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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2600N

HP 2600n LaserJet leaking toner?

Hi, I have a HP 2600n LaserJet that has been printing with big streaks on the page of color. The primary color that streaks is the magenta, but there is also some cyan streaking. The streaks tend to be in the same basic place, and darker at the bottom of the page than the top.
I am thinking they are leaking toner, since the magenta levels are significantly lower than the others, and all of the toners were replaced at the same time. The toner was replaced 896 pages ago, but the magenta is already down to 12\% (with only 122 pages estimated remaining). The cyan and yellow are both at 61\% with 1401 pages estimated remaining.
The cleaning cycle doesn't seem to do much good. When I open the front panel, the "ribbon roller" (sorry, I have no idea what that part is called!) is covered in dusty colored toner. There is also powdery magenta toner directly under the magenta toner cartridge.

When we last replaced these, we did purchase refurbished OEM HP toner from a seller on ebay (with a large 100\% positive rating) They are listed as "Manufacturer refurbished" in the ebay description, but then on the store description, it is listed as "professionally refurbished."

Do you think that the problem is because of using refurbished toner? Is there anything further that we can do to fix the problem, besides replacing all of the toner (or will that even fix it?)

Thank you for any help you can offer.
Karen Molloy
Call it what you want, it's still refurbished. The manufacturer doesn't refurbish cartridges. They had a very short-lived unsuccessful experiment in that about 15 years ago. My experiences with eBay sellers is mostly negative. I'd be willing to bet that they are Cheap Chinese Crap. On the bright side, you can spoil that 100\% positive review.
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What should we do to fix the streaking? Will just replacing the toner help? Or is there something else we need to do to clean it? Is the only good option new, OEM toner?
Btw, too late for the negative review. Reviews were made a year ago when I bought them.
Thanks for your help!
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Buy hp original toners and replace the defective colors.
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it is the remanifactured toner the cause of the problem,but i think with the remanifactured toner they have free service or you can replace it with new,if you ask why?because i've work in the one of the largest supplier of remanifactured toner here in the philippines
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A few people have said it's because of remanufactured cartridges. We have only used NEW HP toner cartridges in our 2600n HP printer and have started having the same problem. It has been for home use, and I just will stress again that we have only used New HP toner cartridges in it.

We primarily set things to print b&w, and rarely in color. A few weeks ago I printed a .pdf that had some blue on the page. For some reason, adobe reader no longer lets you print in b&w or grayscale when it can tell it's printing to a color printer, and the blue printed.

After that we started having some blue lines printing on the pages. Then yellow started, too.

I did a search on hp2600n leaking toner and so far found this thread and one other one on a different site. The other one mentioned that it was a problem with the image transfer belt rather than the toner leaking, and that it wasn't a cheap or easy fix.

I will keep looking and probably contact HP about this, but did you ever find out what the problem was and were able to fix it?

I'm a little concerned about the other thread and the image transfer belt. I hate the thought that the printer itself is dying-- even more so since I have a back-up black (and pricey) toner cartridge on hand...

Thanks for any help/information about this.

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Chances of it being a transfer belt causing the problem are exactly zero. All a transfer belt does is transfer toner from the cartridge drum to the belt. It does so by applying a HV charge to the back of the paper. You will see toner on the belt in some instances, but that's residual toner that is picked up after the paper has passed over the belt and toner that should have been cleaned off the drum instead transfers to the belt. If there are lines visible on the drum of the cartridge, then it's because the drum wiper blade isn't cleaning it properly. Could be a cartridge that has sat around for years. The wiper blades will go bad after a period of time even though they sit in a sealed box.
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Thanks, moe. So it sounds like I don't need to worry about the transfer belt.

I will take a closer look at the cartridges tonight. Is there a "best way" to clean them? If it is a wiper blade issue, is there any way to fix them or some type of work around?

I suspect that a cartridge has to be in each slot for the printer to work. Otherwise, I would just remove the leaking cartridges.

Another thought, is there any way to just empty the cartridges that are leaking, so that there isn't any toner left to leak?

It sounds like it is most likely a cartridge issue, but if there's the potential for a more expensive and complicated issue to be happening, I'm the type for whom it will most likely occur... and I did come across other threads where the fuser was mentioned, and as well as some other costlier types of things.

Thanks again-- and any additional info/help is also appreciated.

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Those cartridges are really hard to disassemble. They're only held together by 2 pins, 1 metal and 1 plastic and a couple of springs. The plastic one isn't too hard to get out, but that metal one requires some work since you can't grip it. Not a good idea and even when you get them apart, they're still hard to disassemble to remove toner or whatever. Probably done that way to thwart remanufacturing.
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New development -- I tried cleaning the cartridges, and, of all things, managed to break the Magenta cartridge (a little plastic pin that the flipper door hinges on broke off). Of course that cartridge wasn't even causing any problems at the time. Spoke with a few people who thought there was a 90\% chance that new cartridges would fix the problem.

Ordered new cartridges-- went to take out the old and was about to start putting in the new ones when I decided to wipe the image transfer belt. I noticed a little dimple that I hadn't see before, and then after I rolled it a little further, there was a split or gash in it that had not been there before.

Even if I solved the cartridge leaking toner problem, now that there is a gash in the image transfer belt I'm guessing that will pretty much render the printer inoperable.

Just looking for confirmation before lugging the thing to the garage to await recycling...

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The way the image transfer belt works is only the back of the paper contacts it. The ITB imparts a high voltage charge to the back of the paper as it passes by the 4 toner cartridges. The charge pulls the toner off of the imaging drums onto the front of the paper. A small gash might not have much of an effect. I've never tried it, but you might be able to put a small piece of clear tape on it to hold it together. Couldn't hurt it any worse.
The ITB is pretty difficult to replace in that printer.
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Thanks Moe. It's a pretty big gash, and actually, after I wrote the last update I went back over to the printer and saw a piece of the "film" from the roller on the table by the door. The slice gash is anywwhere from about 3-4 inches long and the "gap within the gash" is anywhere from 0 (no gap, just a 'cut' appearance) to maybe up to 1/2 ".

From looking at it, I figured that whenever that area "tracked" over the paper the ink wouldn't transfer to the page and there would be a repeating area of missing ink as pages are printing. And I suspect that the gash would grow worse with time.

The tape idea is appealing, and might stop the gash from getting bigger, but I'd have to use $200+ of toner to see if it did work. Just not sure it's worth it-- and I seem to keep making things worse than better.
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It is not cost effective to replace the belt and since you want to recycle the printer I suggest you open the back cover and remove what is called the formatter and place it for sale on ebay. Hard part for people to find when their's go bad so chances are it will sell so you can get something back. Only involves removing the back cover and few cables and four screws that secure it to the frame. Most times the board will sell for about 30.00.
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Same thing is happening to me. I just ordered four new cartridges thinking the magenta was broken. Not only didn't it help but the yellow started doing the same thing as well while I was printing test pages.

The transfer belt is covered in tons of magenta, like if the cartridge was busted. Wiped the belt off with a toner cloth and the same thing happened. Since the cartridges are brand new is there anything else that can cause this? Or is it time for printer heaven? I love this printer.

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One never knows if people call new cartridges new because they are new to the printer. They always neglect to mention if they are new remanufactures or new OEM. There is a big difference people. Most remanufactured cartridges are total crap because the idea is to make money, not make a quality product as good as an OEM. - moe
ive had the same problem - i cleaned the transfer belt with kitchen paper and meths (alcohol) - and replaced the toner of the colours that were streaking the belt - complete success
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The main cause of leaking toner on that model is a full waste bin in the specific color cartridge. The waste bin isn't that big and it fills up near the end of the cartridge life cycle. You do have to disassemble the cartridge and the easiest way to empty it (albeit very messy) is to blow compressed air through it. You definitely want to do that outside.
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thanks moe - i shall look at that instead of binning the old carts
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I have been having the same problems. I bought all new Cartridges off of Amazon and the blue is just plastering the page.
I cleaned the system and it printed one good page and all the rest are all blue or half blue etc;.
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All new cartridges from Amazon does not mean they are HP OEM toners as they still could be aftermarket new or refills. Each should have a label on the front with HP and the model number of the toner. Since it appears the Cyan toner is defective return for refund or replacement.
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Hi, I did a quick and dirty fix, and it works!
What i did was using a sharp knife and a candle light and made a rectangular hole where the waste bin is, about 1 by 2 centimeters and just shook the cartridge and made the most of the waste to come out.
Then just used user silver tape to shut the hole.

The location of the waste bin is on the top right in the middle.

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First, let me say that I have been using non OEM cartridges for years without problems. I try to find "Toner Eagle" brand. Recently I did have a set that was causing streaks on the paper and belt. I tried a second cartridge with the SAME RESULT! I then performed a "Restore Defaults" and the problem went away. I can not explain why this works but I think it may have to do with cartridge realignment. Anyway, it is simple to try and might solve your problem.
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What part of a laser printer is the most likely to fix this issue if you have smearing of toner on the page after a complete print? (Assume toner was replaced)
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yes, the refill toners are about 3 times more lonely to cause quality issues.


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Recently, my 2605dn outputs very horrible dirty printouts after it has been left unused for a year. I also found a thick layer of different color of toner deposited on the ETB as well as on the 4 drums' surface. As I cannot afford to purchase 4 new original HP cartridges, therefore I tried to fix it by myself. After turning the drum with my hand in the normal operating direction, I see different color of toner running out on the surface of the drum. In a healthy cartridges, there should not be any toner running run out in this case. So the wiper blades were likely defective. I also found on the printouts repeated vertical pattern which was separated at a distance of drum perimeter. That mean the drum or the discharge roller was also defective too. As a result, I purchased drums, wiper blades and discharge rollers and did the disassembly and assembly job. After replacing them in the 4 original cartridges, the printouts looked normal again and no more tone deposited on on the ETB. However, the common dirty grey printout background problem still cannot be solved. Hope my experience is useful to someone who encounters similar problem.

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Gee this is as nutting as the Diesel Engine guys... change this change that, chinese this chinese that.

The problem of lines in these printers IS COMMON. It has NOTHING to do with after market toner. It has nothing to do with being overfilled with old toner. The problem is do to sitting and toner clumping. Take out the cartridges, take outside and tap them about aggressively. If you see any toner out the top blow it out. Then go clean the roller. You can use alcohol to clean the roller, I prefer mineral spirits. Yeah... I don't want to hear it. Clean the rollers thoroughly rolling both directions until clean. Install. Then clean the ETB. I use mineral spirits. Close... then run factory default. After that print the Demo page. Open the printer and clean the ETB again. It will have junk on it. Close it and print the demo again. Repeat cleaning the ETB. Less residue will be present. Print Demo again. About the third time the Demo will be perfect. Good as new. Small imperfections on the ETB will not be an issue so don't panic if you see something.

Why does this happen? Because there is moisture in the air and most powders even laundry detergent clump. By roughing up the rollers you unclump the mess. The cleaning takes off the junk that clumped on the rollers.I suppose you could also stick these in a vacuum container and pull off the moisture. Might be able to use an oven set at 175, Preheat turn the oven off and put the cartridges in to take down the moisture. I have done that with electronics that have gotten wet or cell phones that got wet. I have not tried that yet with the cartridges yet but moisture is moisture. Why do I use mineral spirits? It doesn't make the ETB sicky like alcohol. Plus alcohol attracts water. But you can listen to all the experts out here that want you to rebuild your cartridges LOL. I just do what works.

Oh and if you want to rebuild your cartridges, you can buy bulk toner. Drill a hole in the loader side and one in the empty side and fit it with a small rubber stopper. Wear gloves LOL. Quit ragging on the Chinese when talking on your IPHONE. Rocket science this is NOT.

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I am amazed that my similar problem (massive streaking, ranging from cyan to green) was fixed by ordering a generic cyan cartridge on eBay. I was sure I was going to at least have to tinker with the yellow cartridge to empty its waste toner reservoir. Or that I would at least have to run a few pages through it. It was instantly fixed

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