffer from clogging. We use our MFC every day and my MFC is at the side of my bed, the only time It goes into its self cleaning mode is Sunday nights when its not been used. So what am I saying? If you use your printer to its full potential on a daily basis you wont get the all by its self cleaning at stupid times and that means you are not wasting ink. If you want a good all round office MFC printer in my opinion you will be hard pushed to beat the MFC range from Brother. And believe me I have had a lot of other printers mentioned on this web site over the years and trashed all of them even the ones I have paid over £500.00 for. Now if you are a light user of printers then I can under stand your comments on the ink but that is easily solved don’t buy a printer that Is designed to be heavily used on a daily basis. Brother has a good range of printers, one for every type of application. Has for most of the other manufactures of printers when you replace the ink cartridges on a vast majority you are also replacing the print head has it is integrated with the cartridge. So no wonder they seem to work longer after all you keep replacing the heads, but you do pay the price for that privilege.
NOW just to point out how friendly Brother are I explained to the Brother rep I have 16 cartridges for my MFC 890, gees I will have to trash them or ebay them. The reps reply was package them up send them in to Brother with your replacement code and we will be please to exchange them for the ones for the new printer we are sending you after all we at Brother don’t want to see are customers out of pocket. And Brother is picking up all postage costs and is arranging for the disposal of the old MFC 890. Even environmentally friendly with they’re old used products. Now beat that for good service.
So before you go trashing companies contact them before you take such action and just see what they will do about any problem. Don’t threaten them, most companies have a policy and training in place to deal with this kind of behaviour and that is don’t deal with threatening behaviour full stop know matter how miner threatening behaviour is. And I speak from a director’s point of view. In most cases of threatening behaviour the one doing the threatening behaviour has lost especially in a court hearing. And not just that, it also puts the company you are dealing with in this frame of mind. This one is a complete waste of time it’s going know where. And you are probably a waste of time anyway. So you are less likely to get any problem sorted by using threatening behaviour. So don’t just bicker about your problem pick up your phone and ring Brother with your printer’s problem.
They will Bring Rapid Options To Help Efficient Repair.
What do you mean ha ha ha, I spent all night thinking of that one?

Well that’s my pennies worth, for what its worth. And yes if there is any liable case I will be happy to participate.

All the best from Phil Radford Nottinghamshire, in the UK

P.S. if you are out their Brother watching this site I hope the above gets me a free cartridge or two.
by unknown on Nov 17, 2006 at 10:04am Add comment
Though daily printing is often suggested, I've just dug out my 590 from loft where its been stored since Dec 2005, and after it warmed up, printed OK!

The engineer attempting to repair my new Canon (without success) also does Brother and says that Brother had the error message with 3 vendors of the print heads but not with one.

On all calls he went to on this problem they had to identify which of the 4 it was; only 1 of the vendors NEVER had the error message, and that's the only one Brother use now. - gel
Someone gave me a MFC-3420c and guess what.. i turn it on for the first time and Error 41!! and the guy who gave it to me had never had a problem, it'd been used at a churh for over a year.. they upgraded to get something faster and that prints nicer like a laser and so i scored this thing... problem is.. it mustn't have liked the car ride.. error 41..

i'm ringing Brother in the morning to see if they will do anything about it... i doubt it.. these things sound like their doomed..
- got
Someone gave me a MFC-3420c and guess what.. i turn it on for the first time and Error 41!! and the guy who gave it to me had never had a problem, it'd been used at a churh for over a year.. they upgraded to get something faster and that prints nicer like a laser and so i scored this thing... problem is.. it mustn't have liked the car ride.. error 41..

i'm ringing Brother in the morning to see if they will do anything about it... i doubt it.. these things sound like their doomed..
- got
There are only about 4983 41 error posts on the forum. All you have to do is use the search engine and do some reading.
by moe on Dec 31, 2006 at 7:30pm Add comment
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by Anonymous on Jan 6, 2007 at 2:17am Add comment