asked Apr 20, 2017 at 11:36pm
Unknown Printer

Blank page between every printed page

After upgrading to Windows 10, my HP Officejet Pro 8630 began spitting out a blank page between every printed page. HP support says it's a coincidence the sensor went bad at the exact same time as a Windows 10 installation HP states my only 'fix' is to purchase a new printer. Anyone know a solution

If it were a printer issue, try using the menu on the printer to print a self test and see if it prints a blank page. It sounds more like a windows issue with the driver, you may need to uninstall and download a new version from HP's website.

First though click on the search (corona I think they call it) and search printer, click on devices and printers, right click on your printer and left click printer preferences. Look for the paper/quality tab and for special pages: click on insert blank or preprinted sheets then settings button. The lower section should be blank but if it shows anything highlight it and select Delete or Delete All then click ok, then apply or ok button again

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