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Brother Brother MFC 8660DN

strange problem, need repair guide, advice

I've been in the computer industry for a long time but never experienced a problem where this happen.

There's no reason for this is just started. Basically whenever a job is sent to the printer nine times out of 10 it will reboot as it's receiving the data. Scanning/copying/faxing works fine. The whole device looks like it turns off and turned back on as if it lost power and is trying to reboot. However it is not a full cycle as it tries to come to life much quicker than turning off and on. Once in a blue moon, for reasons I cannot fathom, It will start to work for a little bit. Then it will die again. I know it's not the network it has something to do with the printer. At this point need advice as to what it could be and if it can be fixed easily, or whether I need to take it to a expert repair shop and run my dice whether it's $50-$500. I got a great deal when I first bought it for $129 new as closeout. As such considering the cost of the machines I really don't want to/can't spend a lot on repairing it versus getting a replacement. I know about electronics but I do not have a repair guide. I'm not sure I would get into this anyway because I don't have a connection for parts. This machine is older so I don't even know if parts are available anymore. I don't know if repairs on these type of machines are done at the circuit level or done at the board level.

Any, all and much advice in detail would be great.

Sounds like possible main board issue (aka Formatter), there are no repairs done to the boards as these days they just swap the entire board out with another to see if that cures it. HP had a few models that would do random restarts, assuming you don't have it plugged in a battery backup or surge with other devices that might be draining too much power.

You can check around online (Ebay, Amazon, etc) to see if any used boards are out there, looks like the part number might be B53K830-5 but pricing still might be. Some people had luck baking the HP boards in an oven trying to reflow some of the solder under the BGA chips.

Only board level repairing I've ever done was either baking with mixed results or a few where I replaced bulging capacitors on the power supply side. You can check for those if the supply board (where the power cord goes into) is easy to get to but usually signs of that are it not wanting to power back up or partial bootup with a buzzing sound from the supply

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