asked Mar 14, 2018 at 2:26pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet CM6040F

replace fuser

Installed original new fuser out of the box <after turning printer off.

message did not go away. Returned as defective and got new one ,same thing happened. Deffinetely not fuser problem.

Can someone point me in right direction please.

They burn out a fuse in the fuser to reset the count. Another forum said the new ones don't come with a fuse to burn but you'd have to open the cover to find out and it's strange that HP wouldn't have one already since it's the only way the counter is reset. See video link below, the fuse is a 33 ohm fusable resistor which can probably be bought from mouser or digikey. I heard about one guy that the fuse was blowing but not resetting the count and turned out the DC controller needed replaced to fix that, still had to get fuses replaced in order to properly reset it after board install. I think this one might work but not sure, might have to compare to old one if it's in there

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Here's the YouTube video, didn't link in response above

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I'm also assuming you powered off the printer before installing the new fuser, if the machine still had power it could burn the fuse early preventing a proper reset. The belt uses the same fuse/reset method as well.

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