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Brother Brother HL 5340D

Printer Sharing Windows 7 and XP, Brother HL-5340D

I just got a Brother HL-5340D that works beautifully on my Windows 7 computer. It doesn't seem to offer an ethernet connection. I have it connected with USB 2.0 to a Windows 7 computer, but I want to share it with a Windows Vista and a Windows XP computer. The three computers are connected by a local area network using an Ethernet router.

I've read that I need to install another driver on my Windows 7 computer that will then be available to the XP and Vista computers, but I can't figure out what driver to use. Can anyone give me instructions?

I have the two CD's that came with the printer, but when I put them in my DVD drive, and Windows printer sharing is offering to install another driver, it doesn't seem to find anything appropriate on the CD's. I also don't see what I can use on the Brother download site or on Windows Update.


This link would help you to figure out on how to share the printer for the XP computer :

For the Vista computer, I hope the procedures are more or less the same as for the Windows XP.

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I've now got the printer working on all the computers, but the process of getting there was very cumbersome, and I was really surprised that Brother tech support simply refused to give any advice or assistance on how to do it.

I had found several explanations on howtogeek and on Microsoft Support on how to use printer sharing. The problem was that it suggested that I load extra drivers on the Windows 7 machine that would then automatically load on the XP or Vista machines when I tried to add a network printer to those machines. But I couldn't figure out where to find those extra drivers, and when I asked Brother tech support for help, they straight-out refused to help. I tried putting the XP/Vista driver CD in my Windows 7 computer, and it rejected it.

I finally solved the problem in this cumbersome way: For each XP or Vista computer, I used the CD that came with the printer for XP/Vista to set up the Brother printer as if I was setting it up as a local printer for that computer. When the driver installation asked me to connect a USB cable, I had to disconnect the USB printer cable from my Windows 7 computer and attach it to the XP or Vista computer instead, and complete the driver installation. (In my home, this took some complex contortions to get the cable from behind furniture and across the room.) Then I reconnected the USB cable to the Windows 7 computer (more contortions), went to each of the other computers, chose "add printer" in the control panel, printer section, and then found the network printer that was shared on the Windows 7 computer. (The detailed steps are a bit fuzzy to me, but I bumbled through).

This was not a procedure I'd recommend to a computer novice. I'm really surprised that Brother won't provide support for these steps. Maybe someone else can write out the instructions more clearly or simply - or maybe there is an easier way to do this.

It would have been much more helpful if Brother simply provided, on its web site, the extra drivers that we'd need to install on the Windows 7 computer so that we could automatically allow the other computers to use the printer, without having to move USB cables around, etc.


- hbograd
In some of the Brother's machines, there's a "Add Printer Wizzard" Driver that will help to install the local printer on the host computer and the network shared printer to the client computer. Unfortunately, there's is no such driver for a HL-5640D printer for now.

Some details about Brother DCP-8080DN "Add Printer Wizzard" Driver :

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To share a printer you need to first install the printer to any one of the computers in the network.

Connect all the cables and provide the power options properly, then select “Control Panel” from the Start menu.

In the Control Panel double-click on the icon “Hardware and Sound”. Then click on the icon “Printers”.

On the right pane you will see “Add a printer” option, click on it follow the steps to add the printer to the computer.

After installing a printer to any one of the computers in the network, you can make the printer a shared one.

For sharing the printer select “Control Panel” and then select the “Network and Internet” option.

Then click on “Network and Sharing Center”. Now expand the “printer sharing” section and click on “Turn on printer sharing”.

Now complete the sharing process by clicking on “Apply” and the printer will be shared with all the computers that are attached to the network.

for more information........ hope this helps you.

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