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Hp HP LaserJet 4050N

how to verify if a Jetdirect card is working?

My HP LaserJet 4050N has a Jetdirect 600N card on it that I have plugged into my router. I had someone configure my 2 PC's also on the same router to print via the network to the printer. Printing worked from both PCs when the tech left. Since then, once the PC's and/or printer have been turned off, the PCs are no longer able to send documents to the printer. It's almost as if the Jetdirect card or the printer itself is not saving the network settings, as the network doesn't seem to recognize the printer. The printer works otherwise.

Are there any tests that can be performed to verify if this model Jetdirect card is fully working or not?

I tried searching for not saving network settings, but had no luck. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated.


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Go to the information menu on the printer and choose the item to print a configuration page. The printer should print 2 pages with the second page being the network settings of the jet direct card. Look for the tcp/ip address and make sure it the same address as in the driver of the printer on each computer. On the computer just right click on the printer icon and then scroll down to properties and left click. Now click on the port setting and then click on the configure port icon and the next page will show the address the computer has for the printer. If not the same, then you need to change one or the other. Keep in mind you want the printer to have a static ip address which means you need to change the setting to manual on the printer or if you can assess the web page for the card you can do it there. Most times with the old 600 card you have to use Mozilla web browser to access the web page and IE does not work.
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