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epson stylus pro 7800 maintenance modes?

epson stylus pro 7800 large format printer
technical codes required

Engineer looking to know how to enter and reset codes for the Epson stylus pro 7800. Most threads have mentioned the 7600 9600 9800 range, but the 7800 does not have the same buttons as the 7600 etc. The maintenance mode is not entered using the 7600 entry.
Only can get into maintenance 1 or basic by holding down the pause key.
I'm after fitting a new cleaning kit, pump cap etc and then resetting the error code 0040, can anyone help me on this. Do you need a tool or software password etc?

hope you guys can help me

How can we clear this error code after successfully replacing the printing head, the printer refuses to connect USB to the PC, Thanks.
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Vart4, this error indicates that the printhead is internally at the wrong temperature. If you installed a new printhead it commonly is a matter of the ribbon cables not being connected properly. Remove the cables and reinsert them making sure that they are straight in the connectors. If this doesn't solve the problem a new mainboard may be in order. Hope this helps.
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Hi, I am wanting to change the print head on my Epson 7800. Is it possible to put in the head ID if I don't have an adjustment program?
Thanks in advance, Susan
by SueCRichards on Jan 17, 2012 at 7:23pm Add comment
No, You need the adjustment proggy to do it.

Phil K
by philly5706 on Jan 17, 2012 at 7:45pm Add comment
Unfortunately you need the adjustment program to input the head ID. In order to get optimum performance you need to input it. That being said, you can still replace the printhead and do other alignments without the adjustment program. Hope this helps.
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Didn't I say that?
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philly5706, Yes and no. Notice that I expanded upon your answer to include that the remaining printhead adjustments can still be made. I have had instances where the head rank ID could not be inputed and the printhead worked just fine upon making the other adjustments.
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Hi you will require an adjustment program to reset these codes from the 7800 upwards. All qualified Epson service trained engineers will carry this. Try
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