asked Feb 16, 2017 at 4:51pm
Canon Canon imagePrograf IPF8100

Green Ink Indicates Empty, but is Nearly Full

The ink detection system of my IPF8100 is not working correctly for the Green ink tank. I install a new green cartridge, and within a week or two, the printer reports the green ink as empty, when it is actually almost full. This has been happening for several weeks -- very frustrating! What do I need to replace on the printer to return the functionality to the green ink detection system?

The printer detects a cartridge as 'empty' by a lack of a current flow from the ink supply 'needle' and the air vent 'needle' (the cartridge is pushed onto both of these when inserted). The logic is 'If there is no current flow between the two 'needles' in the cartridge, there can't be any ink in it'.

Has any work been done on the printer that could have disturbed the electrical connections to either/both of these 'needles'?

You can disable the ink level detection, BUT it's then down to you to make sure you don't run the printer dry.

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