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Hp HP Color LaserJet CM2320NF

hp CLJ CM2320nf MFP intermittent image defects

I have a customer with a 2320 w/image defects that show up primarily in the morning but works fine most of the time. The defect is a series of color bands running horizontal across the page. It will print 2 or 3 pages like this and then will print normal for long periods of time. All toner carts have been replaced along with the trans belt and color correction sensor and cable. Im ready to take this printer and throw it off the roof. Please help

How is it plugged in? Directly to the wall, no strip! No UPS!
Are they genuine HP toners? Remans can cause this issue, as well as toners that are nearing EOL. Check the toner levels and replace if needed.
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I'm having the same issue with a customer of mine. They are using remans and have been for a while, but we've never had this problem before. Full color horizonal bars about a 1/2" thick spaced about 2.5" apart. Only occurs at random times.

Not having much luck finding any answers so far.

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After many hours of banging my head on the wall I have found the solution to this problem. There is an issue with the formatter that can be corrected by replacing it or cooking it. Not sure what circuit the problem is in, but at this point I dont care anymore. I replaced the formater about two weeks ago and have not had any banding issues since. Just as a side note if your are going to replace the formater or the DC controller, do one and power up the printer to a ready state then do the other. Alot of these newer printers share the printer stats between these two boards so if you switch one at a time it will transfer all info and save you a lot of button mashing.

Hope this helps
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Thanks kd. Appreciate the much-needed info!

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I replaced the logic board/formatter in a CM2320nf with this problem and it did not resolve the issue. I have seen references to motors wearing out here:

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I had the same exact problem on another model of Color LaserJet using remanufactured cartridges. I happened to have the same model in the shop with OEM cartridges installed. I swapped them in and the problem went away. Swapped them back and the problem came back.
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