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asked Jan 29, 2016 at 5:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2430TN

Paper Jam Messages

My older printer says paper jam in tray 3, (legal paper) below tray 2 (letter paper) but there is no paper jam. Possible causes? Cleaning the roller with water on a cloth often helps. What should I do? Thanks!


You would need to replace the pickup roller. It's not too difficult to do. http://www.precisionroller.com/paper-feed-components-for-hp-laserjet-2430/details_36378.html

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That's what I thought. Please see my other comment about the printer just sitting there messaging that it's processing the job. Thanks for your input. - [email protected]

The paper roller has now been turned inside out in an effort to make the printer work, but that hasn't solved the problem. The printer says it's processing the job, but frequently sits there without printing. After sitting there for a while it may print from the legal size tray, or sound like it's trying to print but stop and message that there's a paper jam. There's almost never a paper jam!

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The better way to fix the paper roller is to slide it around the holder so that the unused part is now the part that picks the paper up. The backside has no grip to it. I was going by your initial comment that cleaning it helped. When you have pickup problems and you can hear it trying, the best troubleshooting is to look in through the back of the tray to observe what is happening with the pickup process.

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I ordered 3 of the rollers for replacement. Thanks!

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