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Hp HP LaserJet 4050

HP LJ4100 2nd sheet 13.6 error

I have an HP LJ4100 printer that fails to print the second sheet, which stops half way out of the fuser, when printed from tray 2. Printing from tray 1 is fine and a tray from a 4050 seems OK. I have replaced the feed and seperation rollers and the fuser (which was noisy). If I pull the tray out a little it will print OK but I can see nothing wrong with the tray and I can hear all three microswitches click when the tray is pushed in (A4 paper). Can anyone help?
You may want to observe the paper movement from the back of the printer. When a sheet starts to print it moves about 1/3 forward, stops for a momemt and then prints when the dc controller starts its actions. If the paper moves forward and then comes back a bit, the problem is with the clutch in the tray. Your tip off should be that another tray works ok. If that is the case it is something in the tray. You can try to run the tray without the clutch to see if that is the problem. Good Luck. By the way if it is the older style clutch (the 4100 had two types) it can be cleaned. Let us know and I will give you instructions.
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Hi dmzcompute,

You've helped me in the past, hope you can help me now. I have a LJ4100 (tray 2 only) that will print any 2+ page print job and at the end of that job, send a blank page through that will stop just as the leading edge goes through the fuser. It then registers a 13.6 error. There is also one page picked up by tray 2 that has not made it through the paper feed assembly. I remove the page at the fuser, let the machine reset. The printer then spits out the page that was at the paper tray and comes back to the ready state. When I watched th paper load from the back, I did not see the paper move back & forth. It was smooth movement. I tore the printer apart and could not find anything out of the ordinary. It does the same after I put it back together. I also tried a different fuser, so it can't be the fuser or fuser sensors, correct? Is it a possibility one of the other sensors could have gone bad?


TOM - Anonymous
Most likely the tray 2 solenoid is sticking. You'll have to remove the top of the printer from the tray and take the top metal plate off to access it. Solenoid is in the right front corner. When it gets hot, the solenoid plate gets stuck to the top of the solenoid on the deteriorated foam noise damper. To fix, you scrape the foam off and stick some in its place
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Thanks for the post. Your suggestion worked.

I cleaned the gunk from the solenoid and no more extra sheet of paper getting stuck in the printer.

The hardest part is figuring out how to remove the top of the printer from tray 2. Quick recap: remove right side cover (just pull toward rear), remove 4 screw holding the top cover (2 front and 2 rear), disconnect ribbon cable from cover, unscrew the 2 long screw from the front, remove 1 screw on the left side, remove 2 screw for the right side metal cage, slide the metal cage to the rear and remove, remove the two rear screws on the right side, disconnect the 1" wide connector below the two screw), left up on the printer. That's it.

Thanks again,
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It's the tray 2 paper pick up cluch!
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No it's not. - moe