asked Mar 16, 2017 at 12:28pm
Epson Epson WorkForce WF-2540

Drive Belt Is Loose

I posted previously and someone was kind enough to respond, but I am not able to comment on my own post for some reason. I keep getting an error. So I guess I will just post again!

The drive belt on my Epson Workforce 2540 is loose. I had a paper jam and cleared it. But now the ink carriage will not move on it's own. However, if I pull the drive belt, the carriage does move with it. The belt is loose but not broken. It makes a high pitched squealing noise when it comes on. It's just not catching the spokes on either side.

I'm slowly starting to figure this out but was wondering if anyone knew how the belt is attached to the carriage. If the belt attaches on both the upper and lower loop of the belt, it's possible the belt is not attached on the upper part but is on the lower.

If the belt doesn't attach to both the upper and lower part of the carriage, is it possible that the belt has been stretched? Perhaps I'm missing a part that popped off of the spoke?

Hi the belt is attached to the carriage up, at least in all the epson models i have seen, tu put back the belt in place you will have to take apart the printer:

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