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Brother Brother HL 4150CDN

Brother HL-4150CDN toner spill


Since april 2011 we have a new Brother HL-4150CDN. We have a problem with the tonercartridge. After a while, when printing 'large amounts' (about 500 pages at once), the tonercartridge starts to loose toner, which makes the prints dirty and impossible to use. When I remove the cartridge, tonerdust is in the printer and dropping from the cartridge. After this problem occurs, the tonercartridge is useless: it keeps on spilling toner, also with small printjobs. There's only one solution: changing the tonercatridge. The manufacturer replaced the cartridge, but it's not a solution.

We had this problem with two black refillcartridges. Then it also occured with an original Brothercartridge, after I reset the page counter. And today the blue toner started spilling tonerdust.

It's very annoying because we have to clean out the printer and a lot of prints are waisted.

Does anybody recognize or know how to fix this problem?

Thank you.

Your probably not going to like my opinion so do what you want with it. Pretty much you bought a $400 machine when you should have bought a higher grade machine. These machines aren't really designed to print that high of a volume at once. Obvious by the fact that the paper output bin can't handle near that amount. The components inside the toners are probably heating up becuase of the constant rotation and deterriating the seals prematurely. Recommendation would be to try and split up the print jobs giving it a break periodically to cool down. I strongly advice not using refurb cartridges in this machine also. Brother refurb color cartridges seem to be the most difficult to rebuild correctly as I never have seen one give the same quality output as a Brother OEM. Typically the bigger the machine the higher the toner yield at a lower cost. So if your doing these jobs often or having a high volume of print output if you buy a larger machine you will soon make up the difference in cost of toner to justify the larger machine.
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I use the same model and do a lot of printing - sometimes 500-1000 pages in a few days. It does the job for now but it's not a long term solution. I have had the same problem with cartridges leaking, but not sure if anything can be done about it. With the HL-4040CDN it was even worse. When a cartridge starts leaking we open it and dump the toner into a cartridge that has not started leaking yet. Do this outside! It's messy, but worth it. We are able to use most of the toner this way.

I have had no success with refurbs or compatibles. Only the OEM's seem to work for long and have good color quality.

Also, you need to know how to reset the cartridges if it's going to be cost effective for you. Once it says the toner needs replacing, open the front cover and press "cancel" and "secure" at the same time. A toner reset menu will appear...eventually. I have reset cartridges on this machine 50 times but still haven't figured out the trick to it. Sometimes when you press the two buttons the menu will pop up the first time. In other cases you have to try it 20-30 times.

When the toner finally starts to run dry, shake it back and forth and you'll get a little more life out of it.

Those are our tricks with the brother HL-4150 CDN. Without them we could not use this printer!
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