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Samsung Samsung CLP 315

Samsung Laser Printer CLP 315 Empty Waste Toner

Whats the best way to empty the waste toner container -
1.Drill a hole in the side/bottom, remove toner, stick some tape across the hole.
2. Wash it out with plain water, and dry it - looks like the easier option.
3. Can not see how it knows that the container is full up, any ideas ?
Thanks David
well, either method would work. if you need to put it back straight away washing might be a problem. the washing bit is easy but i had a hard time getting all the moisture out of the bottle due to it's shape.

how it knows the container is full up? that's the good bit :)

if you look inside the machine where the container came out, there's only one optical sensor that's located at the middle of the bottle!!! if you study the mid section of the container where it meets the sensor, you'll see 2 fibre optic piping going to the top end of the bottle. it's quite difficult to see the piping because it's clear plastic and same colour to the bottle. that's how the light from the sensor travels to the top and comes back down if it's not blocked by any toner (when it's full).
interesting? :)
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Thanks tk55, will have to look for this sensor.
Do you know what the angled plank is for in the waste toner container, its about 2 inches long and about 3/8 inch wide and angled at about 45 degrees?
Thanks again David
by greenland46 on Jun 30, 2010 at 8:22am Add comment
i've emptied the bottle for someone else before but i don't have the machine. from memory, there's a 45 deg "ramp" half way up inside the bottle. my guess it's for "guiding" the toner into the L-shape bottom corner of the bottle.

btw about the "fibre optics", it's probably easier to look for 2 circular "lens like" structure at the middle of the bottle. if you shine a light through one of them, you'll see the light coming back at you from the other one.
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Reply to tk55 -
1. I have found the sensor, there are 2 small bulbs on a board 1 inch by 3/8 inch on the LHS middle of chasis, one is clear, the other a dark colour.Are these the ones you were referring to?

2. I sloshed out the waste toner container with warm water, and will leave it in the airing cupboard over night to dry out - this was an easy job to do.
Thanks for your help David
by greenland46 on Jul 1, 2010 at 7:49am Add comment
yes, that's the optical sensor unit. one of the "bulbs" is a LED (light emitting diode) and the other a light sensor.
by tk55 on Jul 1, 2010 at 3:58pm Add comment
I had luck emptying out the waste toner into a small plastic bag, tapping and turning it to make sure the toner emptied out completely. Then to get out the residual toner "dust" inside the container I used a compressed air canister by inserting the straw down inside the container and giving a few short, quick blasts. Left it almost clean as new. That way I didn't have to wait to dry out any water.
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Thanks everyone for this thread. My printer just went dead and I didn't know why. The manual has little reference to the wast toner cartridge being full so didn't even know if it was the reason: so found this thread and cleaned out the bottle. Didn't fancy drilling or water so used a bottle brush - you know, a bendy wire thingie with bristles.

Anyway, it worked - saved me a few pounds, a few days waiting and doubtless a lot of angst!
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My printer wouldn't boot to a green light...just the red light of death.
The spanel.exe program off the CD_ROM stated "Waste Cartridge Full".

Using the instruction on this site, I thoroughly rinsed everything (10-15 minutes of carefully sloshing, rinsing until nearly crystal clear) and after drying, put it back in. Voila! Working flawlessly now.


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I emptied the container into a plastic bag and then double bagged the waste. Rinsed out the container under the hot water tap. Took some shaking but not too messy. Put it back in and working fine again so will let it dry out overnight. Did the same thing with my previous Samsung CLP-300.
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Just to add a bit to this. Empty the toner out first. This can be the mess part of the process as the toner will go every friggin where. Rinse out the tank using tap water. Repeat until the water is fairly clean. Now add a drop of dish washing liquid to act as a surfactant. Now fill about 1/3 with water or less cap the opening and shake. Almost instantly the tank surface is clean. Rinse with clean water until the soap or suds are gone. Then sit over night to dry and you just saved yourself from having to buy a new tank. This gets it as new clean without much effort or tools. Didn't have my compressor to use but that may not have cleaned the tank as well as the toner has a static charge you have to get around which is why I used the dish soap.

That saved me $20 for the stupid tank.
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Thanks, this worked like a charm. I used a hair dryer that blows cold air to speed up the process. $4.99 goodwill printer brought back to life with a 5 min google search. Nice.
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Worked for me, too. Thank you! TIP: DON'T use HOT water when washing out the container; it will set the ink! Use tepid or cool water with a drop or two of dish soap and rinse thoroughly.
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Truely said,if hot water is used for washing the container. It will spoil the quality of the print, better to use cool water.
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I took the container outdoors on a windy day and shook it out, then washed it out with soapy water, it was really clear, left it to dry and refitted. But still the error.
So I sprayed the sensor with IPA and blasted with air jet. Left it for an hour. Now works OK.

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