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Brother Brother MFC 3100C

Brother Error 41

Hello I have a Brother MFC 3100C. Recently I was printing some pictures and it stopped printing. I looked at the printer display and it says:
"MACHINE ERROR 41, unplug printer, then call Brother."
We do not have a warranty on this and do not want to have to pay to get it fixed. Brother said that this is a machine malfunction and only they can fix it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer but this doesnt help any. Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

I get the error 41 message right after the system powers up. The system will not even let me to try and manually clean the printheads. Any suggestions other than giving the printer to the local recycler? p.s. We had our print 13 months1
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Your best bet? Dump that piece of S*@#.

My MFC-3100c stopped printing magenta one day and when I called, they said they would sent me a new machine immediately. Guess what I got in the mail? A REFURBISHED piece of crap that is just as bad as the original! The alignment is not right no matter what you do. I'm getting ready to haul both printers out the window and NEVER EVER again purchase anything made by Brother.

You best bet is to get a new printer by another brand and save yourself some money.
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machine error 41 is an printhead error.
Try to clean it. If that doesn't help you have to replace the printhead.

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Any one knows the part number of the mfc 5100c printhead or where can i buy the brinthead. It seems like brother does not sell it.
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Check out post #12131. It has a lot of good info on this problem.

I'm going through it myself. I have a so-called 3-yr warranty on my unit, but the warranty company says that the print head is considered a comsumable item and won't cover its replacement.

I tried to clean the print head, but had no success getting rid of the error. Now it looks like I'm going to either junk the unit or pay almost $200 for the print head.

I'll never buy another Brother product again!
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We have had our 3100C for about 16 months and the error 41 notice popped up. I found this site and read and re-read the archived post...there is a lot of good information there. I bought mine at Staples and paid for the extended warranty. Thank God! I called Staples tech department...laughed with the tech guy for about 20 minutes about "error 41" (isn't that where they found aliens? ;-) and when customer service called me back to offer me a replacement or cash, I said CASH please. After reading everything I could find on this I will never buy another Brother again. It does seem that the trend is for the manufacture's warranty to run out and then Bam!, error 41. Staples happily refunded me the purchase price (including the mail in rebate) and I am looking into other brands that will do what I need.

Will I buy Brother again? If they were the last printer maker on Earth and it came with a 2 year warranty....probably not. Pen and paper would be better.

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By the way...I have a used 3100c that someone can have for the cost of shipping...any takers?
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Hi Kagan,

Which country are you living in. I may be able to help you.

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Sorry Brother!

Brother customer service so BAD. when I call out side from US ,listening only computer advise. so MFC 3100C which is error 41 USD 299.00!!!! My Phone Bill is USD 579.65. please help BROTHER !
If you can send print head FREE greatly appreciated because i broke!!!!!!
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Sorry Brother!

Brother customer service so BAD. when I call out side from US ,listening only computer advise. so MFC 3100C which is error 41 USD 299.00!!!! My Phone Bill is USD 579.65. please help BROTHER !
If you can send print head FREE greatly appreciated because I broke!!!!!!
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It's not as bad as some think. If your printer is less than 30 months old, Brother has extended the printhead warranty. You can tell the age by the serial #. In the center of the serial # is a number between 2 letters. The number is the year of manufacture & the letter before it is the month. A being January, B February etc. All you need do is find a certified Brother dealer and they can replace it for you, free of charge. I don't know if all Brother dealers do this work, but we do several every day. New print heads are simple to put in for most models(not the ones that are only 4" high). The problem is there is a long series of codes that have to be keyed in to tell it you put the new print head in. If you can't find anyone, email me at [email protected], Put ERROR 41 in the subject line.. for the cost of shipping both ways (We are in Albany N.Y.) we can do it for you. A> It must still be under warranty and B> It cannot be a flatbed style machine (MFC 210, etc). Hope this helps.
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I have unable to print for my MFC 210C. But when the authorized dealer checked it, they phone me only to tell me that it is error 41 and I have to replace the print head for the cost of $79.
1. I wonder if it is the way they look for extra cash.
2. They said that my 210 have had 12000 hours (18months) of lifetime. the waranty has expired. Is it true Mr Elmo1945?
3. So what can I do?
4. this is my second brother fax. the first intellifax 770 broken right after 2years of lifetime. and the scanner had to be replaced with an unreasonable price. I am fed up with brother.
Thanks elmo.

- Anonymous
Yes.. I encountered this problem too!!

Called up to the service centre and was informed that is due to wear and tear of the parts.

They also said that it could be due to using compatible inks!

No doubt i had just started was using refillable ink. It so dirt cheap but spoilt my machine!
So pissed off with the fellow who sells me the ink and still assured me comfirm compatible! "Bull Shit"
Just after a month of usage, this message appears!!! Jesus Christ!!

I went back to the place that sold me these inks and demand a refund!!

Fortunately, Brother staff was nice enough.
They fixed my machine but in the expense of me buying a new set of inks from them!

Well, is a good bargain afterall!

What a lesson learnt!

Think supporting the original ones is still a safer option.
Rather than going through the whole hassle again!!

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The printers that use these printheads obviously have a known issue with printhead failure. This, as your service person said could have been due to wear and tear or possibly compatible inks being used. There are posts in this forum from users who have had nothing but brother inks through their machines but still have had the same Error 41 issues that you have, so to tell you that it could have been due to non brother inks is in itself an INCORRECT statement. Quality inks should be used from reputable suppliers instead of generic inks, (from china etc that are marketed to apply to several brands of printer cartridges) One black ink will not be compatible with several different brand cartridges. - Anonymous
I have the same problem now. Did you solve the problem?
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Error 41 means you need a new printhead. I believe we can still get them, unfortunately the price is up to around $50.00 just for the part. If you decide to get it, I can try to talk you through the installation on the phone. Brother had a lot of problems with this printhead design, however all Brother printers are not junk. Thay also make some very reliable machines, the one you have just isn't one of them. Hope this helps.

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