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Xerox Xerox Phaser 8560

Xerox Phaser 8560 noise while printing

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My 2 year old 8560 has started making a noise when printing. No error messages, and print comes out - but it sounds like an impending problem. How to describe it is the problem! sounds like a plastic gear-related problem, as if there's something not quite meshing, or catching.
If I call out a maintenance engineer (I have no contract) I may as well save the money and buy a new printer. Seems that they charge more than £100 callout fee before even identifying a problem.
Any tips on where I might look would be most appreciated!
The printer could have lost its home position. This will cause grinding of gears noise. Rehome printer. Noise that comes from left side is likely coming from the media drive assembly. Noise from the right side could be coming from process drive assembly or y-axis motor(especially after enabling jet substitution mode). Ripping sound as paper is ejected from exit assembly is either broken drum maintenance pivot plate or broken cams on drum maintenance camshaft assembly.
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How do I "rehome" the printer? - unknown
I bought a refurbished printer from Xerox dealer (sort of, it was one they'd placed in company trying to sell it to them and then pulled later, found out it had been placed more than they'd said and for longer, so I got them to virtually rebuild nearly everything on it) it has always been extremely noisy though. I have it set up in a home office and it's noisy enough to awake us during the night with some cycling thing it does, not just the fan powering on and off but literal like cycling as if though it were preparing to print. Heaven help us if someone is on the phone when someone tries to print too, as you'll have to tell the person "Hold on" and wait until print job is completed, due to how noisy it is. Therefore I'm with Les Apt, how does one "rehome" the printer?

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Thanks for that. On closer inspection (now I know how to remove the cover) I traced the noise to the pick assembly. I seem to have reseated it by running the cogs back and forth a few times, but at least I know where the sound came from. Now all I need to find is a supplier that sells them (for when it breaks) in the UK that charges the same ~$30 that a US supplier charges. In the UK it's closer to £90!!!
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I have noise on printer and its comme from the right side the process drive assembly the 2 top screws are broke from the frame is some one know if xerox have a fixe.
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I had the same problem with the process drive.. I removed the assembly, removed the screws from the broken bosses (that was fun), then drilled out the bosses to use as spacers. Next, I carefully drilled a smaller hole through the plastic frame and used some longer sheet metal screws, along with the drilled-out boss pieces and re-attached the assembly. You may have to trin off the screws with a dremmel so they don't protrude into the inside of the printer frame. This has been working now for a couple years.
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