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Hp HP LaserJet 4050TN

HP 4050TN 79.00 FE error

A client reports that suddenly, he gets this error "79.00 FE" when he is using his envelope feeder.
A reliable tech has told me he has experienced the same thing, and is baffled, as he has tried a new envelope feeder, new DC supply, and new main board.

Has anyone else experienced this? What seems to work?

Thanks, Roxanna
If you go to this web address you may find the answer if you scroll down to error 79. ADDRESS is,
Ihope this is of some help to you.
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If you go to this web address it might give you the help your looking for.http://www.co.uktechsupport.f9.co.uk/hp/faq/
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formatter problem
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that page link is dead any ideas?
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Power off, remove JetDirect, retest.

Further reading:


Always make sure it's not just a bad print job causing the error.
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If after removing the net card and if the printer becomes ready. Get your Network Admin geek to clear 'the print queue' for that printer. The geek should know what you mean. Once the queue is cleared, then re-install the netcard, connect the cables and power up the printer.

If you get the same problems, then I'm afraid it is a formatter change.


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The JetDirect can cause 79 errors, so if the printer works with it removed and fails with it installed then it still might be the JetDirect.

The 4050TN would have shipped with either a JetDirect 600N or 605N, I'm not sure which, it's possible that a 615N is installed.

The 79 error is one of the known issues with the 615N.

If the card happens to be a 615N HP is still sending free replacements.
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I hear what you say, Stephen but..... if a fully operating netcard, on power up. and while initialising, gets a load of garbage (thats stuck in the print queue) sent to it, it will have a 'stroke' and (normally) give a 49.xxxx error.

If the garbage is removed from the print queue BEFORE power up and doesn't cause a 49 error and the printer becomes ready.and then a subsequent print command causes a 79, I would have to look to the formatter being at fault.

Thats the reasoning behind the response that I gave.

79 errors are as rare as hens teeth in my world, I've probably seen 2 79 errors in 8 years of the 4000 series and both required a formatter change. However, I'm still learning.........



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I've seen this a few times on the 4000 series but only where there was an envelope feeder attached, first time I ran into it I wasn't sure what to do & called HP tech support using our ASP info & was told it was a problem between the feeder & firmware. Been awhile & don't remember all the details of the conversion but I think a bad job or jam could create the start of it & give the 79 error.

Its however easy to clear by doing a cold reset it'll take care of it (5 for 5 so far from the few times I got a call on it). I can't remember if you need to pull the feeder off or leave it in though.

Power down the printer & remove the network card (if it even has one), hold down the green GO button & power on, let go when it says cold reset on the display, after it comes ready turn off and add the network card back in.
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I'll remember the 79 and envelope feeder scenario. Thanks for that Sharpie, not come across that situation before.


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That's a formatter problem, Turn the printer off, then hold the GO button when you turn it back on, this makes the printer do a cold reset. You should be able to print fine now.
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I get this error printing reports from Quicken 2005 on OS X 10.6 (my printer is an HP 5000 N). If I save the page as a PDF and open it in Preview and print - same error. However, if I open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and print, it works. SO I suspect this error can be caused by problems or errors in the PDF encoding.
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In order to fix the 79.00FE printer error, first you have to print a configuration page. Then remove the jet direct and power on while holding the go button down on the printer. After display reads offline, the reset process is complete. After the cold reset, remove the jet direct card and see if the 79.00FE error goes away. If the 79.00FE error appears before a job is sent then it may be the DIMMS, try removing them to see if the error persists. get more help to fix 79.00FE erorr............. http://printers.iyogi.com/errors/printer-error-494c02.html
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So remove the jetdirect then remove it again? From what? Anybody can obviously post to iyogi wether the info is good or not. For anybody reading this never remove a jetdirect while the printer is on or plugged in via the power cord or network cable. This can cuase the jet direct to reset or be damaged. Cold reset is usually a last resort. Majority of the problems can be fixed without doing that.
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He regurgitates a lot info from iyogi. Weather it is valid or not.
People come here for real advice from people who know their stuff.

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I fixed all of his posts. I think he also posts under steve.hicks Did anyone go to the "Our tech experts" page? Strangely, they all seem to come from the same country. The advice they give is pretty much equivalent to what they are paid, which is close to nothing.
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I have absolutely no idea how to do a "cold reset" everyone refers to nor how to remove the "jet direct card" to get rid of the 79.00 FE error

Please help


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Cold resets won't fix a 79 error. JetDirect is the card that sits in the back with the 2 thumb screws in it. Network cable plugs into it. Turn power off before removing. If the error goes away it's bad.
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Thanks for the response. What do you suggest I do if taking the card out is not the answer?
Pete - PKD3
Hey... I had this message and I turned the printer off and press the green button and turned the printer on again and It was great!! try it!!
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My issue was the network card. "600n" model
When I replaced the card with another, the issues stopped.
I did try..
1. Disconnecting power and ethernet cables
2. Removing the "600n"
3. Holding the GO button while powering on to COLD RESET
With card out, no error showed up.
With card in, no error showed up.
The error did not appear until someone tried to actually PRINT to the printer. Once I replaced the card, the errors stopped.

Hope this helps someone.
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I got this error today while printing a brochure from a pdf. A page stuck in the printer which I removed but I had to power off the printer and restart. Same happened at the same page (sheet 17). The I started the print job from the sheet 17 on. Same happened. I printed the the remaining job w/o sheet 17. That worked. Now I printed sheet 17 alone. Worked also. I suppose that the HP4050 got some complex data which it could not manage.

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