asked Jun 10, 2004 at 1:16am
Hp HP Business Inkjet 2250

hp business inkjet 2250


1st pb : message replace black printhead

- i replaced the black printhead cleaning contact

- the date of cartridge and printhead are ok

And when i power on the printer,
the printer makes printhead alignement, prints the blue alignement and the message "E:0461" appears

who are an idea ?



Open the covers; the print head station is on the right, as the printheads travel from right to left they first cross a wheel the rim of which is visible, then a couple of felts, and then the printer plattern. The rim of the wheel gets covered with ink, and eventually starts to ocassionally stick to nearby bits of plastic, causing occasional mysterious error messages.
Eventually it gets totally stuck. The wheel is on a ratchet and turns one way only, try rotating it. It should turn one way quite easily, but not turn the other. If it seems sticky try cleaning it with wet cotton buds and see if it frees up.
On the other hand it could be something else completely. Let us know. I have no idea why the printer is designed this way.
The real problem we have with our 2230 is that the thing often wont pick up paper as the paper pick roller has become slippery, if anyone knows a permanent cure, please let me know.
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In answer to the slippery roller question - I took some 800 grit sand paper and turned the wheel whilst, very gently!, maintaining pressure against the roller. You don’t want to take off any surface - just very lightly rough up the rubber. I then carefully cleaned the roller and used a vacuum to remove all residue. The printer has been able to pick up a single sheet of photo paper from the tray after this (in use for over a month now).

Now if only I could permanently solve the incessant squeaking issue LOL. - Anonymous
I have both an HP 2200 & a 2230 Business Inkjet that will ONLY print out in Blue. I have bought all 4 new ink cartridges from Office Depot, rhn the cleaner pass all 3 levels, ran the alignment process and all 4 colors come out OK there, but the test page & a test Doc will ONLY print out blue. any ideas?

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mando o alinhamento e de repente depois de imprimir o azul aparece a mensagem E:0461, o ke faço???
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A mim aconteceu-me exactamente a mesma coisa, começou a imprimir o alinhamento, depois o carro de impressão parou do lado esquerdo e deu o erro E:0461. A solução é substituir a main board. Foi testado e aprovado! - Anonymous
What's the fix for an error code E:461?? I have an HP2200 Business Inkjet printer, It will print 1 test strip in CYAN and then the LCD brings up E:461. The paper rollers seem to have an issue picking up paper as well.

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The solution for this problem is change the main board. Is tested and aproved.
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Thanks for the input, Where would I find a main board AND is it cost effective to bother with?

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That is most likely a main board error.
Part Number C2688-67017
$165 from HP

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I am getting error E:0128-0004-0000/5:0xA020-0x97A8 on the display of my business Inkjet 2250tn. Thanks.
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I keep getting replace magenta ink cartridge error. The printer is locked up and won't let me clean printheads. Any suggestions?
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