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Hp HP LaserJet 3P

Error Code 52

I have a low mileage HP-3P Laserjet printer which has just started to produce an error code 52 just after start-up. On power up, everything looks and sounds normal, it even says "Ready" for a moment, but then it shows the error code message. The printer worked perfectly in all respects when last used, but that was a few years ago. I have read about a scanner motor problem, and also a control board problem, but others have said that certain cables may need to be pulled and re-seated (but of course no one specifies which cables). Can anyone help? Also, has anyone seen a tear-down article on this old (but still worthwhile) printer? In advance, let me say thanks..... - John


The site used to sell the motor and a video, but no longer. There are no more new motors available. Best you an hope for is a working used one. Someone probably has a take apart video on youtube, but those are never as good as the ones we used to provide in the kit.

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I wonder whether anyone sells refurb'ed parts, motors, etc. for old HP printer like my hp-3p?


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