asked Feb 10, 2018 at 5:39pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 4600DN

Equally-spaced lines

A printer that had been sitting around for quite some time found its way to me. It is a Color Laserjet 4600dn.

It prints beautifully EXCEPT for equally-spaced (fairly crisp/clear) blue horizontal lines down the page and showing on the transfer belt thing. The toner cartridge is genuine HP but is old ... not sure how long this sat around.

Any thoughts on the direction I need to look? Just a bad cartridge or something else?


Horizontal lines are a toner cartridge issue. You can take it out and open up the door over the drum. You can then rotate the drum with your thumb and you should be able to observe the lines on the surface. There is a wiper blade that is supposed to clean the drum of excess toner after the image transfers to the transfer belt.

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