asked Nov 14, 2017 at 11:18am
Hp HP LaserJet 5200TN

paper feed fault

Hi I have an HP 5200 that will not pick up paper from tray 2 and reports error 13.01.00

Printing from the maual feed is fine

I have changed the pick-up roller, and separation pad and tried a different tray

In all instances there's no improvement - the printer is not making any strange noises and there is no mark on the paper to suggest that the pick-up roller has even tried to draw the paper in.

Tray 2 rises correctly etc. when its closed and the back-stop is in the right place. I am at a loss

If I stick with the manual feed its fine :-(

Sounds like the pickup shaft may not be making contact with the roller or something else on the other side of it inside the pickup unit part. Take the tray out and there's small cuts in the frame to the right of the roller, use a flash light and you'll see the shaft running in the inside to the roller. You won't be able to spin the roller but you can rock it back and forth a bit just to see if the shaft is moving with it, normally it's not going to move much but just enough to see it moving with the roller. If that moves then the roller is making good contact and you'll have to find the service manual online to open the right side up.

There's a gear attached to that shaft and the solenoid that locks it in place until it needs to pickup paper. It is buried though and requires a bit of a tear down, you'll have to refer to removing the cassette pickup unit on page 113 I think to take the pickup unit out to inspect it and possibly replace it to correct the issue.

Link below is the picture from the manual showing the gear and solenoid.

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My issue is that my 11 x 17 print size prints out of the bottom tray no problem, when I change the paper size to letter size it is also great. When I move to the upper tray (I believe 2) and I put in two pages the unit pulls both pages in. There is about a 3/8" to 1/2" between the two pages and printing has occurred over both pages. I have changed the pickup rollers and separators, though not sure why I replaced all the printer rollers, only have an issue with the legal sized tray. There is a printer jam code. I will try a brand new ream tomorrow, though I don't understand why the paper works on the tray 3 (11 x17).

There is a noise that I hear from the pickup rollers, typically 3 clicks and then stop. You can hear the click you know its jammed.

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