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Kodak Kodak EasyShare 5300

Kodak Easy Share 5300 (all in one)

Bought this aio used it to print 25 sheets of paper, then it quit printing. So I bought new ink, because it read "out of ink" Well that did nothing. It won't scan, print or copy anything. Best Buy representative said it could be the printer head. Wouldn't you think a printer head would last more than 25 pages?? Before sending to recycle is there anyone that has this problem or knows how to fix it. Your response will be appreciated.

I have a Kodak Easy Share 5500 (all in one). I bought in Dec, 2009. it developed the problem of faded black...then no printing in black. (so my business letters had to be in purple!). It didn't matter if I put in new cartridges. Company said it was a failed printhead, but it was past warranty. So, I bit the bullet and bought a new printhead ($60 incl postage). That was 4 months ago. If the failed printhead is your problem, it should be within warranty and Kodak will send you a new printhead for free. (it's easy to install). Unfortunately, now from one careless move on my part (put in too large a stack of paper in the paper supply, paper feed grabbed about 20 sheets, jammed...I pulled out through front (with brute force). Ever since, I get "paper jam". I've removed all the torn bits of paper, but I believe I may have bent or broken a paper sensor or something. (I've done the "turn off power for a few minutes....and shown a flashlight from top and from back...doesn't seem to have any stray things in it). When I try to print, it will feed the paper through 3/4 of the way and then stop and give me "paper jam". (if I leave the rear access door feeds out the back, if I put the door back will crinkle the paper accordion style). I did call Tech Support, and after waiting c. 10 minutes, the Indian guy said he'd have someone call me today.....but wouldn't you know it...the one hour I couldn't get to the phone, I could hear my cell phone ringing...and no one left a message. My main question for them (and anyone on this forum is):
1) Where exactly are the paper sensors? (would love a link to a photo)_____
2) (if I need to take printer apart to get to sensors), how do I take it apart?____

When the Kodak 5500 printer functioned correctly, it gave good quality text and decent photos, and the ink cartridges weren't expensive. (you get use to your own machines and pets). But, I'm ready to jump a Canon Pixma MG 8220 . (because of supposed photo quality, CD/DVD print, film scan and Mac OS 10.4.11 capability.
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I have a easy share 5300 and it will not turn off

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