asked Mar 2, 2021 at 11:16am
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Dating at work

I often began to meet a new colleague at my desk. She comes for papers from the printer. She is very pretty. I know the office doesn't approve of employee relationships, but I want to take the risk. Has anyone been in such a situation?

Greetings! I wouldn't risk it. There are tons of dating sites out there. If you're not a fool, you can always find a beautiful chick here - I have dealt with cases of corporate ethics. It's foolish to lose your job because of flirting. Just use the dating site and don't think too much)

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Yeah, you are right. I know several people who found their love online, so all is possible. I recommend you to make a research in internet and try several services according to your interests. Like example I can share review benaughty for you, it is one of my favorite dating applications.

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