asked Jul 16, 2003 at 1:17pm
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Tektronix Phaser 550 code 12

Can someone please advise me what the error code 12 means.I am also looking for the owners manual and or the service manual.
L-sync over

Laser failure, check the cables, replace the, laser driver, laser scanner or engine control board.
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If you have trouble finding parts for your Tek Phaser 550, contact me; I have plenty.

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I have got error 12.
How do I solved this problem.
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I was able to solve this problem. Please contact me at dougp at ispinn dot com for the fix.
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What did you do to fix problem and was it expensive? - Anonymous
I'm sure I reposted with complete
instructions. Cost? None, just time.

Simply put, the mirrors in the laser
unit had frozen up from lack of use.
I popped the top, opened the case,
cleaned the old, dried lubricant, and
got the mirrors rotating again.

Check again on the site for another
posting of mine. The complete details
should be there.

Good luck.
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