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how to remanufacture toner carts instructions?

So I have an HP LaserJet 4MV that I have kept running by replacing parts (just replaced the DC Controller Board which fixed a "50 Service"). I use this printer once per year to print 11x17 calendars

Anyhoo, I am not finding any good carts for it any more. "New" carts have bad wiper blades due to the age. Re-manufactured carts are generally just as bad with the same problem. So it seems re-manufacturing them myself is the only solution?

My question is, does anyone know of any good re-manufacture instructions any where to go by? To say I'm a rookie is an understatement...

From what I read I need to replace the wiper blade, possibly the doctor blade as well since I'm in there anyway, and beyond that I don't know... One site has a, and I quote, "Kynar Padding Powder" for "drum and wiper blade lubrication. 2 Oz. Prevent frictional damage between the wiper blade and drum."

Is this needed? Of just replace the wiper and doctor blade, re-assemble and I'm done? Thanks!

Yet another reply to my own post (for anyone else looking for this info). LOL...

Rebuilding laser toner cartridges notes by a kind helpful poster:


Cartridge Cleaning Methods (says we can use distilled water to clean the PCR):


Gold mine of laser toner cart rebuild instructions:


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Ok, one more post of useful info I've found and I'm stopping. LOL

Original HP toner cartridge: A look inside (HP article)

Cartridge printing theory (similar to HP article)

cartridge cleaning methods - Uninet Imaging

Common cartridge failures:

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Uninet.com has instructions and the blades you are looking for. The place to look is under Canon, BX engine. The only issue is that you will probably have to buy a package of 10. I have been remanufacturing cartridges since 1989 but have stopped doing so in house. I buy from a wholesaler in So. Cal. It is no longer worth my time and supplies as there are so many cartridges out now. If you are interested I can have them drop ship a BX cartridge to you. They do quality work and offer a 2 year warranty.


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uninet.com is healthcare related; I think you mean uninetimaging.com

They had a few technical articles that I hadn't seen yet. Thanks. I had already found a few of the docs (listed above) via a google search.

They do not list prices though. I HATE submitting my info for a quote. I'll pass.

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I forgot to ask about the cart supplier you mentioned in my reply above... Are they strictly wholesale? I only need two maximum (as I said, 2 will last several years for me only printing like once per year...)

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Yes, the cartridge wholesaler I use is strictly wholesale. If you are intent on using your 4MV you would be better off purchasing a complete toner from a reputable source. If it takes you several years to use up a toner you would be better off paying a little more than what you can on purchasing parts and trying to refill yourself. The best way to look at is to divide the cost of the toner by the stated yield to get a cost per page.

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Haven't found a reputable seller of carts for my old printer yet. Every refurb cart I've bought off ebay has been junk so far (bad wiper blade).

I don't mind buying *one* cart but I am reluctant to buy more than one now that I know of the failing wiper blade issue. I have one more"new" cart here that just needs a wiper blade, AFAIK.

Also, I found out the hard way that the replacement wiper blades you purchase online are already yellowed and hard. I ordered 3 blades from partsmart-corp.com and when I got them, 2 out of 3 were already yellow and rock hard and even broke like a cracker as I was flex-testing them. *One* was still clear and flexible and worked fine. 1 out of 3 is not very good odds...

Has anyone ever ordered wiper blades from www.quickfillonline.com? They have a 10-pack for $23.60 + ship but I'm about to give this project up figuring that most wiper blades will be hard and unusable now no matter who I buy them from...


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