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Hello, I just received an error code of 60.2 on my laser jet 4200, people say it may be the lift assembly, but how do I get to the lift assembly? Can anyone help me with instructions on replacing this part? is there any manuals I can get to help guide me on how to take the side panels off, man give me a laser jet 4 plus any day......hahaha
thanks, and I hope someone can help me with this, cause hp won't
seanymo: You can purchase and download a Service Manual on-line, for around $15 from "2manuals.com", at http://www.2manuals.com/index.php?cPath=2_24_47&sort=2a&page=2 . You can use that manual for reference in disassembly, in-depth troubleshooting and servicing of your Laserjet Printer...Denny Conway
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60.2 error,I've found is usually a failed solder at the lifter or lifter motor.Easy to re-solder once you get covers off.good luck
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Curley is right. But if the unit is under warranty have the work done by someone HP pays to do it. If not see below:

Q2431-90912 Chapter 6 Removing and replacing parts 179
Tray 2 lifter-drive assembly
1. Remove the following assemblies:
� Top cover. See “Top cover” on page 146.
� Right-side cover. See “Right-side cover” on page 149.
2. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to pry up the lifter-drive assembly connector (callout 1)
retaining tab and unplug the connector from the DC controller PCA (location J93). Unweave
the harness from the wire guides (callout 2).
Hint It might be necessary to remove additional wire-harnesses from the wire guide to gain access to
the lifter-drive assembly wire-harness.
Figure 126. Tray 2 lifter-drive assembly (1 of 2)
3. Unhook the tension spring (callout 3). Remove one screw (callout 4). Remove the lifter-drive
Hint It might be necessary to remove some wire guides to easily remove the lifter-driver assembly.

Pictures from the PDF do not transfer well.

Rob S
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where is this user manual you refer to? - unknown
Rob S - Where can I find the manual you refer to for the pictures? - unknown
We print about a 1000 docs a day from our 4200 and we keep going through the rear roller assembly. We have went through about 3 in the last 2 weeks. I am with a Marine Helicopter squardon in Iraq and we are trying to find a reason for the enormous burnout of the rollers and a way to get replacements out here.
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If you were in the US you would call 1-800-HPINVENT, maybe you could have someone in the US call HP on your behalf.
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If you are talking about the fuser assembly which binds the toner to the paper it could be where you are lccated casuing the issue. Is the printer in a clean climate controlled building or is it subject to the elements. If the later it would take a toll on the fuser. You can change the settings for the fuser to a lower temperature which might give it longer life. Just go to the information menu by pressing the check button and scroll down to print menu settings. Look for the fuser settings and go to that menu to make the changes. Good Luck and thanks for your service to our country.
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I keep getting this error saying there is a paper-jam in the rear door, but I can't see anything back there. I have done everything i can think of short of taking the entire thing apart. Any suggestions?
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Check the blue clips that hold the fuser in place. There is a service note out as they are prone to breaking and a new part number for the ones that have been upgraded. Also ensure the teflon coated polyester film sleeve is intact. The original fusers shipped with the machines and first wave of maintenance kits had edge guides for the film that were built with too severe of an angle on the edge guides causing the film sleeve to eat itself. - Anonymous
Parts Now published an informative piece on the lift motor errors and the upgraded parts to fix the problem permanently. I'll see if I can locate the article. I don't sell HP, I'd rather make good money with a MA on a Samsung and let it rum all the time with no probs. I do service some HP's though, but only a couple of the 4200. :-) PCRMike
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I was able to repair my 4200 by removing right side panel and top cover. Upon removal I found a broken Tension spring part # RC1-0198-000CN. Its 50 cents from HP. I was able to use my existing spring and recoil the end. I was very relieved to find a minor part like this had caused the problem. It attaches to a J hook on metal frame and to the lifter drive assembly. Hope this helps.
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There are 3 service notes for the 4200:

01: Introductury note that described the printer. This is an information only note.

02: Paper Pick-up Assembly new service parts. This is an information only note.

03B: Fuser replacement for shredded film, this covers only those fusers that actually have shredded film.

HP support has been sending out free replacements for fusers with a broken blue clip, but there is not a service note for that failure.

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The printer leaves lines across all the documents I am printing. I cant seem to find any specific area to clean. Can some one help me?
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Do a half test by putting a sheet on the manual feeder and run a self test. When the back edge is almost in the printer, lift the toner door to stop printing. Remove the toner cartridge and look at the image below. If the lines are present the most likely cause is the toner cartrdige which will have to be replaced since cleaning the drum will not work because the defect is the wipper blade inside. If the defect is not there, then the fuser is the most likely issue and the teflon cover of it will have to be replaced.
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If I ever find a problem I haven't seen before, I always check this forum first. I fixed my first 60.2 error with the info in this thread. I had one last week where the lifting spring was totally missing. Yesterday I was working on a 4200 that was making a loud ratcheting sound. At first I thought it was the fuser latch, but it was OK. I let it run a bit more and got the 60.2 error. Took the side off and watched it and didn't see anything wrong. Removed the paper tray and found the letter size paper all the way back to where the legal stop is. Moved the stop up and problem solved. Never overlook the easy stuff first.
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Gotta love it. I chased my tail on one of these the other day, and it was all due to a setting in the print properties. :-)PCRMike
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I am using an HP 4200n at work and lately I am getting a shadow or ghost image of items about three or four inches below of where they properly appear on the page.

I am guessing that this is a cleaning issue. I have run the cleaning procedure which includes making and running a cleaning sheet through the printer, but this has not solved the problem.

Any suggestion, including general instructions on how to do any further cleaning?

Thanks in advance,
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Do a half test. A search of the forums will tell you how.

It's pretty much always either the fuser or the toner cartridge.
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Lt Skitz,

Half cycle test:

Run a test page, (feed paper from tray 1),just as the trailing edge of the test sheet of paper enters the printer open the cover, (this will stop the printer halfway through the print cycle). Remove the toner cartridge, you can now see an unfused image on the paper, if it looks good here then the problem is probably the fuser, if it looks bad here it's almost certain to be caused by the toner cartridge. You can also open the shutter on the toner cartridge and see the image on the drum.

If you are using refilled cartridges it's not unusual to have more than one bad cartridge.
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Hi, I ve got this problem whit my 4200..is s allways ask me to choose betwen the 2 trays..and I would like to print directly form the tray 2...I ve tried to desactivate the tray 1 from the properties but it s still not working..and, the tray 1 it is allways closed..I don t know what I could do, maye somone knows or had to do with this problem, please let me know if so. Thanks a lot in advance. bye
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This has been covered many times. If the printer is asking you to load lets say letter on tray 1 and you hit the go button and it says to use letthead in tray 2 then you have setting incorrect. If it asks to use whatever and that is not the size in tray 2, then you have switches wrong or something wrong with the paper sizes switches on the printer. Best thing to do first is a cold reset. If you have a network card in the printer remove it with the power off. Then hold down the check mark button while powering on the printer and waiting until all three lights come on solid at the same time. Release the button and arrow down to cold reset and hit the check mark button.
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When you print a configuration page it will list what size and type of paper the printer thinks is in tray 2.

For example if you have plain letter size paper in the printer it should stay something like tray 2 plain letter.

If it says plain custom then their is a lever on the side of the tray that must be moved out of the custom position.

If it says letterhead, or something other than plain or any, then you have to set the tray 2 type through the control panel.
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iam getting blurred prints of every matter ,
can somebody help me out , what setting i can do with my printers
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I have an error of 50.2 fuser showing what is it and how
do I clear it
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error 50.2 is a fuser warm up error.

1 Turn the printer off and allow it to cool
2 Verify that the correct model of fuser is
3 Verify that the correct voltage fuser is
4 Reinstall the fuser, and check the
connection between the fuser and the
printer. Replace the connector if it is
5 Replace the fuser.
6 Replace the dc controller PCA.
7 Replace the power-supply assembly.

// L
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Your fuser is shot...
Replace it.
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i have an HP4200 lazer printer, the toner is not fusing to the paper(you can rub the toner off the paper after you have printed it, really bad on labels). any help out there is really appreciated.
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Make sure the toner and paper are within specs. If so the fuser is bad and probably needs to be replaced. You can obtain replacement from metrofuser.com, depot-america.com or partsnow.com.
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The download for the technical manual from this .com is corrupted with a crc of 00000. can anyone give me a better link? I just paid fifteeen dollars to buy this and before I go to get my money refunded, i would like to see if anyone can help...
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You could have got it for free from this site. Don't know why you would pay $15.
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50.2 does not always mean a fuser is shot. We have been having this error alot lately and more than half the time the power supply is at fault.
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