asked Jul 20, 2004 at 6:38am
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79.00FE Error 4050tn

I am getting a 79.00FE error from my LJ4050tn printer. Has anyone ever had this or know how to stop it??
Try a Cold Reset.
Print a configuration page if you can, remove the Jet Direct, then power on while holding the 'GO' button down. After display reads OFFLINE, the reset is complete.
If the error appears before a job is sent then it may be the DIMMS, try removing them to see if the error persists. If that doesnt work try swapping the formatter PCA with another from a known good printer. (4000 and 4050 formatters are different).
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Most likely, a bad jetdirect card. After the cold reset, remove the card (with the printer off), and see if the 79 error goes away. it could also be a bad stick of memory...Email me at [email protected] have several cards and/or memory sticks for sale (fairly cheap).

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Guys, the cold reset thing works perfectly. I just resolved an error with the cold reset thanks to you guys.

Point to note when cold resetting;
Put the printer off and remove the jet direct
Power the printer and Press the Go button once. Don't press and hold the Go button when the printer is starting/initializing. (This halts the initializing process and you will stay there till the second coming of Jesus if you are expecting to see something.) The panel should tell you that, configurations are being set to factory defaults, then the offline screen appears.
Put the printer off and fix the jet direct back in. Power the printer and watch the 79.00fe error disappear.

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I was having a semi-related problem with my LaserJet 4050tn (Laser Jet 4050 tn for the searchers :) )

My problem was I had a previous static internal IP set on this printer (, but when I had to change my router out to get a whole network back online in an emergency (long story), I needed to get this printer onto the 192.168.1.x network.

I followed the instructions of turning off the machine, removing the card, doing to cold reboot by holding down Go on the until while powering up, waiting until "Offline" appeared, turning the unit back off, re-inserting the JetDirect 600N and trying to connect.

This procedure never got the printer back on the network.

Finally, I just did the cold reset WITH the 600TN in...no problems, reset the IP back to DHCP and now it's happy, humming along with a new IP on the new network address segment thingie.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

- Matt
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resolvido error 79.00FE

com o cold reset

desligue a maquina
ligue a impressora com o GO pressionado.
desta forma ela fará o cold reseter
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error exist with I/O , use PCL 6 driver for windows,
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Does anyone else have a problem printing out PayPal payment notices from Mac Mail to an HP 5100dtn? Keep getting the dreaded 79.00FE message. Even tried turning it into a pdf and printing from Preview and no luck either. Never get this message from any other thing I try to print including regular emails. Filemaker, InDesign, Adobe Reader, etc. no problemo. Just PayPal payment noiifications in Mac Mail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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It seems the reason for this error code in msw is something bolded and if you unbold it, the error code will go away.
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It's outrageous, but true.

We recently began seeing 79.00FE errors on our HP5000 (w/ J3113A JetDirect card) while printing Microsoft Word documents from Macs.

Removing "bold" from the font's style "fixed" the error.
- karlhubner
Problema resolvido com "cold reset"
Desligue a impressora, retire o a placa "jetdirect", ligue a mesma com o botão continuar pressionado, após alguns segundos
irá ficar em "off line". Desligue a mesma e reconecte a placa "jetdirect" , então o erro não voltará mais.

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