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Canon Canon Pixma MP530

canon mp530 grinding scraping noise

My 4 yr. old Canon mp530 now makes a grinding, scraping noise. That can't be good. One online source advised it is a worn out printer carriage. Has anyone dealt with this problem?
I am having this same issue. Really loud noise, but doesn't affect print quality. If you search YouTube for MP530 Noise, you can see a video that someone else posted.

Anyone have any idea what it is and how to fix it? It seems to be coming from the lower right side of the printer. I have tried taking it apart, but it seems impossible without a service guide. I can't find one online anywhere.

Many other sites (and Canon) have recommended it's something with the print head not being seated properly. But it's not that. I have tried all those troubleshooting steps with no help. And that's not where the noise is coming from anyway.

I really like this printer, and it works great even with the noise, but we are to the point that we hate to turn the printer on because we are worried that we are hurting things.
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I have had the grinding scraping noise for a while. The unit finally did stop working. It's display reads 'check printer 6A00'. It seems that this is where they commonly fail. Cannon on line help said 'you need to bring it to a service tech.' The service tech said 'you should replace the printer.' Maybe, but I like it and I hate to throw out such a nice machine if it is 90\% working.

I'm opening up the unit and looking for a solution. From the sounds it was making, I expect to find one or more warn gears in the printing carriage shuttle system. Maybe snapped off of an axel, even.

I'll let youy know.
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