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Hp HP OfficeJet D135

hp d135

I have a hp d135,
Recently it has been giving me this error on the display:
"Carriage error. Open door, latch carriage, close door and press Enter"

I have taken it to the shop and they cant find the problem. it seems that if i unplug it and plug it back in it will work for awile then have the problem again... can anyone help?
Printer won't recognize paper in the ADF - especially in the 'Align Pring Cartridge' directions. Prints the test page, prints the instruction page that says place the other page face down in the ADF but says "Error: Align page not detected." Any ideas?
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Anyone know how to reset the expired cartridges for the OJ 7130xi please? I was trying to locate the battery like the D135 but cant see it. Help please.
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I just removed mine and the printer works fine. You have to open the lid and look wayyyy to the left on the inside. It is there, but you really have to stick your head in there to see it. Taking it out was easy. I used a pocket knife to pry it up and some small needle nose pliers to grip it and pull it out. requires a bit of manual dexterity, but it isn't too bad. I closed the lid, plugged it back in, and violia...it printed just fine. Those bastatrds at HP really want you to buy a new one, don't they???

FX - unknown
Try this...

Unplug the machine for a couple of minutes. Then hold down the '6' and '#' keys on the keypad as you plug it back in. Continue to hold them until you see the screen saying that the machine is doing a semi-full reset. I had this problem and I used this solution. I did it a couple of times before it worked. The small plastic pieces you have found are probably the same as what came flying out of mine. I think the paper "lifts"? I do not know how to call them but they are the little pieces that hold the printing page up off the others that have just printed to allow for drying time. Let me know if this works.

I will say I am here today because my machine is now having another carriage jam and it will not return all the way to the right. It looks like it is being caught on a white thing with a little sponge on the end. Do either of you mind to send me a pic of the inside of the unit towards the right? I want to know before I force this white piece toward the back. Thanks.
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"hold down the '6' and '#' keys on the keypad as you plug it back in."

Thanks for the tip above. My HP Officejet d145 cartridge began to sputter and not move because the printer jammed 2 pieces of business card stock paper that I sent through it. When I applied the fix above (after not using the printer for about a week) the problem cleared up.

Thx again. - Anonymous
This won't fix any mechanical problems, but I have found it very useful, and it should fix the problem with the bad ink head error message...unless you really have a bad inkhead, in which case you need to replace it! :(

Open the d135. Look to the left. You will see a circular battery. Remove the battery. Remove the power cord. Wait. Then put the battery back in.

This will permanently delete any memory that the d135 has. I once had it tell me that my printhead was bad. Once your machine decides this, it will never change its mind...unless you make it forget! :) My printhead worked fine after this, and the unit has never complained since. This will also allow you to use a cartridge that has expired or has been used longer than the d135 allows. (Great if you like to refill cartridges.)

By the way, there is now a pretty decent hp 14 generic cartridge on the market for about $10-$15 each. The quality seems the same, and the cartridges have their own chip, so you don't have to disable the ink monitor. I used to use the refill kit for this printer, but I found that the ink in these kits was terrible. These new generic cartridges seem much better.
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Where Can I get the Good cartridges for the HP D135?
Also bad Printheads. I will try the battery trick. Thank you.

Tom - Anonymous
A word of warning: the battery is held in place by a very britle piece of thin metal. You have to very gently lift the battery up and then slide it out.

You can probably unscrew the casing to get easy access but i found it easier to get a small hack sawy and cut an access hole in the grey plastic that prevents you from accessing the battery.

This hole can then be coverd with teh blue cover that snaps on and off.

It requires delicacy though so be careful not to cut through the wires underneath while hacksawing with wild abandon...
- Anonymous
Well I replaced all the printheads but I still have the cyan printhead errors. I tried cleaning the connects with a Qtip, I tried removing the battery and then power, waited for 40 minutes. I then installed the battery and power. The only thing that the printer lost was the time. Previous faxes and the gosh darn cyan printhead error - telling me to replace. This piece of crap is gong to the dump. Anyone want 4 new printheads, Ill let them go for 10 bucks each. Heck the power cord I can sell on Ebay.
In HP's defense, this is the only tool that I have purchased from them that is crap. Good luck to you all.

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Hi, I am interested in buying your black printhead from the HP D135, as long as it isnt clogged. I live in LA, zip code 90007, if you can tell me how much you will charge me for shipping, I would appreciate it.
Thank you. - Anonymous
I cannot load the HP d135 software to a Windows XP machine. The software version is 6.3.4. Each time I try, the Windows Installer immediately pops up an error message that says; "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable." When you click ok, the install is cancelled.

I have followed the fix instructions found on the HP web site by creating and saving the files as indicated but the problem persists. HP tech support was unable to resolve this issue and suggested it might be a Windows problem.

The driver is installed and I can print to the printer, I just can't get the software installed. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I also had difficulties reinstalling the software (but not the same error message). In the end I trawled through the registry and manually removed all references to HP, Hewl*, AiO (all in one), and even DOT4 (the USB port it sets up). After that the download from the HP website installed correctly. But be careful when editing the registry!

- unknown
help....scanner failure lite keeps flashing when i have to copy a document or fax....any ideas i mean any,,,,,,thanks
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I have the same error on my hp d135 except I cannot get it to work. I discovered 2 small pieces of broken plastic (black) within the machine as well - perhaps broken glides. Let me know what eventually happened with your printer.
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I have the same error on my hp d135 except I cannot get it to work. I discovered 2 small pieces of broken plastic (black) within the machine as well - perhaps broken glides. Let me know what eventually happened with your printer.
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Another one.
Did this 6 #, 4 times almost clearing different messages anyway more noises. I will find the fix.


I will post it here when fixed anybody with more ideas would be helpfull.
Thanks! David
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I have an HP officejet 7130 and I am also getting the latch carriage message. Carriage Error. Open door, latch carriage, close door, then press ENTER. to be exact. I have tried everything I can think of and made no progress. I have tried the above 6 # and that did not work for me. The grey plastic bar that close down over the top of the print cartridges has broken off. Any idea if this could be the problem. The cartridges are snapped in place but still get this error. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I also am having this problem. It worked fine until I changed a cartridge one day and this message showed up. I could not get it to function at all. When I called HP, they were totally unhelpful. They suggested I take it in to Radio Shack to be sent out for repair. That was a disaster. After two weeks I called RS to see when I could expect it back and they couldn't find it in the system. Upon further investigation, they found it on a shelf in their back room; it had never been sent out for repair. Go mad, picked it up and took it to Best Buy, they told me $150 was the usual repair. Equivalent machines now are only $299 so I decided not to have it repaired.

The carriage also seems to get stuck to the right. When you open the printer the carriage should move to the center. Mine does not. When I turn it on and it starts to initialize the carriage freely moves to the right, left and back right but stays to the right with a horrible knocking-grinding sound. It will still copy however. I do not have it connected to my computer any more so I am not sure if it would scan; I assume so. What irritates me is that I had an R40 all in one that died after 4 years, this one is less than 3 years old and I have another OfficeJet 7100 that is just over a year old. The R40 and 7130 wer $499 and the 7100 was $399. I think I am done with HP. The guys at Best Buy said Cannon was bout the best printers you can buy.
I had a Cannon years ago and it out lasted my first two computers. I think I am going back to Cannon. - Anonymous
I just bought the same model used from ebay. I was told it had been checked out and working. IT was when I first started it but when I opened the ink cartridge I starting getting the same message. Did you ever get it resolved? - blbafcpres
I also have this problem (and now HATE this machine). I've used MANY HP laser printers over the years with no problem whatsoever; this was my first ink jet from them and from now on I'll stick to Epsons as I always did. OK, I feel better now. Let's continue...

Contacted HP about this supposedly jammed carriage many times and their suggestions were so basic or idiotic that I won't print them here (I tried them all to no avail anyway).

The ONLY sensible one was to clean the encoder strip (about 1/4"-wide clear mylar) that runs from side to side of the printer suspended in mid-air behind the print carriage. I used a Q-tip dipped in alcool and cleaned both sides of the strip. It SEEMED to solve the problem at first but the problem returned and cleaning didn't solve it that time.

If someones find a solution please email everyone else on this thread. We all paid good money for this machine which I now use solely as a scanner!

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I just posted a review on amazon.com (1 star because I couldn't choose zero). If you go there you'll find plenty of angry customers too.
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>>"Carriage error. Open door, latch carriage, close door and press Enter"<<

The most common reason for this error message that is not resolved by checking and resetting the printhead latch is a misalligned actuator lever. This can be reolved by the instructions at the following site. I would like to hear from anyone who finds that this worked for them.


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Thanks for your help Lee but this is not the problem most of us here have I think. Nice try!

On the other hand the site also gave this (click on it, not same link as Lee's):


Or just make sure you copy/paste the whole URL string below to your browser!

h20015.www2.hp.com/hub_search/document.jhtml;jsessionid=5YQVZE4D4GRRFQ FIOGBEOSQ?reg=na&cc=us&docName=bpu03110&lc=en

This doc goes over several steps (that I tried) to correct the carriage jam problem the last one being to clean the encoder strip as I discussed in my other post. I might give it another try this weekend and let you know poeple if it fixed my problem.

If you have dust (done renovations anyone??) that has deposited inside your printer this is IMHO the most probable cause of your problem. The controller cannot keep track of the carriage position because the encoder strip is dusty/dirty and it thinks the carriage is stuck somehwere along the track.

Be VERY careful with that strip: it's fragile!!!
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I am having a similar problem with a unit a customer brought in. The unit powers up, carriage is released by cleaning station, carriage moves back and forth several times as the unit initializes. After that, the carriage is parked by the cleaning station. The display says to hit enter to align the print cartridges so i hit enter. It says "preparing device" and about thirty seconds later is says "Clear carriage jam, and then press enter" If you hit enter it says, "Preparing device" indefinatly... If you unplug the unit and plug it back in, you get the exact same result... Any ideas?

Thanks alot,
Derek S
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Mechanically reset the machine by removing the paper, the power cord and the back door. Roll the rollers upwards for 4 turns. Put everything except the power cord back.

Press and hold #6 and then put power cord back in.

Machine will reset. Let go of keys. Enter language settings. 11 english 1 confirm

10 Usa
11 canada
12 uk

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I was experiencing the same problem. The customer brought the printer to me, and there was a message of a carriage jam. After opening and closing the door, and pressing the enter button, it would not do anything. I did what you stated except I rolled the rear rollers up 6 times and reset it. It is working now. Thank you so very much. I was about ready to tell them to buy another one. - Anonymous
Thanks for the advice, unfortunatly, nothing has changed... It is still doing the same thing... One thing i might mension though, i didn't get a prompt for language settings. Instead i got the same prompt to align the printheads.

Thanks again,
Derek S
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I also had carriage jam error. i found it to be the service station motor inop. does anybody have an old station or know where i can get a new one? Thank John S
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I have refiled the ink cartridges and had to turn off the low ink indicator. The black ink ran out so I refilled it and now I cant get it to print black? Any suggestions?
Thanks Murph
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I have refiled the ink cartridges and had to turn off the low ink indicator. The black ink ran out so I refilled it and now I cant get it to print black? Any suggestions?
Thanks Murph
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Having the same problem....called HP and they told me a lot of things that didn't work, but was very nice. The best solution they said was to take it to a local Radio Shack and they will send it to HP for repairs ( did not give me a estimate ) I called Radio Shack and they told me it would be
$ 85.00 to handle the shipping. I think I have a
new boat anchor, unless some one on line can help...


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Had the same carriage error problem. Was able to fix it by totally disassembling the printer. Remove and clean out Service Station. Gunk had caused the motor to seize. Was able to release stuck motor and viola! I looked and wasn't able to order the service station anywhere, so if your service station motor is burned out, I guess the machine is trash. This took probably 2-3 hrs for me to do, and I'm no expert, but I'd expect it to cost $150 - $200 for a tech to repair it, and you could buy one on ebay for that price (although I don't know why anyone would want another).

Good Luck.
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Is there a way to receive and print B&W faxes and print reports when there is no (or no ink left in the) color catridge in the machine?

It doesn't work right away but maybe there is a way to unlock this (other stupid) limitation. I plan to use the d135 solely as a B&W fax machine from now on...


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Are you saying that the documents are never recognized by the ADF? There is typically a small lever that is triped when a document is inserted. Sometimes they get pushed out of place or perhaps it is stuck. Check the lever.

If the ADF only fails to recognize the alignment page, you can bypass the alignment by pressing and holding the Enter button, and then pressing Menu.
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I got same message after hearing a loud noise, getting a paper jam and finding a piece of black plastic about 1/2 " long in the output tray. It broke off a rotating rod which normally has three total just below where paper comes out. The middle and right ones were bent, so I turned off machine, straightened them out (apprehensively),pushed carriage to right, and powered up. Now, it works fine - no messages
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with my 7130, there were some latches (one of which was broken) underneath the print carriage. they were in a position where they blocked the carriage from going in either direction and another prong certainly would have broken if i kept trying it. I manually rolled this (little bit of snapping into place) upwards and towards the back until it was hidden within the mechanism. A reset later, it was good to go. This was just recent and I don't know if it's going to hold up though. Refurbishers should go to prison.
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i think me and FROGLY are talking about the same thing, there were three for me as well but one had broken off.
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I'm getting a message saying bad color ink head don't know the damn manual is otherwise I wouldn't be asking anyone. Please help
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Getting an error 327 trying to fax when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the number. It rings, beeps, etc. but then kicks it out as an error 327 and says make sure their fax is on, etc. etc... Please help...any solutions?
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Had a problem with carriage as did others. I took it to Best Buy to send back for repair. The service center called me to tell me that they no longer will repair this printer but offered to sell me a refurbished unit for
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I did not use color printing for an extended period of time. Now I cannot get any color printing although the ink level is high. After a lot of polite help from hp, the only option I am left with is to change all the color printheads. I wonder if it will work or a waste of about $100 to test this theory. or maybe I should put the money in a new printer.
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Have you tried removing the prinheads and soaking the nozzles in hot water?

You only want the nozzles to get wet.

After soaking blot them on a paper towel.

If you think this problem is unique to HP you need to spend some time reading through the forum. Epson is notorious for clogged printheads, and their printheads are not easily replaceable. The Epson printheads often clog up is you don't use the printer at least weekly, HP's can usually sit for months unused and still work. A school district I do work for has thousands of DeskJet printers, many sit idle all summer long, but they work fine in the fall.
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I got an email asking me if I had press the refresh button after changing the printhead. There is no refresh button on the system. I pulled the head again and then closed the unit up. It inofromed me that the head was missing and to replace. I replaced the new printhead and it continued to say was bad. When I did a system alignment, i receive no errors and the cyan printed. does anyone know what the heck this is, Im 5 days away from throwing this in trash and selling not ink and printheads.

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Clean the electrical contacts on the printhead and carriage with a cotton swab and alcohol.
by Bert on Jul 15, 2005 at 9:38pm Add comment
I cleaned the contacts when I started to have the problem and then I replaced the printhead. I cleaned them again as you suggested and it will scan a picture, print it in color and then it states my Cyan printhead needs to be replaced. I cleaned it again and had the same performance.
So here is what I have done to date:
1. I cleaned and replaced the printhead and put in new ink.
2. I pulled the battery twice, once for 40 min and the second for 24 hours. Same thing.
3. I cleaned the printhead contacts and I can get one page to print in color and then the error message "Bad Printhead, replace cyan print head"

So there is my story, so I am ready for the next step.

Thanks in advance,
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Go to this web page for HPs trobleshooting procedure. Look a step 7 and following. This may solve the problem.
by Bert on Jul 16, 2005 at 9:38am Add comment
I tried that procedure a long time ago and gave it another chance with no success after your reply. I went ahead and recleaned the contacts and compared it to the other three. They all look clean. I fear that there is some loose connection or a bad ribbon cable. If that is the case, this little rascal is not worth.

Any thing else you think might help?
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There is a possibility that the printhead is defective, even if it is new. Check the expiration date. Try returning it to the seller before giving up.
by Bert on Jul 16, 2005 at 8:39pm Add comment
I appreciate the assistance but this is the second printhead. I think I will attempt to reseat the ribbon harness. Heck if I break it, it really does not matter. I suspect commication problem somewhere or some IC that is latched.

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Reset codes:
# is the key on the printer keypad. Hold it with the number as you plug in the power. Hold until you see a message indicating that it sees the reset:
#3 reset
#6 Semi-full reset
#9 Full reset
Pound with sledge hammer and get a Canon: Mood reset.

None of the tips have fixed my D135 printers. We bought three, and they have all failed with errors, although one seemed to have a failed motor ithat controlloed the head cleaning unit. The other two work fine until they decide they are broken.
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Found a good price on the cartridges $9.95 a piece...

by Anonymous on Sep 8, 2005 at 4:38pm Add comment
I replaced my black cartridge with a new one because the black was low in ink. Now my printer only prints in color and will not print anything in black. Help
by MaureenP on Sep 9, 2005 at 7:26am Add comment
Getting first a carriage error then it goes quickly to Door Open, close cartridge access door. I've done this so many times, done full resets. Any suggestions please??
by Mollie on Oct 29, 2005 at 10:49am Add comment
I thought that I had solved the problem with the printer that I was working on. But, the problem reared it's head again and I advised the customer to get a new one. I'm sorry that I can't be more help.
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I just tried the steps to clear the "replace printhead" msg suggested on the HP site - including cleaning everything with a Qtip and water, and re-powering with the head out of the machine - and it got rid of the erroneous message, and I'm now back in full color mode. So, thanks for the tip!

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Could you send me a link to that HP solution for clearing the "replace printhead" message. - Anonymous
scroll back up to Bert's message, its there.
Dazz UK
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For "paper jam" (but there is none to be found) or "Carriage is stalled" or possibly other carriage errors for OFFICEJET 6100,7100,OFFICEJET D SERIES,OR COLOR INKJET CP1160 see:


probably too little too late, but....

I think one time I even got the error: "Black print head bad" or something like that for this same problem.

Other than the link above in this reply, this following reply (way up above) is the closest solution I've seen:

Re: hp d135 by Wilk (7/8/04 4:55 PM)
"Had the same carriage error problem. Was able to fix it by totally disassembling the printer. Remove and clean out Service Station. Gunk had caused the motor to seize. Was able to release stuck motor and viola! I looked and wasn't able to order the service station anywhere, so if your service station motor is burned out, I guess the machine is trash. This took probably 2-3 hrs for me to do, and I'm no expert, but I'd expect it to cost $150 - $200 for a tech to repair it, and you could buy one on ebay for that price (although I don't know why anyone would want another).

Good Luck."

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I just replaced my D135 HP printer with the new 7410 HP printer, I couldn't get the 135D to print on command,(printer error kept coming up) I tried several things before I just gave up and bought a new one.
If someone would like to have the 135D for free and agrees to pay shipping I would be more than happy to ship it to them.
by unknown on Dec 8, 2005 at 5:42am Add comment
Kluggy55, what printer error did you keep getting?; I might be interested in paying shipping if it looks like I can fix it. - pbrooks259
fixed it already by trial and error. HP tech suppory was no help as they consider it non user servicable
by blbafcpres on Dec 8, 2005 at 8:08am Add comment
blbafcpres, I assume you're the same as Kluggy55??? I'm not that familiar with D135 (D Series?); is it very similar to the 7100 Series OJ? Use HP 14 cartridges or which ones? What would shipping be? and it's working fine? What was the problem you fixed?
by pbrooks259 on Dec 8, 2005 at 10:13am Add comment
Have HP officejet d145, same family as d135. Have been having lots of trouble with err "IDS Failure Call HP". It's $500 all-in-one with hours of trouble shooting via HP online help docus and HP chat room. Was ready to trash printer til I decided some online info was incorrect when it told me to step through dx procedures to determine whether I truly had "air in the manifold" which it indicated I did have or whether it was a false err. Repeatedly I cleared the err only to have it return when trying to run test page, etc. The docu said to take unit in for repairs cause replacing prthead would not fix "air in the manifold". I found same problem as others with take in service, at least $145 to just get it on the repair workbench. That does not include parts. I know they would stick all new prt carts ad prtheads in at inflated prices with no guarantees. I decided the manifold was not where the HP techies said it was but had to be at the bottom of the replaceable prthd, so why send it in. I gambled on a new blk HP 14 prthead $33.99 and a new HP14 cart $21.99 (to avoid possible contamination from refilled cart to new prthd) total $55.98 from HP's online shopping store, no shipping, no local sls tx. Ordered both at 7PM ystrday They were on my front porch with a ring of the doorbell b4 10 AM this morning. Installed both and worked right out of box, up by noon.

Reason for this long piece is that I see some msg's re prthead errs and ink carts and I hope this info will help those people. I too had tried the cleaning with distilled water and rubbing alcohol without success.

You may find following online doc's helpful at: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/ docs: c00296705 bpu02180 bpa02107 c00064417 and lastly re overriding ink level gauge. These docu's refer to the HP d and 7100 series.

Lastly, we have an ink filler operation at Towne West Mall in Wichita, Ks who claims to be able to pop off chips from all mfr ink carts and reset or replace counter and date restrictions. If interested, let me know and I'll send you their phone number or e-mail addr.

OH joy, I just salvaged a $500 multifunction by persistance and I urge you all to keep trying. Good luck! Mel
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Hi Lollypop,

I am really pleased I found your message on this site. I have just got hold of a used HP d135 and also have the "IDS Failure Call HP" error message. In my previous job we used this same model for many years and it was heavily used for printing colour presentations in multiple copies, without being serviced and did not fail once (and as far as I am aware is still going strong). The unit I have is from our design studio as they no longer use it.

I am in the UK and have followed the procedure on the HP website which says it will clear the error if it is just that the printer "thinks" there is air in the manifold. I've replaced both printer cartidges, taken out the print heads (instructions supplied by HP on-line support) and reset and primed the IDS. This is done by using # and 7 held down when plugging in the unit.

This did not work and I recontacted HP support. They told me that all 4 print heads need to be replaced. I am a little sceptical about buying 4 new print heads as the yellow and cyan print fine (on the test page)the black is sketchy to say the least and magenta does not print at all. I am considering trying to clean the print heads in hot water (which someone in another message has suggested, and also removing the battery and powering down the unit before I spend $155 on the HP site (plus overseas delivery) or £100 here in the UK. You don't know how expensive stuff is over here compared with the US. Half the time it's worth paying the shipping cost as the prices in the UK are so high.

I beleive the unit has not been used for a while before I got it and the ink may be clogged in the print head. What this has got to do with air in the manifold (which HP technical support site says) is a mystery to me, and how replacing the print heads is going to resolve it is questionable. Do you think it's worth trying to clean the black and magenta heads first before buying 4 new print heads??

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


- Anonymous
On 5/15/05 someone said to take out the battery in the d135. OK - Where is it?
by Anonymous on Jan 3, 2006 at 9:15pm Add comment
The battery is flat and round. About the size of a quarter and twice as thick.
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I have been getting IDS errors and even bad print head errors. See, the printer sat on a shelf for months and I bet some ink dryed in the jet. I heard that you should get a plate (junker), not paper, and put a couple layers of paper towel down. saturate them with Windex (of 9 parts water, 1 part amonia).the ink will run so keep the heads on septate plates if you can. Depending on the sevarity, 3 hours can work. If you are not printing at all, go overnight. Now place them with the jet side in the solvant. If you can balance it, a 2-3 pound book will help by supplying pressure.

Hope this works, I'm trying it right now!
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I know this is a dumb question, but what is the difference between an ink cartridge and a printhead? If they are different, what/where is a printhead & how do you replace a printhead on the d135? The message on my printer says "Replace Yellow circle printhead." My colored ink comes in one cartridge with all three colors so I am a little confused. thanks
by unknown on Jan 31, 2006 at 5:55pm Add comment
Not a dumb question.

Basically. HP's original technology, everytime you replaced the ink ctg, you replaced the ink and the printhead.

Now, they're moving to solution where you buy ink ctgs, and every 10/15K prints, you replace the print heads, since they don't really need to be replaced as often. (typical problems are dried ink, dust, etc.) - bugmastr
thanks, i can solve that problem with a new color cartridge I think.... thanks for responding.
by unknown on Jan 31, 2006 at 10:19pm Add comment
I just did a bleed of my printer heads and put it back into my printer.

All of the color ones work, but the black one still isn't printing. The question I have is 1)why and 2) does it have to do with the fact that when you open the top of the printer head compartment that there is a little pool of ink (basically it is wet) on each of the color compartments but the black one is dry?

Any help would be much appreciated,

by unknown on Feb 2, 2006 at 8:25pm Add comment
When we try to print colored copies, the only color that will print is yellow and black. However, there is no error message notifying that the cartridge is empty. In fact, we already threw away one color cartridge because we thought in must be empty. The current cartridge we are using hadn't been used very much at all before it started printing only yellow (and black.)

Also, when printing checks (black), the numerical dollar amount of the check and the date fade out and partly don't show up at all.

Any help with these problems?

Thank you!
by unknown on Feb 15, 2006 at 3:39pm Add comment
Hello everyone. I had the same problem that you all are having. I was able to fix my d135 and it has been working great for over a year now since I fixed it. I tore apart the whole unit so if you are not "handy" I would not do what I did. Here is what I did.


When you figure out how to remove something, it is a good idea to write down how you did it so you will know how to put it back together! Organize all the parts and write down where each type/size screw goes! Be very careful not to lose parts!

1- Remove paper feeder from scanner, the paper tray, any add on accessories like the 2 sided module, 200 sheet paper tray, network module, and anything else that can be removed at this point.
2- Find screws to remove lid and cover so you can get all the plastic off the unit so you can see the guts of the unit.
3- Find the small button battery that is on the inside left of the unit and remove it for now. You don't want to have any power running through the unit in case you short something.
4- Find the clear carriage ribbon that people were talking about earlier in the post. I removed mine and actually washed with mild soap and water. Dry it with a soft cloth then I used some rubbing alcohol to ensure that it was super clean.
5- On the right side of the unit is a black plastic box. This is where the print heads "park" (we'll call it the "box" from now on) when the printer is not printing. You have to figure out how to remove the box. It is a little difficult but it is possible. After you remove the box you will want to open it up and remove the sponge and the white plastic pieces. Rinse all of these pieces out until clean. Clean any part that has a build up of ink. This will take a while but this is what fixed my units carriage return error. You can get all these parts really clean and they look almost like new! Make sure all the parts you washed are completely dry before you put them back in.
6- I cleaned the whole printer out since I had it all open. I removed the fax card (just look for where the phone lines plug in) and cleaned the contacts. I cleaned the main board and paper paths using some compressed air. You can buy a spray can of of compressed air at any office depot type store, Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy, or other electronics type store. Anything that could be removed was removed and cleaned.
7- Now that you cleaned the box and all the parts inside it and around it, clean the print heads. DO NOT PUT THE PRINT HEADS IN WATER OR GET THEM WET!!! IF YOU DO THEY WILL BE RUINED! I cleaned them by removing them from the carriage and using a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. I carefully wiped the bottom where the ink comes out. I also cleaned the contacts on the print head and in the carriage where they are seated when installed. DO NOT LEAVE THE PRINT HEADS & INK CARTRIDGES OUT OF THE PRINTER FOR AN EXTENDED TIME (I say no more than a half hour)!!! THE INK WILL DRY OUT AND CAN CAUSE THE PRINT HEADS &/OR INK CARTRIDGES TO GO BAD! If you clean the print heads with rubbing alcohol like I said above, just wait about 5 minutes after cleaning and then reinsert them into the carriage.
8- Start putting the unit back together. You might as well buy a new button battery for the printer since it is easy to get to and only costs a couple bucks, or so, for the battery.
9- Again, make sure all the parts that you washed are dry! I let the "box" parts dry for a couple days before putting all the pieces back into the box and putting it back into the printer.

You get to figure out how to take the unit apart and put it back together. It is not that hard! It is well worth the time and effort since this printer is not cheap to replace! Also, I looked at a couple of newer "All-In-One" units and for some stupid reason HP decided it was smart to give them really small ink cartridges! The couple I looked at had ink cartridges that had half the ink of the D135/145 and the cartridges cost the same or more than the larger ones that the d135 has! Nice to know that HP values us so much that they want to screw us over some more!

Like I said at the beginning, I had the Carriage Return error that seems to be part of this units built in death code (like it was programmed to die quickly). I did the above things and the printer has worked for more than a year without any problems except now a couple print heads need to be replaced due to normal use. The printer actually works better now than it did when I bought it because it used to squeak during printing. Just cleaning the rail that the carriage slides on, and putting a little light weight oil (like 3 in 1 house hold oil) rubbed on the rail with a old clean sock rag fixed the squeak. This printer just needs some TLC and it will work pretty good. Doing what I did above made the unit better than new! If you do the above steps you will void any warranty but I figure if you had a warranty you would not be trying to fix the unit yourself. Also, if you decide to do the above things, you do so at your own risk. You need to feel comfortable in your abilities and I cannot be held accountable for anything you do! Most of you will laugh that I wrote the warning but people don't take responsibility for their own actions! It just seems people would rather blame others than to say "Dang it I screwed up and will have to pay the consequences"

Good luck in your efforts! I hope you are able to fix your printer! I know I was!

by ecellis on Feb 23, 2006 at 6:03pm Add comment

Was that fix for the "carriage error" problem that you just posted? I see there are quite a few issues on this thread, just want to be sure before I try to do it.. I just (JUST!) bought the d145 from someone on ebay (that was my first mistake) and voila, I open it up and the first thing I see is that error message. I need to know if there's any hope here or if I should just try to get my money back..

by kimmer on Feb 24, 2006 at 8:55am Add comment
Kim, this link helped me out. I've repaired 2-7100 series officejets, which are basically the same as the d145, for this carriage error. It's usu. a bad service station motor underneath the apparatus over in the right side of the printer where the carriage rests when not printing. It needs repair in order to work whether you want to return it, because it was DOA, or get it fixed. Sometimes it may just be a pile or glob of ink obstructing its path or gunking up the gears or motor, and sometimes a broken gear in the bottom of the service station, gear driven by the above motor. Good luck. Paul


- pbrooks259









HAVE A NICE DAY!! - Anonymous
Can you tell me the battery number, size and voltage. Thanks
by Anonymous on Mar 22, 2006 at 9:43am Add comment
Does anyone know what exactly differs between the various resets?

#3 reset
#6 Semi-full reset
#9 Full reset

What in the world is a semi-full reset and why shouldn't I just go for broke and do a number nine reset?

by Anonymous on Mar 23, 2006 at 3:07pm Add comment
Not sure about the 7130xi, but the d135 battery is part # Panasonic CR2032 (solid lithium) according to the manual.

I got my d135 when work wanted to toss it as obsolete, and they had the original CD, manual, quick setup poster, extra print cartriges, etc. My 1st attempt at use said it needed the cartridges replaced. I put in the (still cellophaned) cartridges, and it said they were expired. This was my first knowledge that a)cartridges have programmed expirations, and b)it doesn't care how long they've been vacuum sealed or how good the ink really is, you can't use it. Then I found this site...many thanks to all who offer advice freely.

I admit I bought the new cartridges, and then the new printheads from COMPUSA. I was surprised to find a store that had some in stock! After the installs, and only the black print head being recognised as good, I called HP support. The printer might be out of warranty, but these were new printheads and I wanted them to support those. I was thrilled that holding the "# + 6" while unplugging and plugging in (while still powered on) worked to clear the cached 'bad printhead' errors in my case.

I will try some of the previous cleansing suggestions on the old printheads, and maybe the battery trick to use the old ink cartridges. I'm still not clear on the water vs alcohol for cleaning, but I'll surf more before I try anything.

by Fdisk_it on May 28, 2006 at 12:27pm Add comment
I purchased a d135 due to my positive experience with HP Products over the years, and have been dissappointed with this product.

My d135, when connected to my computer via USB cable, simply blinks rapidly when I try to print anything, or perform other functions. All of the lights on the panel just blink rapidly, and a message indicating "turn power off and on" appears in the window. I tried replacing all the print heads and ink, but this has not helped. Contacted HP tech support - they were nice, but did not have a solution except to purchase an adapter for the parallel port and try that port rather than the USB port. With $200 invested in ink and print heads, I am reluctant to purchase additional parts that "might" solve the problem. Think I will go out any buy another Canon MF 5770, which has been an excellent multifunction, but does not print color. The advantage is that it is laser.
by Anonymous on Jun 2, 2006 at 10:19am Add comment
I had this same problem, and I removed the fax module. As soon as I unplugged the fax module and did a semi-reset, the unti worked tip top. - ty
I have been getting a message "Scanner Failure. Turn power off, then on again." I have done that many times, but I have to restart my computer because it thinks the printer in disconnected. I tried a partial reset (6 and #) & it still happens fairly often. It happens even when the printer has been idle for a long time & it is not being asked to perform any functions. Once it happened right in the middle of faxing a page. Any suggestions?
by lpressmar on Jun 21, 2006 at 7:05am Add comment
The scanner failure error is well covered on this forum for most HP all-in-one's. Basically you need to clean the underside of the scanner glass & the scanner mirrors. This is not easy but many end users have achieved it. You may have a failing scanner bulb ofcourse but this fixes most of the one's I look at.
Good Luck!
Dazz UK
by hpwizard on Jun 21, 2006 at 7:18am Add comment
I was going to put some explosives inside and set a blasting cap to fix my "replace Cyan printhead" error. thankfully i pulled the battery inside and replaced it with a new one. I also unplugged and then re-assembled. Now it works. I think the CR2032 battery may have gone dead and that created my problems...dunno but i had purchased three (each color but black) new printheads before i did this.

Thanks for saving my HP, I think.....

by Anonymous on Jun 30, 2006 at 2:03pm Add comment
NEED HELP: I have a Officejet 7110 that just stopped working after refilling ink. The first time worked fine and it was now working fine but for some reason it stopped. I did remove the battery and tried resetting with 6# and 7#, but still not results.
I may be doing some sequence or something wrong. Is there anything you can recommend? I'd appreciate it.
by Pedro_from_Miami on Jul 10, 2006 at 7:28am Add comment
I've been refilling the cartridges on my d135 and everything has been going fine until today when I refilled the black cartridge. Now the black will not print. I've cleaned the contacts on the cartridge and the print head, declogged the print head with Windex, pulled the battery, restarted with 6 # to do a reset. The black ink prints the text when I do a self test report, but not on the test patterns or color strips. This leads me to think it is a problem with some setting. Any ideas?
by JTate on Jul 21, 2006 at 12:09pm Add comment
As it turns out the black printhead was bad. A new printhead fixed everything. I must have printed one page too many before I noticed the ink lightened up and burned out the print head element. Thanks for the advice on this site! - JTate
got this message, and replaced the ink cartridge/which had printhead on it,

copies still come out ghostlike way way too light.


by unknown on Jul 27, 2006 at 7:04pm Add comment
Eureka!! try this: open the front, and take out the print cartridge in question. place a piece of cellophane tape over the copper colored printer head, insert it back into its holder, then shut the cover.

the printer resets its code automatically, and now it works again.

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by unknown on Jul 27, 2006 at 7:08pm Add comment



by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2006 at 2:14pm Add comment
I have a D135 HP All-In-One Printer. But, I lost the setup poster. I have been trying to reload the system after a crash and cannot do it without the setup poster. Can anyone e-mail me or post a copy of their setup poster??? Thanks!!! My e-mail: [email protected]
by Anonymous on Aug 29, 2006 at 9:37am Add comment
I had the problem with the ink cartridge being out of date. I removed the battery, left the unit for one hour and re-installed the battery. I now have the problems that the fax doesn't work, the printer won't print, the scanner is not seen by my computer. When I set up the date, etc. it loses the information as soon as I turn the unit off. However, it will print fax reports and I no longer have the out of date problem with the ink cartridge. Help?
by Anonymous on Sep 5, 2006 at 10:40am Add comment
Anyone know where I can get a ribbon cable for a HP d135...it's about 2 1/2 feet long with 20 wires?
by unknown on Sep 12, 2006 at 4:38pm Add comment
I have a sick d 135 printer says black ink is out, I replaced the cartridge twice, althought the cartridges were 6 months old (but new), The printer says the printer is out and replace the cartridge....any suggestions?

by unknown on Sep 28, 2006 at 8:18pm Add comment
All my lights are blinking. Printer banner message says turn on and off. I have unplugged, turned on and off, partial reset, full reset. I still have blinking lights. The printer heads do not move from the right side. Any suggestions?
by unknown on Sep 29, 2006 at 7:06am Add comment
My hp d135 printer is also sick, says black n ink is out, n in the "MENY" "7" says black ink n colour ink 0 procent, the first refilling was last year 2005, n works normally, after refilling the cartridges n the printer says black ink is out, again n again same message on the screen, have tried a few hours in 3 days to get the d135 working, printing,fax n scanning not working, n is sooooo f......g anoooying.
Help - Any suggestion!!!!
by mikki on Oct 3, 2006 at 2:18am Add comment
My carriage is stuck on the right hand side and won't move. I've followed all the instructions on the HP website - which were useless. When I turn the power on, the carriage makes some loud clicking noises as if it's trying to move. I get the same "carriage error - open door - lock carriage".

Any solutions for a carriage that won't move at all?
by unknown on Nov 2, 2006 at 5:42pm Add comment
I was recently gifted with an HP OJ 7140xi
I too have stuck / stalled carriage issues.

The carriage doesn't move at power up, just sits wherever it last was, then wicked loud clicking noises, as if it is trying to move, same as crandalc.
Can manually move the carriage to any location freely.

Have completed all cleaning/maintenance other than complete disassembly.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

- Anonymous
I had the same issue w/ HP7140xi, which (I hear) is a similar model.

I tried all the cleaning/maintenance methods described in earlier posts to no avail.
I was trying to avoid completely disassembling the entire printer to access & remove the motor (on the right where the printhead parks) as last time I completely disassembled an HP1200, it was a monumental hassle & didn't go well at all.

So, here's my lazy fix, if you're game. LOL
According to HP, if you disconnect the power cord while the printer is on, you can then manually move the printhead/carriage to access the motor. Which allowed somewhat restricted access to motor area. This did work for me, I moved the printhead to the left. I also disconnected the right end of the thin plastic guide from the metal hook, to not destroy in my enthusiasm to clean out the motor.

After cleaning carriage rod, & moving printhead out of the way, I used long tweezers (or needle nose) to pull out 2 ink filled sponges from motor area. Thoroughly rinsed & cleaned til water ran clear & left out to dry.

I then used highly absorbent puppy housebreaking pads & long qtip cotton swabs w/water to clean as much excess ink from the motor area, there was a huge amount of gooey ink in there.
Got most of it up -- went thru several puppy pads --kinda like diapers, absorb & trap the ink. Be sure to go deep on the left side, which appears to be the overlow drip pan. I stuck some gauze in there for a couple of minutes to absorb the ink goo. This is a VERY messy task wear gloves !

After that, I reconnected clear plastic strip, tried plugging in & doing half reset just to see what would happen. The printer powered up & reset ok, & the printhead actually moved up & down the rails & almost completed the entire initiation process before I heard loud clicking. This inspired me to continue.

I had already decided to trash the printer if I could not fix, Not sure if u want to try this route, but this is what I did,
unplugged power, then sprayed plain water from a spray bottle into the motor area & blotted some more, did this several times, then sprayed liberally & left to dry out for a couple of days.
I then sprayed silicone spray on the rear area compartment (where the printhead would normally park) on little white gear, popped the sponges back in & powered up.
I was dismayed to hear clicking, although it was not as long or as loud.

I found that if you pop up the lid quickly while the clicking is happening the motor assembly slides out while printhead stayed a little to the left of it. I could briefly access the motor components, as it slid out into the park area, which I then blasted w/a bit of silicone spray, not WD40. I then unplugged for a couple of minutes, half reset & powered up. I did this 2 or 3 times After each blast w/spray, I would remove excess silicone residue from areas outside of parking/motor area. Then hold # & 3 while plugging in power cord for half reset. I also used a little silicone spray on my finger to lube the carriage rail.

Each time I powered up the clicks were less & quieter, after
3rd power up, no more clicks, everything is working awesome & quiet. All this without disassembling entire printer or motor.
Have successfully scanned, printed & copied w/no loud nothin.

I'll bet if you swab out the lower portion of the park box w/a paper towel, you'll find much gunky ink residue. If left unattended, will drip into little pan & also gunk up motor.
Don't know what they did w/this printer before I got it, but the sponges were completely saturated & ink was all over & around the park/motor box.

Hope this works for you ! - Anonymous
That carriage jam might actually be a service station problem.

Read this to understand what might be happening:

by Stephen on Nov 9, 2006 at 7:06pm Add comment
i have an office jet 7410 and someone has put a hole in the ribbon at the back where the carts site. on looking closer i noticed its broken one of the tracks and all i keep getting is a cart error on the screen is it pos to get a replacment ribbon cable?
by Anonymous on Nov 18, 2006 at 7:23am Add comment
Hey y'all,

Love this forum! What a godsend after years of struggles. Anyway, I have a new d135 problem: when I scan or copy in color, the tint is totally off. Everything is yellowish. I tried performing color calibration but it does nothing. I am also getting repeated "scanner failure" errors. I am a Mac OS user, BTW. I don't think it's a software issue, though, something is clearly physically wrong with the scanner... this problem came out of nowhere, any suggestions???

by obidow on Jan 10, 2007 at 12:56am Add comment