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asked May 23, 2011 at 10:10am
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low ink and toner over ride on a mfc9120cn laser p

How can I over ride the low in toner message. I can only get 250 prints and must replace the ink, they still feel full.

Found this in another thread tonight - have not had a chance to try it - but a similar process on my Brother 3040 has at least tripled the cartridge life.

On a MFC-9120CN you can reset the toner low by doing the following:
Open the front cover so you can se the drum units.
Press Clear/Back a few times and you should see a menu from where you can reset the counters.
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Worked for me!! Thanks!

When the printer is barking at you to replace the toner, you just open the lid, and then hit the "Back" button.

Printer will say "Reset Menu", and then you can list the toner cartridges:


I don't know what STD and STL means, but I reset both of them.

Select the offending toner cartridge with the up/down key, then hit OKAY, and then "1" to reset that toner.

You need to repeat the process for each toner cartridge. I usually just reset ALL of them at once.

Then close the lid and the printer will happily continue to print.

.... just remember that 1000 pages later when your print-outs are looking faded and it's hard to read, it means that it REALLY IS time to change the toner cartridges, and don't blame Brother!
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