asked May 12, 2004 at 9:59am
Hp HP LaserJet 8150

41.2 error HP8150

Im getting a 41.2 error on 2 HP 8150 laserjet printers. I have changed the fuser,toner,rollers,dc controller, and the entire laser/scanner assembly.I also did a full maint. as well as double checked all the connections. They are not picking up multiple sheets. It will get they error after printing about 20 pages pause then print another 20 pages. Any Ideas?
Jay: You might want to check out the fixyourownprinter.com "HP LaserJet Error Codes" listing, off their Home Page, at http://fixyourownprinter.com/hpcodes.html ...Denny Conway
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According to the service manual, a 41.2 is a temporary beam detect error. Reseat the cables between the laser scanner and the engine control board. If the problem persists, replace the laser scanner or the engine board.
by david belton on May 12, 2004 at 2:09pm Add comment
I guess it is possible that something in your enviornment may be causing the error. My reasoning is that you have changed all the parts and you have 2 printers with the same problem. Just having one with this error is not very common. Make sure the printer is plugged directly into the wall power and not a ups or other isolated socket. Have electrician check the power source for constant voltage, etc. I would also isolate the printer by disconnecting all network connections and running a test of 50 sheets from the menu to see if it happens.
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Hi Jay,

Have you got any solution to your problem ?

I am also experiencing it with my HP 8150 printers.
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Hi Jay,

Have you got any solution to your problem ?

I am also experiencing it with my HP 8150 printers.
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If it not what I suggested above, the only other item I can think of is the toner cartridge. Are you using new oem or rebuilt ones? If rebuilt I would try and new original HP cartridge.
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A temporary printing error occurred.

X Description
1 Unknown misprint error.
2 Beam detect misprint error.
3 See error 41.3.
4 No VSYNC error.
5 Media feed error.
9 Noise VSREQ error.

Press GO. The page containing the error will automatically be reprinted.

If this message persists:

1. Reseat the connections to the Laser/Scanner and the Engine Controller Board.

2. Replace the Laser/Scanner. See Laser/Scanner Assembly on page 308 for instructions.

3. Replace the Engine Controller Board.


Error The paper size you are trying to print is not the same as the control panel setting for Tray 1.

1. Make sure that the control panel setting for Tray 1 or the Envelope Feeder is correctly adjusted for size. (The printer will continue trying to print the job until the size settings are correct.)

2. Press GO. The page containing the error will automatically be reprinted. (Or, you might want to press CANCEL JOB to clear the job from the printer’s memory.)
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I have this error message:- 'Loading Program 1' appears whenever I switched on the printer HP 8150. How can I clear the error ?
by Wymen Cheng on Apr 3, 2006 at 6:34am Add comment
That message is either coming from the hard disk if you have one and if so just turn the power off and remove the hard disk. If not the hard disk it is coming from a chip on the formatter which loads a program when the printer is turned on. If memory serves me, I recall one where the chip for the web browser was defective and it would hang on that item. Another thing is to look up doing a nvram reset on the unit and that may clear it up.
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Also I have this message:- 'Loading Program 1' whenever I switched on the printer HP 8150. How can I clear the message/error ? I've tried to clean up the NVRAM (no harddisk installed), but message is still there.
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Well I just had this error for the past week now. I don't know if i skipped over someone saying this but I finally went and replaced the Motor assembly in the printer and she is now working fine. Well almost fine the toner cartridge decided to sump out inside the printer. Thank god for toner vacs
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I'm having the same problem with error 41.2. What is the part# for a motor assembly? - Anonymous
I faced this error yesterday i removed the i/o card, memory,reseated the scanner module connections,did maint. but the error persisted.Help before i throw it out the window.
by kilungya on Feb 29, 2008 at 11:01pm Add comment
It looks like you need to really open the machine up. And swap out everything. For me this problem was fixed when i swapped out the motor assembly, but if that doesn't work you will have to go part to part to part. Like the DC board, Low Voltage Power Supply then the High Voltage Power Supply. - unknown
worry not again
just locate the scanner module open it carefully clean the lenses with a soft cloth make sure you wipe the one which looks like a rode.Reasamble your printer and resume printing. i have tried this on several printer.
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First, I was having print quality issues -

12/2/08 4:30 pm - I installed a maintenance kit (fuser, transfer roller, pickup rollers)
I printed paper path tests, printed great!!

12/2/08 - after 5:30pm - someone printed a job, and got a paper jam, with paper folded at the fuser.
They removed the paper that they could find, but not the paper in the fuser, and tried to print again, and again, and ?? how many times
Still getting the jam, but not clearing the paper in the fuser.

12/3/08 - we come into the office, and find the printer jammed, with paper wrapped around the transfer roller, and several papers folded (fanned) just past the fuser.
We cleared the jam, started printing, and got more printer jams

Now, we are getting 41.2 printer errors.

12/3/08 - get into printer and cleaned the laser/scanner and unplugged and plugged in the connections on the laser/scanner.
I am still getting the 41.2 printer errors, and the print quality is very poor.

Do I get a new transfer roller - that was the solution to the print quality problems, but will this help the 41.2 error?
Or is there something else?
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Update - 12/3/08
Found more info at: http://www.lbrty.com/tech/ta41.2.pdf

Problem is high-voltage arcing that confuses and disrupts the beam-detect circuit, and the most common is 'bad connections to the transfer roller (it is a high voltage load)

Both of the connection points were not properly set - caused by the paper wrapping around the transfer roller.

Corrected both connections = back in business.
by rfalb on Dec 3, 2008 at 11:58am Add comment
I replaced the toner and that resloved the issue. Try that first especially sense it's the eaisest fix.

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41.2 Error, looping in printing configuration. Incomplete printouts. caused by "Cheap Cartridge".
Changed the cartridge and it worked as good as new. I NEVER thought that would do it! Thanks................................................
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