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Epson Epson Artisan 835

Epson Artisan 835 print head cleaning question


My printer's head is most likely clogged. It prints with lines on all the colors and black and white prints are good.

I tried to clean the Epson Artisan 835 printer head using these steps:

- tried to use regular head cleaning process and nozzle check several times but it didn't help. Just lost a lot of ink.

- unplugged the printer while the head was in the middle
- put some paper towel under the head
- removed the cartridges
- tried to inject the solution (using syringe and silicon tubing into the hole that usually receives the ink from the cartridge) but solution just doesn't go through. Can't inject it.

Did I miss any steps?

I also put some solution on to the small sponge located under the print head's rest position. That didn't help too. Left it overnight and after the regular head cleaning I still get those lines for the colors. Black and white print is still good.

Can someone tell me what should I do? Thanks!
Printer is out of regular warranty by the way.

"but solution just doesn't go through. Can't inject it." This means you have a bad clog. Let the syringe with tubing sit on one color for a few hours and let it soak. Then move to another color and continue along.

Warming the solurion a little will help speed the process. If you warm the solution in the microwave oven be sure you remove the cap and only warm it for a few seconds. You want it warm not hot.

Taking too long when you replace ink cartridges or very poor quality inks will cause bad clogs.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

That's strange. Printer does print, all the colors print but with the horizontal lines. Black print is clear and correct.
So it shouldn't be a bad clog?

It was the bad ink, not the long time without cartridges. Will never use non original ink again.

Anyway, I couldn't wait more and loose more money on it. Got the money back from the protection plan I had and also managed to return all the cartridges for refund.

Also purchased another, hopefully more efficient printer: HP Officejet Pro 8600 plus. Will miss Artisan's beautiful photos but it is what it is. Looks like HP print head is easy to remove and probably clean if necessary. Got the printer almost free and also purchased another protection plan.

Will get rid of Epson Artisan now...

Thanks for your help! - goran1
I have an Epson Artisan 835. It ran great for a longtime. Then all of the sudden, it started giving me black horizonal lines across the page every one inch. This happens whether I print or whether I copy. It happens regardless of the software program that I am printing from.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
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My prints are coming out with a rusty look on them. My blue shirt was a rusty red. How do I get the head to move left & back again? Thanks, Dave
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My Artisan 835 prints black perfect but colors have lines and it seems to just print photos pink. Help
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HI Guys,

I have been having issues with this printer whenever I refill ink. Mind you I am using third party resettable (PIN) cartridges from amazon. Its a big PAIN when I refill it . After that the ink remains empty even when the ink is filled completely. Like some one mentioned I have been doing the smae thing put some clenaing solution, where the cartrridges go in under the cartridges when you open the cover. Also put the cleaning solution under the print head and I usually keep it for overnight. Next morning Is see the paper towel clogged with ink. After that I had to run cleaning like 4-5 times , Finally got the black ink to print. I have had this printer for 2 years. I dont know if epson would help as i dont use their cartridges but I wont tell them :D

PS: I also have a brother inkjet mfc845CW since past 5 years and no issues with that touch wood. Brother is the best service in the market guys.
Any thoughts...

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I had the same problem. After reading the comments, I tried Liquid Wrench spray. 1st try got about sixty percent improvement. Tried again this time I let it set for about 10 min then did a head cleaning. Completely solved the problem. I am a little concerned about its use on plastic. So far so good.


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