asked Jul 8, 2010 at 6:53pm
Samsung Samsung SCX 4725FN

laser printer never finishes Warm Up mode

Sir This is the Samsung scx-4725fn. It's 2 years old(out of warranty). It won't finish warming up so it never goes READY. I researched this and found it could be the:thermostat, thermistor or halogen lamp. I figure if the lamp burned out I would get an ERROR code which I don't. All I get is "I'm still warming up-please wait". Warm up is a normal function so it is NOT an error UNLESS it take 30 minuters or it never finishes warming up which is the case almost all the time. Can I open it up(take side covers off) to see if bulb turns "ON"? I believe it will. If the thermostat is faulted "OPEN" then it will never tell the CPU the heat roller is hot enough causing the warm up cycle to continue. The thing is if the roller really is hot enough and the thermostat never tells the CPU to go READY the printer could catch on fire. Is this correct as I guessing about how this works? There is also a thermistor which I think turns the lamp on and off during printing, but I could be wrong. I haven't figured out why I need a thermostat AND a thermistor at the same time. Where should I start with a "never finishes warm up cycle"? I purchased the Samsung service manual, but it does NOT talk about my problem. It covers a lot of territory. This is where I found out about the lamp, thermistor and thermostat, but it doesn't address the warm up mode since warm up mode is a normal mode not and error mode. thanks allan