asked Jan 18, 2016 at 4:16pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1800

R1800 Powers Off As Soon As Print Sent

I have a R1800 that I have, unfortunately, invested about $250 in ink and junk and about 20 hrs of time to get working again. Initially, the nozzles were clogged and so I spent time getting those cleaned out using the Printer Hospital syringe/tubing method. Got all cleaned out except yellow was still partially clogged. During this process I did get the 2 red flashing lights of death (paper and ink). Thought I was done for after reading about that on the internet, but after letting the printer sit for a day or two -- if powered back on without the red flashing lights. At that point, I printed a couple more test papers to try and get the yellow ink working. The next thing that happened was now when I try and send a test print/anything to the printer -- it shuts off. In other words, the Epson Status Monitor says it is ready to print. I send something to the printer. It gets in the print queue and the printer powers off. You hear the ding ding noise from the computer that you get when you connect/disconnect any device (phone, etc.). So, things that I have done (in no order). Cleaned nozzles, replaced cartridges, deleted and downloaded current print driver, installed that SSC Service Utility v 4.30 and reset the counter thingie for the waste ink pads to zero?????, chatted with Epson support online, called Epson Support, looked for answers all over the internet. Sigh. Any advice would be muchly appreciated.