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CLP-310 Imaging Unit Reset

Hi all,
I recently had a Samsung CLP-310 given to me to dispose of, it looked like it was in good shape and seemed new enough so I figured there wouldn't be much wrong with it. The unit is giving a replace Image Unit message so I thought I'll see if I could clean and reset the old unit. I emptied the waste toner and gave everything a good cleaning and still a replace imaging unit message. After searching all day to find a way to reset the drum count (there is precious little info on these machines, at least drum-wise) I found an Italian site that gave me the answer... sort of. There are a pair of resisters in a removable clip on the side of the imaging unit that reset the unit when a new one is installed. I couldn't translate the page well enough to get all the info I need though. He speaks of removing one but not the other or piggy backing a fuse onto one of them to trip the reset function. It warns about not removing one of the resisters thought, problem is I can't tell which one. Both look fine to me and I can't fully decipher his instructions (Google translate is... lets say a bit off lol).

Does anyone know how to do this? I'm going to give it a shot but I'd prefer to have all the info not some of it, if I get it to work I'll post how since I'm sure I'm not the only person looking for this info.
The drum printer Samsung CLP 310-315 and 3170-3175 Clx can easily do two or more cycles of life because if you notice any of the machines by the Counter-color copying machines that perform these 4 images and if you count two calculations will notice that the roller pick the right printer paper counted to the fourth count of the copies of the drum, so if the drum should be replaced after 20,000 prints in fact have only used 5,000 sheets and so counters also operate the transfer belt and fuser. So when the printer tells you that the drum is to be replaced you can easily reset the Counter replacing only one of two resistors placed on the plate that you see on one side of the group, check with a tester and replace the one burned, and a good idea to remove the group and svoltarlo waste toner, because the waste container on the side of the cartridges only serves to clean the excess toner on the transfer belt.

The resistance to be replaced to reset the Counter and readily available in stores of electronic components at a cost irrelevant to the value of the drum.
One can also add to the resistors already present a fuse of the value of 125 but. Remember not to remove the resistance already present otherwise the machine gets stuck with the red light, and should not be in ready. I used a green fuse of those cards that are mounted on the value of 1/8 of amps and it worked perfectly.
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Thanks for this post. I have recently got a used 315w and the red light stays on and the Smart Panel says replace imaging drum. I may have a friend or tech person do it. Is there any way you can be more explicit on your description - so I can direct someone further?

There's a Youtube hack to run a blue wire from one point to another,so maybe you can use that video to direct me. The tech I called, who is a student, won't do a sauter on anything, so, I thought may your explanation and others on the same post may be better.

Thanks for any help you can give. It's tax time, and the $100 minimum for a drum is not appealing, and the blue toner is supposedly out, as well.

- Sharlee
There are two resistors. One is a high value (many k ohms) and the other is a low value. When a new drum is put in the printer, the resistance is low, and this is detected and the drum counter re-set. The printer puts a larger voltage on the resistors, and the low value one then burns out. To reset the counter with a used drum, you need to replace the burnt out resistor.

When I did it, I found that the burnt out component was a 56 ohms 0.25 watt flame proof fusible resistor. I couldn't get one of those so used a 47 ohm one in series with a 10 ohm one. That worked OK. I would not suggest using a different type of resistor - it needs to be a fusible one.

I only did it to be able to continue to use the printer until I had exhausted stocks of toner, as the cost of a new drum did not justify doing that. It would be useful if someone can indicate from experience how much further life a drum would be expected to have. The rated life of the drum supplied with the printer was 24,000 pages, and this is consumed at the rate of 1 per black print, and 4 per colour print.

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I was told by Samsung, since I had smudges down the middle of my paper and clean paper to the left and right side of the paper to wipe the drum off which I did even though the sign says not too. It didn't work so then I was told to replace the drum. Does that mean I need to replace my drum? What can I do without buying a new one?
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Hi there
there is a stick on chip now widely available which will reset the imaging unit.
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