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Canon Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 5100

Service error 5100

Can anyone help with service error 5100 on a Canon i550 printer?? Is there any fix for this short of trashing the unit?? It's just over a year old.
5100 is a Carriage Home Position Error.
try cleaning the plastic strip that runs the length of the carriage, it may be contaminated.
Use alcohol and a swab.
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thx for the advise.. i'll try it with my i355
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i am new at this and have a canon bjc 250 bubble jet printer - it was working fine then it printed something and wouldnt stop - just kept printing and i hit a wrong button and now it wont print HELP!!!!!!! lol
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Sounds like a corrupt driver. Download a new driver for the BJC250 from the canon website, and reinstall. - Anonymous
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5100 is a Carriage Home Position Error.
try cleaning the plastic strip that runs the length of the carriage, it may be contaminated.
Use alcohol and a swab.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for this forum. I had the same error - error 5100. Once I found what this error means from this forum, I started to look more closely to find the cause. I found out, even though the lever for the catridge was locked, the catridge wasn't sitting properly in the carriage and it was hitting the side of the front cover when it moves. Pushed the catridge in place and solved the problem. Thanks for this reply above by Barry, which guided me to find out the problem.
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thank you sooo much..because of this FREE site i have been able to fix my faithful old ip2000
thank you thank you
saved me taking it to an engineer!!!!! - Anonymous
hi ya it did work thks - Anonymous
I have cannon i455 and had that annoying error 5100. after trying everything on this forum, i just unplugged the power then replugged, then turn it on again. seems to work.
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i have this new canon pixma ip1700 printer and i can not get it to work. i keep on getting an error message "service error 5100", can someone please help?
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clean the inside a litlte, check your ink cartridges and just turn off and on :]
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I can confirm that reseating the ink carts and sliding the print head to the centre (when switched off) fixed the problem on an iP2000 when it power cycled ON after doing this. Thank you to all for the help :)
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i replaced my ink cartridges and this 5100 error pops out.. whats the best thing i should do? im using ip1200 canon
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Did you even bother reading the thread and trying some of the solutions on it? - moe
after about an half an hour of blowing dust from and clening with an achol swab i finally saw the post about while the printer was off manually moving the ribbon with the ink carts. attached to it to the center i then turned the printer back on and my error cade was removed thnks for the info on moving the ribbon the the center.
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I have just had this error. I checked printer & could see no jams but eventually the print head rested on left hand side (normally sits in right) & when I shone a torch, there was some cotton wool (wtf?!?!?!?) jamming the gears on right hand side. A pair of long nose pliers fixed that!
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Thanks a lot for your suggessions for service error 5100. its worked very good for me.
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ok guys... on this error just turn off your printer then clean the contact strip of your ink head cartridges then replace it on the cariage then move the carriage end to end and position it on the center as mentioned on the above post(read up..) then turn on your printer...good to go..
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I have a canon mp220 and have 5100 error, i cannot fix it and every option the internet gives me means buying a repair kit from USA which means giving my credit card online which i dont want to do..... Any help on how to start please please please
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I didn't see any of the solutions on this thread mention buying a repair kit. Did you even read the thread and try any of them?
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I cleaned the ribbon and then I shut the Canon PIXMA iP1700, shut it off and started it again and it worked. Thank you, I gladly authorized the $11.00 payment
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Am I missing something? What $11.00 payment. You paid $11.00 for free advice? The $11.00 certainly didn't come to me.
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Can someone please help my canon i255 is giving a service error 5100....I tried the threads given not working.....can someone tell how to solve it
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We have a new MP220 and so far not managed to get the cartridges fitted. The printhead seems to be stuck in the parked position on the right and it has to come across to the left for them to be fitted. Error code 5311 is showing and the lights flash one green to two yellow. I haven't tried anything yet as it is so new it can go back.
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My last post gave code 5311 whereas it should of course be 5100.
Still not got it going though! Printhead stays on the right and gives a slight jerk when powered up.
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Could I be getting this error because the color cartridge is out of ink?
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I've been looking for in internet and I can't solve this problem. My printer is MP 150 and every time that I try to print it shows "error 5100". I tried to clean, replace the cartridges and nothing works. I'm giving up. I'm gonna put fire in this shit. Anyone may help me? Should I try to fix again? Any tips? PLEASE?
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i tried all of the above remedies, no good, still getting the service error 5100 message for my pixma ip1200 printer
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thank u so much...helped me fix the error in a jiffy...this had been bugging mr so much
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My Canon Pixma ip1200 printer is showing service error 5100.When I switched on, the paper comes out blank and there after the yelow and green light blinks alternatively.The catridge goes extreme right side and locked there with a sound.It happened only after filling ink on the catridge. Can any one suggest it's remedy ?
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My Canon Pixma ip1200 printer is showing service error 5100.When I switched on, the paper comes out blank and there after the yelow and green light blinks alternatively.The cartridge goes extreme right side and locked there with a sound.It happened only after filling ink on the catridge. Can any one suggest it's remedy ?
- sindhu
I have a MP610. It has been displaying the 5100 code for a while. When it prints the lines are not aligned and print up and down. There are also streaking white lines in all colours when I do a colour check. Two lines appear vertically from the top that trail to the bottom colour test (PGBK, C, C, C, M, M, M, Y,BK - the rows that print out). The two vertical lines print about 8mm apart in the 1st C then as it progresses down the colours the two streak lines become one line in BK. Can anyone help. I have been advised by technicians that it will cost approximately $300 to cange possibl purge unit, waste ink service + pads. No technician can tell me exactly what is wrong on the phone.Please help me.
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thanks...my 5100 problem solved after i follow the tips.. i just pull the catridge carrier from end to the end when the power is off.. its worked!! thanks
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i am having ink tank ful error for canon pixma ip 1000 so plz help me
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Hello ,
i have a big problem. Our printer Pixma MX700 gave an 5100 error because of jammed paper locking the purge unit (head was locked). After that i disassembled the printer and cleaned the ribbon stripe and purge unit. After assembly the head moves , but still the same error occurs .Head parks on the left side. Purge unit moves. The mark "L" on ribbon stripe is on the left side looked from the front side of printer.
What could be the cause most likely or at all?
1 Ribbon stripe improper orientation.
2.Ink cartrige chip error.
3.Printhead error.
4.Improper assemby.
5.Broken connector.
Thank you all . This is really important. We need our Canon back in the land of the working devices.
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There are several causes of error 5100. Paper jamming, faulty printhead, waste tank etc. I have been facing this issue and fix it by using the reset procedure provided here.
Service Code 5100
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My mx700 has gone mad! Instead of going sedately through it's power up routine, It turned into a "head banger." When the printer is turned on, there is a boot up pause, then the printer carriage wakes up, bangs itself against the right side, then goes whiz, bang, squeal to the left side. A code 5100 displays on the screen.

This dramatic whiz-bang symptom followed my attempts to fix the printer's failure to print PGBK 5.

I went through the cleaning routines without success and eventually got an error 5100.

Following Canon's suggestions for resolving error 5100 at the web site, I cleaned the timing strip with an alcohol moistened Q-tip. While doing this, I caught myself wishing I had hands like ET. I repeated the process several times and finally resorted to plastic tweasers and custom cut strips of eye glass cleaning pads. I think I got it clean.

In the past, I have killed circuits with alcohol moistened swabs. Nevertheless, I cleaned up the gunky bottom of the print head with an alcohol moistened swab. The whiz-bang started after that and now does it with or without the print head or cartridges in place. I then discovered the water flushing tips online, perhaps too late. I may already have done something bad to the printer's brain.

I no longer need a fax machine so bought another Canon, an MP5420. While waiting for the new printer, I keep trying the bring my MX700 back to life but it defies my ability to take things apart.

Is there any hope? Can I save the baby?

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However, this 5100 error suggests a hardware malfunction, specifically, it is the result of a carriage failure that may include internal contamination, a carriage drive path fault. Many of these components are a "wear element" that fails with age / use. Since this is a 2006 model printer, its service life is well past 3 years, so this form of failure is not unexpected.

There are a couple of things you can try to clean and reset the unit.

Using tips and rubbing alcohol to extract all the ink cartridges first, then clean the metal electrical connections on the back and where they match up inside the printer. Do the same with the printhead, cleaning the contacts both inside the carriage and on the back of it. Dry the cartridges well, then reseat them.

Then clean the "encoder strip" behind the carriage, which is the clear plastic strip running the printer's width.

No ink smudges should be on it. Eventually, search for any inside paper jams or other debris, you can also blow out the inside with compressed air. If all this fails, well, you're searching for a deeper hardware failure, and it's time for a new printer. It wouldn't need to be repaired. The average fix will cost you $200+, which for an older computer is not worth the investment. You can replace it for about $80 with a brand new and updated edition, with a fresh guarantee.

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You may run over canon printer error b200 which emerge because of some issue comes in equipment that is related with the print head or even the printer. On the off chance that you go up against this error, you will see that your printing gets blocked. Try not to madden right then and there as we have tech-nerds who will help you in a correct manner. In this way, benefit Canon Printer Support through dialing our furnished helpline number and get joined with the specialists until you get quality administrations or arrangements identified with your concern.

On the off chance that you experience Canon Printer Error B200, you have to just mood killer the Canon printer for an hour and afterward un-plug its capacity link. From that point onward, open up the spread, and check for objects that stop up the print head, for example, paper cuts. Expel such remote items in the event that you see it, and turn on the printer by shutting its spread. In the event that this neglects to determine the B200 error code, at that point proceed with read-out this blog.

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